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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

Just ignore anything Trump says. It is all BS anyway.

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What no Bluetooth?

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Posted in: Climate protests kick off in smoke-covered Sydney See in context

China is not perfect and it has a form of government that I would not want to be under. Apart from it's deplorable human rights breeches, it is building the most solar powered energy stations in the world and although it is making more coal power plants as well it is reducing the percentage of fossil fuel used for energy production each year. It has cleaned up the air in many big cities and recognized that reducing harmful manufacturing and power production is in its own benefit. America will be harder to convince to reduce its CO2 emissions, especially while Trump is in power.

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Posted in: Climate protests kick off in smoke-covered Sydney See in context

There is no scientific evidence that worldwide human activity, let alone Australia's 1.3% of global CO2 emissions is causing the supercharging of the wildfires.

The worlds best climate scientists disagree with you. They say mankind has added to the normal climate changes and tipped the delicate balance to a point where it will be disastrous to every living thing.

This has been done by many different human actions for example deforestation, burning fossil fuels, farming animals for consumption and crops for manufacturing including palm oils. The list goes on and on as to how we have added to what happens naturally and made it so much worse than it should be or would be if we were able to be a zero emission civilization.

Saying that all the recent natural disasters would have happened anyway and been just as devastating is not only contra to all scientific evidence it is harmful to attempts to correct the issues behind it. Not a smart thing to do. In fact it is plain dumb.

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Posted in: Trump makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan See in context

Trump earning his "bread and butter" but the troops will be pleased and honoured to have a visit from their president.

I do not agree. The troops would be happier for Trump to stay home and get impeached. The only thing Trump ever earned was derision. But he should be restricted to bread and butter when he gets jailed for crimes he has committed.

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Posted in: Climate protests kick off in smoke-covered Sydney See in context

Finally smart people becoming mobilized to save the planet, even for those skeptics who don't give a damn and will not take it seriously until it's way to late to do anything to stop it.

When the best scientists on the planet all agree after studying records going back 150 years or more and studying the planets past climates from geological sources, that we are in dire peril due to man made effects on the climate, we either take immediate action or we kill the current civilization and most life on the planet. Since we are not taking appropriate actions then those born now will be born to a dying world and I feel sorry for them. We the current custodians have let everyone and everything down more than anything in this worlds past.

I hope we are being studied by aliens from other worlds so that our folly may help some other world in the future and that we may be recorded in some way and not forgotten in time as if we never existed at all.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

Very well thought out article by Redford. Accurate and honest opinion stated in a concise manner.

Trump remains the worst US president of all time and it will be a very dark day indeed if someone even worse ever gets elected. Should Trump get re-elected then the writing is on the wall for the US. Getting your allies to dislike and distrust you is one thing. Having your allies hate you and stop all co-operation with you is the ultimate Trump goal to enabling him to become a dictator/king/Emporer.

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Posted in: CEO of Australia's Westpac bank resigns over money laundering scandal See in context

Considering the huge rip off banks are. and the Government will not regulate to protect Australians.

Put over $50,000 in a fixed term term deposit and get 1.25% At the same time take out a fixed term personal loan for $50,000 and be charged 10.99% (Commonwealth Bank). The banks make 9.74% from your $50,000 term deposit while they give you a return of only 1.25%. Such rip offs are standard and just one of the reasons the big 4 banks in Australia all make tens of billions of dollars profit each year. Privatizing the banking system was the single worst move for Australian citizens in recent memory. We are all much poorer for that action.

Westpac money laundering is just the latest revelation on the corruption of our banking system where the big boys get away with horrific crimes, and when caught are barely penalized. If you or I was caught committing such a crime we would be behind bars for a decade.

The banking system needs to be nationalized to return sanity and accountability to our financial system.

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Posted in: Should Japan pay more to Washington for hosting U.S. bases? See in context

Japan should be paying less than it is for US forces in Japan. The US wants to have its cake and eat it too. It wants to station its troops and navy as close to china and Russia as it can for its own security first, and Japan is already overpaying for the US presence.

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Posted in: China calls U.S. world's biggest source of instability See in context

alaraedokko, stealing ? spying ? freedom of expression ? What can be stole from Japan ? Last year, China has 708,799 industry designs, 20 times more than Japan's 31,468. South Korea has more designs than Japan, at 68,054. Be humble, please. China has more designs than the rest world combined, times 3.

