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Posted in: Trump praises U.S. economy in Davos, says little on climate woes See in context

Trump is consistently delusional.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' actor says he'll no longer voice Apu after controversy See in context

Much apu about nothing.

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Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context

America wants forward bases close to China for its own sake. Having them in other countries where it had to pay 100% of the cost to build and maintain them would be prohibitive. The US gets a bargain by having them in Japan and having Japan pay any of the costs. Demanding more money is self defeating. Japan should say they are already paying more than they should and want to reduce what they pay and if the US is not happy then they are always free to leave. Japan would have more money to spend on its own defense forces if the money was redirected from US coffers. Making Japan more self sufficient. Japan would need to alter article 9 if the US leaves or it leaves it open to being attacked by either China or North Korea at some point.

Japan would also need to approach other like minded nations for military alliances to strengthen their position and defense.

Trump is an idiot and has no friends. He wants America to be in his image. He is getting there. Sadly.

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Posted in: Toyota investing $400 million in flying car company See in context

This article is misleading as they have invested in Air Taxi's. They are not cars and do not have the capacity to travel on roads as cars do. I whish they would get the terminology correct. Unless it flies AND drives on roads it is "NOT A FLYING CAR!"

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Posted in: Japan sends 2 SDF planes, 70 personnel to help fight Australia fires See in context

Many thanks to Japan for assisting Australia. This will not be forgotten. All help provides hope for those effected, and many communities need a lot of help. Japans generosity and the courage of the SDF service personnel to assist is very much appreciated. Thank You.

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Posted in: Taiwan 'already independent', president warns China See in context

The world understands that Taiwan is an independent nation. The world knows that China wants Taiwan under its rule. The world lacks the courage to open diplomatic ties with Taiwan for fear of losing business opportunities in China. China threatens to break off diplomatic relations with anyone who has official diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The solution to the China problem is for all nations to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation and invite it into the United Nations. If China then breaks off diplomatic relations with all nations and restrict business with those nations it will destroy its own economy, and it would quickly collapse. It could attempt invasion of Taiwan but would risk a war against many countries that would help defend Taiwan.

China can accept what is a reality or it can live in a fairy tale. Either way Taiwan has earned the right to be recognized as an independent Country and the world needs to step up and not be bullied by the Communist Party of China.

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Posted in: Melbourne smothered in smoke as Australian bushfires burn See in context

Australia has the capacity to easily become 100% reliant on solar power.

Would that stop climate change due to major polluters such as India or China?


Would that be a huge improvement for Australia? YES

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Posted in: Taiwan's pro-Japan young people back Tsai's re-election See in context


"Unlike Koreans, Taiwanese have good memories of Japanese colonization, even though they didn't like being second-class citizens," she said.

I would be very skeptical of anyone who says people treated as "second class citizens" have good memories of such treatment.

It would be more accurate to state that, "while treated as second class citizens in their own country by the Japanese colonial forces, the memories of Chinese KMT rule were harsher and more unfair". This would make Japanese occupation the least harmful out of two bad situations.

Having said that, the younger generation who did not live under Japanese rule have no personal experiences that are negative of Japan, but may have some of KMT rule.

Well done on re-election of Tsai, this clearly shows that the majority in Taiwan does not wish to be a part of Communist ruled China at this time. The closer the ties it can make with other sovereign nations the better.

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Posted in: Okonomiyaki sauce producer in damage control amid Iran-U.S. tensions See in context

There are dates grown in the Palestinian Territories. I am sure you could source from them although it may displease Israel.

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Posted in: From Thor to Fleabag, stars dig deep for Australian bushfire relief See in context

Our thanks for the generosity and support form everyone around the world who has donated to assist during this emergency. It will all help Australians and wildlife survive and rebuild. It will help fight the fires and the aftermath where despair over what has been lost sets in. It is a huge job ahead. But knowing that the world is with us helps immensely.

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context


I have no idea why you would apologize for taking a vacation anywhere.*

The assistance Canada has and is providing is making a great difference. Your leader has been in contact with our leader to discuss what can be done. Well done Canada and Canadians, you have our deep thanks for your thoughts prayers and assistance.

Please, enjoy your vacation. I am sure you have earned it.

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Posted in: Ash Barty ousted by qualifier at Brisbane International See in context

Oops, so no donations for the bushfires.

I believe a second round exit entitles Barty to $3,400 AUD in prize money. As she said she would donate her winnings from this tournament, then $3,400 is what she will be giving to the charity of her choice.

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Posted in: Australia calls for another mass evacuation as monster bushfires return See in context

While enduring this massive summer of fire it is noted with grateful hearts the well wishes from other countries and the assistance offered by friendly nations. Firefighters from Canada, New Zealand and America have been at our sides for some weeks and months. Malaysian firefighters from one Provence have suggested they should be there to to assist. Monetary Donations from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea have been received with thanks. Individuals from many walks of life have donated funds to charities from rebuilding to wildlife care to the firefighting services.

