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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

There are too many similarities with the past.

In 1939 Hitler miscalculated that England and France would not assist Poland when Germany invaded it. Turns out it was the red line and history shows England who did not want war, gave an ultimatum to Germany to get out or consider itself at War with England.

Now Jinping Xi wants to invade Taiwan to make it part of his empire. He is banking on America and others not wanting to get involved in a major conflict just as Germany banked on England and others not getting involved.

Make no mistake, the US has a red line that if crossed will make it go to war. Taiwan is probably it.

Jinping desires to make Taiwan answer to him regardless of what they want. Like all tyrants and dictators before him, he believes he has a destiny. If he attempts to make his dream of conquest come true he will be remembered in the same way Hitler is remembered. Assuming anyone is left after WWIII to write world history. Jinping not only risks destroying peace, but world civilization and humanities future.

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Posted in: Asian shares slide as Chinese growth data disappoints See in context

China peaked and is now on the way down. Exactly what the CCP deserve for its continued wrong thinking and bullying behavior. No tears for the CCP.

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Posted in: Kishida sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

The shrine in central Tokyo honors 2.5 million war dead, mostly Japanese, who have perished since the late 19th century.

To expect a nation to not honor the 2.5 million war dead because of 14 Class A criminals shows dishonor to the average Japanese soldier who sacrificed his life since the 19th Century, remembering that Japan was an allied nation in WWI. It also shows an inability to forgive. Nobody is asking anyone to forget there are criminals there.

I dont think any nation that has fought a long war will not have class A criminals amongst their warriors. They just didnt get caught, or charged or found out. I do not excuse any criminal action. War in and of itself is a crime against humanity in my eyes.

The leaders of all nations are expected by their people to honor those who died for their nation. Japan is no different.

It is my opinion that many in Japan do not regret the war but only losing it. Many revisionists remain and that is bad for Japan and for taking true responsibility. But a leader must honor those lives lost in the name of Japan. Time for some forgiveness and for some to acknowlege full responsibility and to mean it. Teaching the uncomfortable truth would be a good start.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for mosque bombing in south Afghanistan See in context

Things seem to be the same in Afghanistan as they have been over the past decades. Terrorist bombings of innocents. Without regard to whomever is in charge these acts continue.

It may be a fore runner for the rest of the world where people cant seem to agree on much these days. America is split along political lines with additional lines over vaccination and covid.

As the world becomes more stressed with serious climate events, water stress through droughts, energy shortages and economic issues, more people find themselves with either nothing left to lose or nowhere to turn for relief. Perhaps the world has reached the limits of human population and adding even more is only going to speed up the disintegration of stable civilization. More hard time ahead.

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Posted in: Australian state of NSW to end quarantine for vaccinated int'l travelers See in context

Bad decision. About six months too early. Many more will die and the risk of new variants entering via NSW will be increased. This just means it is likely more border lockdowns will will isolate NSW from the rest of Australia.

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Posted in: Olympics VP says China human rights 'not within' IOC mandate See in context

Hard for the Olympics to maintain neutrality if it picks political issues to crusade. Sport is what it is about and as much as people want to punish China for its actions against minority citizens, the Olympics can not. Nations can boycott or not as they each decide.

FIFA has not banned China from qualifying for the world cup but I hear no complaints about that.

Sporting bodies govern sports and sporting conduct. They are not moral policemen, so do not expect them to.

For what China has done and continues to do to the Uyghur minority in China, the UN is the most appropriate body to respond. For those not happy with Peking hosting the winter Olympics, lobby your own governments to boycott. These games were allocated to China many years ago before proof and the scale of atrocities was known or suspected.

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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

How come there are still posters here to keep posting and lying Japan raped the women?

Denial at its finest. The world knows even if you were never taught the truth. It may be painful to see Japan in such a poor light but failure to accept the truth just means you live a lie.

You can lie to yourself but the world just shakes it's collective head because it knows better and it pities you for not being able to accept the horror.

You seem to think Japan was honorable to women in bed on one one hand but accept the horrors of the murders and summary executions it committed in every country the Japanese fought in? That makes no sense at all.

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Posted in: U.S., Israel say they are exploring a 'Plan B' for Iran See in context

America is at fault for pulling out of a fully functioning and compliant treaty and instituting punitive sanctions for no good reason against one signatory and giving threats to the others (including allies).

Trump screwed the pooch on that one.

And Biden making it worse by not dropping the sanctions immediately and requesting to return to the treaty as originally signed.

Sorry to say that Iran has acted more reliably and honorably than America in this case.

