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Posted in: Tonga cut off by volcanic blast; fears grow for coastal towns See in context

All their eggs in one underwater cable. They need their own geosynchronous communications satellite, or a shared Pacific nations one so that they can remain in contact all be it at a reduced speed, with the world in times of disaster. Disasters are becoming more frequent and more damaging so having a fallback makes sense.

I hope they are ok and get all the assistance they need in the short term from their neighbors Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and others.

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Posted in: Israel study: 4th vaccine shows limited results with Omicron See in context

This sort of proves that the science is not effective.

Not at all. the vaccines in widespread use were targeted specifically at the first variant.

They can make one targeted specifically for Omicron if needed but it will require a large lead time to distribute it world wide. It is not a case of one vaccine for all variants. They have found the first types have had success against the first three variants but only now is that effectiveness diminished. Time to release an updated vaccine targeting Omicron. The science remains solid.

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Posted in: Osaka, Nadal win openers at Australian Open See in context

Off to a brilliant start to the Aus open 2022! Two weeks of world class tennis with the worlds finest players, in one of the best cities in the world. Even the weather is playing ball. It doesnt get any better than this fr tennis fans.

Well done Australia on once again providing a great sporting spectical for the world.

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Posted in: Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon See in context

Girls and boys must be completely segregated in schools, he said, adding that the biggest obstacle so far has been finding or building enough dorms, or hostels, where girls could stay while going to school.

There was no problems with the education system before you took over. It is your unrealistic requirements for segregation of the sexes that is your main problem. Solve that and you solve your problems. Women and men work together, study together and exist together. Accept that.

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Posted in: Djokovic loses deportation appeal in Australia See in context

Finally common sense is shown. Now the Aus Open can go ahead without this drama and with people who deserve to be there. Good luck to all the players, have a great tournament.

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Posted in: Global firms fall short on forest protection vows: report See in context

Money comes first with businesses. Pity Money is only a man made concept and one we apparently have no control over. It will be the end of us all.

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Posted in: Russia demands U.S., NATO response next week on Ukraine See in context

NATO has to stop its indefensible warmongering against Russia.

Your right, NATO should show its peaceful intentions like Russia is by massing a couple of hundred thousand troops in Latvia and Estonia on Russia's border. See how Russia likes that.

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Posted in: Russia demands U.S., NATO response next week on Ukraine See in context

Russia has already had it's answer from NATO. It will not change. If Russia deploys missiles in Cuba you can be assure that the US and NATO will put them in Ukraine, right on the border with Russia.

If Russia keeps pushing it will get exactly what it doesnt want. Ukraine in NATO and missiles right on it's border

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Posted in: Russia foreign minister plans to visit Japan in next few months See in context

"The visit will definitely take place," Lavrov said.

Meaning no invasion of Ukraine. If Russia invades there will be no visit.

Or maybe it is a smokescreen.

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Posted in: Australian Open players tire of Djokovic saga See in context

Australian Open players tire of Djokovic saga

They are not the only ones. Deport him and be done with it.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to keep TPP free trade pact's high standards See in context

If you haven't noticed the countless posters here who post just to bash Japan no matter what, I hardly think you can call yourself neutral.

I have noticed those who do not side with Japan and those who do not side with South Korea. More anti South Korea than anti Japan here but on a Japanese site that is to be expected. Just because I state my opinion that is not outright favoring japan you question my neutrality. That is an incorrect assumption and does nothing to alter my perspective that nations other than Japan will have no issue with including South Korea in the TPP.

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Posted in: Djokovic faces deportation after Australia revokes visa See in context

The correct decision that is being applauded around Australia. He needs to show some humility and moral fiber and leave now before being deported. He should never have come in the first place. Novak has shown himself to be a terrible individual who expects laws to be suspended for him while being applied to his peers. He will be banned for three years if this is upheld and it should be for life.

He is no longer welcome in Australia.

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Posted in: Ramen claiming to be 'spiciest in the world' now officially available in Japan See in context

Cant eat Korean ramen it is all way over the top hot. I take the "flavor" packet and put it into a spice rack jar and use a small shake to spice up my tomato soup and the one "flavor" packet lasts for 10 to 15 tomato soups. I find Korean ramen all heat and zero flavor. Japanese ramen has many different flavors and there is always something for everyone.

