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Posted in: Abe urged to ensure Trump-Kim talks help resolve N Korean abductions See in context

There is no longer an abduction issue. For Japan to constantly bring up an issue that no longer exists is beyond pointless. Yet it can harass SK over CW issue and hound Russia over its ownership of the Kuril islands.

Learn to let stuff go. Holding on to old issues brings no good. If Japan can do that, then it can lecture SK but not before.

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Posted in: 16 U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall funds See in context

Get rid of Trump already. The US and the world have suffered him and his buffoonery long enough. Convince Michelle Obama to run for president. The US needs someone with Intelligence and morals and the ability to heal America to lead it. Not a clown in the White house that it currently has.

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Posted in: Does U.S. President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

Clearly this is a joke survey. Nice one JT!

Trump deserves a long prison term not a Nobel prize.

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

concerned about how to provide appropriate treatment to foreign workers.

Start by not treating them any differently from local workers. Pay them the same rates for the same service.

Respect them and they will respect you. Do not discriminate against them and don't consider them to be less than you are. Follow those guides and you should do ok.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire for watered-down sexual harassment countermeasures See in context

While this is a sad situation it is hardly surprising. Japan has a long history of sexual harassment without any sincere apologies. Some little begrudging recognition is from time to time given with a little compensation. Refer to SK and WWII CW issue. However women in Japan seem to also get the "short end of the stick" in such matters and it seems that is not about to change any time soon.

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Posted in: Japan seeks close cooperation with U.S. ahead of 2nd Trump-Kim summit See in context

The issue of abductions was adressed years ago and is a closed issue for NK. There are no living Japanese in NK who were abducted. Japan can either accept that or live in denial. As for other issues Japan has with NK, they will need to deal directly with Kim to sort it out.

Trump may bring up Japans issues but will do nothing to resolve them, especially if it takes effort. Trump is lazy and wont put in any effort at all for other nations. He puts in a bare minimum for his own country.

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Posted in: From pest to profit: Aussie sea urchins exported to Japan See in context

Another quality Australian product.

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Posted in: Abe vows to take step-by-step approach to resolve territorial dispute with Russia See in context

Abe needs to understand that from Russia's viewpoint, there IS no territorial dispute. All there is, is a need for a peace treaty to wrap up WWII regarding Japan and Russia.

Japan want's four Russian islands that used to be Japanese. There is no incentive for Russia to give any of them back. Japan is after all a reliable ally of the US which is the enemy of Russia.

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Posted in: Japan cancels port call by warship in South Korea amid row See in context

Nonsense. South Korea was an ally of USA in Vietnam war, long time ago. The USA are only there to protect its business interest from North Korea attacks. Everyone knows SK main partner is now PRC. And moving closer every year.

South Korea has no ties to PRC and never will. But since some in Japan see SK as a potential enemy, they must justify it by using a lie.

The US is the main ally of both Japan and SK and that's an inescapable fact. Anything to the contrary is false propaganda, nothing more. Intelligent people understand this.

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Posted in: Japan cancels port call by warship in South Korea amid row See in context

SK main Military ally is PRC.

Complete garbage statement!

No PRC troops are stationed in SK. Thousands of US troops are stationed in SK, as the USA is SK main ally.

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Posted in: State of the Union: Trump vows to build border wall, warns Democrats against investigations See in context

The tragedy that is Trump continues to roll down the dusty road.

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Posted in: Huawei executive Meng attends bail hearing as Canada mulls U.S. extradition See in context

Totally agree, but negotiating with a ruthless dictatorship like China will not be easy.

Luckily there is "nothing" to negotiate with China on, about this issue.

This is an issue of law that involves a Chinese citizen. The law will run its course in both Canada and the US and there is nothing China can do to stop it. All China is doing is making itself look even worse than it normally does.

China talks of respecting the rights and freedoms of Weng when in China the people have no such rights, as the single party state takes people off the streets and "reeducates and tortures" those who speak out against the party, let alone commit an actual crime.

