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Posted in: Hitler Youths' 1938 trip to Japan now largely forgotten See in context

Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy will always be remembered in History for the failed attempt to mold the world into their version of what it should be, with themselves ruling enlarged empires and all others subservient.

The regime in China is following in their failed footsteps and the world again hopes for peace will be tested before a war with new atrocities is launched by China in the name of Empire. While not currently allied to anyone but North Korea, the similarities of Nazi Germany "reuniting" lost territories is staggering and a forewarning. Apeasment did not stop Nazi Germany, it emboldened it. Only firm action will cut off the possibility of war. Only a united coalition in opposition will prevent another catastrophe from killing millions and displacing many millions more.

Let us learn from mistakes made in history to ensure humanity knows only peace and prosperity as it grows to explore the universe and discover its marvels and secrets and ensure the survival of our species long into the future.

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Posted in: Why do you think so many Japanese people (and foreigners, too) continue to go out and about in Japan's major cities despite the surge in coronavirus cases? See in context

Because lockdowns are ineffective long-term. Eventually, people have to go to work, go shopping, and do all the other necessary functions of daily life.

Untrue. Melbourne had a lockdown and restrictions on movement with exceptions for food shopping, medical needs and the services that support living for over 90 days and the end result was no more covid in Melbourne. I would call that extremely effective. Those needing financial support got it, nobody went hungry and the sky did not fall down.

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Posted in: Australia, largely free of COVID-19, in no hurry to reopen borders: PM See in context

ZaphodToday 02:45 pm JST

Why not mandate that we all live like Bubble Boy, eliminating this and other viruses completely. Heureka, victory.

Probably because of the people like you who would scream about short term loss of liberty in order to accomplish the task.

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Posted in: Australia, largely free of COVID-19, in no hurry to reopen borders: PM See in context

Why live with Covid in the community, when you can live without it? Life is back to normal in Australia.

All shops are open and operating. Economy is booming again with one exception being International tourism.

Vaccinations are rolling out and by the end of this year we should have a few travel bubbles in operation for international travel. I could not be happier or prouder of the way my country has dealt with this pandemic so far.

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Posted in: China says U.S.-Japan actions are stoking division See in context

It is ironic that Biden, who ran on a platform of unity, is promoting division in Asia.

Actually China is the nation promoting division with its unilateral attempts to alter the status quo into it's favor at the expense of others.

It is hypocritical of Biden to pretend to care about human rights but ignore the pressing issue of human rights in Myanmar, the number one human rights issue in Asia today.

It is not being ignored by Biden, but why is China supporting it? That is disgusting but expected behavior from Chinese leadership.

There is no threat to Japan concerning Taiwan.

China is a huge threat to the free and independent Taiwan which is a close neighbor of Japan's. If Taiwan is under threat today, then Japan is tomorrow. A clear need for Japan to be concerned and engaged in the Taiwan issue.

The real threat to the Japanese people is a revival of militarism encouraged by the United States.

The real threat to Japanese people is China's continual building of militarism encouraged by its colonial ambitions of Empire.

A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. The human rights issue in the US concerning black/Latino/people of colour is atrocious.

So you admit the Kettle (China) IS black, and its actions are also atrocious. Good.

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Russia on Friday banned top officials from U.S. President Joe Biden's administration from entering the country

Meanwhile former President Trump's offical's and Trump himself remain most welcome in Russia, they even leave a porch light on for them just in case.

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Posted in: Beijing warns U.S., Japan against collusion against China See in context

Japan and the United States should “take China’s concerns and demands seriously, avoid words and actions that interfere in China’s internal affairs and harm China’s interests.”

China has left no option since it believes all of the South China sea is "it's internal affair" and that Independent Taiwan "belongs to mainland China". China aims to be top of the Technology, military and trade tree being "China's interests", how can the world just ignore or go along with such madness just because China says so?

If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen China. What the US and Japan are doing is in "their" interests. China should not interfere with Japan or the US or anyone else as they go about their entitled business. If China thinks competition is to much for it to bare then give up now. It is not a good look to see a large nations leaders all having a good sook.

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Posted in: China tops agenda as Biden hosts Suga for first White House summit See in context

Thomas GoodtimeToday 07:10 am JST

"Freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law are the universal values that link our alliance," Suga said

I think both countries need to polish up on these areas.

