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So Chinese officials will be asking Japan, "why doesnt anybody like us"? And they dont trust us either, what can we do?

Japan will tell them to leave Taiwan alone, stop claiming the Senkaku Islands and leave the South China sea because it is not China's. Japan will suggest if they do these things and return to the treaty it signed with the UK on Hong Kong, they might be able to gain some respect and trust back with the worlds people.

Of Course China will look at the Japanese delegates as if they had grown a second head on their shoulders and cry out, but we are China and everyone must do as we say and obey us. It is not fair that nations do not do as we demand.

A few teary Chinese eyes and a Japanese delegate offers his handkerchief to soak up the tears, and offers these parting words of advise. China has many good things going for it, but a rigid single party rule is not the best way forward if you want peace, respect and trust in the world. Be flexible, learn to compromise and get a second political party for the people.

Security will be assured when everyone likes you.

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Fox News gets into movies

That makes complete sense as Fox News is not about day to day news stories, but is about made up opinions based on fantasy and fiction. This is a simple extension of the current format from talk show to movie length shows. Good luck to them as they expand their fantasy business model.

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This has everything to do with China !

No, this has nothing to do with China at all !

Look how close Taiwan is to China.

India is closer to China than Taiwan is.

And China is the largest economy and rapidly becoming the largest military.

The US has the largest economy and the strongest military and the US has numerous allies.

This still has nothing to do with US/ Taiwan trade deals. China has it's own trade deals with both the US and with Taiwan but it has nothing to do with US/Taiwan trade.

USA is not dependable source of security for Taiwan or Japan for that matter.

That again has nothing to do with China attempting to interfere in Taiwan/US dealings.

Ask the people of Taiwan who they trust more and I guarantee you they will chose America over China every day of the week.

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And where do you think Taiwanese people came from?

I understand some are native to the Island while others are of Chinese ancestry and still others emigrated to Taiwan from around the planet.

Have you read the Taiwanese constitution ?

No, I have not. But then I have not read my own nations constitution either.

Taiwan has many investments and business dealings with the one China.

As does the rest of the world. This is an issue between the US and Taiwan and as such China is not involved and should mind it's own business.

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“Japan should ... shape up a right perception of China,

Japan has the correct perception of China. China is a danger to all in the region.

pursue a positive, pragmatic and rational China policy,

Japan's China policy is rational and pragmatic but can not be positive while China's actions and attitude is negative and hostile.

and uphold the right direction of peaceful development," Xinhua quoted Yang as saying.

Japan has upheld peaceful development for the past seventy years, it is China that exhibits hostile and forceful development at the cost of neighbors.

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When you're in big trouble, pull out the 'fearmongering' card. It's worked in USA, and it'll work in UK and Australia.

It is what keeps NK's Kim in power, as well as Russia's Putin who daily play the fearmongering card. China simply controls it's people like mindless drones with no opinions of their own allowed.


Your leaders don't exactly smell of roses. ScoMo has been in the news recently.

Yes, it looks like he was playing his own games domestically speaking. Australia is no world power militarily speaking although it is a resource supplying power in the world.

No matter where you are, great and honest leaders are few and far between. Most are corrupted by the power to some degree. But those who seek to conquer others, bend people to their own will, to embezzle fortunes and remain in power beyond their terms are the bottom of the barrel. Nations that support peace, maximum freedoms for the people and encourage innovation, truth and community spirit are heading in the best direction. They still require leadership to steer the course and to protect all from shoddy businesses and rip off merchants while protecting the environment for future generations. It is always about the right balance and the right personality to lead well. It really is Russian roulette.

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US really is looking to piss China off.

This has nothing to do with China. Why should the largest economy with the most powerful military, give a damn about China getting it's knickers in a knot?

So winter, Ukraine will lose, so autumn they start a new war in Taiwan.

Neither China nor America is involved in, or responsible for Ukraine, that is Russia alone causing that. If China wants to start a war in Taiwan it will do so regardless of anyone else. But I agree China is looking to start a new war in Taiwan.

Taiwan and the US already trade and have done for decades. This long standing arrangement is simply getting updated. So nothing essentially is changing.