What has surprised me is a seeming lack of chatter of calls from countries like Japan and China and India who have all at one point or another been on the receiving end of support from Australia in the aftermath of earthquakes and tsunami's or other disasters. You would be surprised how a small thing like a report of a call from a foreign leader offering moral and or other support actually helps. It helps keep the fighting spirit buoyed and reminds us we are all here for each other when natural disasters occur.

No call from Putin, Merkel, Abe, Xi and other senior world leaders? This is frankly a little disheartening to me. While Australia does not ask for pity, as an Australian I do look at those who offer a kind word or assistance and those who dont during a time of need for my country. I am sure there are individuals from every nation moved by scenes of horror to spare a prayer or donate a dollar to help. That thought helps me cope.

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Posted in: Hyundai to make flying cars for Uber air taxis See in context

The vehicle pictured is as close to being a car as a horse and buggy is. It is a helicopter taxi. There are small two person helicopters now and they have been available for decades. The only difference is attempt's to make them electric and pilot-less and to use them as taxi's.

By definition a flying car is a hybrid vehicle that can either drive on roads or take to the air depending on the drivers wishes and prevailing conditions. Also a flying car would be able to be freely purchased by the public to replace personal car's. Almost all developing flying transports are being designed for taxi service and will not be available for private purchase. Only those with deep pockets will be able to afford daily use of such services. For everyone else it remains trains, buses and private cars for local transport.

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Posted in: Pentagon distances itself from Trump threat to hit Iranian cultural sites See in context

The bumbling fool running America, the forth stooge, clearly needs the other three stooges to = 1/2 a brain.

His choices could be bettered by any 1st grader child. He knows of no laws that apply to him. He is the Prez so is immune to everything like superman. Now he is in the process of starting a war with iran to try to get people to forget about his impeachment. However I believe this just adds to the overwhelming weight of impeachment making it ever more important that he go. Or perhaps the Iranians will return the assassination of their General with an attempt on Trump. I cant imagine many Americans being either surprised or worried about the loss of Trump. Some would say, live by the sword, you know the rest.

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Posted in: Inside the rogue 7-Eleven, a convenience store completely cut off by its company See in context

He is right. In every developed nation the "haves" want more for less and the "have nots" work harder to take home less than they used to. If the gap between rich and poor does not get smaller soon, and continues to increase it can only end up one way.

Thomas Jefferson once said "I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical".

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Posted in: Iraq wants foreign troops out after air strike; Trump threatens sanctions See in context

Trump has managed one thing in all this mess, take the media focus off the impeachment and put him in a position to argue that the US "need" him as president!

There is no position in the world capable providing and argument saying Trump is needed as President. The most useless self important fool the world has seen in the past 70 years. America needs a real President, not the court fool that it currently has.

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Posted in: Australian PM postpones visits to India, Japan amid bushfire emergency See in context

the major blame for this catastrophe lies with not supposed climate change or the prime minister, but rather with the leftist Greens Party who pushed legislation to ban controlled burn offs designed to prevent bushfires

The ban of controlled burn offs has added to the drought effect over long term to dry out the land and underbrush, and Climate change which is a multiplying factor.

Without any one of those three factors the situation would not be as bad. No drought conditions for years then more moisture. Doing controlled burn offs means less underbrush to allow the trees to burn completely. No climate change then droughts less severe in length and effects and temperatures not as hot.

The Prime minister can take actions to lessen our carbon footprint by phasing out coal and building solar and wind farms to replace them. The biggest thing would be for all new constructions to include solar and wind generation to make them energy self sufficient from start to finish at a slightly higher cost up front. It will save money over the life of the construction by having no power bills at all, making it win win.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate See in context

Confucius says, man who buries head in sand during climate change mega fire, gets bum burned off.

Sickening to hear climate change deniers spout their ignorance. It dampens hope that we may temper climate change and survive. As long as they ignore the signs, They just keep happily adding to the damaging effects and trying to stop those who know whats going on and try to change its course. All children will face the consequences, hardships and deaths in the current and next generations.

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Posted in: With an eye on impeachment, judges weigh House-Trump disputes See in context

Trump-Pence 2020 all the way, Baby!

All the way to jail baby!

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Posted in: Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate See in context

The summer of fire continues.

I read live reports that come in every few minutes it seems from all over the country. People are dying almost daily now. Many are missing. Homes destroyed along with business and so much land. Wildlife is being decimated at a rate never witnessed before in this nation. We are at war. Destruction in every state and territory on the mainland and Tasmania. Kangaroo Island too has burned. The enemy is hard to battle, but the effects of the enemy is fire. Days move to weeks and the assault continues. Fire and smoke, a choking haze fills the sky and moves with the wind covering a huge distance. New Zealand smells the effects of the fire and it discolors their snow fields.

We must first defeat the fires and then tackle the enemy that is climate change. We must do so immediately, resolutely and without pause. For next year could be even worse if nothing changes.