Ramen from Singapore is a very high quality with great flavors and high quality noodles, but is always expensive.

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Posted in: Supermarket shelves go bare as Omicron disrupts U.S. See in context

Not just in the US. Supermarkets in Australia are also having supply issues with so many infected by covid having to isolate they are not at work creating supply chain issues. Fresh meats are in short supply with almost empty shelves now a common sight at some supermarkets.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson fights for survival after lockdown party hangover See in context

Privilege and stupidity at its finest. The man has no sense of right and wrong, is only sorry he got caught and he would do it again because he does not believe that the laws for commoners apply to him as Prime Minister.

Show him the door.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to keep TPP free trade pact's high standards See in context

You're using one internet poster as a basis? How about South Korea's repeated breaking of Agreements and non-cooperation towards reconciliations resulting in a loss of credibilty?

More than one poster here has shown a dislike of South Korea. As a Neutral party I make no decisions on right ot wrong on the matter of WWII compensation, and reparations between states, nor between companies and individuals used as slave labor by those companies. I do not see anything worrying about South Korea joining the TPP as they have no history of issues with anyone else in the TPP.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to keep TPP free trade pact's high standards See in context

Well they cant maintain the "high standards of the deal" if they allow China in. China is already breaking deals it signed in good faith so with their proven record of broken trade promises should rule them out completely.

There is much anti South Korea sentiment in Japan as shown by @ReasonandWisdomNippon so they may face opposition from Japan for their entry, but the other members will have no issue with South Korean entry.

Taiwan and UK should be popular with all members and should gain easy entry unless China manages to pressure even one member to keep Taiwan out.

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Posted in: 58% of Americans believe U.S. democracy in danger of collapse: poll See in context

This is not surprising. It all comes down to one man. Trump! His insistance on loyalty to him over party, country and truth is the wedge being driven into a political climate that was fractured since the election of Obama. Right wing leaning voters bristled at a half black president and have blocked the smooth running and deal making that was bipartisan politics in the USA for centuries. Now Trump has driven his wedge into the cracks and opened them right up so that almost nothing is accomplished through deal making and the best and almost only way to get anything done is through majority numbers in senate and house.

As long as Trump remains relevant in the Republican party and they dont have the balls to confront his lies, the US form of democracy remains in danger.

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Posted in: Djokovic, Barty confirmed as No. 1 seeds for Australian Open See in context

Vaccinations don't stop the spread of the disease, so there is no justification to mandate them - that is common sense. All the vax can do is make it more likely you will suffer milder symptoms, so it's a question of personal risk

Backwards thinking Rob. Anything that limits the spread as vaccines are proven to do, and make infections milder and less deadly, is justification for a mandate on vaccinations.

particularly in the case of young, healthy individuals who have a minimal chance of suffering anything more than mild symptoms to begin with.

Variants have show greater ability to make the young sick and die. Future variants could be even worse. Your willingness to gamble with the lives of others is disturbing.

At this stage, it's endemic. Everyone will catch it eventually. So it doesn't matter what I did.

No, it is not yet endemic but your desire to make is so is also backwards and disturbing.

The Australian public was Gaslit from the beginning into thinking draconian lockdowns were the solution - just look at all the trash in the Australian media like "wow, look how well Australia is doing!"

Australia had a zero policy and yes we did do an outstanding job. It was not until the few anti lockdown clowns chose not to follow the instructions any longer that now many more people are dying and have died since zero policy stopped. It's like they want people to get sick and die, thinking always that it wont be them or their family as they eat right and exercise. News Flash Rob, even the healthy are getting sick and dying now. Just like you seem to want.

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context

Hong Kong is lost as the Chinese mainland is lost. You cant suggest a different way or you disappear for life. Call for democracy your gone for life. Suggest a new leader your guilty of treason and disloyalty. Laws like this are a simple mechanism to put opposition or people you dont want around, behind bars and just say hey, it's the law not me.