As with all things Taiwan, China needs to butt out and mind it's own business. Taiwan is not China's business.

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In general elections, relations with China (or Russia) are irrelevant. People care only about their energy bills, the mortgage rate, crime, healthcare, jobs and taxes.

I do not agree. In the recent election in my country I voted for the party that would be toughest dealing with China and its coercion and growing military threat. Domestic issues came in a distant second. This is only because Jinping has become a dangerous leader and China a dangerous country. People tend to take peace for granted, but as is seen now in Europe, that can change when dangerous leaders seek to conquer others. Continuing peace is no certainty when dealing with those who want what others have.

I think this issue will remain until new leadership is in place in China and Russia. Both are unstable, untrustworthy and evil.

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Posted in: We know nine Japanese people were among foreigners who entered Ukraine to fight against Russia as of Aug 5. See in context

Fighting for freedom, even for the freedom of others, is a laudable and noble thing to do. They risk their lives for their beliefs and for Ukraine. I hope they all come home alive and well when it is over. Respect!

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so UA forces are shelling nuclear power station and no one is "excited"?

like "nothing have happened"?

UA forces are shelling the Russian artillery positions in and around the reactors, with very high accuracy weapons. The cowardly Russians using the reactors as cover for their active troops firing on Ukraine civilians. If there is a disaster at the reactors the first to die will be the Russians stationed there and the Ukraine workers enslaved by Russia to run and service them.

There is no easy answer as Russia can not be allowed to continue to use the reactors for cover while they station artillery units there to bomb the crap out of the Ukrainians within their range.

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Evidence that Russia will not get everything it's own way. I am very happy to see Ukraine hitting back at Russian bases, showing that Russia is not the only one that can strike behind the lines, and that so far they restrict targets to military assets including bases, airfields, railway lines and bridges that are used to supply the invaders. We need to see many more such hits on Russian fighting capacity inside Ukraine borders like this one. A few inside Russian territory would show the Russian people they are involved in a war and any other description by Moscow is a lie.

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More and more, not only among the working class but people in the highest echelons of the Taiwanese de-facto state, are calling for the peaceful reunification of Taiwan into China.

Well that is a blatant lie. So funny you think anyone would believe it. The facts are quite the opposite with less and less people in Taiwan wanting Taiwan to be a part of CCP China. As time goes on the people born and raised in free Taiwan have no wish to fall under the harsh CCP rule, they are only familiar with a self ruled Taiwan and can see for themselves the restrictions of Chinese life, the fact people there can not say anything in contradiction of the CCP, can not talk of a change in leadership as they can in Taiwan. The list is endless with the younger generations unwilling to give away freedoms long enjoyed. China has nothing to offer the people and they know it.

Everyone understands USA is trying to fight China to the last Taiwanese in a desperate but futile attempt to shore up its cracking, buckling, tottering, if not outright collapsing hegemony.

I would say you are a member of the CCP and are obviously using CCP propaganda speak.

If the US wants to fight anyone, it would do so. It has the means to do so, and to win. China wants to test itself but hesitates as the US would intervene to rain on their conquest parade.

China is a warmonger because its leader Jinping wishes to be remembered as China's greatest leader and to do that he must be a conqueror. Successful conquerors are remembered through history. Putin knows this and is trying to carve his name into the annuls of history. Jinping will try to do the same. Biden has no desire to be a conqueror and expand US territory, he is old and wants a better world for his grand children before he departs.

The obvious hatred the Autocratic nations and their minions have for the US is clear and it is also erroneous. The US has helped build up China and offered friendship to Russia after the cold war. China has let its increased prosperity thanks to the worlds investments lead it to desire power and control over others. While Putin spurned friendship with Europe and America looking for its own power and control over partnership and mutual prosperity.

China and Russia are not bad, but their leaders are evil and while they remain in control, seemingly for life, they will rule their lands with little regard for the citizens well being as they pursue more power over others, more personal riches and leaving their names in histories pages trying to be like Nero, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Agamemnon, Hitler, Stalin and many others who either conquered pillaged and killed their way to fame or ruled infamously, throughout time.

