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The last time the Brits sent warships east of Suez, it didn't turn out so good for them.

Really? In 2018 the HMS Albion and two other warships visited Japan. In what way did the visit not turn out well for the UK?

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If that is true, the work should be done by British companies and British workers. Strange since they are American made planes.

It has been mentioned a few times on JT. Many nations build components for the F-35 so it may be maintenance on Japanese built components.

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If UK wants a war with China, let it be. Don't drag Japan in.

I wonder why some few posters are so focused on war and not peace.

The UK is sending its F-35B's to Japan for maintenance and upgrades and they will be arriving on the ship that they are assigned to. While in Japanese and international waters the ships and planes will conduct exercises as would be expected. If any nation has a problem with the UK doing business with Japan then they can mind their own affairs and not be jealous that the UK is not doing that business with them.

Japan and the UK are improving ties and that is a good thing. Nations working together to strengthen peace is always beneficial to all peace loving countries. The only people who do not benefit are those with delusions of creating empires through intimidation and war.

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Posted in: Australia's long battle with racism in sport See in context

Cricket is a Gentleman's Game

It started out that way but it is no longer for gentlemen. Sledging other players has become the norm and it is not part of the game itself, except that those who do it think it is. It has turned the great game ugly and needs to be made illegal with players punished and the team penalized for sledging.

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Posted in: Australia records handful of new coronavirus cases as national frictions grow See in context

Every country needs to go publish a cost/benefit analysis because people seem to forget there are other problems in the world. Lockdowns cause poverty, suicide, starvation, domestic abuse to increase amongst other things but for some reason they're left out of the conversation

Not really relevant when up against a pandemic. A health emergency is not an everyday occurrence and must be controlled for the good of all. Looking at California and the UK where it is unchecked and their health systems are at the point of collapse. A health system in collapse endangers all sick people no matter what their ailment.

Governments provide support to keep people fed and stop evictions to keep people with homes. The better people adapt and the better the support the better everyone can deal with lockdowns. One thing is evident from my experience being locked down for months in Melbourne, the sooner you lock down upon finding clusters the better as the lockdown length will be much shorter. Melbourne left it too late, got too many cases and the road to getting control was much longer. Act as soon as you find them and the lockdowns are for a few weeks rather than months. The sooner you regain control the sooner business goes back to normal.

The cost to the UK, California and other areas that have not done the fast lockdowns is more and more evident and it is more costly in the long term by far in lives, money, suicides, domestic abuse etc.

There is no option until the vast majority are vaccinated and that may need to be done two times a year or yearly. Nobody knows yet.

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This article is on racism in Australia..which is wide spread and experienced in every sphere of life..

No it is not. This is an article about racism in Australian sport. The above statement is not correct.

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Posted in: Australia's long battle with racism in sport See in context

Most nations suffer with their share of idiots. I remember a test series in India where crowds were calling some Australian players "monkeys" and it made news everywhere. It happened at more than one venue in India and was an embarrassment for India at that time. Now it is Sydney crowds yelling racist slurs at Indian players and it is Australia that is now embarrassed. It is hard to know who will drink too much alcohol at a game and turn from normal cricket fan to racist pratt with a couple of cans of beer.

It happens at Soccer, football, cricket but thankfully it is always a very small minority doing it at any given time.

Hard to stamp out and it takes enjoyment of the game away from surrounding fans.

I think when you have 30,000 fans or more and allow alcohol your likely to get a few drunken fools, no matter what country your in.

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Posted in: A year after first confirmed death in China, coronavirus source still a puzzle See in context

FACT: when you make baseless accusations against an Asian nation... the response you will generally receive is to distance from you because you are deliberately trying to embarrass and blame.

FACT: When making an informed accusation based on available evidence against an Asian nation the response will be identical to above. Because that is what has happened in the case of Covid.

Chinese doctors first identified this covid-19 virus in Wuhan in China.

Local Chinese Communist officials attempted to cover up the claims of a potential serious situation. The Doctor was jailed as a "trouble maker". Time was lost and the ability to contain the virus outbreak was lost due to the intervention of officials stopping proper reporting and responses to the developing situation. This information has all come from inside China itself.

