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Posted in: China approves radical overhaul of Hong Kong's political system See in context

Poor little Hong Kong it used to be such a nice place before evil came....

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Posted in: Report finds COVID likely jumped to humans from bats through 'missing link' See in context

We will never know the true because CCP destroyed all the evidence but c'mon 1+1 is 2 correct? Thousands of wet market in China but by coincidence "something" happened in wet market just walking distance from the laboratory. One should be completely stupid to believe the WHO report orchestrated by CCP. It is a shame considering how many millions of people died.

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Posted in: China attacks foreign clothing, shoe brands over sanctions See in context

Bravo H&M, bravo Nike, bravo all the companies who cares about human rights. Hopefully other companies will follow..

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Posted in: West sanctions China over Xinjiang abuses; Beijing hits back at EU See in context

Good to see that also EU starts to recognize what is happening and stays firm with US. This is something we miss before. Thank you EU.

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Posted in: World awaits WHO mission's report on China COVID origin See in context

This WHO "investigation" was a joke, this is like if the police comes to investigate the murder after 1 year .... WHO has no credibility anymore.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

I am not annoyed by noisy kids, I am annoyed by their parents who think their kids can do whatever they want just because it is so kawai….

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Posted in: 12 Japan firms to end business deals involving Uyghur forced labor See in context

Good to see that also Japan starts to recognize what the evil is....

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Posted in: WHO team says coronavirus unlikely to have leaked from China lab See in context

Nothing new, would anybody expect anything against dictatorships inside the dictatorships? Comedy...

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern to UK over new Chinese maritime law See in context

Japan pls don't "express concerns" and act instead. Be self confident, you are still 3rd largest economy in the world

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Posted in: WHO virus experts ready to start Wuhan fieldwork See in context

Covid 19 story is a text book example how communist manipulate clear facts in their favor. To invite WHO "investigation" one year after the virus has spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world is a joke.

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Posted in: Britain officially launches new visa scheme for Hong Kong citizens See in context

Bravo Prime Minister !!! Hong Kong people deserve freedom !!!

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Posted in: Xi asks Starbucks to help promote U.S.-China cooperation See in context

What a villain tactics... Democratic world should do the opposite, isolate China and CCP

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Posted in: 53 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested See in context

Formosa is a beautiful democratic country who will never give up the fight for freedom. It has never been part of mainland and never will be.

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Posted in: Beijing Winter Olympics nearing amid fears of Tokyo's cancellation See in context

Olympics Games is a celebration of humanity, freedom and friendship among the nations. I did not find any of those values in China. Cancel them, no one should travel to communist totalitarian country.

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Posted in: Russian, Chinese bombers fly joint patrol over Sea of Japan and East China Sea See in context

No surprise that dictatorships are teaming up...

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

Very good news , US will raise again and democratic countries must stand up against dictatorships. Well done !!!

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai charged under security law See in context

Keep well Mr. Lai , mainland is evil country

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Posted in: Britain to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan See in context

Akie talks exactly the language CCP brainwashed all mainland people for decades. Its not his mistake actually it is a tragic of dictatorship regime. I have heard this kind of arguments from many mainlenders. Actually they have no choice if they say something else than CCP they go to the jail.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

It is a shocking that Nike criticizes bullying in Japan while in the same time expands the business in China. If Nike would be honest about human rights and racism than it would first stop doing the business in China. How hypo critic !

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Posted in: Chinese official says Australian PM overreacted to tweet See in context

Full support to our Australian friends, communist dictatorship has no moral base to criticize free democratic country

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Posted in: WeChat blocks Australian prime minister in doctored image dispute See in context

Full support to Australia beautiful democratic country

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Posted in: Hong Kong activists jailed for anti-govt protest See in context

Joshua good health and be strong the true is on your side. Despotic dictatorship is afraid of teenagers, that's the first sign of weakness. We all support you.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree on economic ties, split over islands See in context

China first should explain to the world where in Wuhan the virus  is coming from. Secondly they should explain to the world what kind of counter measures they did in order to prevent this happen again. Once this is done there is a space to discuss this small islands.

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Posted in: Japan considers setting up consulate in Wuhan See in context

@Mr Peter. Actually it was found in Western Europe before Wuhan.

Who beleives communist lies, don't be ridiculous....

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Posted in: Japan considers setting up consulate in Wuhan See in context

Posters obviously don’t know that Wuhan is one of the most technologically developed cities in the world, the worlds best responding Covid19 city in the whole world.

Wuhan is the city where the whole tragedy started. And I guess the lab in Wuhan is not so "technologically developed"

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Posted in: Japan considers setting up consulate in Wuhan See in context

Japan should open consulate in Taiwan. Such a nice democratic nation.

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Posted in: China, Japan to cooperate in reviving virus-hit economies See in context

China should first indemnify the whole world for the plague they created and spread all over. But so far China even did not explain where in Wuhan came from. Such an arrogant behavior

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Posted in: China, Japan to cooperate in reviving virus-hit economies See in context

Never trust communist, never trust China, all the good people on this planet please unite and don't be fooled by Chinese nice words. Their actions are brutal it is a way to hell. Please

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Posted in: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained for illegal assembly See in context

What o coward regime who is afraid of teenagers? Good luck Joshua the true is on your side.

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Posted in: China calls for action from Australia; raps agreement with Japan See in context

Pls stop doing business with China, that's the only way how to boycott and isolate this evil regime. CCP shows again and again that they are imperialist aggressor who will not hesitate to use power to attack other nations. It is 5 minutes to 12...

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