Funny statement that. China spent the past 40 years stealing other peoples tech to catch up and save it from spending money on researching the already developed technologies of others. Now that it has stolen enough to be at the same level it uses its massive surplus to do real research that is actually new. Hardly something to brag about. The thief bragging over their stolen goods. The instability this now causes is as great as the admittedly disruptive Trump administration. Neither the US nor China is blameless when it comes to disrupting the world, they both currently shoulder the majority of blame. Brexit is another cause of disruption.

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Posted in: Australian PM denies climate link as smoke chokes Sydney See in context

Morrison is correct in that his policies are not responsible for the current drought and bush fires, as he has not been in power long enough to be the cause. However his policies will do nothing to counter the damage being done daily, by burning coal and gas for power, and for the massive exports of coal and gas to others to burn for energy creation.

Like those before him, Morrison is bereft of ideas and live's in denial about mankind's influence in global warming. The political donations that parties get from companies directs many of their strategies and policies.

Sadly the planet and all life on it pays the price for our greed and convenience. Politicians need to grow the stones to make the right call against the wishes of their financial benefactors. Introduce the right laws and life will go on in a better way that is sustainable. It may take some adjustment in the short term, but it is better than the alternative.

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Posted in: Seoul faces major decision over military pact with Tokyo See in context

Both South Korea and Japan have egg on their faces. They both appear juvenile in this ongoing disagreement that stems from a court decision in South Korea. Tit for tat actions from both sides show an inability to compromise or be flexible. Just keep blaming everything on the other side seems to be the catch-cry of both sides.

Grow up, your both members of an international community and compromise is the only rational way to resolve disagreements. The example being set by both countries is deplorable. Rather than deal with the original small issue, escalate the issue over and over again into something much bigger and more serious. Stupidity at its finest.

Both sides continue to lose major face over this. With all the worry over face, the original issue goes unaddressed and unresolved.

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Posted in: Nearly 20% of Japan households using e-money but cash still king See in context

Cash wins every time. Anything electric can fail. Anything tech based can be hacked from anywhere in the world.

There is no substitute for cash in your pocket.

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Posted in: Japan hosts arms show looking for an edge in tech See in context

didn't Japan "renounce war forever". September 1951 the United States and 48 other nations signed a formal peace treaty with Japan.

Japan signed the document the world put in front of it to sign, and they did it to get sovereignty back after their defeat in WWII. The wording was not Japan's but that of the occupying forces as punishment for Japan's wartime actions and aggression.

Japan as a sovereign nation has the option and right to alter is constitution at any time, and has its own rules on how to legally go about any changes. It could even dump the entire document and write a new one from scratch if it wishes. No different from any other nation in the world in that regard.

This arms show is a way to get people to come to Japan and see not only what is on offer, but to say what they are looking for so that Japan can better cater to others needs when designing and manufacturing defense items. Cloaking technology is being researched by a number of nations but is not yet perfected so is an area Japan could engage in. Super magnetic screens to repel or attract incoming ordinance would be another defensive item Japan could research and develop. The future is open to a country that has many wacky and innovative ideas on many things technology based. Just give them a little time to gather momentum.

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Posted in: No progress made over pact in Japan-S Korea defense chief talks See in context

Two winners from these arguments. China and North Korea. They don't care who is right or wrong, only that the dispute continues.

Two losers from these arguments are Japan and South Korea. Both believe they are right and the other is wrong.

Solution is to compromise and not let China and North Korea be the winners. That means compromise from BOTH sides. Get it done or be ridiculed by almost every other nation, friend and foe alike.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context

Sadly just another day in lawless USA.

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Posted in: Folau claims Australia's bushfires 'God's judgement' for gay marriage See in context

"God's judgement" for the legalization of same-sex marriage and abortion

Let me just correct that erroneous statement.

"God's judgement" for the persecution by religious zealots against his creation of homosexuals and his gift of free will and a right to choose.

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Posted in: China says outspoken Australian lawmakers should repent See in context

The Chinese Government needs to learn to repent for all its wrong actions against both its own citizens and for it wrong attitudes to the free world. The world will never bow to the Chinese Communist party.

Well done to the Australians standing up to their bullying and telling it like it is. China seems allergic to the truth being spoken.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Once again Trump is blind to the big picture, and is looking to make a profit from stationing US troops where they need to be anyway to help provide security for the democratic free world it helped to shape.

Trump is activly aiding the expansion of China to a position to overtake the US as the strongest nation in the world. Attempting to extort $8 Billion from japan and $5 billion from South Korea is nothing more than a grab for profit and failing that an excuse to withdraw all US forces back to America and leave the vacuum for China to fill.

