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Posted in: U.S., UK and Israel blame Iran for ship attack; Tehran denies it See in context

Anyone here believe Iran is not to blame for this? If so, why?

Does anyone here believe Iran is the only nation that has "issues" with Israel?

How many have been attacked by Israeli air force or Israeli missiles in the past few years? All would have the justification to retaliate. Maybe it was Iran. Maybe it was Syrian. Maybe Palestinian. Maybe Hezbollah did it. Israel has made many enemies who would have reason to respond to Israeli aggression in this way.

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Posted in: Troops to enforce Sydney lockdown as Brisbane extends virus curbs See in context

Wow, the ignorance of some posters is astounding to say the least. The Australian defense force's are often used to assist in many situations. Defense forces supplement the firefighters during high bush fire events to do mop ups and fight the fires. The defense forces assist public medical staff during floods and do evacuations from disasters not only in Australia but in this region, including some Japanese disasters, Indonesian disasters and others. Now the troops suppliment police numbers and walk around unarmed, asking questions and bolster police numbers so they can cover more area's.

Posters here have made out like they are going around alone and armed forcing people to do their will. WRONG! They always accompany police and are always unarmed (they may carry a clipboard and pen) and follow the instructions of the police officers.

Stay ignorant if you must, but intelligent people understand the real situation in Australia and that it is fully supported by over ninety five percent of the population. So stop spreading lies and opinions based on imagination rather than facts. The "troops" are not in control of the situation, they are servants of the people and they are completely under the direction and supervision of police forces at all times.

Please do not insult our intelligence and make out like the Australian military is in any way like the CCP or North Korean military's used to forcibly maintain compliance of dictators wishes.

The people endorse the assistance provided by the military and we wish they had been used to control quarantine in all states from the start. They are the ones trained to deal with biological issues on a large scale.

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Posted in: Australia's third-largest city of Brisbane to enter COVID lockdown See in context

pray tell us unenlightened ones exactly when we’ll start seeing “people dropping in their thousands”. Only in your zombie apocalypse fantasies.

Read the news. Over 4.2 MILLION PEOPLE have died so far world wide. Well past the "thousands" you talk about. There are a number of nations where the death toll is in the hundreds of thousands. Not just one country, eleven and many more close to 100k deaths from covid.

Then there are those with long term effects for which there are no accurate numbers as yet, but every nation is reporting them.

To overcome your claimed "unenlightened" status, read the news from multiple sources in multiple nations. You may soon become enlightened.

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Posted in: Australia's third-largest city of Brisbane to enter COVID lockdown See in context

Waiting until everyone gets vacced doesn't make sense anymore if the 'variants' narrative is true

Getting vaccinated is what saves lives and hospital resources. Not getting vaccinated is playing russian roulette with your life and others. If that is not enough, nothing ever will be.

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Posted in: Australia's third-largest city of Brisbane to enter COVID lockdown See in context

Those who are first to ostracize the prudent folk who are simply exercising the right to wait and see,

Waiting for what? To see if people start dropping in their thousands from being vaccinated or waiting to see if they die from getting covid? Hardly prudent.

Most will have been vaccinated as children for many things and the medical tech for those vaccines was much less advanced than what is in use today.

The prudent course is to get vaccinated as soon as possible and if it gives no or little advantage against the virus then no harm done. If as advertised it keeps you from dying and out of a hospital stay then your way ahead.

I have seen to many stories of those already in hospital begging to be vaccinated. Of course by then it is too late for them.

If you wish to be prudent, get vaccinated and stay safe. Stay unvaccinated at your own peril and take the growing exclusions being unvaccinated will bring you.

For the record I have had two shots of AstraZeneca.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. defense chiefs agree to bolster deterrence See in context

Talks like these, and actions to mitigate the aggressive destabilizing actions of the Chinese in the region are going to continue for as long as China remains a threat to other nations and the status quo. China knows this and expects this and will make bellicose statements denouncing anything that makes their plans of dominance harder to achieve.

Queue the deniers.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

Using the military to control the population? One would think the news is from CCP China, and not Australia. Increasingly it becomes difficult to see the difference.