Denying it or attempting to alter the history for the sake of avoiding shame is unacceptable.

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Did anyone ever really expect China to co-operate with this investigaton?

Honest people willing to give China the benefit of the doubt believed them. Now they may see what others have been telling them that you cant take China at its word. It breaks agreements and its promises as often than it keeps them.

While western countries with a free press would go into damage control, China with controlled press goes into damage denial.

No government wants bad press but Western nations rely on open media to "keep them as honest as they can" and China and Russian state media "keep lying until told otherwise by the leader".

For a modern China making changes and wanting to lead, it falls well short in this area and will always fall short with a closed state run media machine. It needs to learn the Western style of "damage control" rather than damage deny what everyone knows is truth.

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China is incapable of a proper, full and open independent investigation. Without the ability to manipulate the data and to steer the investigation in the direction it wants it will not allow foreign investigators to search for, or find the truth, as it would potentially be an embarrassment to Xi and to modern China. China has a habit of hiding inconvenient truth's and damaging information. China labels anyone attempting to speak of or publish such information as "trouble makers" and detains or locks them up. In this case the first Doctor's in Wuhan that tried to inform authorities and colleagues of a growing new virus threat was locked up and shamed publicly until the virus was out of control . He later died from covid. The journalists that tried to publish and speak of covid were treated the same as the Doctor. China has a first response of "deny it and cover it up". That allowed the virus to spread unchecked and to get past China's borders. This situation is both an embarrassment to communist ways of dealing with anything potentially dangerous to its survival and it is a situation they seemed to have learned little to nothing from. They would act in the same manner if the same thing happened in five years time. An independent inquiry would show local officials acting as directed by higher party officials and in the process allowing covid to get lose. Highly embarrassing to Xi and his communist party ways of denial and secrecy.

The shame of this will linger long after covid is under control globally or even defeated through vaccinations.

Another nail in the Communist coffin. Freedom to report the truth would have saved China and the world this scourge, and the lives of millions of victims.

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Posted in: Indonesian radical cleric linked to Bali bombings in 2002 released from jail See in context

I know. I was just wondering why you posted that he wasn’t.

I didn't. I said he was not "just" a preacher.

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Posted in: Indonesian radical cleric linked to Bali bombings in 2002 released from jail See in context

He is/was a preacher a particular brand of Islam which takes a literalist view of the violent parts of the texts. Unfortunately, there are others like him.

He was a preacher AND a terrorist responsible for hundreds of deaths. Being a preacher is no excuse and no free pass to kill and main hundreds.

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Posted in: Indonesian radical cleric linked to Bali bombings in 2002 released from jail See in context

He is not just a preacher of religion. He helped plan a bombing that killed not only his fellow countrymen but guests in the country. HUNDREDS of people died. Shameful that he gets released and for a nation with the death penalty it is shameful he was not executed for his crime.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

So there, it make no difference how often Japan apologizes, how much Japan pays the demands will keep coming until Japan finally says no permanently.

There is a big difference. Germany has laws about deniers Japan does not. German apologies are real and heart felt. They understand their Country acted in a shameful way and genuinely regret it. ( except right wing extremists). Japan does not.

Germany has paid, paid, paid apologized apologized and apologized and still they are asked for more.

With all the nations and peoples that were effected by Nazi action during the war it may be two or three generations or more before all requests for compensation are filed, taken through courts and settled. The underlying lesson is those who start world wars and inflict untold horrors on peoples of other nations will answer for their actions no matter how long it takes. Complaining about it when your country was one of those responsible gains no respect from those effected. Germany complains little, Japan complains a lot. Big difference.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

Germany still endures claims from Greece and Poland for compensation stemming from issues from WWII

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Posted in: Indonesian radical cleric linked to Bali bombings in 2002 released from jail See in context

Now extradite him to Australia for a life sentence with no chance of release.

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

Trump has been forced into a corner and into giving the very first "presidential" speech of his four year term in office. It had Trump speaking of healing and unity, concepts until now that were foreign to him. A clearly subdued and beaten man, Trump has confirmed that the transition of office will go ahead on the 20th and he will no longer be President.