Japan-hunan rights? Haha.

If Japans human rights concerns might be judged at a low two of ten and the US at four of ten then China is at ten of ten. You should be criticizing China first, and would be if you were not the faithful puppet of the CCP.

It is hard for lapdogs to do anything but lick the hands of their masters.

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Posted in: Blood clot questions over AstraZeneca and J&J vaccine See in context

I got my first dose of Astra Zeneca yesterday. Sore arm around where the needle went in, slight headache and body ache. I had worse reactions from vaccinations when I joined the Army. It has only been a day and these reported clots happen from four days to a week or so from getting the vaccine. I have been vaccinated for everything since childhood and never had an issue. That is no guarantee now but if a strategy has worked for me for decades I see no reason to alter my behavior now. With most medicines and vaccines there is always a tiny chance someone will have an adverse reaction that can lead to death. Why would this one be any different? The chances still remain much higher of death if I get covid so I take the path with the best chance for my survival.

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Posted in: 8 killed, several others wounded in shooting at Indianapolis Fedex facility See in context

Americans are America's greatest threat. They kill and injure more Americans than most wars do. Just head shakingly sad.

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Posted in: Suga arrives in Washington for talks with Biden; China topping agenda See in context

A photo opp to show the world slowly getting back to a familiar normal with diplomatic visits in person. While there, they will chat about what is important to each side and a few soundbites will be shared with the public.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context


the globalist cabale in these countries is completely dependent on the CCP for their economies and has not will to do more about China than some cheap rethoric.

China is also dependent on trade, more so than any other nation, Losing all trade with Europe, the US, Canada and Australia is more than it can handle. The resources that drive China come in a large part from Australia, and its exports go to the world. A war would mean an embargo on Chinese goods and trade would be destroyed by the opposing side, on the sea and any land routes would also be destroyed. It would not be all one way by any means as China has a fearsome missile inventory of varying ranges and is in final development of hyper-sonic missile systems. The world realizes that a third world war will devastate everyone, no nation would be unaffected. The question is how close we will come to a major war before that single mistake that ignites the fuse comes along and it wont matter which side is responsible, from that point on all bets are off any anything can and will happen.

A new equilibrium will not easily be achieved as China looks for dominance in trade, technology and militarily.

The free world has no trust in the CCP and will not lay down to coercion. A point will be reached where all must choose between peace or war and it only takes one to choose war for us all. We all know peace is preferred but peace with no free will may be to high a price for some to accept.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Face it, it is either Japan or the US that have the military muscle to stand up to the CCP, alas both now have goverments that leave that in doubt. Poor Taiwan

India, with the right military leadership would also pose a serious problem for China in the region.

Germany joining France and the UK in representing European interests in South East Asia where a lot of its trade passes through is a sign or their readiness to defend their interests where ever that may be. Write Germany off as a military power if you like but when combined with the two European military powers in the UK and France and throw in Italian forces and Spain you have start to see that European naval forces, while not the biggest in the world are modern and have more carriers than China does. If they are ready to join a coalition to keep the peace in the Asia region I would not count it out as being a credible influence.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

They "bought" all that material. Stalin said right from the start that the USSR needed from "the little allies" (what Stalin called them) much more than the war materials was for their armies to stop sitting around the UK, *** each other and open a second front.

They, (Russia) like other nations used American Lend Lease and it was all on credit. But supplies also came from Canada and the UK and how was it all transported? was it Russia's mighty maritime fleets guarded by the Russian navy that transported it all there through hostile waters losing men and ships in the process? Heck no, they had bugger all to use for that important work it was the allies who fought through the U-boats, raiders and squadrons of enemy aircraft all to keep Russia in the fight. It is all recorded in the pages of history. Russia like China has no gratitude for what others have done for them but they are quick to take all credit for winning a war when they only fought in one region while others fought in all regions to defend freedom.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Don't mistake "the world" for USA, Canada, Australia and UK. China's population and real economy is larger than those 4 combined.

More population perhaps but not yet as big economically as the four Nations seemingly mentioned at random.

A walking, talking US regime propaganda poster such as yourself shows whether of not people are allowed blame the regime is meaningless as long as so many people are like you.

A non argument is your argument. Interesting tactic to again use rubbish Chinese propaganda to back up a no facts argument . US evil, must deny our population the same freedoms of they will become evil like America and the free world. Sad argument from you.