We need to work together, not just Australians but all people of all the nations to achieve victory. This war is just beginning and it may last for years or decades, depending on the will to fight it. Ignoring the flames will bring more death. Ignoring climate change will lead to defeat and perhaps extinction. The end of other species of wildlife and in the worst case the end of our civilization. Dont believe it? Go to the beach at Mallacoota and see the blood red sky and breath (if you can) the smoke filled air with the fleeing citizens as their town is destroyed by flames that are so hot it melts the metal in cars.

Australia could use more help from its mates and from those it has helped in the past. Supplies, firefighters, tents, food, water, blankets. And for those religious people, plenty of prayers.

We will survive this summer of fire. We will help each other and we will rebuild. But we also need to address Climate change as the emergency that it is. Help with that how ever you can. Every little bit helps.

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

The girders are "M" shaped but the roof is not.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

7-11 in America is now owned by 7-11 Japan, I think. Do they operate the shops 24 hours a day?

7-11 stores in Australia are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Australia however has no labor shortage and many stores have international students (primarily Chinese, Pakistani and Indian students) manning the stores during night shift hours.

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Posted in: Australia to compensate volunteer firefighters See in context

The cap of $6000 covers 20 days of firefighting. There are many who will be fighting fires for longer periods during the summer. There should be no cap once the minimum of ten days fighting fires is attained. As the above post noted, they deserve every cent of it.

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Posted in: Mass killings in U.S. hit new high in 2019; most were shootings See in context

So many Americans trust nobody, not family or friends let alone strangers. So fearful they feel the need to carry guns. Shoot first, ask questions if they survive long enough to answer. It make's law enforcement so much harder wondering if everyone you approach in doing your job either has a gun on them and if so will they get angry or scared and use it on you. The more opportunity for someone to get fatally injured, the more often injuries will occur.

As others have pointed out America will not change, at least until they grow up and develop enough wisdom and trust in their countrymen. And that could take centuries, assuming our species manages to save the planet. We all have a way to go to get intelligent enough to make the needed changes.

I guess our actions and inaction's betray us. We are really still just barbarians trying to evolve.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs sending SDF warship, aircraft to Middle East to protect vessels See in context

The Abe cabinet approved violating the constitution?! What a shocker.

The constitution allows self defense. Nothing broken here. Japan getting some value from its defense dollars.

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Posted in: Australia firefighters brace for extreme heatwave at weekend See in context

This will be known as the summer of fire. A continuous battle against fires for the duration of summer.

Sadly it will not be the last "summer of fire" and probably not the worst.

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Posted in: Abe, Li agree on need to open new era for Japan, China See in context

Well said OssanAmerica.

The fact is China would have been angrier at Japan if Tokyo had purchased and developed the two islands, than the Japanese government buying them and not developing them. That is called "damned if you do and damned if you don't". Or a "no win situation". Japan took the best option and should have had China's support and praise, not its condemnation.

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Posted in: Fewer than 900,000 new Japanese babies this year for first time on record See in context

This trend is something that is a by product of capitalism. When countries fully develop, the pressures of modern business to maximize their profits for the owners means the workers are pressured more and more to work later, start earlier, do it for less money and this leads to a breakdown in relationships where couple's spending more time apart stop growing together. Money pressure does not help the situation. Families need more free time together and they need the pressures of life to be manageable. Stable financial conditions allow families to take regular vacations and live in comfortable homes.

Stressed out couples who are no longer as close as they were when they got married, and who struggle with money issues and not enough time together will be less inclined to have children.

It really is not that hard to work out what causes this issue. What is hard is for the government to decide population growth is more important than companies and business. Without people economies eventually crumble. The right balance needs to be maintained and that is something Japan and other nations are yet to find.

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Posted in: Australia's PM defends climate stance amid wildfire disaster See in context

It is not the number of fires it is the amount of fuel available due to long term droughts and the mega blazes that we dont have the resources to extinguish. There have always been fire bugs who start fires. But the results have never been this bad and they are getting worse. It is due to man made factors having a negative effect that accumulates over time to add to climate change making it much worse that it should be, or would be naturally.

We believed the scientist's on the hole in the ozone layer. They were right, and they identified the reason. It was use of CFC gases. The world took action to ban their use and the hole started to repair itself. But for some reason the deniers dont believe climate scientists on global warming. They believe their knowledge is better than scientists who have studied the problem for decades and have so much built up information on the changes and the reasons behind the change. To the deniers, how many years have you dedicated to study the issue? What sources of information do you base your stance on? Hearsay and guess work are invalid. If you dont believe the experts then why have them at all. It is their life's work. If your an expert at what you do and others dont listen to your advise on a subject you have worked decades accumulating experience on, how would you look at someone saying you know nothing and your wrong?

Get sensible and realise there are changes afoot and our species is at the heart of it. We need to enact somewhat radical changes to the way we conduct our civilization or we will lose it completely.

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