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Posted in: Huawei executive Meng attends bail hearing as Canada mulls U.S. extradition See in context

China must respect the laws of other nations as it expects them to respect China's "fake laws".

The fact China is NOT bothering to honor the justice system of two western countries cries out of racism. Chinese citizens are not entitled to special treatment above others. They must alow the laws of both nations to come to their conclusions before any outrage or objections. They can hire lawyers to assist Meng and ensure she is treated fairly as the legal system allows in these two countries, unlike in China where the state rules the judiciary and people have no rights unless the "party" bestows them.

As for Canada standing up to China, bravo! Countries can not allow China to pressure them into giving up their laws, freedoms and way of life for fear of upsetting China. China can accept whats going on and see where it goes, or it can act out as it has, as a school yard brat.

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Posted in: Trump agrees to end government shutdown without border wall money See in context

So how did Chump cave? What he wants hasn’t changed one bit. If in 3 weeks he gets nothing and accepts that without another shutdown or declaration of national emergency then you have something.

Well he stated that THIS shutdown will not end until he gets his funding for the wall, even if the shutdown lasts for a year. Clearly he could not stand by that statement and he caved by reopening the government even for a short time, without funding for his wall.

The Government will most likely close down again in three weeks and chump will learn another lesson that his opinion is not the most important one in America as he thinks it is.

The wall will not happen. Not today, not next week and not even next year. Nor should it as it is not the way to secure your border unless your in the stone age when walls were invented. There are more modern ways to secure a border without the eye sore of a physical wall stretching across the horizon, even a beautifully built wall.

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Posted in: S Korea accuses Japanese patrol plane of threatening flight See in context

The video footage supplied by Japan showed clearly that the plane was flying low and close to the warship in military terms.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

Russia's only purpose is to sign a peace treaty and perhaps gain recognition from Japan of Russia's sovereignty over the four Islands. That is why Putin is there.

Japan is trying to get back control of Islands captured and occupied at the end of WWII and then sign a peace treaty.

Russia has no intention of giving up any of those Islands, 3 of which have people living on them.

As long as both have their current ambitions, there will most likely be no progress made.

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Posted in: First grant awarded under Rio Tinto Australia-Japan Collaboration Program See in context

The nanopores will make the materials even more capable for adsorption and provide space for efficient chemical conversion of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into hydrocarbons, the building blocks of petroleum and natural gas fuels.

I hope they dont intend on using these recovered chemicals to burn as fuel, this just puts it all back in the atmosphere.

Take a great idea to reduce greenhouse gases and turn it into a self defeating exercise by burning them again and turning them back into greenhouse gases.

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Posted in: Australia urges Indonesia to respect Bali bombing victims and not release cleric See in context

Culpable in the murder of 202 people and get let out early from a 15 year sentence.

Two Australians executed for drug smuggling and others get life in prison.

It would seem that bombings and murder get a light sentence in Indonesia for its citizens but you get executed or life for smuggling drugs.

I would call that a backwards legal system.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria See in context

Israel trying to start another mid east war. Sooner or later it will get the war it wants but it make get more than it bargained for.

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Posted in: Carry your pet on your back See in context

Cruel treatment for any pet. This would be like transporting people around in coffins with a peek hole and ventilation. For anyone with claustrophobia it would be unthinkable. Not a smart product.

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Posted in: Canada says it won't be deterred by Chinese pressure See in context

China has always used any and all means to steal technology from any country that has what it does not. The Communist party can not be trusted and it has complete control of all people and companies in China. Those who try to fight Communist party rules find themselves in prison until they acquiesce or until they die.

Doing any business with China or Chinese companies is fraught with danger that the party may in some way intervene and take direct control, order boycotts against countries that do not act as directed by China, or arrest innocent people to make a point.

The time to invest in China is over. Western companies should get out of China now and reinvest in their own countries.

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Posted in: Top U.S. Navy officer urges China to avoid confrontations See in context

I blame it on Capitalism. Greed for profits led to huge investment in Chinese factories by companies moving their production to China for the better profits available with a minimally paid workforce. The West created this monster knowing that a one party communist ruled country would not play by western rules. Take the profits now and worry about China later. Well later has arrived.

