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Posted in: 3 men, 1 woman found dead in minivan in apparent suicide See in context

Happens all the time. They meet on the net in a secret group because they are feeling down and don't have the courage to finish the job alone so they look for the same people wanting to end it and to support them in case they get cold feet. Same textbook way, carbon monoxide by the BBQ kits sets for camping. No crime, no religion, no connection to each other, just they same sad goal for depression and wanting a way out. People here say Japan hasn't got the worlds highest suicide rate but how many countries have strangers meet and go out this same way so easy and so often? This carbon monoxide method is the nations No.1 method, jumping from a building is a close second. Jumping in front of a train is the selfish way as the deceased's family must pay close to $1M for disrupting the train lines schedule. Please feel free to look this up or ask your Japanese friends.

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Posted in: Woman killed by avalanche while snowboarding in Gunma See in context

@WA4TKG, that's ridiculous. "Guides are supposed to Guide as in "guidance" being the ones that know the area the patron doesn't. Their job is to show patrons around in an environment they aren't familiar with so they can see as much as they can in the short period they as well as keep them safe according to local laws as some countries have stricter laws than most. If your not going to listen to advise why employ a guide?

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Posted in: Woman killed by avalanche while snowboarding in Gunma See in context

I pretty much think it's in the best interest of the resort to know who is guiding and where they are taking patrons for this very reason. I think the owner of a rifle club would want to know where everybody is shooting don't you think? or you would have rogue instructors taking patrons away from the range for better thrill of shooting crows or live targets instead of boring targets or in this case boring ski runs everyone uses so to speak. So you see, just because the guides/instructors have a license to use the facility, doesn't mean they have a free pass to disobey safety regulations/guidelines put in place because they can't get fired/penalized.

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Posted in: Woman killed by avalanche while snowboarding in Gunma See in context

https://japan.mb4uli.com/national-woman-killed-by-avalanche-while-snowboarding-in-gunma/ It's only been a few weeks since the other avalanche fatality involving an irresponsible guide, so I think there are regulations being exploited in this area. This one is going to hurt the resort financially once the family gets over this and sues the resort for having an irresponsible guide that risks the lives of patrons. Will happen again though.

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Posted in: Abe battles scandal on two fronts as questions swirl See in context

Who cares, all the rich here donate money to the top universities to accept their children that can't get the required grades and push out he honest ones that did.

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Posted in: China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea See in context

How is the US a threat to any country, their high tech subs can't even pick up a fishing trawler(Ehime Maru) sitting above them.

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Posted in: Workers at Japan's top companies get meager pay hikes See in context

Inflation here is non-existent. That's the problem, where other industrialized countries raise wages to counter inflation and the cost of living, Japan's wage have stayed basically the same for the last 20-50 years so now you can earn more in your own country than here. No incentive for foreign staff to come now and the only incentive to stay here is those with kids at school that don't wanna leave their friends.

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Posted in: Driver killed in car-train crash was policeman disciplined for 'personal' trouble See in context

"Japan is one of the most developed, modern and richest countries in the world, Japan has been struggling with an unusually high suicide rate for a long time. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men ages 20–44 with unemployment, depression and social pressure as key contributing factors"

Go check the stats and have a look at the state and the living conditions in the countries above Japan and tell me there's nothing wrong.

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Posted in: Driver killed in car-train crash was policeman disciplined for 'personal' trouble See in context

ok, zabutons for all those calling a suicide in a country with the highest suicide rate in the world...well done

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 1-year-old son See in context

This is a common occurrence here. Many young Japanese men don't like children from another male. If you want statistic keep watching the news, won't be long before it happens again or you can go down to the local koban and ask any policeman how much of this abuse never gets to the news.

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