With the damage he has done to the American nation, it's reputation and standing around the world is at it's lowest point since it was a British colony. He finally mentioned the bad 2020, the Pandemic and its losses and the damage it has had on America and it's people.

Four years too late Mr President. And it may not be enough to save you from the additional disgrace of being removed from office days before your term is due to end.

What a doofus.

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“While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

Trumps future path is clearly to enter comedy. With zingers like the above he cant lose.

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Posted in: China's internet erupts in mirth over U.S. Capitol chaos See in context

China's Communist Youth League also described the unrest as a "beautiful sight"

Spoken like a true terrorist. The sight of anarchy and revolution are things terrorists love to incite and watch.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to boost defense ties with Europe in Indo-Pacific See in context

You don't know too much about the quality of the Chinese military today. You are living in a twenty year old time warp. Even without those SCS islands coming within 1000 kilometers of China with any kind of air or naval force will be a meat grinder.

Incorrect. I am fully aware that China may well hold an advantage in the area of missiles of intermediate range and in numbers. However China has borders and neighbors who are natural enemies. They also have missiles. A coalition of nations against China, that includes the US, Japan, India and South Korea and possibly some NATO countries will more than even the odds. Bases in Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India are all in range of Chinese bases and cities. While avoiding war is the goal of all sensible leaders, if it happens, as it inevitably does from time to time, China will fight better than many expect but are by no means guaranteed to win or even fight to a draw.

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Currently, China fully controls the SCS,

That is what China wants other's to believe but the islands they made are all a few bunker buster/MOAB's away from irrelevance and would be the first targets of any conflict. They would not last long and cant move out of the way of incoming waves of missiles, some of which they would no doubt shoot down.

Once the Island fortresses are eliminated, China has its bases on the mainland and its navy. For a small or moderate nation that would be enough but against the worlds number one military and a coalition that may include NATO, those defenses are no match for what could be brought to bare.

So international seafaring nations that use trade routes through the SCS have every right to protect those international waters from any nation that claims ownership of those waters in attempts to keep people away.

The more nations willing to protect freedom of travel the better for everyone.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to boost defense ties with Europe in Indo-Pacific See in context

The more international players protecting the use of international waters the better and safer everyone will be in those waters. No matter if you are a small or large "claimant" to parts of the South China sea, all must protect the rule and laws based freedom of travel for all nations vessels at all times in world recognized International waters and air space within the South China sea's. No nation can be allowed to claim ownership of this huge sea that the world relies upon for open and free transit of trade and other vessels.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

Trump is two dimensional. He has no strategy or ability to strategize. Trump says what he believes others will buy into (his low IQ followers) and ends up believing his own lies which makes him look more sincere and sucks in more low IQ followers. Trump thinks he is better than everyone else and up there with god. He thinks he knows all and has the best brain in history. He truly is the most useless president America has ever had, or will ever have. A low point in American history that will be hard to beat.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

Trump continues to confirm that his desire to eliminate democracy. Trump is a tin pot dictator who is fully attempting to over throw the will of the people of America, destroy the pillars of US democracy and install himself as an illegal President against the wishes of the vast majority of American voters. That so many Republicans are on board with this brazen attempt to destroy America shows that the divide in that country is at a precipice and it needs to find common ground fast. With the US tearing itself apart like this at the direction of one man is astounding. That he has managed to hypnotize so many low IQ people in that nation almost defies belief. They just dont care about the country, only that a low IQ president who is lazy, lies for a living and is incapable of running the country for more than a third of its people and does that poorly, remains in the job he failed so badly.

Such mutinous attempts must be met with a stone wall and those responsible held fully accountable for an attempted coup.

Strip them of citizenship and expel them all for life or they can choose life behind bars. No sympathy for these idiots. They all need to be made an example of under the law and if new laws are needed for this then they should introduce them and apply them.

