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Posted in: Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S. and free Huawei exec See in context

This is a basic example 101 on how both China and the US want others to do as they are told, while China and the US believe they can do whatever they want and direct others to do their bidding. They can interfere in the rule of law of insignificant countries (all countries other than their own) and expect every nation to believe whatever their (china and US) governments say. They both believe the only relevant laws are their own. They intend make everyone in the world conform with their laws of face the consequences. Canada should follow its procedures and laws and remind both China and the US that they will not be coerced by any nation, and that its laws are to be respected.

The US and China have both acted horribly in this matter. The world is taking notes on you both!

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I don't think there is any doubt that Australia would support Israel if it came under sustained attack that really threatened its existence.

Indeed, Jewish lobby groups have almost as much power over the Australian government as they do over the US government. Something that needs to be addressed under the "foreign influence laws".

Japans military is tiny compared to China and the vast majority of its allies defense assets are thousands of nautical miles away. California to Tokyo is 7000 miles/6000 nautical miles away.

I think the US Pacific fleet is still based in Hawaii and a not insignificant base in Guam. Not to mention the units already in forward position's in bases in Japan and South Korea.

Japan must keep pace militarily or risk further aggression from unfriendly nations.

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I feel the same way. I want the Aus government to make it explicit we will no longer participate in any wars in the Middle East, unless its a defense of Israel and that is all.

I want the Aus government to stop showing any support for the Israeli government that has no desire for a two state solution based on equality of rights. I would NOT support Aus fighting to defend Israel!

Japan has the right to build any type of navy vessel's it wants or needs. Converting a Helicopter Destroyer for fixed wing air craft is fine, and should not be anybody else's business. They should be building their own larger purpose built carriers to offset any China builds.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

Before plastic straws they had paper straws with a thin coating of wax to water proof the straw. They can be recycled and use waste from the wood industries.

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Posted in: Abe says he is aiming for constitution change by 2020 See in context

In the beginning of WWII Japan had a military that could fight almost anyone. But its main problem was its almost complete lack of resources. Even with its large military it could not hold on to what it had taken as its lack of resources was it doom.

Today in 2018 it still lacks natural resources and relies on trade to survive. It still can not protect its fragile trade routes against regionally superior forces. Altering article 9 will do nothing to change that. It just can not keep trade routes open and would again be strangled without oil, steel, coal and other commodities required to live let alone to wage war.

What altering the constitution will do is allow it to join coalitions to defend allies and uphold freedom when and where required. When the government and peoples agree it needs to be done.

Japan will never in the foreseeable future be in a position to wage aggressive war on its own against anyone. Nor does it wish to.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

In the internet age, nothing said is ever forgotten. And it seems never forgiven. What hope if no second chances are ever given?

Let whomever is without sin, cast the first stone.

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Posted in: Canada defends arrest of Huawei exec as markets wobble See in context

China should relax over this issue. The US is just going to "re-educate" Mrs Meng in one of it's new Re-education camps that are modeled after the Chinese version. Once China is informed of this I am sure they will enthusiastically agree that no rights have been breached and that Mrs Meng is being treated more than fairly.

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"The Chinese side expresses firm opposition and strongly protests this serious violation of human rights," said an embassy statement.

HAHAHA such a funny statement from one of the worst human rights violators in the world today.

Apparently China is unaware that the arrest was made at the request of the US so she can be deported to the US.

"The Wall Street Journal reported in April that the US Justice Department was investigating whether Huawei violated US sanctions on Iran".

It would seem that China does not like to recognize the laws and processes of other nations, possibly because they have not been approved by President Xi.

This may be Trump playing China at its own game for the US children being held by China in its attempt to catch their fugitive father.

This will be interesting to follow to see if Canada caves to Chinese pressure or if the US drops charges or prosecutes.

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Posted in: U.S. expects immediate action from China on trade commitments See in context

What the US expects and what actually happens will be two different things. From the sound of that statement, some officials think the US has won. That cant be further from the truth. America expects everyone to dance to its tune and give ground in disputes before it does anything itself. Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, EU have all at some time faced this type of arrogant behavior. Japan will face it to in trade talks.

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Posted in: Wartime labor rulings cast dark clouds on Japan-S Korea ties See in context

Japan has done things that were wrong and upset individuals and nations. These things will never be "undone". These things will never be forgotten. If Japan truly wishes for forgiveness it must tackle each issue that arises with compassion. The 1965 agreement with the Government of South Korea was about Government to Government issues so that relations could resume. It did not address issues with individuals who were ill treated as slave labor. Japan refuses to deal with these issues and sadly it is not viewed favorably by other countries when it does so. The war was not the choice of these individuals it was Japans choice. Being coerced into slave labor was not the individuals choice as a career path, Japan gave them no other choice.