The US is the best option for leadership from those on offer. That could change depending on who leads, but that will always be the case. Great leaders are hard to find and come forward but infrequently. The world is in great need of a leader worthy of the title. There are none to be found at the moment.

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Japan should focus on itself rather than on Chinese affairs, and so does South Korea.

And China also needs to focus on itself rather than on Taiwanese affairs. Perhaps if China could lead the way, others may follow suit. But do not expect China to cease to bother Taiwan and to stop threatening it. As long as China continues in that vein, Japan and South Korea will continue doing what they are doing as a counter.

Russia and China are the worlds biggest warmongers constantly threatening others and claiming what is not theirs to claim. Thank god for the nations who champion peace, freedom and democracy. Shame on those who would take freedom and peace away from others and covet the power to make others do things against their will and to live a repressed life. Autocrats and Despots and their supporters are scum of the earth.

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Beijing says the THAAD radar can penetrate its territory and has called on Yoon to honor assurances made by his predecessor to not to increase THAAD deployments, participate in a U.S.-led global missile shield or create a trilateral military alliance involving Japan.

Any assurances made by Yoon's predecessor and not made into a treaty are not binding on any leader that comes after him. Yoon is free to purchase more THAAD units for increasing deployments, to join a trilateral alliance with Japan and the US and to participate in a global defensive missile shield. The decision is Yoon's not China's.

China should act as a good global citizen, without demands on others, without coercion to manipulate others and without military bullying. China has no natural enemies with designs on invading or conquering it. It does have border disputes with all of it's neighbors, but with compromise these can be worked out with everyone if they choose a non violent way forward.

China has done little to curb North Korean development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, yet it complains when nations threatened by North Korea take appropriate defensive measures that could also work in the event China ever chose to attack Japan or South Korea or US forces in the region. If China had done more to discourage North Korean ambitions, there would be less reason for defensive measures to be taken in the region.

China, much like Russia, expects nations to take no action when threatened by others as it may dilute or blunt their capacity to take offensive measures of their own. Such concerns do not register and are completely illogical in any event.

North Korea often talks of destroying others and that means others must take precautions for their defense against such threats, given the NK capacity in long range ballistic missiles to carry out some of its threats. No point in asking SK not to have THAAD unless it first gets NK to dismantle its nuclear arsenal. Until then SK will defend itself in the best possible way, and they have every right to do so without concern of what China wants.

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US "visits" are just dumb and provocative. Might almost think they want to start another military conflict.

What they do is prove China has no say in what the US does and who can visit Taiwan. The only one's thinking the US is provoking war is those who believe as China does, that Taiwan is not free. Fortunately the majority of the worlds population see it otherwise. Taiwan is free, has been free since 1949 and their people wish to remain free.

If China wants to start a war it will do so. If China thinks the world will make it easy for China to conquer Taiwan then it is dreaming. They are separate and will remain so unless China invades. The world supports the current separate status of China and Taiwan.

China has NO RIGHTS of ownership or rule over Taiwan until Taiwan chooses it. Taiwan will never choose it.

Any attempts to portray America as wanting war, or to provoke China simply do not understand that China does not rule anything other than itself. It does not rule the world, the US or Taiwan. China's actions are the provocation. Chinese demands are the provocation. Chinese claims are the provocation. If China wants to continue to provoke for war, it may one day get what it seems to desperately want. It may not enjoy the outcome.

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China says it wants to use peaceful means to bring Taiwan under its control,

And just what "peaceful means" does it propose to temp the people of Taiwan to want less freedom, greater oppression and to have their lives controlled by a cadre of old men from Peking? They must be offering some very tempting incentives. Previously they offered the Hong Kong model of one country, two systems but that has been shown to be a lie. One Country with one system, complete subservience to the CCP.

China tells big lies, as it is not doing anything to peacefully bring Taiwan around to wanting to be ruled by the CCP. Nothing at all. What it is doing is using threats of war and intimidation to force a change, but the people of Taiwan have always faced Chinese threats to the point they no longer care what China does to attempt to coerce them.

China's previous two weeks of threatening exercises prompted Taiwan to put its military on alert, but were met largely with defiance and apathy among the public.

China gets angry and the Taiwanese dont care, are not worried and respond with apathy.

