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Posted in: Shutdowns are a uniquely American drama − in the UK, it's just not Parliament's cup of tea See in context

The US system is quite broken when it comes to some things, like budgets. Most western democracies do not have the US problem, as they are set up better than the American version. Most operate as the UK does and have no shutdowns due to disputes. Those in power control the budget and frequently when power goes to the opposition, their budgets reflect their policies for the duration of their term.

The US system is unique and nor replicated by anyone I am aware of, but then Americans like to do things "their way" even if it costs them more. They could clean up their system and operate much more efficiently but choose not to. Freedom of choice in action.

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Posted in: Philippines defending territory, not seeking trouble in South China Sea: Marcos See in context

Once again, the CCP provokes Philippines then accuses the US of provocation. Attempting to steal territory in the South China sea simply shows China is more like a pirate and thief than a country that obeys laws.

Everyone outside looking in can see that China is the problem in that region. Making claims over others territories, moving in hundreds of armed merchant ships under military control, and forcing local fishermen out of their traditional fishing grounds.

China will not be happy until it has started a military conflict so it can use its toys and kill thousands who do not obey its will. The best thing China can do is remove Jinping Xi from power. He has singlehandedly taken China from a prosperous path of cooperation to one of belligerence and hostility with the region and beyond.

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Posted in: Taiwan reveals first homegrown submarine in defense milestone See in context

This pushes Chinese naval surface units further from the east coast of Taiwan. The land based long range missiles are one thing but torpedoes launched from a much closer distance is another. Landing ships will be a priority target.

China has pressured all nations that have "investigated" the possibility of selling new submarines to Taiwan and have successfully stopped all avenues to purchase them. Leaving Taiwan no choice but to build domestically. All parts will be manufactured in Taiwan and things like foreign made combat systems will have complete spares stored in Taiwan to allow the subs to be fully maintained in war time, in Taiwan.

A force of eight new submarines, even ones slightly behind the state of the art models of some other nations, will ensure Chinese ships will need to remain on their toes at all times.

No doubt China will always be aware of how many are at sea at any given time, but that wont stop them from being an effective deterrent. They can still fire state of the art weapons which are deadly no matter who fires them.

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Posted in: U.S. sees big gains if Mideast mega-deal sealed - but at what price? See in context

Neither the Saudi's nor Israeli's are to be trusted. It seems governments and rulers of all types in the middle east are rotten to the core. Best if the US supports none of them.

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Posted in: U.S. exploring potential Space Force hotline with China, U.S. commander says See in context

U.S. exploring potential Space Force hotline with China, U.S. commander says

Why? Most of the time there is nobody to answer at the Chinese end. Other military hotlines with China from the US go unanswered when China is "displeased" with something they perceive the US has done to anger China.

Hotlines are only worthwhile when both sides always answer when the phone rings.

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Posted in: David McCallum, star of hit TV series 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' and 'NCIS,' dies at 90 See in context

Great actor, he will be missed. It is always sad to see popular, talented, good people pass no matter their age. At ninety he certainly had a good innings.

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Posted in: South Korea hosts Japan, China as U.S. allies try to reassure Beijing See in context

Why should or would China “work as an equal.? You’re not in power but you wanted to be treated as one who has power on the same level as equals?

If your income is only $1.7 million a year why would you expect to be treated equally as someone whose income is $17.7 million a year?

Why do you think you deserve to be treated equally? Who told you that you get to be treated equally? Why do you assume countries want to be or should be treated equally?

China does not work with Australia as an equal because Australia is not an equal and has no plans to realise that.

You, and China miss the point. The law treats, or is supposed to treat everyone equally. Nations each get one vote in international dealings, places like the UN etc. Acting like your superior gets you no respect or obedience. The CCP will learn this eventually or it will continue to fail.

Who says Australia should not be treated equally? It has many of the things China needs to function. Some it cannot get anywhere else in the world to replace what Australia supplies. Looking down on Australia and assuming superiority over someone with things you need is not a smart maneuver.

The rich are not better than the poor. They have more money but that does not make them better people or give them move voting rights. The money gives them an ability to buy more and perhaps influence more, depending on the person. Mother Teresa was poor but had as much influence as most ultra rich people, sometimes even more.