These issues connected to war time behavior by Japanese companies, Japanese government and Japanese Military personnel will not just go away. I wonder if many in Japan even get what the issues are. Without understanding there will be no amends. That means these issues will dog Japan and its relationship with other Asian nations for decades to come.

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Posted in: U.S., China reach 90-day ceasefire on tariffs in trade dispute See in context

The following points are what I interpret happened at the G20

Deals involving the US and China move ahead faster when the two leaders deal face to face rather than with aides alone handling affairs.

This postponement of additional tariffs for 90 days is no guarantee that the aids will be able to arrive at a mutually acceptable deal. But it is a sign both sides are willing to continue to negotiate which is a good sign.

There remains the stumbling block of coerced technology transfer in order to do business in China for some high tech companies. If this aspect is not resolved withing the 90 days the additional tariffs will be applied.

There is a window of opportunity in which both sides can compromise to some degree to ensure relations and trade improve for both.

The coming days will be interesting and hopefully beneficial for all.

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Posted in: Trump cancels meeting with Putin over Russia's seizure of Ukrainian vessels See in context

With the recent convictions of two of trumps cohorts he couldnt stand further negative press so did the only thing he could do and cancel the meeting with his boss Putin until another time. I am sure they maintain strong contact via regular telephone conversations.

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Why on earth would Russia be afraid of making China angry? It cares so little about trade with the EU and America why would it be different with China? Russia does what it wants when it wants. Today Putin is friendly with Xi because it makes sense to offset America. Should there be issues in the future with China, Russia will not hesitate do do what it wants. If its actions upset China i'm sure Putin will not lose any sleep over it. Their nuclear arsenal has thousands more warheads than China has. Russia fears nobody.

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Russia is about as worried of China as it is of the US and it has no problem upsetting them at every opportunity.

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Russia and China are two different equations. They are not signed up allies. Russia sells high tech equipment to china and other nations. If they have a back door to their equipment it would be unwise to use it unless the equipment was being used directly against Russia. If they did it would end their export of military equipment with any digital reliance.

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Any air force that relies on the F35 multi role fighter to cover all of its needs will be a poor air force.

While it has high stealth and information gathering and dissemination abilities it is to slow at mach 1.6 for interdiction and aerial superiority when fighting countries that have craft suited for the different roles.

SU 35s has a top speed of mach 2.25 and is designed as an air superiority fighter. If your out of missiles on a F35, you cant run.

Combinations of aircraft in your inventory is the best way to go. For Japan, perhaps they could offer to buy 50 SU-35S in exchange for a timeline on returning the islands in dispute. It would enhance their combat capability and even China has purchased some for their speed at interdiction.

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AkieToday 12:42 pm JST

Peter14, the way you talked about democracy is the biggest anti-democracy talk. Chinese people picked their leaders with their blood and lives, not just a piece of paper. Democracy is about people, not about vote, though Chinese do vote.

More propaganda. China was made a one party system of government in 1949. They did not at that time elect Xi in the future to be leader. No national elections were held to chose any leaders with other parties running.

You clearly do not understand either democracy or freedom. Your party line fools nobody which is why you are always either ignored or voted down. Democracy IS about one person = one vote, and the right to choose amongst more than one party.

Japan = Democracy.

China = One party despotic rule.

If you need further education on the matter feel free to email me.

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It takes more than 20 seconds to put the second F-35B in launch position after the first one is launched if the deck isn't long enough.

In an emergency they can use vertical launch and use the six positions that the helicopters use for their vertical launches. Yes with less payload but it can still be done.

Also the second plane can be at 90 degrees from the launching F35 and only needs to be 10 meters away when using the ski ramp. It can with its own power and deck hands assistance be moved into position faster than you may imagine.

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China is not democratic. Names and words without meaning. Speak out against the government and disappear. No country will give up democracy for the Chinese communist party. NONE!

This is why other nations build up their defenses so that they don't have to submit to China or anyone wanting to take their sovereignty away. They have freedom to change their leaders by a vote of the people. When China becomes enlightened to real freedom and renounces the one party rule, not only will Asia rejoice, but the world will too. Until then your words ring hollow.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

@Samit Basu

The Australian Canberra class is too short for the F-35B operation. An F-35B operating carrier must have least a 240 m long flight deck for an efficient flight operation. Any shorter than this and the carrier can send off only one F-35B at a time instead of two.

A 10-20 second delay to launching a second plane is still acceptable. A well trained crew will adapt and get the job done.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

AkieToday 06:33 am JST

Wolfpack, the chance of a war between Japan and China is much smaller than zero, I will bet with 127 million heads. On the other hand, a war between Japan and Australia is larger than anything you can imagine.

Once again wishful thinking. No basis for your comment as it is obvious Japan and Australia are moving closer together while China moves further away from everyone with its actions and militaristic buildup and threats in international waters.

