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Posted in: Launching and nurturing an online community In Japan See in context

Ok, so more than 4% of foreigners living in Tokyo form part of this group. Cool.

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Posted in: Millions of Chinese begin Lunar New Year holiday exodus See in context

Wait..... that picture....

did is I just spot 10 luggage cases with the same design??

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Posted in: TEPCO ordered to pay Y1.1 bil in damages to Fukushima residents See in context

Actually... the damage amount sounds fair to me... roughly Y3.4 million each. Remember, this is a "pain and suffering" damage and has nothing to do with "physical" damage.

That means you’ve made a calculation. Do share.

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Posted in: Apple poised to expand into speaker market with HomePod See in context

Hope the speakers are something worth looking forward to.

Don’t try to stick them in your ear lol. Peace.

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Posted in: Supermarket shoplifter falls to death while being chased by security guard See in context

only sad thing is the store getting ripped off by immoral people stealing what isn't theirs

More needs to be known about this case, to be honest. Morals go out of the window when a human is confronted by the choice of fight or flight.

And why is the store getting “ripped off” a sad thing for you and not the death of a fellow human who just happened to lift a morsel???

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to abduct 8-year-old girl See in context

Aww. that's so sweeet! 

Lock him up.

LOL. Made my day

Superb on the kid to put her drills and teachings into effect. Could’ve easily gone south, this situation.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc won election, but many don't want Abe to stay as PM: survey See in context

The respondents is the sampling. The conclusion is statistically correct and applicable to the whole population.

Akie. In that case it’d be 47% of the electorate so we’d need to eliminate those underage. I don’t guess they sampled people of all ages. A population consists of people from ages zero to maximum. Sorry for being pedantic.

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Posted in: Japan’s top 10 dog names for 2017 See in context

How the canines are pampered. I guess the phrase “dog’s life” has a totally different meaning here.

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Posted in: More Japanese firms eager to recruit foreigners, disabled See in context

I'm sorry I'm not comfortable working with anyone with metal illnesses

can be a concern sometimes but what it probably translates here is those undergoing treatment for anxiety etc. not full blown schizophrenics.

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Posted in: Japanese women reveal the worst ways they’ve been dumped by their partners See in context

Not sure if it was meant intentionally but the man in the picture is adopting a threatening pose.


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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

always enjoyed sneaking up on the bad boys and "accidentally" sweeping their chairs out from under them.

Not as a teacher, I’m hoping ;)

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Posted in: Brazilian tennis player apologizes for racist gesture in Japan See in context

It was a spur of the moment gesture. But spur of the moment gestures are inculcated and cultivated by the way you're brought up. Let's admit, we've all done something snide in our own lives. $1500 - he got off cheap by today's rates.

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