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Péter Szilágyi comments

Posted in: Ancient Japanese tombs added to UNESCO World Heritage list See in context

Next week news: "Entire Japan added to UNESCO World Heritage list" Reason: "It's lit fam, what more reason do you need?"

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Posted in: Suicide revives concerns about Japan immigration detention See in context

Refugees=source of criminals.

Don't mix them up with immigrants, and by immigrants I mean highly skilled professionals, who can and will adopt to the host country's culture.

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Posted in: Teacher who paid for sex with 12,000 women in Philippines convicted over naked child photos See in context

Well, at least he is not a pedophile, just loves women in general whether they are young or old. Since he paid for the services he didn't even commit a crime either. If Japan is so concerned about under age sexuality, how about stop portraiting 12 year old girls as idols or ban those under age mangas in stores.

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Posted in: Japan announces changes to refugee system See in context

That's right folks. Japan doesn't want the same fate as USA or EU. Where there immigrants, there is crime, chaos, and fear. Keep it up Japan!

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Posted in: Migrants undeterred by Balkan storms and Hungarian clampdown See in context

Funny how ppl think they are good people. I'm from Hungary, and yes, immigrants are horrible. Pissing, shitting, littering everywhere, demanding rights for no reason. They have iphones,tablets, and money. Everywhere they go, they cause fear, chaos, and threatening the locals.

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

They can't ban cartoon pedo. If they would, that could kill today's anime-manga industry. Every game, anime, light novel, manga has at least a tsundere, kuudere, dandere... and a lolicon character.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 11-year-old girl in Nara See in context

That's why you don't leave your children alone especially in a crowded mall. Trouble could and will happen in a minute. Always protect your family.

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Posted in: M6.9 quake strikes near Ogasawara islands See in context

"Japan sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes and volcanoes are common."

So let's operate more and more nuclear power plant, because I'm sure nothing could go wrong, right, Fukushima?

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Posted in: Man buying porn refuses to be served by female convenience store clerk See in context

Could be a nice script for the first episode of a half season anime.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy drowns in same pond where his sister drowned 5 years ago See in context

Is it just me, or this really seems suspicious?

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Posted in: Another cooked bug found in processed food See in context

Eat it fast, so you won't see it.

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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation store suffers suspected hack See in context

What does the FBI want in Japan? Let the japanese authorities handle it.

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Posted in: Truck driver, looking at smartphone, rearends bus, injuring 7 See in context

I hope the police will fine him really really hard for this. There is just simply no excuse for this kind of stupidity.

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Posted in: Japan to issue disaster response guidelines for foreign tourists See in context

Well, it won't hurt informing tourists I guess. Seems reasonable.

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Posted in: The fuel for Japan’s pedophiles See in context

No, there at Amazon JP couldn't care less about this woman's whining. She tried to use english in a japanese site and got different results because the word's different meaning. I highly doubt Amazon has ever sold any sort of child porn whatsoever. End of story. 90% of the comments are about how child porn is bad but that doesn't exist only in Japan.

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Posted in: Tips for World Cup travelers to avoid crime in Brazil See in context

So basically, have a rocket launcher with you, and maybe... maybe you will be safe.

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Posted in: Train services disrupted in Saitama after woman climbs power pole on tracks See in context

Wow, they are doing that in every week? o.o JR lines are really popular amongst suicidal people.

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Posted in: U.S. indicts Kadena base worker for sex with under-age girl See in context

Yes, Japan definitely needs `murica...

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Posted in: 60% of Japanese support whale hunt; 14% eat whalemeat, survey shows See in context

Anyhow, Japan still wins. They eat whales, Europe and USA generates wars. Wonder what's worse...

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Posted in: Troubled history fuels Japan-China tension See in context

"They complicate America’s objective of maintaining peace and stability in the Pacific..."

Those words are the best joke ever. Since when America maintains peace anywhere on the world?

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