China treats other nations as less and it will get less cooperation and have less friends. That is a simple fact.

China has more people than all but one nation, and has built a powerful military. That in no way makes China "better" than any other nation, or entitled to more than other nations.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia agree to boost relations amid China's military rise See in context

Japan's export of submarines did not go well, but that is not a big problem. Given that the Australian president's wife at the time was Chinese, it was better that it didn't work out¥

The "sale" of Japanese submarines to Australia had a number of issues and once the change of "Prime Minister" happened, Japan lost the close connection it had with the outgoing PM who was in favor of acquiring soryu class subs.

Australia does not have a President....yet. It may happen one day when it becomes a republic.

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Posted in: South Korea hosts Japan, China as U.S. allies try to reassure Beijing See in context

China as always looking for a way in, so it can dominate and direct in the region. It's threats do not work. Constant attempts to unsettle Japan via sending ships and planes to Japan's Senkaku islands also does nothing to help it "woo" Japan.

China will never be a leader while the CCP rule. The fact is, democracies will never follow the CCP, never trust it, and will never allow themselves to be split up and dominated one by one. Until China realises that and finds a way to work as an equal, rather than expecting to be followed and obeyed, accepts that is will not get its way sometimes and accepts that, then it will always struggle and be viewed in a negative light.

The leadership of the CCP have much to learn, but must first recognize that the majority of the world works by getting numbers on side, building coalitions of like minded to vote their way on things. Sometimes friends will have vested interests in voting against them and China must not "punish" them for doing so, but accept the fact that each nation has its own direction and needs that are sometimes at odds with friends. But it does not mean they are not still friends.

It seems the CCP leadership often act like children still learning how to be in an adult world.

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Posted in: Japanese startup to develop refueling satellite for U.S. Space Force See in context

This is only the beginning. Future space stations will have their own craft that remain in space, are serviced at the space station and will need refueling for their lifetime. Developing an orbiting fueling capacity will also be used for craft transiting to and from the moon and to mars as well.

It all begins somewhere and this being the first real refueling attempt of anything in orbit, is but the start of the road ahead. Japan being onboard from the start is a good omen for the future of Japan in space. They just need to use this momentum and build on it, perhaps by designing a modular craft for personnel, cargo and even for retrieving old satellites and junk for reprocessing and recycling in orbit. And they will be able to refuel this "space craft" as needed.

Well done Japan.

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Posted in: North Korea calls South's leader a 'guy with a trash-like brain' See in context

We all get a good chuckle from the tirades that emanates from North Korea on a fairly regular basis. All it does is show the world how warped they are and how disassociated from reality they are.

If they were not so dangerous we could all rest easy, but they are clearly out of their minds, manipulated by BS and this makes them dangerous to themselves and all around them. They buy into Russia's lies simply based on the joint anti west passion they share.

Fair enough for South Korea to take steps that might deter the maniacs to their north to not start another war on the peninsula.

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Posted in: In the shadow of Hollywood's strikes, beauty professionals suffer See in context

Maybe they should get back to work then and end the strike.

These people are not on strike. They service some of those who are on strike, like the actors. These people have no power or influence to end the writers strike or the actors strike. Like productions crew, lighting, wardrobe etc, the makeup people are all effected when TV and movies come to a halt.

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Posted in: Invasive species on the menu at London restaurant See in context

Eating things like invasive species, or "unorthodox or unexpected" food, which could include insects, invasive insects, plants like knotweed, squirrel or other species (like roo or croc) that are native in one place but may be invasive in others. This is not limited to the three examples this article provides, which is why other examples have been mentioned.

But if the topic is limited to the three examples this article mentions, so be it.

I have never tried any squirrel, or knotweed. I have eaten crayfish, lobster, crab, prawn, shrimp and Morten bay bug, so have no issue with eating shell fish.

I guess it depends on if I am hungry, if it is the only thing available, if it is priced sensibly and it is obviously served with other things from sauce to vegetables, rice etc so if the package sounds nice, then maybe. It also would depend on non influenced reviews or opinions on flavor and taste.

