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Posted in: Asia security may be at risk if Japan-S Korea ties sour again See in context

There is no reason why building cotacts by both nations outside the direct politicical arena cant help the nations remain close, and build a level of trust not effected by new leaders on either side. What must be forefront of thinking by both is they are stronger together, so finding the common ground to base better relations will bring benefits to both in dealing with China and North Korea.

A different but in some ways similar dynamic between New Zealand and Australia comes to mind. they sometimes dissagree on issues but still find a way to work together strongly on many other important areas. for the greater good of both.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan in show of support for new president after China's military drills See in context

This shows America is increasing contats with Taiwan as PRC increase's military pressure on Taiwan. It is almost self sustaining now. Both major US parties seem aligned in support for keeping Taiwan independant and secure in the face of PRC hostility.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan in show of support for new president after China's military drills See in context

there is ONE CHINA guys.


Except in reality there are two disint, individual nations with China in their name.

The Peoples Republic of China. PRC

The Republic of China. ROC

The breakaway China PRC, is younger and has never ruled over all of the old ROC. So they want a second shot at taking it by force. Something they failed to do during their rebellion 75 years ago. The people of the world see thing clearly. There are TWO China's.

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

Yrral, deterrence comes in many forms. Google it and see.

No nation has a monopoly on deterrence.

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

China is not Europe as in your explanation. China is a country. Europe is not a country. What you are trying to say is China proper or mainland in a geographical sense.

I am saying China no longer refers to just one nation, as Africa is many nations but people from any nation in Africa can identify as African. China now means either one or multiple nations. China is now made up of two nations. The Peoples Rupublic of China, and the other China (the original), The Republic of China.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts annual live fire drill See in context

All units and people in Infantry, armoured, artillery, missle and other front line fighting units should be conducting multiple live firing exercises each year, not just one annual demonstration with a fraction of the soldiers participating.

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

These expanded exercises now including more nations, is preparing a larger force able to work in unison to function together to handle any military challenge that may occur in the region.

It is good to see Japan having such a large multifaceted involvement. This is excellent real world training for its defense forces.

Taiwan is China but is not owned by China, as the UK is Europe but not ruled or owned by it, as Canada is North American but not ruled or owned by America.

There is only one Europe, one North America, one China but they are all made up of independant states that rule themselves. That is the reality of yesterday, today and of tomorrow. Those imagining otherwise are simply not backed by the facts.

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Posted in: Ukraine hopes to sign security pact with Japan before July NATO summit See in context

Probably best not to get involved. Let the US deal with it. It's basically their beef.

It is best to understand this is as much Japan's problem as it is the US or any other nation that is not fighting. They can help the victim of an invasion in any way they choose to. The idea that providing help to a victim is best avoided, shows a distint lack of humanity and morality. Lets hope your never a victim needing help, medical or otherwise, as you make it sound like you wouldnt deserve assistance.

The simple fact is that Russia is the aggressor, and making it easier or simpler to violate Ukraine and its people, is giving aid and comfort to the criminal, whether directly or indirectly. Helping the victim of this crime is to be applauded for its moral correctness and sends the right message that Japan will not look away to allow the crime to continue, but will give aid to the needy and reaffirm Japanese humanity is strong, its moral compass is steady, and it will not overlook the horrors being comitted daily by Russia, when it should not be happening at all.

Thank you Japan.

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Posted in: China starts second day of war games around Taiwan to test ability to 'seize power' See in context

The Potsdam Declaration endorsed the language in the Cairo Declaration that Taiwan, and the Pescadores were to be handed back to China. This was an agreement endorsed by Franklin, Churchill and Chiang.

Taiwan was handed to ROC and remains with ROC.

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Posted in: Low expectations for rare summit between China, Japan and South Korea See in context

It is easy to see which nation has not bothered to be invested in these talks. South Korea and Japan's leaders are in attendace, but China's leader cant be bothered to front up. Two nations willing to have a go and one nation barely making an effort.

It is fair to question the relevance of a handshake fest that accomplishes nothing.

One thing good comes from this, the two "leaders" can get togeather afterwards and accomplish closer ties, find common ground for their alliance in working with America in opposing Chinese hostility. So perhaps not a total waste of time.

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Posted in: S Korea, China and Japan to hold trilateral talks next week for first time since 2019 See in context

The only one the Chinese leaders is communicating is the honourable Valdmir Putin and how to help ending the Ukraine war in Russian terms!