In addition, the discussion on this extortion attempt is designed and timed to reduce attention from his impeachment. The world continues to lose out with Trump in the oval office and the biggest losers of all are Americans themselves.

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Posted in: Chinese swimming star defends failure to take doping test See in context

He who has nothing to hide does not impede officials doing their duty.

He who is a drug cheat and knows he is about to be caught again, breaks rules and blood vials about to be sent for testing.

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Posted in: Esper says crucial S Korea pay more for U.S. troops See in context

Do you believe that South Korea has conducted itself as an "ally" of Japan? I remind you of the radar lock incident, and the continuing refusal to allow JMSDF into SK because of an objection to the Japanese Naval Ensign.

Both South Korea and Japan have acted as less than allies over the recent past but that alters nothing. The glue holding the alliance together is the US. Both rely on the US umbrella of protection and like it or not would provide aid and support in the event of conflict.

The reality is if Japan were to fall then South Korea would be virtually surrounded and if South Korea falls, Japan is a long way from help and much more vulnerable.

Both sides need to realise they are better off not infighting, and are stronger and safer standing together.

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Posted in: Esper says crucial S Korea pay more for U.S. troops See in context

American troops are there because past Presidents wanted to ensure South Korea was not taken over and made Communist by the North. The current President does not care about the spread of Communism so does not understand why America should have to pay anything for its troops stationed there. In other words, like in all things, Trump does not see the big picture.

Trump's limited intellect, unable to focus on anything but himself for more than a moment, fails to understand that US troops are there as much for a democratic free world, one that the US used to be the leader of, as much as for protection of South Korea itself.

The fall out from the US domestic election result of 2016 continues to damage the free world. We can only hope for a correction of that error in 2020.

South Korea already pay's a fair amount for US troops stationed on it's soil. A demand for a 500% increase is a way for Trump to pull out the troops and leave the South a juicy target for Communist takeover. What that meas for Japan is that its closest military ally by distance will be gone and the closest by distance will become Australia. Also it brings Communist Korea much closer to Japan and makes the danger from that direction much more serious.

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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context

For the next generation or two it may cause some offense as it was a wartime flag used by Imperial Japan which caused many nations harm. If Germany used the Nazi flag it would also cause many offense.

As time passes it will have less impact but it will always be tied to the Imperial Japanese navy of WWII and carry a stigma because of that.

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Posted in: Australia bushfires renew anger over climate change See in context

Australia Population (LIVE)


Australian politicians need to take action on climate change. Currently they do nothing but business as usual.

Morrison fiddles while Australia burns. Having happened before in another time in Rome, we know the outcome.

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Posted in: Japanese sake pours into China as domestic consumption shrinks See in context

How lucky for China that its people are more able to afford to purchase quality Japanese products, and luckily for China they are just next door. Japan is a wonderful neighbor making China fortunate indeed.

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Posted in: Should doping in sport be a crime? See in context

There should be two competitions. The main one for unaided athletes and a second one that pushes boundaries for those supported by drugs.

It would be interesting to see just how far the assisted athletes are able to go above those unassisted.

It would also be a warning about early death from drug use and pushing the human body beyond what it should do naturally.

It would also make it easier to see cheating in the unaided categories as the winning results would be much closer to mirroring the drug assisted.

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Posted in: Superheroes vs cinema? Debate continues over Scorsese remarks See in context

They lack something essential to cinema: the unifying vision of an individual artist," Scorsese added, fueling a controversy he initiated in a magazine interview last month.Fellow luminaries such as Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach and Fernando Meirelles have backed Scorsese, with Coppola even calling the record-breaking Marvel franchise "despicable."

These comments come AFTER the sad passing of Stan Lee who conveniently is unable to defend Marvel and his creations. I would call Scorsese and Coppola despicable.

Their work in my view is trash suited to narrow niche audiences. Just as I do not watch their rubbish, if they chose not to watch Marvel movies that is their right. It is all cinema, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Posted in: Thai chef aims to turn insect eating into fine dining See in context

Ewww yuk!

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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context

It would seem that some Japanese male bosses need to be dragged into the 21st century. Even if they kick and scream, sanity must prevail. Women are men are equal and those in Japan who are not yet comfortable with that need to change their outdated attitudes. Women are not servants, less important, or to be discriminated against.

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Posted in: Bushfires rage out of control across Australia's east See in context

The situation seems to worsen year after year. Soon whole towns will disappear in disasters, or a major city.

More needs to be done to increase ability to fight fires and to keep available fuel for fires at a minimum, especially around towns and cities.

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