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@escape_artist The point of branding and managing you own personal brand is to NOT be a commodity. Commodities are by nature interchangeable and they compete for the lowest possible price. Brands differentiate themselves by using what is their unique value that no one else offers. They offer an experience that people are willing to pay for. When you use your personal brand, which is what is authentic and unique to you, then it is an experience that people become attracted to/

@tmarie Facebook also serves as a very good way to connect and find opportunities. Recent data suggests that just over 60% of companies are using FB as a recruiting tool. Or, they are looking at people's FB pages to see how the present themselves. FB's application called Branch Out is actually a great career management tool for people who are in a younger bracket. You are right in that only 30% of LI users are under 35. But I beg to differ that those of us over 35 are 'washed up'. And, again, I never suggested that LI is the "key to getting a job". The key to getting a job is your presence in person and how your present yourself in an interview. LI is just a tool and can never replace the person.

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@Tim_Fox I am actually NOT involved in product promotion at all. I am not affiliated with LI, get no $$ from them, absolutely zero. I am simply trying to offer an example that might be of some use. After your message I took the time on my own to simply do a search on LI groups for ESL just to see what would come up and thought I would share.

I have found that many people simply are unaware of how LI can be utilized as I was until I learned more about it. I get zero financial gain for this, just my way of offering information. That's all.

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@Tim_Fox Hi Tim, thanks for the comment. Have you used the LI groups to connect with people in your industry? Currently there are 241 groups in LI that focus on the ESL industry. You can further break this down into specific areas such as ESL jobs (22 groups), etc. And if there isn't a group that is Japan based, perhaps use it as an opportunity to start such a group yourself and become a thought leader and resource. Just a thought.

Yes, Japan in general is still paper-based but this does need to change and will have to some day. Once Facebook came out with their 'navi' site Japanese users finally understood the benefits and parted with their typical value of staying anonymous online. LI is now following this model to hopeful avoid going through a couple years of struggling to get users as Facebook did.

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@Pietro The 0% as mentioned in my opinion piece was simply for that single class of business majors. It does not refer to Japanese as a whole. I also know a lot of Japanese on LinkedIn. I am just trying to encourage people who are actually looking for jobs in foreign subsidiary companies, not typical Japanese firms. Yes, you are right that there are other very successful networks that work for Japanese who are not bilingual, who want to work comfortable inside a Japanese company. I agree that LI as a company needs to do as you suggest. They have come out with a 'navi' site that is helping: http://jp.navi.linkedin.com/ (This is what Facebook did as well after a few years of struggling to make an impact in Japan.

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Oikawa, companies are using LinkedIn as an initial go to source to identify possible candidates particularly for mid-career positions. Perhaps a better word I should use is 'sourcing' not 'hiring'. Companies still 'hire' the standard way based on interviews, etc. Where LI makes a difference is if your profile is optimized and companies are looking for someone with a particular background in XYZ then your profile (as long as it is written in an optimized way) will be closer to the tops profiles that come up in search. They are also using LI to post positions on their own company pages and LI users who are following these companies can see these positions and apply directly via LI.

Also, when I say "differentiate" even someone who is well established in their career needs to still differentiate themselves. For example, let's say I am a well established CPA. How am I different from the gazillion other CPAs out there. People run the risk of being a commodity if they they rely on only on a well established job title. Your title is of course important but connecting it to your unique promise of value is what enables you to stand out and differentiate yourself to secure a position or opportunity that so many other people are looking into.

Are you familiar with LI 'groups', 'answers', 'company pages'? These are just three examples of how you can use LI to demonstrate your thought leadership, skills, etc. I am not going to go into the details of these here, but you can easily read more about them online. Let me give you an example. A family member of mine was well established in her career for 15 years at a biotech company and had no intention of leaving, but she lost her job due to cuts. Because she remained active on LI and maintained good connections, she made it clear that she was looking for work. She landed a job pretty quickly through LI. I can cite many more examples like this. My family member was active in groups related to her field and this is how she found a new job.

Finally, I do not see LI as a list of random people. The 380 connections I have are all connections for very specific reasons. I do not connect with random people. Some people do but this is not recommended. I personally do not use LI for job search as I run my own business, but it has lead to 3 recent paid consulting gigs.

So, it does work if you 'work it'. Thanks for your follow up comment. Appreciate the dialog!

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Wow, seems like I struck a chord with the anti-LinkedIn user crowd! Nonetheless, thank you all for your comments and viewpoints. The fact remains that people who actively use LinkedIn and treat it more than just a "resume" are actually finding it to be a worthwhile tool to connect, find opportunities, and promote their brand. Just posting your profile is not enough, and I would argue that perhaps the reason why some folks 'give up' on using it is because they have not optimized their profile with key words, or have not taken the time to differentiate themselves in such a way to stand out. One more fact to keep in mind is that 75 of the Fortune 100 companies actively use LinkedIn as their corporate hiring solution. At the end of the day, your profile can get your foot in the door but how you communicate and connect in person is what ultimately matters. But, each to his own, and I certainly would never force someone to use it if they did not want to.

Keep the comments coming folks, good or bad or ugly!!

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