A perfect example of a statement from someone that knows nothing about what is actually happening in Australia.

Using the military to control the population?

The Australian military is much to small to control the twenty six million population. Clearly a made up statement.

One would think the news is from CCP China, and not Australia.

That would be much closer to truth.

Increasingly it becomes difficult to see the difference.

Only for the blind or those more interested in making fake stories.

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Posted in: Macron: France owes 'debt' to Polynesians over nuclear tests See in context

acknowledged France's “debt” to Polynesians over the underground and atmospheric tests, which ran from 1966-1996

Not the only debt on the French ledger. They own many nations for defending it through two world wars including nations from the Indo-Pacific region.

Recognizing a debt and repaying it are two distinct things.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

So it's gone from two weeks to flatten the curve to martial law.

Martial law has not been declared , nor will it. This is Australia, not Trumps America.

Another false narative from ill informed scare mongers. Why do people lie about Australia and its covid response? Smart people see through the fake lies.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

Glad to hear most people are ignoring the lockdowns.

Except most people are following the government instructions. Your statement is false and misinformation.

We have to stand up to government tyranny.

A government that has saved thousands of lives is not tyrannical at all. More rubbish.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

Btw, since the military personnel have no police license or authority you can them to MYOB.

They have zero legal authority over you.

The soldiers will not be doing anything but protect the police if assaulted. They have the same right as any citizen to assist a police officer in carrying out their lawful duties and can make a citizens arrest in protecting police from assault. However as a soldier they will have paper work in triplicate to fill out that a citizen wont have for doing the same such arrest.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

Requesting more money from Japan is self defeating. The more Japan pays for US troops the less money it has for its own armed forces. The less capable the Japanese forces the more US troops needed. Cost should be no more than 50/50 shared across the board.

The US is in Japan for a dual purpose. For US strategic requirements and for Japan's added protection.

If the US expects Japan to pay more than half it is kidding itself. Not including expenditure on ammunition and equipment which should be paid by the US alone.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

The world has certainly gone mad, using the army to attack your own citizens, that's beyond anyone's comprehension.

And beyond reality in Australia. No soldiers are attacking anyone in Australia. They will pair with a police officer and it is the police that have the power to arrest law breakers. Soldiers have no legal powers against citizens unless a state of emergency is declared and they are deputized. The soldiers assisting police with their duties are all unarmed.

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Posted in: Forget kaiten-zushi, how about conveyor belt yakiniku instead? See in context

Which is why almost nobody takes food from the rotating belt. You order separately and it comes to your table specifically.

Tried that at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant and they simply took it off the belt and brought it over.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's civil society 'withers' under national security purge See in context

One country two systems is officially dead and buried. The vibrant financial and business hub of Hong Kong is now but a memory as Communist party laws strangle freedom of speech and thought in that city. It is now just another Chinese city of repression and totall control by a communist Party that will eventually fall at the hands of its own disaffected citizens. A sad situation all around.

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Posted in: Sydney lockdown extended by 4 weeks as virus outbreak grows See in context

This is a required action supported by the majority. Sydney will get a grip on the spread and reopen as Melbourne did. The Delta variant poses increased containment issues as it spreads so easily.

Sydney is doing the right thing.

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Posted in: China calls U.S. policy 'misguided' in high-level talks See in context

Who is turning Hong Kong into a totalitarian nightmare?


Who has already created the biggest mass internment system for ethnic minorities since the Nazis?

Israel locking up millions of Palestinians in the Gaza Ghetto.

China comes in second.

Who is threatening to bomb Taiwan back to the stone age if they don't bend to their will?


China is playing a power game to take control as the dominant nation in the world today.

The US is defending it's current position as the dominant nation on the planet, held since the end of WWII.

Always during such struggles, the little people get crushed in the madness.

China has few allies, the US has many allies. that may or may not be the ultimate deciding factor for this struggle.

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Posted in: Melbourne ends 5th COVID-19 lockdown See in context

The five-day lockdown across Victoria ends at 11:59 p.m.

It was originally to be a five day lockdown but was extended for a week. So the "twelve" day lockdown ends tonight.

Admins take note.

