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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

The only country to have ever used nuclear weapons still holds the largest stock pile of them.

Russia is well documented as having the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. They have never used them in anger.

The US is a few thousand nukes behind Russian numbers in nukes. People should fact check before posting.

How many nuclear weapons are there in the world?


United StatesThe first country to develop nuclear weapons and the only country to have used them in war. It spends more on its nuclear arsenal than all other countries combined. 6,450 warheads

RussiaThe second country to develop nuclear weapons. It has the largest arsenal of any country and is investing heavily in the modernization of its warheads and delivery systems. 6,850 warheads

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

When sanctions is proposed as an alternative to war, it's still not good enough?

Are you saying the alternative to sanctions on China, Japan, South Korea, Turkey would be for the US to go to war with those nations? Silly proposition. If the US wants to sanction Iran that's one thing. For the US to expect the world to do as it says when it says to, that's an attempt to override the sovereign rights of all nations.

Great way to make America everyone's enemy.

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

Iran is correct in that US sanctions are not based on any legal issue. Iran continues to comply with the agreement reached by the countries that negotiated it in good faith, including the US. Trumps actions set precedents for China to also use sanctions against nations to get what it desires politically. Trump is a fool.

The world should boycott all US trade for 30 days to show what can happen if it keeps up with its anti trade actions. It would also send a message to China not to try the same tactics in the future.

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Posted in: Abe abandons June timeline for Japan-Russia peace treaty: sources See in context

This issue will remain for generations. Possibly until the next major war when Japan will take them back. That could be 100 years from now. Assuming the planet remains viable for human life that long.

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Posted in: China to show new warships as Beijing flexes military muscle on navy anniversary See in context

"It is fair to say that the PLA Navy has not brought war or turbulence to any place," Qiu said.

It is fair to say Qiu is incorrect and that China has created great turbulence in the South China sea.

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Posted in: China says Japan should do more to seek cooperation, not competition See in context

North Korea are a Dictatorship. China is a communist country using capitalism and a Dictatorship to advance the Chinese Communist Party that rules Communist China. You can agree with the majority who see it that way or you can stand in the minority that denies it. Your view will not change what is.

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Posted in: China says Japan should do more to seek cooperation, not competition See in context

It is China that needs to do more to seek cooperation rather than dominance. It should get smart and let Japan take the lead in any future partnership as it is much more respected around the world than China. It also has a reputation for quality where as China has a reputation for cheap products that fall apart. But I do not think the leadership of China has the intelligence to make the right call.

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Posted in: China, Japan tout 'recovered' ties amid global uncertainty See in context

*Since the first Japan-China High-Level Economic Dialogue during Abe's first term, Japan and China finally had this 5th one, after "nationalisation" of Japanese Islands by the Japanese government in 2012. What a wasted time and suffering of 1,415,045,928 million (2018 estimate) Chinese people, emotionally and economically.*

Good relationships between neighbours is a nice thing to have. Making that last is a difficult thing to do. It will take many more years to turn good relations into friendship. I hope China realises that it must correct its past wrong attitudes to some issues to ensure the relationship continues to move forwards. Not always an easy thing for a dictatorial government to do. For now, it is Trump that drives these neighbours closer. I wonder what will happen after Trump is gone and the USA regains its political sanity. A question for the future to answer...

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Posted in: More wartime labor suits filed in S Korea against Japanese firms See in context

As with most business that gets unexpected costs, these companies can/will raise local prices and these claims will be paid for by South Koreans themselves.

Fighting wars is lose lose lose for everyone. Lose lives, lose property and lose money.

The UK was paying off war loans for decades and they won.

*UK** settles WWII debts to allies. Britain will settle its World War II debts to the US and Canada when it pays two final installment's before the close of 2006*

That Japan has received claims at this date is not all that surprising when put in contrast of what was done during the war.

*After the war, in 1960, Greece accepted 115 million Marks from West Germany as compensation for Nazi crimes. ... On 8 February 2015, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras demanded that Germany pay the complete reparations to Greece.*

No point being angry at South Korea. Stay calm and deal with the issue. it is not isolated to "just happens to Japan".

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

"To be honest, I don't know how to spend the time when we are suddenly given 10 days of holidays,"

Time to spend with family and with the population problems in Japan, a good time to make babies perhaps. Or have fun trying.

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Posted in: Japan curbs on Chinese telecom firms could hurt ties, says China See in context

Good move.

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Posted in: Japan slowly buying into cashless future despite widespread misgivings See in context

When paying in person, cash will always be best. What you purchase and when is your business, not anyone elses who collects data to sell to other companies. At least twice last year in Australia, banks went offline for hours at a time for card purchases leaving shoppers unable to buy goods and shopping unless they had cash on hand to do so. While this does not happen often, it does happen. When it happens it is a disaster. Cash always comes out on top for me.

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Posted in: NEC's VR system enables user to smell products at online store See in context

How do you know your not just smelling a generic scent representing say a ripe rockmelon, when what you need to smell is the actual fruit being offered for sale?

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Posted in: Syria vows to recover Golan Heights as Trump policy shift draws criticism See in context

Yet another stupid move from Trump. What an idiot.

