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Posted in: Australia considering safe haven offer to Hong Kong residents See in context

Bravo Australia !!! Let's unite against this brutal bully. I cannot believe my eyes, I expected humbleness and apology from mainland for the suffering they created out of Wuhan but instead we see this. It is really kingdom of evil already from 1949. Shame on you China !!!!

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

EU wants to open their border for Chinese tourists...that's sounds like a joke. I would recommend Chinese tourists to stay at home in their despotic tyranny state and don't bother decent people with your propaganda. Not to mention about Chinese virus which put this planet in mess and kills half a million people so far

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Posted in: Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms See in context

Russia and China fit together, both under dictators, but China regime is much more horrific and dangerous. Human life means nothing for them C

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law See in context

Hong Kong people if I could help you somehow ..... You are fighting also for us. Dictator Xi and his criminal CCP tyranny will be finally defeated. But it must come from mainland Chinese people... I urge you pls stand up and defend your human rights. You deserve a better live. Sent this communist bustard's to hell

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Posted in: Taiwan opens office for those fleeing Hong Kong after China's new security law See in context

Bravo Taiwan !!!! I admire your courage !!!!

And to you mainland China and CCP. It is not worse ordeal than to live the life under your tyranny. Democratic and free countries disdain you. You have only your dirty communist money but hopefully that's not enough. to rule this world.  Shame on you.

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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

China proved their imperialism and fascism will continue. I mean its 5 minutes to 12 to realize that now it is about the whole planet. The only way how to stop this tyranny is to boycott and isolate this evil country. China has no right to be in a society of democratic countries who respect human being rights, freedom and democracy. Taiwan is next... But what is after Taiwan?

China is without any doubt bracing for revenge. Disgusting and disgraceful.

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Posted in: China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population See in context

Just 2 examples how evil this country is.

In which country political party (Communist Party) decides how many kids family can have... unbelievable  

Second,   which country in the world put on all banknotes the biggest mass murderer in the history of mankind...

and we can continue and continue ....

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Posted in: Japan protests China's seabed names related to disputed islands See in context

It is wise to fight against the evil. It is wise to support Hong Kong people in their fight for basic human dignity. Its wise to agree with Australia that the whole world should know where is the origin of the virus. Is it Wuhan lab or is it Wuhan wet market ? It is wise to condemn imperialism and new age colonization behavior of mainland  China.

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Posted in: G-7 calls on China to reconsider Hong Kong security law See in context

CCP will not reconsider. At the end this will only deepen the gap between G7 - free democratic countries and Chinese despotic totalitarian regime. Fortunately, with all what is happening the world woke up and realized China should not be consider as trusted partner, the hope everybody had 20-30 years ago. And for Hong Kong people pls stay brave and never give up, it makes sense to fight against the evil.

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Posted in: U.S. naval buildup in Indo-Pacific seen as warning to China See in context

There must be somebody who will stop Chinese imperialism to spread over our beautiful planet.

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Posted in: China demands proof from U.S. senator over COVID-19 accusation See in context

China's Behavior is shocking to me. How they can be so arrogant and cynic? Everybody knows the story, of course without the evidence, but that's because communist tyranny does not allow anybody to do the investigation in Wuhan.  China the world will remember this...

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Posted in: China defends COVID-19 response in new report See in context

The problem is that in despotic totalitarian dictatorship there is nobody who can say "hey CCP wait a second this is a complete lie" That would mean jail in best case, worst case nobody will ever see this person again. I always feel disgusted when I think about the bases of such a criminal regime. Honestly I believe Chinese people deserve better life.

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Posted in: Hong Kong marks Tiananmen anniversary, defying a police ban See in context

Bravo brave Hong Kong people. Never give up. Communist despotic tyranny must be condemned by whole world (may be except North Korea)

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Posted in: America's rivals return fire on human rights after U.S. protests See in context

US is far from perfect but the whole world should thank US that we have a peace on this planet for such a long time. Imagine how many regimes (including communist China) would conquer this world if we did not have US. Thanks to you US.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to lead Tiananmen mourning despite virus vigil ban See in context

Brave people of Hong Kong you have my gratitude, we will not let communist tyrants to suppress democratic world. Bravo !!

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Posted in: Hong Kong blocks Tiananmen vigil; rush on for UK passports See in context

Hong Kong used to be so nice place to live... not anymore, communist imperialism kills this city. It is sad when you must emigrate from the country, city you love.  You have my disdain CCP. Hong Kong people be brave.

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Posted in: Chinese media, HK gov't lash out at at Trump's pledge of curbs, sanctions See in context

Never trust communist this is what my life experience taught me... China is bullying the whole world and nothing is happening. With coronavirus I think it is clear that the lab is the source but China is laughing on the face of the whole world. I sincerely hope there is still a lot of people on this planet who recognize that communist China is not a country they should trust.

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Posted in: Chinese lawmakers endorse Hong Kong national security law See in context

Communist evil is spreading.... What the hack is happening with this planet ? Xi is really dangerous dictator.

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Posted in: Lawmakers ejected in Hong Kong debate on Chinese anthem bill See in context

I am shocked how cynic CCP is. First they spread the virus around the globe, no penance no apology to the world. Instead they just go for more aggression on nations which cannot protect themselves. I am questioning myself do we want to live in such a world where despotic tyranny becomes a superpower?

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire pepper pellets to disperse protests over security bill See in context

Shame on you mainland and CCP. Hope the world better understands now who you are

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Posted in: Japan airs strong concern after Hong Kong rally over security law See in context

You have all our support brave Hong Kong people. We will be fighting for freedom, that's the most important think human being has. The time will show that brutal despotic CCP regime has no chance to survive. Now it is up to people in mainland to stand up against tyranny.

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Posted in: China threatens U.S. with countermeasures if punished for Hong Kong law See in context

I cannot believe my eyes.. who will stop this communist cancer to spread on our lovely planet ?!!

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Posted in: China says relations with U.S. on the brink of new Cold War See in context

CCP and brutal despotic regime in China showed real face to the whole world. I am so happy to live in free democratic country.

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Posted in: Outrage in Hong Kong as China pushes security law See in context

My dearest Hong Kong, pls stay strong and show to disgusting mainland your defiance. We will not leave you alone !!!!

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