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the more NATO provides weapons, the more Ukrainians will die. Zelensky has no shame...

The longer Russian troops remain in Ukraine territory, the more Ukrainians and Russians will die. Ukraine is not obliged to surrender. It is obliged to defend its territory against invaders. Putin has no shame and no morals. But evil people rarely do.

Zelensky is a hero, as are all Ukrainians fighting for their freedom and a sovereign Ukraine. Russian invaders are scum or poor souls coerced into fighting against their will by Putin and his barbaric laws.

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In fact it makes perfect sense to Jelly Joe and the elites making billions of dollars out of this.

The only one making billions is Putin who's industries are cranked up to the max. The US and Europe are just continuing as normal, they would be making the same amount of equipment as normal, with normal shifts in factories. Unless they increase production, its just another day in the factory making what they always make on a normal week. Their nations are not at war so they will not force an increase in production lines to make as much as they can, as they would if they were themselves at war.

So Putin is the big winner, his people and Ukrainians the biggest losers, and the donor nations helping Ukraine survive are paying a huge price, they hope they can recoup in rebuilding Ukraine which is devastated in large areas. But Ukraine must first be given enough to win.

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Russia proposed peace talks several months ago. Biden told Zelensky to refuse. You have to wonder.

With the precondition that Ukraine accept all areas annexed illegally by Russia be recognized and accepted as Russian territory. No serious negotiations are possible with such a precondition.

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Ending war for the war industry would be like curing cancer for the cancer industry. They can’t allow it to end.

Ukraine is the perfect play.

Yes the factory's in Russia are running three shifts 24/7 pumping out war equipment and armaments. Putin has his finger in all of them and is getting richer as the Russian population gets smaller with all their casualties.

Meanwhile European and Western factories are still on one shift 5-6 days a week in peacetime mode.

Ukraine needs more than a constant drip feed of weapons, they need the tap turned on and a proper supply given to end this conflict in their favor. The slow nature of equipment in such small doses allows them to hold the line, just, but not to keep the pressure on enough to keep forcing Russia back.

Perhaps if western nations increased to three shifts 24/7 they could increase the frequency of supply and the amounts supplied to be enough to end this conflict. Nobody seems willing to go that extra yard, so in the end they will pay so much more to keep Ukraine alive but occupied, and that makes little sense.

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“This is an unethical crime aimed at keeping the international situation unstable."

The truth is the truth.

Whilst BS remains BS. Some are better at determining that NK opinions on a conflict where they are clandestinely supplying weapons to the aggressor is what is actually keeping the international situation unstable.

The only way to peace is Russia leaving Ukraine, or being pushed out of Ukraine. There is no other option for peace. It is surprising that people believe Russia should be allowed to steal Ukraine territory in order for peace to be achieved. You cant reward aggressors or more will do exactly the same all around the globe. There can only be one result and that is Ukraine retaining 100% of its territory.

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The U.S. is working hard to supply such offensive weapons as (main battle tanks) to Ukraine at any cost in disregard of the just concern and criticism of the international community," the statement said. "This is an unethical crime aimed at keeping the international situation unstable."

The concerns of the international community have been made clear with two UN votes on the issue massively against Russia and in favor of Ukraine. The international community has been open about support for Ukraine while North Korea and Iran both hide their direct military support for the invading Russian forces. The unethical crime is on Russia, and North Korea and Iran and anyone else assisting in Russia's invasion of a sovereign nation for the purpose of Russia's territorial expansion.

Is there any nation in the wider international community that either cares about or believes the rhetoric that comes from North Korea? I think not.

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YrralToday 07:22 am JST

DT,has it made any different, Ukraine is being carved up like a Thanksgiving day turkey,you people that support this war ,sure do not have any solution

Nobody but Russians and their apologists like you support this war. Everyone else wants Russia out and the war to end.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry said Saturday that Ukrainian forces used U.S.-made HIMARS rockets to strike a hospital in the eastern Ukrainian town of Novoaidar, killing 14 people.