Your dream for a "united states of Northeast Asia" would need one of two things to happen. China turns democratic and rejects a one party system of government. Or Japan and South Korea reject democracy and adopt the Chinese single party Communist leadership. Realistically neither scenario will occur but if I needed to chose the most likely it would be the collapse of the single party rule in China.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

Good to share experiences on the conversion process for sure. Obviously different designs, one native Japanese tech and the Aus design is originally Spanish? Not sure im right about that. Recent agreements for port access and ammunitions is very welcome

Much of the conversion is strengthening the flight deck for the exhaust heat from vertical landings. An expensive process that can be perhaps cheaper if that aspect is worked on together.

Clearly the internal structures are different so ammunition stores, fuel and repair mechanisms on board would be quite different as would any radar upgrades that may be needed.

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While it is true America has the experience in Naval warfare and carrier operations. It is well known that America does not at present maintain planes and ships at the required levels. Spare parts are unavailable to keep the maximum number of planes operational and training in the navy has fallen well behind as was shown with the investigations into the two instances of US destroyers colliding with civilian ships in the past two years. In many area's of the US military its personnel are under increasing strain to maintain performance and operational ability. This fact decreases the advantages that experience brings. Burn out is a reality and unless the trend is reversed with more resources and better planning then it will only get worse. In addition there are too many eggs in the F35 basket. Dedicated aircraft for specific mission types are needed. Russia and China continually develope this type of air force based on the US experiences in WWII and up to the 1990's. America has stopped investing in the philosophy of mission specific type aircraft. The F35 will excel at some mission types and fail miserably at others.

China is not as disadvantaged as some may think. This necessitates Japan modifying its Helicopter Destroyers and trying to ensure it has more options if needed.

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Posted in: Trump proposes 'worldwide network' to counter CNN overseas See in context

Trump to hire fiction writes and label them news people. The only stories will be made up twisted versions of reality containing 5% truth and 95% bs. Fake news always looks real with 5% truth in it, but only to those sheep that follow Trumps every word as gospel.

Trump hides from and denies truth. Lies about himself, his imagined achievements and those strong enough to speak the real truth.

One year and 11 months more of this rubbish. Just one more thing to be fixed when hes gone.

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Posted in: Japan considers transforming helicopter destroyer into aircraft carrier See in context

Japan is justified in taking this course of action.

If Japan and Australia get together to upgrade their helicopter carriers for fixed wing flight it may reduce the overall costs for both countries. This could help in the future for using each others ports for repairs if required.

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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

There is a long list of the times the Japanese government, certain prime ministers and the Emperor have apologized, not that I expect anyone to read it.

And yet there have been many more times when officials have either denied it, said it wasn't as bad as all that, said they must have volunteered, etc etc. That officials in government and opposition and civil servants have expressed such notions tend to take much away from any "regret" or "apologies" expressed officially to the victims.

I have seen press conferences where company CEO's have expressed deep shame as they take responsibility for a company either going bankrupt or having lied to investors about finances within the company etc. They beg forgiveness and step down.

That level of apology has never been given to the victims and those giving the apology have never expressed their shame. Anything less than a full Japanese type of apology where responsibility is taken and shame expressed and forgiveness asked for, is real or acceptable. Not including such an apology into historical texts and School curriculum and especially looking for ways to later dismiss or deflect blame or gloss over the events is reprehensible and it will remain a thorn in Japans side that will come up again and again until it gets it right.

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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

This issue will not be "resolved" while victims still live, while their children remember the stories of horror their mothers or aunties have told them of their ordeals. Any attempt to look at it in a way that demeans or diminishes the pain and suffering by saying "its finished, its done, move on" are oh so wrong.

Slavery in America is long past but there are still grand children and great grand children who remember the stories of those who were the last slaves. Black face or certain words will set off the African American populace who do not forget the horror of slavery, though its time is gone.

Oral memory is passed down in families and not soon forgotten when horrors are involved.

You cant say it did not happen, it did. You said sorry on one hand and expect to never hear of it again but you will never live it down for many many generations yet. Nor should you forget about it. As America will never forget slavery is in its past, So japan must deal with the history of WWII and the actions taken by some in its name whenever it comes up. Fighting it just shows insensitivity. Making like its all just over shows a lack of care and sadly this stands out to all nations.

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Posted in: Casio G-SHOCK partners with 'Transformers' for special model See in context

How about a G-Shock taser for self defense? Tells you what time you fired your taser :)

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Posted in: Can U.S.-China relations be saved? See in context

Both nations would need to replace their current leaders. International relationships are heavily effected by the personal relationships between nations. Xi and Trump are both people who want and expect to get their own way. That's not going to happen so new leadership able to compromise would be needed to repair the relationship.

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Posted in: Trump sets off storm by criticizing retired Navy admiral for not capturing bin Laden sooner See in context

Trump = Complete waste of time.

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