China simply has nothing to offer to Taiwan. Nothing at all. It is time the CCP recognized this and looked at finding out what the people of Taiwan want. They are not used to doing such things with their own people, asking what they want. It is always about what the CCP want. Dealing with free people is a completely different proposition and China are lost with no experience in that concept.

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He goes China again causing trouble because other nations continue to do business in a normal manner.

The people of the world continue to lobby their governments, that refuse to terminate the illogical "one China" policy that previous leaders signed to placate China. The current leaders continue the charade to continue doing business and profit from mainland China. All are in unison that China will not be permitted to force Taiwan to become part of China under CCP rule unless they wish it themselves, which the vast majority do not, and the number gets ever closer to 100% as the few who do die off.

America can send officials to Taiwan as long as Taiwan permits. As can other nations when Taiwan permits. What is not needed is permission from a third nation with no authority over Taiwan, but complains loudly and often that it rules what it clearly does not.

Well done US congress members. Well done Pelosi and well done America in standing up to Chinese aggression.

China should really shut up. It has many more important things to concentrate on, than fantasy desires.

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A government-sponsored ceremony to mourn the around 2.3 million military personnel and 800,000 civilians who perished in the war on the Japanese side was held in Tokyo,

No mention of a ceremony to mourn the around 30 million dead soldiers and civilians defending against Japanese soldiers. All the dead should be mourned when you begin a large scale war against many nations. Shouldn't they?

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A couple of bad eggs getting together. What an awful smell will accompany such a gathering.

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Posted in: Mike Tyson slams 'slave master' Hulu series for 'stealing' life story See in context

It is his (Mike Tyson's) story and since he is still very much alive he deserves a share of gross takings at the very least. If he is not compensated, then he is indeed a victim of Hulu profiteering of the backs of others.

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My father fought in the Pacific in WWI

Should be WWII.

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Posted in: Industry minister Nishimura visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

The Shinto priests that included the names of the convicted criminals against government orders did so probably because it is generally accepted as part of most religions, that forgiveness is offered to all. Many people do not have the same ability to forgive the heinous crimes committed by these convicted criminals. It would not be much of a religion if they were unable to forgive sins. Politicians have a duty to their nation to honor those who sacrificed their lives for their country even when done wrongly. Do they think of and honor criminals when they pray there? Who can say other than the individuals that pray there.

My father fought in the Pacific in WWI and he could never forget the horrors of war, and he may not have had forgiveness in his heart. But he was a practicing Christian.

For my part, I have forgiven Germany, Italy and Japan, as someone who was born after the war, and never fought in a war. I have no issue with Japanese politicians visiting that shrine or others. The war criminals were executed for their crimes and there are those who served years in prison, while many would have died during the war.

I can keep pointing out if asked, that criminals are included in the list of names that shrine is there for. I see no gain in expecting politicians to refrain from visiting what is considered a main shrine of remembrance for all of Japans past war dead that includes WWII.

Simply assuming any visiting member of parliament is going to honor war criminals rather than war dead is not reasonable in my mind.

I in no way overlook the murders, tortures and inhumane actions of those criminals. They will be remembered for what they did and that will always be a negative remembrance of those men. Those alive today and tomorrow are not responsible for the actions of others. Religion forgives but victims are not always that generous. Time to move on, and continue to educate quietly about the truth without pointing accusing fingers. The shame is not on the living but on the dead criminals.

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The expanded drills are seen by China as a threat. Chinese state media have accused the U.S. of building an Indo-Pacific alliance similar to NATO to limit China’s growing military and diplomatic influence in the region.

Why would China object to a NATO like defensive alliance? Is China planning to attack someone in the region?

Nobody wants to see a growing Chinese military or diplomatic influence anywhere let alone in the Indo-Pacific region. Chinese abuse of it's own citizens and especially anyone not Han Chinese is well documented. Nobody with any sense wants to live under Chinese rules or influence.

“The destabilizing actions by the People’s Republic of China as it applied to the threatening activities and actions against Taiwan is exactly what we are trying to avoid,”

China destabilizing the region is precisely why others get together oppose their illegal claims.