Horrible if true, but stack that up against all the Russian strikes on hospitals, schools and other civilian targets with no military value and the balance is still massively against Russia with literally thousands of innocents killed in such actions.

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Russia and North Korea have accused the West of prolonging and taking a direct role in the war

An amazing statement. Russia started this war and it is Russia that is prolonging the conflict along with its weapons suppliers, North Korea and Iran. As long as Russia remains in Ukraine territory, it is prolonging this conflict. Any sensible person can see that. One wonders what the point of stupid statements from Russia and North Korea really is.

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Australia embarrassed itself last year when the did not allow Djokovic to play, especially what was already known at that time about the injections.

Australians were for the most part quite proud of taking a stand against Djokovic. No shame in doing the right thing.

And today, they are embarrassing themselves again by making a big deal out of nothing.

No shame in taking a stand against Russians trying to use the tennis to get publicity for their atrocious actions in Ukraine. Some people cant read a room or a country. Australia supports Ukraine sovereignty and freedom, even at the tennis.

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Right now Nadal is the GOAT not Djokovic. Djokovic should not even be at this event or in Australia, but for his three year ban being overturned. One law for the masses and another for the rich.

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RodneyToday 07:11 pm JST

So now we are stealing Russian peoples property. How low can you get?

You can go much lower, just look at Russia trying to steal a whole country and trying to make families in Ukraine freeze to death by attacking their electricity grid, day after day. I would call that much much lower, wouldn't you?

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told warned of an unspecified impact on relations with an "unfriendly" Japan.

Thats rich. Russia is killing people but it is Japan that is unfriendly? Most nations say it is bad to associate with criminals, so Japan sanctioning a criminal nation like Russia makes complete sense. Russia complaining about it makes no sense at all.

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YrralToday 11:57 am JST

Peter14,when will all this pie in the sky come true, Ukraine got be 6 month,the Republicans will cut off Aid

No Larry, they wont. There are more Republicans that want to ensure Russia does not succeed than those who want it to. The US is smart enough to know wars are better fought on other peoples territory and this disarming of Russian weapons stockpiles is happening without US forces having to die to do it. Russia started this invasion and the US on both sides oppose it and Russian ambitions to expand its borders. There will be no "turning off" of support for Ukraine, no matter how many people like yourself say otherwise.

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Russia unleashes missiles, drones at Ukraine after Kyiv secures tanks; 11 dead

This is as much as they can do in response to the tanks Ukraine will now be getting.

When the west begins donating fighter Jets, the response will be the same. There is nothing else they can do, but what they have already done many times in the past 12 months of war.

Putin can declare "all out war" against Ukraine and mobilize the entire nation, switch all manufacturing to war supplies as was last done during WWII, in an attempt to complete the invasion of Ukraine and incorporate it all as part of Russia. But that becomes a very dangerous and risky proposition internally for Putin and his ongoing leadership. There are those hawks that would approve, but there are also many who oppose this war already who could take action against Putin to overthrow him.

Putin and his rule over Russia is safer with the war being fought as it is. Declaring all out war would not be popular with the average Russian who is able to see past propaganda and access alternative news sources from independent providers via the internet. Older Russians that rely totally on Russian news will support Putin through ignorance. Younger generations, those expected to fight and die are going to dig deeper for the truth and oppose this war where Russia is not being directly attacked as Ukraine is. They can see there is no danger to Russia but that which Putin manufactures.

More missiles and drones, and a spring offensive where they will be placing all their marbles on the table, hoping to blitzkrieg Ukraine and get a speedy conclusion to the horror they began. Ukraine needs to again hold the line until their counter offensive is ready, and see if they have enough to route the invaders.

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An annual poll by market research company Roy Morgan released this week showed nearly two-thirds of Australians say Jan 26 should be considered "Australia Day", largely unchanged from a year ago. The rest believe it should be "Invasion Day".