Yet another reason so many nations identify China as being ruled by evil people. Anyone describing the war criminal Putin as an "honorable" man is delusional and not to be taken seriously. Putins invasion of Ukraine is the same as Hitlers invasion of Russia and so much of Europe in WWII, and nobody in their right mind would describe Hitler as "honorable".

If China has no interest in Japan or South Korean "nonsense" then the meeting is worthless and irrelevant before it even begins.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan unveil sanctions over alleged Russia-N Korea arms trade See in context


Non-UN sanctions are illegal.

So you agree that UN sanctions are legal, as is enforcing them correct?

This article makes clear..

Russia's procurement of arms from North Korea violates the relevant U.N. resolutions 

So you support the moves announced by Japan and South Korea, in support of legal UN sanctions, because they are NOT non-UN sanctions then. Glad you made your position clear, and I thank you for your support against Russia's violation of long standing UN sanctions against North Korea selling its weapons.

Clear support for the UN is important in maintaing its relevance.

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Posted in: Wi-Fi, drones and sharp blades on Japan's whaling mothership See in context

Incomplete previous post.

It is not true that Australia is doing anything militarily regarding whaling. Our military expenditure is to upgrade capacity to defend Australia, its allies and its friends, of whom Japan is high on that list. We improve defense relationships with nations in the region and while whaling is a concerning issue, it is way down the list of ongoing issues and is not a military issue at all.

Whaling has never been used to explain or justify military expenditure in Australia. The idea is nonsense.

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Posted in: Wi-Fi, drones and sharp blades on Japan's whaling mothership See in context

Know the youth of my country in Australia are not going to be happy, whaling is very much an issue with them, and our government is doing some heavy lifting trying to justify it’s military spending to step up to meet the challenges of which Japan is smack bang in the middle of.

True that the youth of Australia are not happy with whaling anywhere in the world.

It is not true that Australia's government is doing anything at all militarily

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Posted in: China starts second day of war games around Taiwan to test ability to 'seize power' See in context

Perhaps it is time for some "war games" around Taiwan held by Taiwan and all its friends to show China how their forces would be annihilated by the supporting forces and Taiwan, in the event China is unwise enough to attempt an invasion or blockade of Taiwan, who the world relies upon for some critical trade items.

Oh it will never happen, to be sure, but it would be nice to see the outrage in China, and a few veins bursting in officials as they "solomnly protest" the "outrageous" actions by warmongering nations from around the world. The irony being its is wrong for anyone to do such a thing near Chinese territory, but not a problem for China to do it to others.

China has such disgusting leaders, I feel sorry for what Chinese people are forced to put up with on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Taiwan's military, coast guard activate in response to China's drills See in context

China truely is the neighbour nobody likes and the one smart nations do not want to live with.

China disputes all borders with its direct neighbours, claiming they each have some Chinese territory that should be given back.

Taiwan has my sympathies, as do other nations forced to deal with a hostile, unfriendly and untrustworthy China.

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Posted in: S Korea, China and Japan to hold trilateral talks next week for first time since 2019 See in context

I hope the ministers from Japan and South Korea engage in a phone conversation to plan their shared approach to dealing with a duplicitous China, before the meeting.

China is not to be trusted. Its words mean little when their actions are so often hostile and threatening.

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Posted in: Japan complains about Chinese ambassador's comment relating to Taiwan See in context

China continues to remain out of touch with reality. Since Chinese communist forces began a revolution against the government of the Republic of China, from which it wrested control of the mainland, but not of all ROC held territory. The Communist forces split China in two and it has remain that way ever since.

For over 7 decades, or stated another way, for 3 to 4 generations the territories of the Republic of China have been a separate entity to the CCP ruled territories. The fact is there are two China's, the larger being the Peoples Republic of China and the smaller Republic of China.

The PRC can hardly blame anyone else for not obtaining the complete surrender of the ROC when the civil war happened. Now that it has been over for so long, it must realise that the worlds people recognise Taiwan as a separate country even if their governments refuse to do so in order to continue to trade with the worlds second most populus nation.

Should China ever attempt to use force against, or invade ROC territory, it will forever alienate litterally billions of people around the world and show its true nature to all. For a nation that survives and prospers from international trade, it cant afford to lose the ability to sell to people around the world excepting a few allied nations whose population is insufficient to support Chinese manufacturing and industries.

China must simply accept the world as it is with the continued existance of the ROC.