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Posted in: Theaters look to Bond and Black Widow to spark 2021 moviegoing See in context

I dont think there will be a spark in movie going until covid is a past issue. That could be a year away or if covid continues to mutate it could be years away. We all hope it is solved sooner rather than later but packed cinema's will be a super spreader event until post covid. Smart people who trust the science will stay away until then.

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Posted in: Male-only rule should be prioritized in imperial succession: Suga See in context

This shows how out of touch the leader of Japan is with equality. It can happen when electing leaders in the last decade or two of their lives. They are set in their ways most times and find change hard to accept.

Japan needs younger more vigorous leadership capable of both innovation and making changes that will help Japan thrive even if it goes against "old traditions" that are in place not because they are better but simply because it has been that way for hundreds of years. Some traditions are worth holding onto for remembering cultural history but others need to evolve or die out all together for the good of Japans future.

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Posted in: Suga vows to contain virus, hold Olympics in New Year's address See in context

It may be that these Tokyo summer Olympic games does not happen at all. If cancelled in 2021 they will be abandoned. Unless the mass vaccination of a majority of the worlds population can occur within the next six months the Olympics are in doubt. Fault can not be assigned to anyone in Japan for a world wide pandemic that originated elsewhere. There must be compensation from the world wide Olympic body should an abandonment happen.

Japan has maintained a positive outlook and momentum only to be thwarted by circumstance. Holding an Olympic games that could threaten the lives of Japanese locals, visitors, competitors and officials would not be right. The most remembered aspect could well be the cost in lives lost and that is not something anyone wants.

It would be a great disappointment for the world to miss the spectacle of a 2021 Tokyo summer games but to endure the deaths of perhaps tens or hundreds of people or more, from the holding of the games would be to high a price to pay.

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Posted in: A divided nation asks: What's holding our country together? See in context

Trump uses and still applies the doctrine of fear to get people on his side. There are many in America that are to easily scared, they fear anything they do not understand or things they do not like. Autocrats and Dictators use the same rule book. Divide and conquer. First Trump did it within a Republican party that laughed when he first indicated he would run on the Republican ticket. Nobody took him to seriously until he began his divide and conquer. He won the Primaries and the began on the nation. He lost the popular vote but he targeted his fear at the states most open to it. Trump won 306 EC votes and a stunned Democratic party finding it hard to grasp that Trump had won against the polls and experts predictions.

Now after four years of Trump harping on the fear of the people, telling daily lies and hiding some truths that should have been made public (not the only president to do that by the way) he plays on the fear of an American public that the election was rigged against him. That Democrats somehow stole an election but he showed nothing provable that could be taken to court to back it up. Conspiracy theories are a good way to stoke fears. Americans must learn to look for themselves and not take leaders words as a given truth, especially when it is easily proven that the leader lies more often than tells the truth. A scared public can forgive almost any crime if they feel protected and safe. Trump failed to provide that due to his handling of the pandemic and yet 74 million Americans are still taken in by the Trump show.

Biden will try to unite as much as he is able. He certainly has enough experience in US politics and has the respect of at least some high ranking Republicans. If Trump remains on the sidelines spewing fear creating conspiracies it will be harder to bridge the current divide.

The US is at its very best, at its most lethal and at its most influential in a skeptical world when it moves together as one. Being divided and having two side blaming each other for all the problems in the country does nothing to fix anything and does nothing to Make America great again. The US and the world need an America that is united right now. Trumps biggest failure was using fear and shunning a united people. His tactic got him in the door but failed to give a second term. Biden needs to include the right Republicans in this government and make it a place for everyone to be heard, have a voice that gets listened to and create a bipartisan environment so the Nation can heal wounds that seem deeper than anyone thought.

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Posted in: Australia changes word in anthem to honor Indigenous people See in context

Until Australia day represents a date both indigenous first people and indigenous Australians born from settlers can agree on, 26th Jan will always represent discovery for some and invasion for others. The song was not even on the radar of things needing to be fixed. Get the priorities right and move forward with change in the areas that need it.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of show of force with Taiwan Strait passage See in context

Thomas GoodtimeDec. 31, 2020 11:49 pm JST


Who's perspective is naive? Yours or mine?

Yours is.

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