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Posted in: UK, U.S., Japan and Canada to ban Russia gold imports See in context

More and more divesting from doing business with Russia. As more ways are found, they will be used to increase sanctions on Russian business and the Russian state. It all adds up and while China can buy some of what Russia sells it can not buy everything. Russia must sell for a lot less, getting less income from goods it would otherwise get normal premium prices for.

Russia gets less access to quality goods that it cant produce itself and cheap Chinese knock offs damage more easily and break much more often making Russian good produced using them less capable. Russia will slowly spiral downwards with less options and less partners, putting more eggs in the China basket until it overflows and has no options left.

Sanctions keep dangerous nations from having more options and an easier time in tyrannical rule and planning oppression against others. They certainly worked against South African apartheid.

Russia is a pariah state with an evil rouge regime that will only continue to damage life for ordinary Russians and for those it targets like Ukraine.

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Abortion isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.

Now may be the time to have it included. It has the numbers to pass in a referendum of the people.

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Would love to see a headline of "Ukraine missiles hit Moscow causing significant damage" just to wake up the people of Russia to the fact they are in a shooting war that has deadly consequences.

It is just a game to Putin, moving pieces around on a board and collecting a few roubles when he steals Ukraine grain. Russia needs to be stopped, on way or another. Their evil can not be allowed to win.

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Posted in: Kishida to align Japan with G7, NATO over Ukraine, China at summits See in context

He does know? that NATO destroyed Africa’s most successful country, Libya. (Now has an open, active slave market and thriving people smuggling industry.) murdered Serbian civilians, illegally invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, killing at a conservative estimate 600,000 citizens. Sends weapons to the most corrupt country in Europe and 123 in the World that can shoot down civilian airplanes if smuggled to Albania or Modovia or other countries in a car boot.

Blah blah Russian propaganda and lies. Yawn... Who do you think believes that rubbish? You should be posting that on Chinese and Russian websites because most people here know its crap. Sure the pro Russia/China posters will all line up to agree with you, but they are anti West/US/NATO/Japan or anyone that speaks out against autocrats.

NATO destroyed Libya? OMG how big a lie do you wish to tell?

Of course Japan being free and democratic will not side with Russia or China. That will not change. Good for Japan and good for the world.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand and UK form Pacific group See in context

Biden,ought concentrate on domestic issues,tell these others leader's to zip it,he is dealing educated party members,that want results

And Xi ought to concentrate on domestic issues also. Unfortunately he doesnt give a toss about his people unless they diasgree with him at which point they disappear for "reeducation". If China wasn't trying to interfere in the Pacific, other nations would not feel the need provide balance and options to counter Chinese attempts at control.

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painkillerToday 01:17 am JST

I blame the UK too for not extending the lease.

I doubt China would have been willing to extend or sign a new lease. They wanted Hong Kong back and I do knot think the UK had a right to extend unilaterally. If it did then I agree with you.

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When Ukraine separatists kill Ukrainians and break all sorts of laws do you think they should have nothing done to them? Of course the government defends the nation from them and that includes killing them while they wage war against Ukraine.

No US quagmire and as long as they see the sense in donating assistance to Ukraine to help it remain free from Russia, that is their business. It is far cheaper than joining in the fighting.

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Posted in: China's Xi to visit Hong Kong for 25th anniversary of handover See in context

painkillerToday 12:58 am JST

It's part of China, and China has 100% control over it.

Yes, and that is why it is so much less than it used to be and why it's future is so bleak.

Pity the poor citizens of Hong Kong that could not leave. They now live under tyrannical rule.

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Posted in: Shanghai reports zero COVID cases for first time since March See in context

Why can a third world country consisting of one in six people on earth have hardly any deaths, but USA, the richest, has over one million and a quarter of the population?

So a nation with a space station, nuclear weapons, more factories than any other nation, and aspirations of being a world leader is still referred to as third world? Cant hide behind that inaccuracy any more. US people have more freedoms and more ability to tell the government to butt out. China on the other hand must pander (oops) to Jinping and his decree's. China let the virus out and tried hard to cover it up and the US had it's worst ever leader during the critical initial stages.

The US was never going to get it right and China was always going to go overboard and lie to its people as well as the world.

After much pain Shanghai is for now reporting no new covid. But as China has no exit strategy it will need to continue to shut cities down with every new infection. It cant trade with a world living with Covid and expect to keep covid out of it's population. Until it gets an exit strategy from zero covid to live with covid, this will be a common occurance and destabilizing for China's economy and it's people forcing factories to relocate outside of China to stop continuing supply line stoppages.

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painkillerToday 12:47 am JST

Someone should tell somebody; it seems like no one else knows.