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan, South Korea lawmakers visiting Taiwan See in context

China mumbling to itself again. Yawn.

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Posted in: Japan's new whaling factory ship sets sail on first hunt See in context

little remains of the international fury seen a decade ago when whalers faced clashes with activists in the Antarctic.

The fury remains intact and as fierce as ever, however now that Japan hunts only in its own territorial waters it is better hiden from International consciousness, and greenpeace ships wont venture there to persue the hunters.

Hunting fin whales is a worrying development.

This practice of commercial hunting is from a bygone era and no longer needed or supported by rate of consumption in Japan. The reality is only a hanfull will go to food for human consumption with the rest going to pet food. This should not be continued so it can sustain the domestic pet food industry. Catch ten or so a year for the few remaining human consumers, and stop over killing for pets who are just as happy to eat anything.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand sending planes to evacuate nationals from New Caledonia's unrest See in context

How about China sending in an evacuation unit and trying to calm the unrest? Aren't they trying to make inroads into the South Pacific?

Your talking about French territory here. A nuclear power, not just a tiny independant state with no military. Although without being part of a European nation, China would no dout see rioting as an opportunity for a foothold there.

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Posted in: China sanctions Boeing, two U.S. defense contractors for Taiwan arms sales See in context

Pointless and completely ineffectual, nobody at Boeing or the defense contractors will be losing any sleep over this.

A little bravado for the home audiences.

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Posted in: Plant-based meat alternatives are trying to exit culture wars – an impossible task? See in context

These ultra processed foods are higher in sodium and other substances that accumulate damage over time. Insufficient testing over a lifetime of use on a limited number of people to determine safety of this new processed food group exists. The first generation to consume such foods long term will provide vital information.

This is not the time for mass release or for companies to try to make their fortune.

Cigarettes were first sold as a medical solution for nerves, to calm people down. We now know how dangerous that is.

I wont be consuming these products. Real meat in moderation is fine for me.

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Posted in: Taiwan's new President Lai in his inauguration speech urges China to stop its military intimidation See in context

Always relevant to keep in mind is this breakaway province of China has no UN recognition.

Correction, it was the communist forces that broke away from Republic of China rule, not the other way around. Even the CCP is well aware Taiwan has never been under its rule.

It is always relevant to keep statements factual to keep from having "egg on face" syndrom.

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Posted in: Protestors block New Caledonia roads as French police pour in See in context

France has the option, if speed is needed, to call for assistace from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji who are all close enough to provide aid quickly, additional police or military and evacuation of stranded tourists from around the world and take them to safety if things flare up.

France is not alone and can utilize the resources available from nearby friends, as long as it does not place its own pride above the safety of tourists and guests.

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Posted in: Kyoto study finds nearly 500 translation errors for foreign tourists; new guidelines released See in context

To translate into English, here is a thought, hire a person who's first laguage is English. Many nations speak English as their primary language. they dont have to live in Japan, it could be done online through the internet. Or run it by an English teacher at any school in Japan that teaches that language.

It truly is not that hard.

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Posted in: Russia presses offensive into Ukraine but holds off on taking key city See in context

This is their fault because they have shelled and continue to shell residential neighborhoods in border areas," Putin told reporters.

Their shelling is probably due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. So really it is not their fault at all is it.

Another atypical Russian deflection of blame to cover their own behinds. No reasonable person believes Putin.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

Not a car, flying or otherwise. A child on a bycicle would travel along the road faster.

This is a single seat multi engine/motor copter.

I would love to think personal flying devices are in my future, but that would be a lie. I will never own or fly in one because they wont be available in my lifetime.

And please stop calling them cars, they dont use roads as cars do. Might as well call them flying boats. Just as acurate.

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Posted in: French police deployment arrives to secure New Caledonia See in context

A colonialist crackdown on the native locals to secure the mineral rich land for themselves

Not at all. More like regaining law and order after lawlessness resulting in a number of murders, has made life unsafe for the local population.

Nice attempt at some right wing anti French sentiment though.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy flagship carrier USS Ronald Reagan leaves its Japan home port after nearly 9 years See in context

The USS Ronald Reagan and her crew have ensured that millions of people across the Indo-Pacific have been able to live their lives free of coercion, aggression and suppression,”

Sadly it has been unable to eliminate that coersion, aggression and suppresion in the Indo-Pacific being carried out daily by China, that effects millions more people. If only it could have. But one ship is only capable of doing do much. It cant do it all.

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