The reality is, it is considered both already.

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This is just the first transfer of western MBT's but it will not be the last. Many more will be transferred before this war is won by Ukraine.

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Aussies are so funny..Buy more farm tractors instead of weapons.

I may be wrong, but gung-ho farmers on tractors will not bolster the defense of Australia. Sea mines on the other hand can sink enemy ships. Australia is better buying sea mines for defense and tractors for food production. We have lots of tractors already, what we need is sea mines. And so we are now getting them.

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Turkey's problem is its leader. Let us hope democracy wins in the end in Turkey and the fool gets voted out. He has damaged Turkey and its international reputation since he has been in charge. Sweden and Finland should be admitted without Turkey's vote. Might need to alter the basis for new members so that having only one against is not enough to deny a membership being granted.

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A huge loss for NZ and the region. A highly respected leader internationally, I wish her and her family good luck for the future. Perhaps she will run for leader of her party again in the future, she is young enough to do so.

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EastmannToday 07:00 pm JST

let me ask simple question. what country is going to attack Australia? New Zealand? what for is good all of this warmongering?

You seem surprised that Australia bothers to have a defense force. But i dont hear you question why China has over 100,000 mines stock piled and why China has the worlds largest Army and Navy when it has no enemies. Who is planning to attack China? Why does it waste so much money on continually building its military?

Question China before you bother to question Australia. Australia does not start wars as China has. Australia is not claiming international waters or other nations as China is.

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Why don't you stay better in Japan and help your country and your people first??..

A very isolationist, self centered and heartless view. Helping those in need has always been a noble act, and will always be such. Ukrainians being murdered in their thousands is much more urgent than anything happening in Japan right now but the worlds third largest economy should be able to help itself and others at the same time.

He should care more about his own Japanese people. Russia is our neighbor and important trade partner. Not ukraine.

Russia is a neighboring terrorist state and refuses to return Japanese territory it has occupied since WWII. Ukraine is much more of a friend than Russia ever has been.

how abt to talk abt peace negotiations instead of funding of Kiev regime by our money?

Russia has no desire for peace. Insisting Ukraine must recognize Russian sovereignty over Ukraine territory before talks can proceed shows they do not want peace.

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Submarines are especially vulnerable to mines. Current smart mines will only attack military targets.

Good news in a country that almost every citizen has a rod and boat.

then there is thousands of international fishing boat. What could go wrong

Perhaps you should be more concerned for those who fish in Chinese waters, as China has stockpiled over 100,000 sea mines. I am sure Chinese fishermen will be totally safe in wartime.

That doesn’t make sense and is only another useless and expensive way to burn taxpayers’ money. Australia has a coastline of 25,000 km . That alone would require 1 mio. of such mines, placed every 25 meters, l

Wow, how little some know. Important waterways and ports get defensive mines, not the entire coastline. And some are used offensively to mine enemy ports and waterways. That is all.

Waste of more tax payers money. China doesn't need to invade as it is already infiltrating from within.

Laughable and ludicrous idea.

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Posted in: Commentator Dokic hits out at 'fat-shaming' trolls at Australian Open See in context

It is undeniable that she has put on a significant amount of weight since her playing days, much more so than the average retired player. They all add a little weight when they stop training. She has allowed herself to become dangerously unhealthy by being so overweight. It is hardly an example for anyone to emulate. She has every right to do as she see's fit, including to become obese. It is much easier to put weight on than to take it off once it is there. She will have high blood pressure, face diabetes and other health issues associated with her high weight.

Rather than fat shaming, people should encourage her to get fit and lose weight if she wants to. Provide support not derision. She has a good tennis brain and is a good commentator, but by putting herself in front of the camera in her current state invites people to comment on the difference in her weight from her playing days. It is no doubt shocking for some to see her as she is today. People can be cruel in their comments, a sad fact of the internet and social commentary.