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Posted in: Japan to develop air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles See in context

A smart move as a defensive deterrent to anyone with hostile intentions against Japan. But more is needed.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Abe has every right to attempt to change the constitution if he believes it needs changing. Like any leader of any country. There is no guarantee that his desire to alter the constitution will come to fruition if he does not get the support required to do so.

There is absolutley no sign that war would be the result of altering the Japanese constitution as some posters would have you believe. Most countries that amend or alter their constitution do not declare war. Japan is no different.

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Posted in: Trump budget boosts military and border wall, targets social programs See in context

The budget increase for the military is needed to keep up with China and Russia. Bearing in mind that the yearly wage of 1 soldier in the US probably equals the wages of ten or more in China and Russia. Not to mention wages for scientists in the US versus China and Russia. The cost of research is therefore always going to cost more in the US. Hence the need for larger US military budgets than China and Russia.

The border wall is a complete waste of money spent on a non existent emergency. Those funds would be better spent on social needs like universal health care and education.

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Posted in: Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare See in context

Im aware of which character is being referred to, and that he is played by an Asian. My point is that that character was not a Jedi. He was a fake. That might have been the most realistic thing about that movie.

"The force" is not something only able to be accessed and used by Jedi or Sith. I dont think that character was ever reffered to as a Jedi.

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Posted in: Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare See in context

Bugle Boy of Company BToday 05:39 am JST

 "Asian people can be jedi too???"

Actually that character wasn’t Asian. You should have explained that he was a fake.

If he is talking of Donnie Yen, then yes he IS Asian. He is Chinese and very well known in martial arts movies.

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Posted in: Bannon confident of Trump win in 2020 despite investigations See in context

And the world hopes America comes to its senses by not returning Trump in 2020.

I believe that U.S. swing voters and working class voters would prefer to continue the economic gains of President Trump than to vote for the extreme left leaning, racist against whites, anti-men, pro-abortion at 9 months ultra radicalized Democratic Party.

I believe that U.S. swing voters and working class voters would prefer to have a president they can be proud of rather than the current shame that is Trump. GOP is radicalized under his attempt at leadership, as are his followers. The Democrats are the only ones talking sense and with the ability to lead America at this point.

Trump just embarrasses the US in the eyes of the whole world, making Americans look stupid. My US friends all agree on that point.

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Posted in: Captain Marvel, a superhero with girl power to spare See in context

Any superhero movie needs a good story, well told and acted. No such thing as a movie genre that has been over done. Only a lack of imagination in making new stories worth telling.

As long as these Marvel and DC movies are entertaining, they can keep on making them and people/fans will go and see them.

Reality bites so movies that release you for a couple of hours with a new or interesting world, will always be popular.

Lets hope Captain Marvel is another engaging movie, regardless of the sex of the superhero. As for the cat, well I am more of a fan of dogs.

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Posted in: China to raise defense spending by 7.5%, lower than 2018 See in context

A 7.5% increase in military spending is huge for any nation. This continues the worrying trend in the Chinese military buildup. For a country that has not been threatened since WWII there is no rational reason for this military buildup unless it intends to use these abilities.

China has no enemies other than those it creates itself.

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S.-Japan alliance impediment to peace treaty talks See in context

Putins clumsy attempt to end the Japan-US alliance will end in disappointment for him.

But it seems its ok for Russia and China to get cosy and for Russia to sell high tech equipment to China. S-400 missile system, SU-35s fighter/interceptor jets and more.

Abe will not fall for it. Nor should he.

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Posted in: Is a cashless society desirable? See in context

Better to have a society that does not use money at all. People can then have fulfilling lives and do what they love doing. With automated factories and AI, people can live instead of toil.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy ships pass through strategic Taiwan Strait, riling China See in context

Just a couple of ships out for a cruise. All legal and appropriate.

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Posted in: Japanese space probe lands on asteroid 300 million kilometers from Earth See in context

Well done to all who had a hand in this great feat. This is good for Japan's Scientists and the worlds Scientists who will get to examine the results once the samples are returned to earth. Keep up the outstanding work.

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

As if ties between Japan and South Korea were not bad enough already, now Japan retaliates potentially making things even worse.

The International community is watching both nations and is not impressed with either.

Rather than getting angrier at each other, they both need to get together and discuss things with an open mind and at least attempt to understand each others views. Allowing the past to disrupt the present ensures the future is not as harmonious as it needs to be.

Better to have more friends than more enemies.

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Posted in: Trump likely to visit Japan in May, return for G20 in June See in context

My sympathy to all of Japan having to put up with a visit from the worlds most self centered idiot.

Truly a depressing time for Japan.

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Posted in: Abe urged to ensure Trump-Kim talks help resolve N Korean abductions See in context

There is no longer an abduction issue. For Japan to constantly bring up an issue that no longer exists is beyond pointless. Yet it can harass SK over CW issue and hound Russia over its ownership of the Kuril islands.

Learn to let stuff go. Holding on to old issues brings no good. If Japan can do that, then it can lecture SK but not before.

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Posted in: 16 U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall funds See in context

Get rid of Trump already. The US and the world have suffered him and his buffoonery long enough. Convince Michelle Obama to run for president. The US needs someone with Intelligence and morals and the ability to heal America to lead it. Not a clown in the White house that it currently has.

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