More banal cliches. Are you in Japan? Have you ever been off the farm in Iowa?

Not currently in Japan and not in America either (not even American), but keep up your assumptions it goes well with the rest of your communist backed arguments.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

No. Sorry but my "WOW" statements were absolutely accurate.

No, they were not.

Being a global pariah isn't a "good" thing or something that makes the state more powerful economically, militarily and etc.

So why is China the worlds biggest pariah state?

Freedom for who and do what?

Freedom for everyone to think for themselves and to criticize and blame bad leadership when needed. Things not allowed in China. Things you get locked up for in China. Freedom to make your own future and to be yourself. Freedom to be right or wrong and to learn from your mistakes without a big stick from big brother.

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Posted in: Biden plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept 11 See in context

While normally a Biden supporter I oppose this withdrawal date. Why give the Taliban a date to celebrate the US gone from its nation on a date forever mourned in the USA for the Sept 11 attacks? A double celebration if they also celebrate the 9/11 attacks. Not well thought out. Move it forward a week or back a week would be better.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Russia doesn’t take crap. They may have lost the Cold War, but they one WW2.

No, Russia did not win WWII, they were part of the winning team after being forced from team Hitler by Germany's treachery. They were supplied with over 17 million tons of war supplies by the allies to keep them from being over run by Germany. And it worked. Germany was squeezed like a lemon between Russian and Western armies and they fell. The Allies, all of them, won WWII. Any single nation that claim's it won WWII is a liar. Any person that claims one nation won WWII is badly misinformed.

Germany and Japan are on the allied side now and that conflict (WWII) though still discussed, is in the past. The future is what is important and as more like minded nations come together, hopefully peace will be maintained.

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Posted in: Once 'green' plug-in hybrid cars suddenly look like dinosaurs in Europe See in context

Even riding a horse will not be zero emissions FFS, the horse passes gas .

The driver and passengers all pass gas, do you have a solution for that?

Some things are meant to be, burning fossil fuels need not be one of them. The world is waking to the imminent danger and will work through ways to reduce or limit greenhouse gas producing ways of life. It wont be perfect and some mistakes may be made but all in all the trend has to go down if we are to survive and keeping the status quo of burning all these fossil fuels is not an option. Change must and will happen, and dragging your feet will not help solve the issues.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Germany is getting really uppity again. Sending naval vessels to the South China Sea. The defense minister saying "One can only speak to Russia in the language of force". Some things never change but it's getting dangerous for them. Time to slap them down again I fear.

There is always one poster who makes hilarious nonsensical posts that have me laughing so hard my ribs hurt afterwards.

China is the leading economic power now. Against Russia or China the only threat the US military poses is its nukes

Wow a couple in the one article. The US without Trump has global influence, the type China and Russia dream about. It is the influence one gets by promoting democracy and freedom and constantly working with like minded nations to achieve goals. China and Russia for the most part are lone wolves and when a lone wolf faces a pack of wolves it loses every time. China tries very hard to separate nations that work together but it is ineffective in doing so. Biden knows how to build coalitions and will continue to work on doing so to counter China. This infuriates China to no end and will for the most part keep it in check. Mistakes can happen and if it does it will be China thinking it can take on the world and win.

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Posted in: Once 'green' plug-in hybrid cars suddenly look like dinosaurs in Europe See in context

In cold climates like Hokkaido and Canada people that do not have a home charging system or do not leave the cars plugged in at all times find that if the car is left out in the cold for a week without changing the batteries have lost so much charge that the vehicle will not start.

To add to the problem once the power level has dropped below a certain level the systems cut out, meaning even if you have a charging station at home you cannot charge the car.

The car needs to be brought to a dealer the systems reset and the dealer needs to charge the vehicle.

Normal electrical systems are not effected in such a manner. The companies making these vehicles are responsible and should make them so that these issues of "resetting" or "will not operate under a certain charge". A system where when the battery level gets to 10% or 5%, it goes into emergency economy setting and the only things that work are the motor, half lighting and indicator, break lights and hazard lights work in order to get the most distance out of the battery and to allow it to continue operation and to charge on complete empty.

I believe all EV's should have solar panels in the roof and bonnet to allow some trickle charging during daylight and if you run out of power it will give a few km's a day in charge. Free power for the life of the vehicle is to much to expect from most builders it seems, but not all.