Nobody in China knows but the world at large and the people of Hong Kong are very aware.

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Posted in: China's Xi to visit Hong Kong for 25th anniversary of handover See in context

China did nothing wrong; just took back part of its country as per the terms of a contract.

China broke the treaty. I would say that is doing something wrong.

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Juu,Ukrainain killed their own children and people in Donbas as part of the war with Ukrainain seperatist,

At what point do separatists stop being "their own"? When they try to break territory away from Ukraine illegally? When they shoot Ukrainians and bomb Ukraine towns and Children on the other side?

the US is headed for a quagmire,if we have not learnt in Afghanistan and Iraq

The US has no soldiers in Ukraine fighting (apart from the odd volunteer) so is in no danger of being in a quagmire like Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. There are no other combatants except both sides have '"foreign legions" fighting with them. Over 42 nations are providing assistance to Ukraine. Why single out the US? Why not say 42 nations are headed for a quagmire for helping Ukraine?

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Mr KiplingJune 25 03:45 pm JST

But Ukraine is winning the conflict, isn't it? Surely they will wrap up the last few invaders in the next few days.

Every day they remain free and sovereign is a victory. Russian attempts to force regime change failed miserably so they revert to total destruction, inch by inch. The war is not over until fighting stops. What happens between now and then is anybodies guess. If you think the slow gains being made by Russia means it will end up victorious at the end, then you are being premature.

Germany spent three years in victory after victory before the tide turned. There are reasons to believe the tide may yet turn in Ukraine's favor when all the modern systems being donated have soldiers fully trained on their use and are dispatched to the front lines. Some will not be in use until the end off 2022 and beginning of 2023. Russia will find itself on the back foot and losing ground and will need to commit more resources to hold ground.

This war is a long way from over. Like a race horse Russia is in front for now, but staying that way is not assured. And every day of freedom is Ukraine winning.

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Posted in: China's Xi to visit Hong Kong for 25th anniversary of handover See in context

I wonder if we could get President Xi to take on a dual role, president of China AND president of the United States.

Absolutely convinced they would both prefer to have Biden as president of both nations over Xi every day of the year.

Xi would take the guns away from Americans and the people of the US would shoot him the first time he went in public.

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Posted in: China's Xi to visit Hong Kong for 25th anniversary of handover See in context

HK was stolen by the UK while China was being carved up by several foreign countries. I'm not surprised you don't see anything wrong with that, considering the genocide committed against the aborigines.

HK was not stolen by the UK, it was signed over in agreement when China lost the first opium war, and then leased, with the final 99 year lease signed in 1898. Hong Kong

There are many things in the past centuries that by today's standards were wrong, and how Britain first came into possession of Hong Kong is one of them no doubt. However what is also not in doubt is that the majority of residents of Hong Kong preferred to remain under British rule than revert to Chinese Communist party rule. And they have been proven right as their freedoms have been eroded, their right to protest removed, their right to speak out difference of opinions with the ruling party has been ended and the road to semi autonomous rule has been terminated in breach of an Internationally ratified treaty.

China has proven to the world that it's word and signature on international treaties is completely worthless and not worth the paper it is written on. Perhaps that is what Xi is celebrating in Hong Kong, the destruction of the Chinese reputation.

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China unstoppable? It will end up stopping itself as it does not represent what people want. The small number in charge of the CCP that the rest of the members rubber stamp, will never win hearts and minds of regular people as it uses lies and brutality to keep order within it's own borders. The world can see through free press what China is and does and as long as that remains available the people will always choose freedom over oppression that China offers.

This new grouping will work specifically on cooperation with and direction from the pacific nations for what they want and need. There will be no strings attached as China insists on, for security and resources to be controlled by China.

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Posted in: China's Xi to visit Hong Kong for 25th anniversary of handover See in context

Xi is happy to have destroyed the treaty with Britain that enabled the handover and is going to see the once vibrant and innovative city in it's current "sheep" state and continuing degradation from free willed citizens to mindless sheep that do as they are told by the invasive and repressive CCP. Many citizens have left Hong Kong to remain free of CCP persecution and in the process have drained the city of what made it so unique. The city is now just another Chinese city under the ugly rule of the party with a bleak future for freedom of thought and expression that had been guaranteed by China, now just a cruel memory.

Nothing to celebrate here for Hong Kong but apparently Xi takes great pleasure in exerting power over others and making them live the way he wants rather than how they want.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific admiral says cooperation with Japan key to regional security See in context

Continued close cooperation between Japan and the US, and building closer cooperation with Australia and other naval powers in the region should be encouraged. France with pacific territories should also be encouraged to participate more and base more naval units in the region to enhance working together for regional relief in emergencies like tsunami, earth quake and volcanic eruptions, and to maintain peace and order under rules based systems.