Sadly western governments have stopped leading and let private corporations and companies lead for profit.

Western governments need to have ownership of their direction and build for the future, not for profits.

Internationals laws need to be upheld even when it is against a strong country. When everyone supports the law even the strongest nation must follow the rules or face the world alone.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

People have rights.

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Posted in: Chinese ambassador accuses Canada of 'white supremacy' in Huawei case See in context

A simple case of Chinese racism.

Chinese executive could not possibly be guilty so should be released from home detention in plush mansion with servants. While the two innocent Canadians detained to pressure Canada are imprisoned under brutal conditions with no servants or even contact with lawyers.

I really tend to ignore stupid statements from idiots of any nationality. They seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate all around the world these days.

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Posted in: Australian PM slams 'ugly racial protests' in Melbourne See in context

Some immigrants arriving from war torn nations such as Sudan and Somalia seem to bring with them youths who have had to live by their wits as a necessity to their very survival. Arriving in a safe and peaceful environment can be difficult to adjust to and some fall into the survival mode that served them well in their home countries. They assault and steal but now without any real need to. I believe that those arriving from war torn nations should be given additional support and education on how to live in a peaceful country, for everyone's benefit.

Like soldiers returning from war there are silent invisible issues that many suffer from.

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Posted in: Japan's whaling decision could affect Alaska Native whalers See in context

Why don't Western nations, and left wing groups like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace, attack and bully Eskimos like they do Japan for her traditional hunting of whales and dolphin? Hypocrisy.

The Alaskan Inuit yearly quota is 67 whales. This is used for food in areas with no livestock or rice paddies.

The whales provide some measure of self sufficiency for the natives and has been required for survival for many centuries. They could now import all their food except for what fishing boats bring in but that would be expensive and difficult in some locations. Whales really are a required food source for Inuits and I have no issue with 67 whales for the entire Inuit population for a whole year.

Japan was catching hundreds for "research".

In the 2017/18 Antarctic season Japan took 333 Antarctic minke whales and in the North Pacific summer season 134 sei and 43 common minke whales offshore. Total 510 Whales killed for "research".

Japan has the worlds best beef. Some of the worlds best rice and is able to grow much of what it needs in fruits and vegetables. Livestock is also not an issue. Whale meat is rarely eaten in Japan and continues to decline.

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Posted in: U.S. to hold missile drill on Okinawa: report See in context

Of course it does. Being able to present an offensive threat to a potential foe is part and parcel of national defense. You cannot divorce the two.

I agree with Matt.

MAD is Mutually assured Destruction. There is the potential for huge offensive strikes but being "mutually assured destruction" makes it defensive as much as offensive. The enemy takes much more notice if you can hit them as hard as they can hit you.

Japan needs to remove the shackles of Article 9 as soon as it can or it will quickly be overwhelmed by China's CURRENT massive military buildup with modern ships and planes rolling off the assembly lines faster than Japan could manufacture the same numbers of units.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Iran against space launch See in context

Iran, like all other nations is free to explore space and launch satellites. If The US disagree then tough luck to them.

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Posted in: Japan protests over China's unapproved maritime survey See in context

Japan needs to increase the size of the island and have it manned. Perhaps an air field will change China's determination that it is not an island, as it would be a duplicate for the Chinese model in the South China sea.

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Posted in: Russia eyes missile defense buildup on disputed isles See in context

The Soviet Union was obliged to enter the war against Japan according to an agreement with the Allies at Potsdam.

Indeed, the allies requested Russia join them against Japan. That in no way negates the fact that prior to their declaration of war against Japan, there had been no hostilities between the two during WWII. In fact the Russians had been worried that Japan would assist Germany who had invaded Russia and held elite Russian winter soldier divisions in the North East Russian territory until they realized that Japan would not attack them, at which point those troops were transferred to reinforce depleted and destroyed divisions fighting the Germans. This enabled the Russians to stop German troops from capturing Moscow and allowed them to launch a winter offensive agains the Germany units who were not outfitted to fight in winter conditions.

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