The strangulation of the people and the people's will continues, and life with the CCP looks worse by the day. The only option in situations like this always end in a massive loss of life in a fight for freedom and a right to speak ones mind and have input in one's living conditions and direction of life. Constant never ending pressure from the state to conform to it's ever more limited views can only end badly. I feel sorrow for the future of the Chinese people and only hope they dont have to draw the world in to their path of pain.

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The deportation drama has polarized opinions and elicited strong support for the 20-time Grand Slam winner in his native Serbia.

It also elicited strong condemnation for Djokavic in Australia. His privileged attitude has won him precious few supporters and he will be relentlessly booed throughout all his matches during the Aus Open, if he plays. He may yet be deported and that would make Australians happy. This episode has been poorly handled by the Federal court and will be remembered for a long time as a failure of justice and a victory for the rich and privileged over the public will and good sense.

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Posted in: Do you think Novak Djokovic should be allowed to play at the Australian Open? See in context

No, deport him asap. He is an embarassment to himself, to Serbia and now to Australia.

Give him a mandatory shot of the vaccine on his way out of the country.

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Posted in: Russia, U.S. hold working dinner to open Geneva talks See in context

How nice, someone order a pizza we will work through dinner. So cordial that you could almost believe lives dont depend on the outcome. Lets hope both sides enjoyed the meal or it could be a bumpy outcome.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

Backwards thinking again, Peter. Disappointing.

The courts backwards thinking was disappointing, as is your "anti Australia" attitude. Most people in Melbourne, all the ones I have spoken to, agree he should be deported. A majority of up votes here shows it could be almost universal. I think @Rob Nads is the backwards thinker.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

Bad decision by the court. He should be deported.

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Posted in: U.S. comedian and 'Full House' star Bob Saget, 65, found dead See in context

Here yesterday, planning future tour dates and looking forward to today. Gone in an instant and has no more tomorrows. Life truly is precious and fleeting and needs to be protected and enjoyed while we have it. It will not come again.

RIP and thank you for the laughs.

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Posted in: Leonardo 'Tree' Caprio: New species named after star See in context

Now all he needs is a Jet named after him for all the Jet setting he does.

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Posted in: Australia's New South Wales sees deadliest day of pandemic See in context

We should also have empathy for anybody who's getting fired unfairly or discriminated against or getting pressured into doing something to their body that they don't want to do.

And we can even have empathy for people fired for failure to follow health and safety requirements, who are discriminated against for putting themselves and others at greater health risk and for being conned that getting vaccinated is worse than death.

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Posted in: Australia's New South Wales sees deadliest day of pandemic See in context

Given that Australia has banned treatments that are proven to work,

Why lie? Australia has embraced science backed treatments that work. Your lie just muddies the water so people are misled. Some nefarious agenda working against public health.

Surprised that the mods allow posts with such blatant lies to remain up.

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Posted in: Court documents show Djokovic had COVID-19 last month See in context

Federal rules apply to anyone wanting entry into Australia from abroad. State rules apply to people already in Australia wanting entry into the state. Tennis Australia tournament rules apply to players, officials and spectators for the event.

Djokovic Had approval from Tennis Australia and from state officials but did not meet the criteria to enter the country under current pandemic rules. His people did not do their job thoroughly enough and missed the critical component for entry. Meeting the Federal level requirement of being fully vaccinated against covid.

The only controversy is that somehow they messed up their paperwork and assumed access to Victoria state meant cleared entry into the country. It does not. It has never worked that way.

In normal pre pandemic times such a paperwork snafu may have been handled without much issue, but during the Pandemic there are other considerations at play and whether people agree or not they are in place for the protection of society and they apply to everyone equally.

None of this would have been possible if Novak had simply been vaccinated. Not a big deal, but a sensible move for an individual who's job entails international travel. His choice to forgo vaccination is exactly what has led to his current predicament. HIS CHOICE! Feel no sympathy for a person who shows none for those around him and has no care for making others sick by hiding his covid positive status and conducting public appearances without even a mask. The man is lucky he is not being held in jail.

Send him home.

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