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Posted in: New Zealand introduces climate change law for financial firms in world first See in context

Looks like the Kiwi's get the jump on the rest of the world on this issue. Who would have though ten years ago that the world would look at New Zealand as world leaders on anything but rugby? Handling Covid-19 - tick.

Now this issue as well. Congratulations New Zealand, and keep it up.

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Posted in: Blinken warns 'increasingly aggressive' China over Taiwan See in context

The people of Hong Kong have more rights now than they did under British rule. It is Chinese territory, their rules. Were you crying for Hong Kong freedom from the British?

No they do not, not even close to being a true statement. Complete propaganda that nobody believes.

Tibet and recently the Uyghars so-called "liberation" struggles are just the usual US triggers to aid its economic war against China.

No, the people want freedom and China out of their lands. China will say anything to divert attention from these issues including pointing fingers at other nations.

The US is, has always been and will continue to be the biggest threat to peace in the region. Not China.

The US is a champion for freedom while China is a champion for removing freedoms of speach, thought and religion. The US defends people, like China in WWII while China wants to expand it's territories at the expense of others and is building the worlds biggest military in order to do what it wants. What it wants is world domination. It is obvious to the entire world that China is the major threat not just in that region but to the world.

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Posted in: Blinken warns 'increasingly aggressive' China over Taiwan See in context

China has 4 overseas bases. Others are on land that China regards as its own. South CHINA sea... There's a hint in the name.. :)

China has eleven bases outside its lawful Internationally recognized territory. What China wants to steal is not relevant. :)

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Posted in: Iran says Natanz nuclear site hit by terrorism See in context

How come nobody ever suspects Saudi involvement?

An Israeli General is giving big "hints" that it was an Israeli operation, so unless they were working with the Saudi's on this it was carried out by Israel alone.

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Posted in: Iran says Natanz nuclear site hit by terrorism See in context

Israel is setting a very dangerous precedent in attacking a Nuclear facility. Should there be a nuclear accident due to such terrorist actions it opens itself up to a future nuclear strike in retaliation and world wide condemnation.

Israeli stocks are already at an all time low thanks to Netanyahu and his treatment of the Palestinians and the continued blocking of a two state solution. They can not attack whoever they like in the region with impunity forever. Sooner or later Israel will pay a high price for their hostilities, it is becoming more inevitable with each attack they carry out. Israel does not get to determine how the whole middle east looks or acts.

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Posted in: Blinken warns 'increasingly aggressive' China over Taiwan See in context

Tibet and Taiwan are regarded by China as China! Not everyone agrees with them.

Indeed neither Tibet nor Taiwan consider themselves a part of Communist run China. Oh and most of the world dont see them as part of Communist China either.

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Posted in: Blinken warns 'increasingly aggressive' China over Taiwan See in context

So, how many bases does China have around the world? How many Chinese troops are stationed in other countries? How many wars has China started in the last 50 years? China is standing up for its rights as a nation.

China has eleven bases outside of Chinese territory used for military purposes. This includes the seven it has built from submerged reefs in the South China sea.

In the past 50 years China has started at least three conflicts and joined another already in progress.

China has turned into a country that infringes on other nations territorial rights and uses trade to bully other nations. (The US also bullies with trade).

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Posted in: Prince Charles says royal family 'deeply grateful' for world's support See in context

He was himself a waspish character who seemed to enjoy making offensive comments.

I do not agree. His sense of humor often crossed the bounds of common correctness but he did not mean to cause offense, let alone enjoy causing offense. His attempts at breaking the ice or removing some of the stiffness in royal protocols was famous and in many instances welcomed and appropriate. In some instances that have been well documented and commented on they crossed a line he would rather not have crossed as he did not seek or like the spot light being on him. He carried out his duty to his wife and his country with steadfastness and dedication and he did so well into his 90's when most people would have been retired for 15 - 20 years already.

Love him or hate him he was his own man, standing behind and supporting his woman and serving the Commonwealth of nations when and where he was asked to. His life now over, history will remember him for his many achievements and his few gaffes. Hid did much more good than bad and the scales are in his favor.

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Posted in: Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99 See in context

A man who spent his life supporting his wife in her career and was always there when she needed his support. If he wasn't from a past generation I would call him thoroughly modern. Respect. RIP. Condolences to the British Royal family and friends.

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