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Posted in: Taiwan tensions raise fears of U.S.-China conflict in Asia See in context

It's not going to be up to the military," he said. “It's going to be up to the politicians.

It is the politicians that start wars for their own ego's. People die by the thousands because a few people want to exert their will over a people not currently under their control.

This will not be a religious war, thank goodness. But it will be a war that was not necessary. It can only be started by China invading a land not its own, to rule people not under it's influence. Jinping Xi has delusions of grandeur and that is generally the reason one nation invades a peaceful neighbor.

If China is unable to reach its goal's without violently taking freedom away from others, it has no business at the top and will spend little time there if it reaches it.

China may not like other nations, their democracy and personal freedoms, but it has no right to make or force others to bend to it's will. It will only make more enemies for itself as it does internally when it represses an new section of its own citizens.

Time for China to back off and concentrate on internal matters rather than conquest of territory and other people.

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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

I find it surprising that people from a nation that instigated a war, treated slave laborers inhumanely and summarily executed unarmed combatants and non combatants alike could believe it should all be forgotten by the victims and their families. It will not be. Australia like South Korea, has statues and memorials based on WWII. Australia has thousands for units and for victims like the 21 nurses captured after their ship sank, marched to the waters edge and machine gunned in the back. Twenty died and one survived.

If South Korea erects statues for comfort women, slave laborers or any other group maltreated or victimized in WWII they have every right to do so without comment let alone objections from the instigator of the crimes. When I see Japan objecting to comfort women statues and posters bitterly complaining about the audacity of South Korea erecting statues they say is to discredit Japan rather than to remember the victims, my sympathies go to South Korea and not Japan.

A murderer does not get to complain that a memorial to his/her victim was erected or to say it is purely to make him/her look bad. That horse bolted when they committed murder. In Japans case when it started war against so many nations and did so many bad things. You just have to deal with the fact Japan was not the hero but were the bad guys in that chapter of history.

Generations will remember as they do for WWI. Children who get first hand information from grand parents who were there will remember the stories. Time heals all wounds and this is no different. Insufficient time has elapsed but it will eventually.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

As for One: How do you consider the fact that the U.S. military presence in Japan has been continual and seamless since Japan's defeat of World War II in 1945. You may say the occupation ended when Japan recovered its sovereignty in 1951.

for hitherto occupation forces remained just the same as before with bases and personnel perquisites kept intact.

Australia and Britain were also occupying forces in Japan until the occupation ended. The Americans stayed on by request and out of concern over the China situation which had already become threatening. If the occupation forces were still in Japan you would have British and Aussie garrisons permanently stationed in Japan still.

The Japanese delegation to San Francisco to sign the Peace Treaty was whisked away to a U.S. Army barrack in the city to sign another agreement with the U.S. that would guarantee the continued U.S. military presence in post-occupation Japan. The Japanese delegation was shown an English version of the treaty only hours before they had to sign it.

Personal knowledge because you were there? Or suspicion and innuendo based on third hand accounts?

The bilateral security treaty signed on the sideline of the San Francisco Peace Treaty was revised in 1960 with a provision added to the effect that the U.S. forces must defend Japan. But for the U.S. the main reason for maintaining troops and bases in Japan is to secure itself. Defending Japan is only secondary and incidental.

It makes no difference which is stated first, the signed agreement includes defense of Japan period.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia, India begin joint naval drill See in context

Australia is taking a very dangerous path in terms of economy recently by trying to start a war with China which Australia will definitely lose

It was China that started the trade war against Australia and now as coal was one of the items on the ban list, China has insufficient coal for power generation and has rolling blackouts with homes effected, businesses shut down and power prices going through the roof. It is so bad they are releasing Aussie coal for use in this self inflicted emergency, to try to keep the lights on.

and now more of this nonsense! The economy in Australia will collapse as it’s bitten the very hand that used to feed them ( China )… Aussies will suffer in the long run!

It is Australia feeding resources to China and China that has bitten the hand feeding those resources. I guess that means China will suffer in the long run. They are sure suffering right now. Unlike Australia who has managed to source other destinations for many of its goods and resources banned by China.

The QUAD is a grouping of nations who help the region vaccinate, have economic potential together and have a military direction also as is shown by this exercise. No alliance has been announced and it could be many years before such could be signed with Japans article 9 in the way.

It is an important group of regional nations working together towards the same aims and that in itself is important.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

As long as it is not blind and all encompassing. You can learn about it and advise ways to be patriotic without going overboard. A little is fine. Too much is bad. Like most things in life it is about moderation.