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Posted in: Invasive species on the menu at London restaurant See in context

Yes, thank you. My mistake. But they are present in large numbers. Does Australias eat croc claws?

Crocodiles are a protected species in Australia, apart from a few licensed farms.

I have never tried croc and down south have never seen it for sale anywhere. Up in NT (Northern Territory) it may be different and there may be exemptions for limited consumption by first Australians who would hunt them themselves, for family/tribal consumption as there is for some other native animals like turtle.

But to answer your question, no, as a whole Australians do not eat "croc claws". Must of us also do not eat chickens feet either.

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Posted in: Invasive species on the menu at London restaurant See in context

Kangaroos and crocodiles are not bred in Japan and are imported from Australia where they are an invasive species.

Neither Kangaroo's nor Crocodiles are an invasive species as both are native to Australia. By definition an invasive species is one introduced to an area in which they are not native.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia agree to boost relations amid China's military rise See in context

Yoko Kamikawa, who last week became Japan's first female foreign minister in around 20 years, and Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong also confirmed the importance of bilateral cooperation on energy and resources, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

Energy and resources is something that abounds in Australia, and Australia is one partner that is both reliable and able to secure Japans supply of these critical items. A good match.

Japan and Australia have an ability to create a deep symbiotic relationship that can help anchor peace and security in the Indo-Pacific, and trade stability. A perfect example for others to follow.

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Posted in: Invasive species on the menu at London restaurant See in context

Kangaroo meat has been eaten by the first Australians for 50,000 years, and is freely available in all supermarkets for steaks, mince, sausages, burgers and anything you can think of. It is the healthiest red meat with zero fat content, something unique to marsupial red meat. Delicious with plum jus or sauce. Kangaroo's are so numerous that in many parts they are considered overpopulated. There are more than twice as many kangaroo's in Australia as humans. A pest in area's growing crops.

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Posted in: China's Xi welcomes summit with Japan, S Korea at proper time: report See in context

Xi welcomes summit with Japan, S Korea at proper time:

So at a time of Xi's choosing and nobody else's. China again trying to take the upper hand before talks even begin. If I was Japan and SK, I would say "the time is not right" whenever Xi say's it's the right time.

Or dont bother at all as China simply wants to manouver to a position of strength over Japan and the region. Japan and South Korea should hold bilateral meetings whenever China says its not the time for trilateral meetings. So China misses out thanks to its own choices.

Japan and South Korea can simply tell China what was decided by majority in their absence.

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Posted in: U.S. drops anti-whaling wording opposed by Japan in Indo-Pacific pact See in context

Whaling is crucial to Japans food supply.

No, It has not been crucial to Japan's food supply for a number of decades. The numbers eating it have continued to drop and it only maintains supply through high government subsidies and most of the meat from whaling goes into pet food anyway.

Whaling is from a bygone era and is certainly not needed in today's world.

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Posted in: Climate crisis has 'opened the gates to hell', U.N. chief tells summit See in context

Short term pain or long term extinction. Hardly a difficult choice is it? Seems that the current generations dont think much about future generations.

Pretty sad really.

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Posted in: 400,000 nuisance calls made to Japanese Embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

China says it is Japan's friend. Nothing to worry about from Chinese friendship.

China harassing Japanese fishermen around the Senkaku's, and Japanese coast guard ships.

"Japan has experienced a surge in nuisance phone calls believed to originate from China"

China is not the friend it says it is. China is a hostile nation that wants everything its own way, to its own advantage and it is all China's many "friends" that must give up the things China wants.

Japan does not need friends like China.

Boycott China!

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

Brits are aweful hypocritical

While the Chinese governments are just outright liars.

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Posted in: China says Britain's plans to disrupt Hong Kong 'doomed to fail' See in context

Typical misinformation coming out of China, as always you cant believe a word they say.

Hong Kong, which returned to China in 1997 from Britain, has had "universal success" in implementing the practice of "one country, two systems," China's foreign ministry said.

China abandoned the "one country two systems" years ago. It is one country , one system. A strong reason Taiwan has no interest in sharing this sham. China broke its signed treaty with the UK on Hong Kong and doesnt even have the stones to admit it.

