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This conversation should have started decades ago. There have been several potentially good immigration models offered to the Diet over the last ten years; my understanding is that they refused to even discuss them, although I've heard that one member of that body suggested selling condoms with holes in them!

This is pure stupidity. Japan's population is NOT going to return to growth through increases in marriage and people having more babies. The government and the Japanese people have to realise that controlled immigration is the only sensible option at this point.

If the purblind old men who run the country continue to refuse to discuss this issue, they will eventually be forced to allow immigration and will probably be panicked into voting for an ill-conceived and inappropriate policy that will do more harm than good.

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HYN17 :D

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What utter BS!!

This is not the mother or the father's fault, and it is CERTAINLY not the boys.

This is all down to the ridiculous attitude of the Japanese government - and I have to say the Japanese people who support it - about "evil" foreigners.

This is a Medieval attitude that locked Japan from the world for 200 years and that is LONG past its use-by date.

You people have to wake up to the FACT that Japan is sliding into a period where an ever-aging and shrinking population is going to turn your country into a social and economic basket case unless you DO SOMETHING about allowing foreign nationals to obtain citizenship.

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