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Posted in: Average gasoline price in Japan rises to 7-year high See in context

Prices for petrol are rising through the region.

They are at AUD $1.84 per liter in Melbourne right now. Thats 153.65 Yen. Highest it has been in many years.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

*Minted war machines.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

Unfortunately this washed up imperialist power has a lot of nukes and as we all know, no qualms using them......

And that is why Japan and the US must maintain vigilance lest Jinping who has no qualms about indiscriminate killing on a mass scale unleashes WMD with his newly minter war machines.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

Defend Japan from attack by China and North Korea - which is beyond absurd. As are references to Adolph Hitler, invading Poland. China would flatten the islands and turn them into ash. Such would be suicidal.

China increases defense spending yearly and threatens war and you think defending Japan is absurd. Just taking a line from the CCP playbook of talk peace but build for war and threaten anyone not falling in line with your wishes.

China would not turn any Island to ash, it wants to rule the people not exterminate them.

As if Japan, at least the reactionary conservatives and war mongers in the LDP, could possibly prevent, let alone defend an attack by China.

That is exactly why they need to build better defenses asap.

The notion of North Korea, attacking Japan is so far from reality as to border on psychotic.

Your talking about a psychotic regime, so yes it is very possible under the current leadership.

Military spending is naught but wasteful, fiscally irresponsible and plain dumb.

And yet, China spends more each year and out manufactures the US for weapons building each year. It helps to have such cheap labor.

The only possible reason China would have to invade Japan is because of the US occupation forces in Japan.

Well that just says Japan is as safe as it can get since there have been no occupation forces in Japan for over 65 years. But China does like to increase its territory and make others follow its will so Japan being so close is in danger again. Thanks goodness the American forces are guest's of Japan and can discourage constant unrelenting Chinese aggression in the region.

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

It can’t cost that much to issue swords to officers?

Not many good sword makers left. Have you seen how long it takes and the cost for a hand made reliable sword these days?

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Posted in: LDP seeks defense spending boost beyond 2% of GDP See in context

With the state of the world around Japan, I would be nervous too. Angry, untrustworthy and militaristic nations all around me I would want a sturdy defense force for my country for sure.

If they can source much of their needs domestically it will boost local manufacturing and research helping the economy in the process.

A peaceful world is everyone's preference but somehow wars always occur periodically to destroy lives and lands. Making other people do what you want and not what they want seems to be a failing of most generations and many countries and religions.

The hope is your defense forces never have to fire a shot but the reality is you must always be prepared. Those who let preparedness wane are quickly over run by those preparing for war when they see the opportunity.

Hitler spent years preparing for war and when he invaded Poland and Belgium and France they fell very quickly because their defense was inadequate and ill prepared.

A Nation close by has told its military to prepare for war and this means Japan MUST be prepared for the worst, while working hard to see that that worst does not come to pass.

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Posted in: Can the Taliban suppress the potent IS threat? See in context

Even if there are some local fights about some Afghan areas, their common enemy is the civilized West and any other so-called unbelievers,

That shows a lack of understanding. The violence between competing interpretations of the Koran and sharia law is more important for some than any feelings towards unbelievers because as Muslims they should know better and they should follow "our correct" interpretation.

ISIS are worse than even the Taliban and have no respect for other Muslims as shown by continued suicide bombings of the innocent. The West is not a common enemy. The Taliban want good relations with the West where ISIS want to destroy the west and anyone, even moderate Muslims that stand in their way.

For some it would be in their interests to have the West targeted constantly so that others can operate under the radar. Perhaps the common enemy is the communism that continues to persecute Muslims in China and elsewhere.

The Taliban will have constant issues with terrorists of one denomination or another. They promised China, Russia, Europe and America they would stamp it out in Afghanistan but in the end all will find sanctuary in the vast mountains and Terrorist enclaves will support terror acts against their enemy of choice. The Taliban will have their hands full just paying bills and getting people fed.

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Posted in: KFC Japan suspends French fry sales after running out of potatoes See in context

A trip for take away at KFC or Macca's always includes fries for me. If they have no fries then I would go elsewhere. They must be losing quite a bit of business from this shortage.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions See in context

Kimmy, who looks dapper of recent, needs America as an enemy so that it can control the Korean military and it's citizens with fear.

If America was no longer the main focus of NK anger who do you think would replace it on the mantle of North Korean rage? Who would it rage against, someone that has done it wrong in the past? One guess, they are within missile range and it is not South Korea.

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Posted in: Can the Taliban suppress the potent IS threat? See in context

The Taliban will not be able to eliminate ISIS in Afghanistan. They will have less success at trying than the forces the Taliban replaced that had much better intel and technology at their disposal.