China has removed the right of Hong Kong citizens to speak against the Chinese government calling it a security issue. Every other nation calls it freedom of speech.

China is so proud of its treachery, and keeping a foot on the neck of all of its citizens. What a horrible and repressive place to be forced to live. Those with the means to leave, do so to find freedom for themselves and their families and a much better life.

Another thing that China objects to is UK comments on the status of Hong Kong from their perspective. As a party to the treaty, the UK has every right to comment on Hong Kong for the duration of that treaty. China's CCP seeks total and uncompromising control of all people of Chinese ancestry, including those outside of Chinese territory.

China is a failed state that has no understanding of freedom and no desire to allow it for its people.

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Posted in: Climate change takes habitat from big fish, the ocean's key predators See in context

Slowly we kill the planet that give all things life. There will soon come a moment the balance tips and mass extinctions occur, this will be the biggest change mankind has ever seen and it will not be good for mankind. Civilization will end as we know it and some new equilibrium will be realized, with many fewer humans on the planet. At that point the damage being done by humans will be eliminated and the planet can begin to heal.

The price for taking no action that changes how we live right now. A pampered species that will be its own demise. Nobody to blame but humanity.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tells U.N. that U.S. military base threatens peace See in context

TokyoLivingToday 07:07 am JST

All overseas U.S. military bases threaten world peace..

Amusing that such refrains always come from those who actually threaten world peace, but are held back guessed it, US bases around the world. The US threatens to maintain peace in the world, and some oppose peace. Good to see them identify themselves.

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Posted in: Thousands in Australia rally for struggling Indigenous referendum See in context

Can you or anyone else say why, and what a better alternative would be?

I am saying a vote YES is for fairness, equality and is a way forward.

A No vote is keeping things exactly as they are now with no improvement at all.

I do not have a better alternative to granting First nations people a voice to help guide policy makers. Vote yes.

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Posted in: Thousands in Australia rally for struggling Indigenous referendum See in context

A vote No is a vote for fairness, equality and accountability

No, it is actually a vote for the exact opposite.

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Posted in: Thousands in Australia rally for struggling Indigenous referendum See in context

nor coerced into any low resolution STORY that claims to magically heal and unite the nation, but of course ends up doing the opposite.

I do not see how giving the always disadvantaged first nations people a voice in policy that effects them, is going to cause issues or drive people apart. Some seem to fear first nations people with no reason behind it but some fear mongering by racist segments who simply want to keep brushing native issues under the carpet and keeping them marginalized. For a nation that likes to pride itself in a fair go for all, we seem to constantly fall back on treating first nations people poorly.

I dont see anyone coercing me to vote yes, but the no vote is very vocal on how bad this proposal is and that it wont solve everything. It has not been put forward as a "solve all" solution. It is a way to move forward and start improving the official policies that are put in place by governments, who act without any real understanding of the culture they are making policies for.

There is nothing evil or divisive about this change to give a real voice from within the native peoples to advise the governments to assist in making better policy choices, with better understanding of the effects policy will have and to get the best outcome for the money expended to improve life, health, education and more for people who for so long have been poorly treated, and are still poorly treated by law enforcement agencies who seem not to care at all in some instances.

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Posted in: U.S. mulls support for Japan scallop business hit by China import ban See in context

Supporting the export of foods, to processing plants in 3rd countries, for the US market, all while the domestic market has to pay inordinately high prices for the same products.

Japans domestic market gets the cream of the crop, thanks to Japans penchant for perfect looking food. Anything less than perfect is shipped off to foreign markets for sale there. Of course it all tastes the same, but when you want perfection, it is going to cost you a premium price. The worlds best Tuna is shipped to Japan because you pay the best price for it.

Maybe getting used to things not looking quite perfect could help get lower prices on some goods.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan takes spotlight with snarky China tweets See in context

Some light hearted banter about Chinese officials going missing with no explanations, seemingly regularly of late. Nothing wrong with that. China knows these things will gain attention and people will talk about it. some in jest and others seriously. It would all have been avoided with normal communications about changes.

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