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Posted in: Going electric: Carmakers make the switch See in context

The exterior panels covering EV's should be solar panels to suppliment the "green" value of the vehicles. They will provide a lifetime of additional mileage and if you ever run out of power they will keep charging your battery to get you extra range to get home or to get to a refueling station.

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Posted in: French protesters reject virus passes, vaccine mandate See in context

Sydney has relegated to chaos, uncontrollable at the moment.

Three and a half thousand protesters from a city of over six million is hardly "uncontrollable chaos".

Misinformation about small groups of lawless rowdy bogan's who do not understand a pandemic or spreadable airborne pathogens and have no respect for others rights. The majority of Australians are getting sick of a few making it worse for everyone. They get no sympathy from ordinary law abiding citizens. Get vaccinated, get both shots and when the rates of fully vaccinated go over eighty percent of the total population we can get past this craziness. People refusing to be vaccinated for whatever reason prolong the agony for everyone and put themselves at much higher chance of death or long term illness.

I protest these idiotic protestors creating super spreader events! Not smart, just selfish, that's what they are.

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Posted in: French protesters reject virus passes, vaccine mandate See in context

Protesters chanting “Liberty! Liberty!”

Maybe it should have been, "Suicide! Manslaughter!" since they seem to want to be able to infect everyone and forgo the life saving protection of getting vaccinated. Senseless people.

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Posted in: Japan, France affirm security cooperation See in context

France is a third rate power. It can play almost no role in Asia.

No they are not. They are a Nuclear power and a permanent member of the UN security council and they have a credible navy that include aircraft carriers. They are no superpower but they are a second tier power that should not be discounted if they join the US and others in the Indo-Pacific alliance.

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

This is extremely sad because many are losing their businesses, jobs and now many if not all cannot see family.

While that is sad, what would be much more sad would be to let this virus loose in society to kill the vulnerable, elderly and weak by the tens or hundreds of thousands like other nations have done.

One is not comparable to the other which is why lockdowns saving lives is the best option available until full vaccination is achieved.

Go get vaccinated!

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. citizens, entities over Hong Kong See in context

China sanctioning people. How on earth will they function and live? Easy answer, the same as before the sanctions. Chinese sanctions have zero effects on anyone outside of China.

That fact just makes China look even weaker. China lacks originality and innovation and as long as it strangles free speech and free thought in its people it will always play catch up with those who do innovate.

Freedom to the Chinese people. End the CCP.

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

These idiots will cause the lockdown to last even longer. They will continue to blame others when the blame lays with them and others like them.

Get vaccinated and follow medical instructions and Government instructions and we will weather the storm with minimal deaths. Do stupid things and we will all pay for your dumbness.

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Posted in: AP looks inside China's largest detention center in Xinjiang See in context

This is cultural brainwashing as Muslims are forced to undergo cultural retraining to become more like Han Chinese and as a condition of release to give loyalty to the CCP.

A tragedy the world seems unable to stop.

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Posted in: Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases causing alarm, confusion See in context

I have been vaccinated for everything since childhood. I have no intention of stopping now. I have had two shots of AZ and if I need a booster I will not hesitate.

Get vaccinated asap.

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Australia says Tokyo struggles every day with China See in context

China is a basket case waiting to explode. The tighter the grip on it's own people, the more they slip through the finger's.

China may well become a failed state in the near future.

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Posted in: British carrier strike group to make port calls in Japan in September See in context

This is a huge "shakedown" cruise for the new British aircraft carrier to ensure it can continue to operate for a long period of time far from home, as it would need to do if dispatched to a war zone in the future.

The forces dispatched to retake the Falkland Islands needed to be able to operate far from home so calling this meaningless or unnecessary is incorrect.

Some individuals whose loyalties are to China object based on the Chinese perspective alone, without actually thinking. The UK ships are training and sailing through international waters to visit allies and partners and if this makes some nervous then that is more about them than the UK navy.

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Posted in: South Australia locks down after 5 virus cases detected; 14 mil nationwide under lockdown See in context

Quick action prevents deaths. Better to save the lives by going early than counting the deaths and when sufficient have died, then trying to contain.

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