The more people who work closely together the more everyone benefits. Cross nation support is important and valuable for all.

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Posted in: Give cheers with an impact with traditional Japanese cut 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' drinking glass See in context

Does it come with insurance? Very expensive glass.

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Posted in: U.S. Senate OKs landmark gun violence bill; House passage is next See in context

Baby steps. The first is being taken, but many more are needed to make America safe from gun violence.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief tells ASEAN rules-based order key to Indo-Pacific region See in context

Rules-based order? Whose rules?

Everyone's rules determined by majority in international forums.

These rules are good for who???.

These rules are to protect everyone. Most people have at least some rules in their homes, can do this, can't do that. Who are those rules good for? The principles are identical.

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Posted in: In energy-strapped Europe, coal gets an encore See in context

Good opportunity to develop clean burning coal technology.

Coal, no matter how it is used is a dirty polluting source of power. It may be less dirty with new technology but it will never be clean. A misdirection used by the coal industry to lengthen its use, and their profits.

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Posted in: Microsoft: Russian cyber spying targets 42 Ukraine allies See in context

Time those 42 countries returned the favor and hack everything Russian until wars end.

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Posted in: Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality See in context

The rich are insulated against climate change and are always the last to succumb. Ordinary people face crippling financial ruin that they can not cope with. Those making billions from mining will not stop unless they can replace mining with an even more lucrative income or until forced to do so by law or collapse of their companies.

Regardless of what happens, life will continue in some form, albeit much less than it was and much harder for most.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

And regarding Andrews' covid policies, just because they're supported by politicians on both sides of politics doesn't inherently make them right.

And the vast majority of citizens of Victoria also supported Dan Andrews Covid policies.

@BigYen made good points.

The Hindu symbol has been around for thousands of years and the German Nazi Swastika is that symbol in reverse. There is no mistaking one from the other for anyone with knowledge of the subject. Original Hindu symbol is anti clockwise while Nazi symbol is clockwise.

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to meddle in gas development in East China Sea See in context

China lying again to steal from others. Clearly the area is contested but China ignores others concerns and that is the red light for all nations. China does what it likes then lies to the world in attempts to justify it's actions, in the face of other nations concerns. If all nations were so arrogant the world would be a much worse place than it has descended to during the reign of Xi and Putin.

Japan must stand up for itself in the face of Chinese actions or forever be on the back foot wondering what it should be doing. Unfortunately a managed confrontation over this issue is required with members of International world bodies invited to witness everything that happens in person for themselves. That makes it much more difficult for China to lie about it and to manage the situation in it's own favor.

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Kishida says there are no numerical targets for defense spending:

Yes, it simply implies no limit in defense spending.

Meaning he is prepared to get it done and make Japan as safe as it can be. That is laudable.

Increase spending on Japanese research and manufacturing will help the people with good high tech jobs and secure a high tech future.

There are those who think defense does nothing for Japan but they could not be further from the truth. A good employer with reliable careers utilizing the highest tech available. It all supports Japan as well as keeping it safe.

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Posted in: Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas See in context

A lot of angry people means fertile grounds to radicalize them for almost any extreme group needing new members. Point out all the things people have anger for, injustices and privilege and then turn people into instruments of hate, manipulate them so the leadership of the extreme organizations can become the privileged off the backs of their new members.

This is something happening all around the world and is not limited to certain nations.

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The pressure comes from their masters in the US State Department, and their masters in the American Military-Industrial complex.

The pressure actually comes from Xi and his ever expanding military machine, and its seemingly endless territorial claims and ambitions of world dominance. Added to the Russian invasion for territorial expansion and erasing of the Ukraine culture, and Japan is justifiably weary of any promises or statements of peaceful intentions from China and Russia. It is better to be prepared than to fall as prey in the future to hostile autocracies.

Sitting idly by as China and Russia get more powerful and take more of what is not theirs, hoping that Japan will somehow be spared from their ambitions for empire is akin to sticking your head in the sand and praying for a miracle. They are neither benevolent or trust worthy, they lie to their own people readily so expecting truth from them in regards to Japan is simply not going to happen.

Japan must continue to build its own ability to defend what is important to Japan. Failure to do so is a failure that will be magnified many times over, once overrun and enslaved by the autocratic nations nearby. If you value your current freedoms, then it must be worth defending. Things could be much much worse, and would be under Chinese or Russian rule.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, Australia, New Zealand eye summit on NATO fringes See in context

Since they will all be there anyway, it makes sense to put the time together to good use.

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