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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

The US has a President who has lied 10,000+ times now. You’re going to need to prove to us that this was Iran. Prove it.

The should be asked to prove it was not the US that did it.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader step down See in context

Free people have a right to ask someone who has betrayed them and their state to stand down or resign. There is nothing unlawful in that. Unless the people of Hong Kong are not free, but are just assets of a dictatorial country.

They voice their opinions and in the free world they are heard.

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Posted in: Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers See in context

This stupid trick is an insult to Trump's intelligence. even if he is not known for being smart.

Trump has no intelligence so there can be no insult to him.

This would most likely be a stunt arranged by Bolton and or Pompeo behind Trumps back.

Nothing to gain for Iran in doing this but much to be gained for Iran's enemies if Iran is made to look like they did it.

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Posted in: Thousands honour former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke at state memorial See in context

Very surprised and disappointed at the lack of representatives from other countries. Would have thought at least our allies would have sent high level representative's to the memorial, for our great and beloved former prime Minister.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles with extradition bill protesters See in context

This is probably not even reported in the press on the mainland. Word of mouth will still get through and spread like wildfire.

It is not surprising that Chinese citizens who enjoy more natural freedom than the vast majority on the mainland wish to guard those freedoms. Any leadership that uses fear and repression to keep its people in line has a use-by date that will eventually come to pass. Once a system like that crumbles it happens fast. Look at East Germany and the collapse of the USSR. China's CCP use-by date will also come.

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Posted in: New Choco Mint Pocky comes covered in pastel green mint chocolate See in context

mmmmm Pocky with chocolate and spearmint does sound very nice.

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Posted in: Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern See in context

"A bigger source of concern are all of the land grabs and territory being annexed by Russia and China."

Like what? When was the last time either did either.

Ukraine territory illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.

Georgian territories occupied by Russia 2008.

South China sea Claimed and man made structures constructed from 2014 onward and occupied by China.

Invasion and occupation of Tibet by China 1950.

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Posted in: Japan to ban free plastic bags at stores to fight marine pollution See in context

Being forced to buy a plastic bag rather than getting it for free changes nothing. Plastic is still being used and will still find its way into the marine system.

They need to go "old school" with modern technology. Reinforced paper bags made with bamboo or regrowth forests that both employ people to grow and cut and manufacture and are completely biodegradable.

And the paper bags should be free. You want people to buy your products but don't give them a way to take the product home. That will encourage people to go to stores that DO give paper bags.

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Posted in: China says U.S. actions on Taiwan, South China Sea threaten stability See in context

Read some of the atrocities committed by the US over the past 200 years. Read some objective history books.

I have read history. My statement stands and is correct for both past and present.

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Posted in: China says U.S. actions on Taiwan, South China Sea threaten stability See in context

Incorrect assumption on your part

The US is far from perfect. It's current President is case in point. My point is that no matter how bad you think the US is, China is far worse.

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Posted in: China says U.S. actions on Taiwan, South China Sea threaten stability See in context

Do you mean that China does not have freedom for civilians to have arms and massacre its fellow citizens? Or the freedom of free speech like Julian Assange who exposed US war crimes? Or freedom for companies to trade from whom they want without US sanctions . Or do you mean freedom of African/Americans not to be indiscriminately killed by police for minor misdemeanours?

CCP run china does not have freedom to speak out against the ruling party. They do not have the right to religion that is not run by the CCP. They can not vote the CCP out of power. The Uyghurs are killed and imprisoned in state sanctioned actions worse than treatment of African/Americans in the US. Chinese do not have the freedom to have arms but manage to massacre citizens and children with knives from time to time. All companies in China are at the direction of the CCP and obey without question as they have no legal ability to do otherwise as the party is the law in China. No separation of powers in China to ensure a chance of a free and fair trial.

For every bad thing you say about the US, there are the same or worse that can be said of China.

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Posted in: China says U.S. actions on Taiwan, South China Sea threaten stability See in context

Like it or not there have been two Chinese cultures since 1949. A free, independent and democratic China on the Island nation of Taiwan. And a repressed China run by the communist party that outlaws freedom of speech, religion and action that are not approved by the privileged in the Communist party.

That situation had nothing to do with US involvement and was created by the Chinese themselves by their civil war.

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Posted in: New KitKats combine mint, peach and rum for a summertime taste sensation See in context

Peppermint is horrible. They should make spearmint instead. Much preferable.