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Your right according to you it is a Ukraine only situation, the entire world needs to suffer for Ukraine.

If you think it is a "Ukraine only" situation you have not bothered to read my full post, and you fail to understand the big picture. That is nothing for you to be ashamed of as many like you, cant see the big picture.

This is about Covid around the globe, shutdowns as a result and economic fallout of years of supply chain difficulties. To top it off the siuation Russia has caused in Ukraine by its invasion to grab new territories. The entire world needs to stop Russia from succeeding in empire building in Europe, or prepare for more in the near future. Stop them now or it will cost more to stop them later. Some like you would prefer to see Ukraine fall and Russia get bigger, and those not executed or imprisoned by a Russian victory become soldiers in Russia's next campaign, and they do so with plenty of western weapons systems to use and backwards engineer.

The west is in too deep to stop now, and must supply Ukraine to victory or have missiles pulled apart for the tech when Russia moves in and takes over western weapons stocks.

You may prefer to have Russia defeat Ukraine, but that is a nightmare situation for Europe and the free world.

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It may surprise people to know that energy cost have risen for most nations in the world due to inflation. That inflation drives up everything and since it has been 20 years or so since we had any real inflation, it comes as a major shock to some, who are used to stable prices year in and year out. This is not a "Japan only" situation and is not due to miss management.

The perfect storm of years of covid, slowdown in economies around the globe, and a major conflict in Europe between two nations that export huge amounts of food to the world, and one of them huge amounts of gas and fuel oil as well.

All of these things need to be dealt with individually in order to settle down again. Covid is being lived with, and China going through the pain of opening up and having tens of thousands dying each month as they refused western vaccines, is slowly getting back to work. The war in Europe is costing billions of dollars each week to both sides and to many donors helping Ukraine survive the invasion by Russia. The sooner Ukraine is able to repulse Russian forces and regain territorial integrity, the sooner a negotiated peace can be achieved. Until then, 98% of Europe, and many other nations around the world, sanction Russia in one way or another, in order to hamper its ability to conclude its invasion with any success. Other nations further away have issues of their own to deal with and for them a conflict in Europe is not for them to worry about.

So Japan is by no means alone dealing with power issues and inflation. The whole world is dealing with the same issues in one way or another.

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New Zealand was a better nation with her as PM. The nations profile was raised quite a bit thanks to her leadership and choices. Her opposition was certainly vociferous but they had no better solutions to those she came up with. I am sorry to see her go and hope the replacement can continue her policies and come up with some new ones of his own that improve things for New Zealand.

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Germany has only confirmed to Europe and the world it is not ready to be a leader, it remains a follower. The UK has lead by sending Challenger II tanks. Poland and Finland are ready to send leopard II's but need German approval which will not come unless the US sends Abrams. In that case the US should send 14 Abrams M1 for limited use in Kyiv only, allowing Germany to honor its commitment to then send Leopard II's.

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In a world where most households have multiple vehicles, this makes good sense. Increase concessions on EV purchases to get a greater percentage of EV ownership and do it sooner. For homes with adult children still living at home, they could have three or four vehicles, any of which could be used if they are all EV and having multiple vehicles hooked back to the grid can be a bigger help to the grid and allow that family to perhaps earn some money back during power shortages.

Anything that helps limit global temperatures and gets us off fossil fuels is a good thing. If it allows homes with good solar generation to make some money back then it is good in more ways than one.

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If they are sure it is safe to release then do two tests. Dilute it with sea water in a controlled environment, to the point it would be in nature when released and then test one, those saying it is safe can swim in it. A second test to release a small number of different sea life in the controlled test and monitor them for a year for changes in DNA integrity and radiation levels against normal and see the results.

In a real release the dilution would continue over time but in a controlled test it wouldn't. If in the test it all appears safe then a release with continued natural dilution should be fine.

Not the most eloquent explanation but you get the idea.

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