Indonesia sees the current exercises with the U.S. as a deterrent in defense of the Natuna Islands, while for Washington, the drills are part of efforts to forge a united front against China’s military buildup in the South China Sea, Bakrie said.

China on one side, with everyone else on the other side. Why does China continue it's attempts at stealing what does not belong to it? It complains about alliances aimed against it as if it is not aware it happens as a direct result of Chinese belligerence and theft.

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China, contending that the THAAD's powerful radar could peer into its airspace,

Hardly an issue that only effects China. Does China not peer into it's neighbors airspace with their own powerful radars and satellites? I bet they do.

Will my neighbor not peer into my bedroom if I fail to close the curtains before turning on the light and undressing?

South Korea can do whatever it likes on it's territory. If they can see what is going on in China with radar or satellite, then China should ensure it is not doing anything wrong. If China is going about its lawful business and South Korea is doing the same then what is the problem?

The Chinese spokesman told a briefing the THAAD deployment in South Korea "undermines China's strategic security interest".

And yet it enhances South Korea's strategic security interest. I am sure China has things that undermines South Korea's strategic security interest and I am also sure that China thinks nothing of that. So why Should South Korea give a damn what China thinks?

China also insists that South Korea abide by "one restriction" - limiting the use of existing THAAD batteries.

China can insist on anything it likes and South Korea will continue to do what ever it needs to do regardless. China is a yapping little dog barking at the heels of South Korea. Just shut up, nobody cares what China wants.

the newspaper warned that the THAAD issue was "a major hidden danger that cannot be avoided in China-South Korea ties".

The newspaper is wrong. South Korea can continue to completely ignore Chinese barking at THAAD in South Korea. It is none of their business what so ever.

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Posted in: 1,000 peaches stolen from Fukushima orchard See in context

With the price of fruit in Japan it is better than robbing a bank. Less security and bigger payoff. People are desperate.

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China's last conflict was 80 years ago. Look how that went for them. Their military is untested.

Your information is 80 years out of date.

China's last war was when it invaded Vietnam in 1979, where they took some cities inside Vietnam and then was forced to withdraw. Both sides claimed victory.

Since WWII China has invaded and continues to occupy Tibet, fought border wars with India, Soviet Union and Vietnam. No real military experience in the past forty three years, although their navy has joined with many maritime nations in "operation Ocean Shield" protecting trade against Somali pirates from (2009 - 2016).

With no declared enemies that desire invading China, it has begun a major increase in nuclear weapons, developed the worlds largest navy, continues to build up its air forces and ground forces, all to fight off nobody. China is not threatened, but want to alter the rules and laws based international order to ensure China can do anything it likes, any time it likes, to anyone it likes, without consequence or objection. China under Jinping wishes to rule the world and all of humanity. This makes China a danger to every person on the planet or in orbit.

Nations are not bad or good, it is always the people who run nations that are good or bad or indifferent and incompetent.

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YrralToday 07:12 pm JST

They were treated horrible,lots of them lost their culture,you are not naive of your country history

The British treated them very poorly. My country was not kind to them either when it was created in 1901. But it all pales in comparison to the treatment your country metered out to it's native inhabitants. I dont exactly see how this equates to a story of Afghan refugees being given assistance in Australia though. Or do you just want to put Australia down when you see us doing something nice for some people?

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I am happy my country has opened places specifically for Afghan people, and is providing a free society in which they can live their lives and pursue their dreams, which they are unable to do in the country of their birth due to discrimination and primitive beliefs. The Taliban are a disgrace and IMO religions should never run country's. The separation of state and religion is one of the things Democracy got right.

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Posted in: No halal foods are served in detention centers for foreign nationals in Japan See in context

No Muslim should ever be given Haram food even if they "broke laws".

The food served in Japanese prisons is not considered to be "forbidden" by the Japanese.

If Muslims are so concerned about the food they eat, then perhaps they should not break laws that get them prison time in Japan. They are not customers on a cruise ship where they can expect such "customs" to be catered for.

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Posted in: Olivia Newton-John to get state memorial in Australia See in context

She was a gift to us all with her talent and her humility. Olivia's light will shine on even as she has passed. I feel her loss even without ever having met her. Condolences to her family.

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