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Posted in: Trump hits Mexico with 5% tariff in response to illegal immigration See in context

Trump again using trade as a bludgeon to get what he wants from countries. From Friend and foe alike. Trump has no friends and soon neither will America.

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Posted in: N Korea executes officials, imprisons interpreter after U.S. summit collapse: S Korean media See in context

This probably indicates that any agreement that is made with North Korea in the near future is worthless. With a system that kills citizens at the leaders whim, without fair trials, on made up charges.

That does not mean efforts to denuclearize North Korea should stop. It just means dont be taken in by words. Only actions of handing over all nukes and materials can be trusted.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups See in context

Russia says the new AGEIS ashore installations in Japan are a potential threat to Russia.

So that would make the Russian development and deployment of new hyper-sonic missiles that cant be intercepted a genuine threat to Japan. But naturally Russia does not mention that.

One system is for defense and the other for attack. Which one is the bigger threat? Can you guess?

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Posted in: Australia takes Sony to court for refusing refunds on faulty PlayStation games See in context

The entity selling is responsible for a refund if the item sold is found to be faulty. Attempting to divert or mislead consumers with incorrect information violates Australian consumer law. Failure to refund on a faulty product also violates Australian consumer law. Sony sold a product and received payment, making it responsible for providing a refund for that faulty product.

Sony looks like it is guilty of at least two breaches of Australian law on multiple occasions. This could end up being quite expensive for Sony. Not in the same league as American or European courts would impose on them but still more than just a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Japan has mint chocolate butter See in context

Not familiar with Wintergreen in my country. After googling it, I find it is as much a medicine as a flavoring.

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Posted in: Japan has mint chocolate butter See in context

If it was spearmint I would be interested. Peppermint, not at all interested.

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Posted in: Australian navy pilots hit by lasers during South China Sea flights See in context

While continuing to maintain that they are friendly and that there is nothing to worry about. They continue to act in an aggressive unfriendly manner. Actions speak louder than words. China can not be trusted.

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Posted in: Trump is first head of state to meet Japan's new emperor See in context

Trump being the first foreign "cough" leader to meet the new Emperor means that the only way forward is up. The riffraff is now out of the way and the Emperor can now look forward to meeting some real leaders of the world and having some adult conversations with them about world affairs.

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Posted in: Australian mother reflects on 'lunchbox shame' she felt from her son’s Tokyo preschool teacher See in context

This teacher over stepped the bounds of his job.

The lunch served by the mother was appropriate and nutritious and if you expect an Australian to be a Japanese you will always be disappointed.

In my day I got a cheese and Vegemite sandwich 5 days a week and nothing else. Things have come a long way since then and the addition of carrot, banana and muffin would have been much welcomed by me when I was at school.

Teachers job is to teach reading, writing, math, science and history etc to the child. Not to try teaching his preferences to the parent.

The teacher needs to be reprimanded.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

Commiserations to Japan having such an unpleasant unintelligent oaf visiting you fine land. Very sorry for your new Emperor having to put up with his presence and needing to act like he is enjoying it. And sorry for Mr Abe having to suck up to the repugnant fellow. All of Japan will need a long hot shower once he leaves.

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Posted in: Shiny green wasabi pearls become hot selling topping See in context

I would buy some if they were available for International sales. So hurry up and make it so.

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions See in context

Once again America sailing in International waters is a non issue. Move along.

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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

An old saying goes:- You cant have your cake and eat it too.

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Posted in: Ex-Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke dies at age 89 See in context

A great Australian and a decent Politician. The world could use a few more leaders like him right now. Sadly the decent politicians are few and far between these days in all countries. He lived a good life and made positive changes to help all Australians when he was leader.

Now he has been called up stairs to sort them out up there, and to enjoy a beer when hes done. RIP Bob.

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Posted in: End of 'Big Bang' stirs debate over future of TV comedies See in context

Brilliant show unequaled in modern television. Got the cast chemistry right. Twelve years is no fluke and it could and should have gone on for further seasons.

Would be great to see Stuart get his own spin off "Comic book man" with the old gang returning from time to time, once or twice a season.

So sad to see it ending, they felt like family and were welcome in my home every week.

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Posted in: Doris Day, actress who honed wholesome image, dies at 97 See in context

A long fruitful life well spent. RIP

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Posted in: Young swimmers See in context

Only 400 expected to return from 200,000. Very high mortality rate.

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