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Posted in: Brother, can you spare a coin — a $1 trillion one? See in context

Why one Trillion? They could mint a few thousand million dollar coins which could at least be put in circulation and be snapped up by millionaire's and billionaire's who could carry a few around in their pockets for spare change and bragging rights.

Nobody can use a trillion dollar coin as the world has no trillionaire's yet and few trillion dollar companies.

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Posted in: New liqueur has a taste apple pie fans will love and a name Pikotaro could have invented See in context

A nice starter drink for the kiddies making it taste like mum's apple pie.

When will companies stop designing alcohol to target children's sweet tooth. Change the name to something the kids wont understand and will not immediately want to try for themselves.

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Posted in: Google to keep climate change denial ads away from other content See in context

Google will ban digital ads promoting false climate change claims from appearing next to other content,

They need to ban such ad's completely.

hoping to limit revenue for climate change deniers and stop the spread of misinformation on its platforms.

A complete ban would eliminate revenue raising via your platform. If you were serious about this issue you would refuse all such advertisements. Set the example for others to follow.

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Posted in: Under-pressure Taliban to meet EU, U.S. in diplomatic push See in context

The taliban are unable to see that the problems facing Afghanistan are due solely to them and their policy of religious laws from thousands of years ago and an inability to see woman as anything other than house keepers who have no voice and who are to do as they are told, be the slaves of men.

There were no protests when the women were unsegregated, working, had uncovered faces, were leaving home alone and being fully educated. Funny that their society worked much better under those conditions.

Then in come the uneducated armed mountain people to force their views of religious life on the entire nation against its will. The developed world will provide only limited aid until the plight of women improves to accepted standards much closer to what they had over the past twenty years. The world gave that country a taste of real freedom and the Taliban snatch it away. The memory will eat at them and the world will pressure them and they will either change or end up in the stone age again, but with mobile phones, cars and WiFi.

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions See in context

The U.S. is the "root cause" of instability, he said in an address to the "Self-Defense 2021" display,

The US provides stability in the region and stops the North from trying something stupid against the South again. The only thing to criticize the US for is not signing a peace treaty. Doing so will aid stability and allow progress to be made. As long as the North feel they have an active enemy because the war is not officially over, things will not improve.

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Posted in: Japan may exempt Australian troops in joint drills from death penalty See in context

But soldiers are warriors that are trained to kill and not all military personnel are soldiers.

All recruits going through basic training in Australia are trained for basic infantry duty. All are capable of field stripping the basic rifle and putting it back together. All are tought to fire basic weapons and throw grenades. They may go to a corps that is not front line combat but all are capable of defending themselves and others if needs be.

This agreement between Japan and Australia is for training and working smoothly together in the territory of either.

Anyone who questions the quality or character of JSDF or Australian personnel is doing it to drive a wedge between prospective allies and we all know who would be benefiting from stopping such an alliance.

Both forces are professionals and well trained and disciplined. But there are times when any soldier from any army can crack under the stresses of high tempo training with limited or no sleep for days. Getting time off and alcohol can in some rare instances lead to poor decision making and regrettable actions that would not normally occur. In the event of such an incident it is important that both nations can ensure their soldiers are treated according to local laws but without the threat of death. Training for war is a dangerous profession and is sometimes fatal for those who serve their nations. But nobody can ensure that one person in thousands will never ever break a law or even commit a murder. Like not all police can promise no other police will commit a crime. Human nature is a factor.

No Japanese soldier will ever be sentenced to death in Australia for any crime. No death sentence means exactly that for anyone and everyone committing crimes there. Australia seeks the same assurance for its own soldiers in Japan, nothing more. It should not be an issue.

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Posted in: Most NZ health care workers, teachers to be legally required to get vaccinated See in context

probably some young and healthy members of the teaching/health professions don't see the need to inject themselves with harsh chemicals that may produce dangerous side effects that outweigh the benefits of vaccination.

Rubbish. Teaching and health professionals with an ounce of intelligence know that a tested medicine, (all medicines are chemicals of one description or another) is to help prevent infection and death from a virus that mutates more when it infects more people. No medicine including asprin has a 100% safe to use rating. Every medicine will have a proportion of people getting a side effect from minor to major, hence all the testing.

Vaccinated for mumps and measels, for whooping cough and malaria? But this urgently needed vaccine that underwent extensive testing and was fast tracked is somehow more feared than covid? That makes no sense when the numbers show about one in a million chance of death from vaccination as opposed to 10,000 per million or higher from covid.

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