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Posted in: Jury sees photos of Heard's swollen face after fight with Depp See in context

I side with Depp on this. Heard is a liar and bully and worked so hard to emasculate her husband during their relationship, taunting him at every opportunity. No respect for her at all.

Johnny has his issues to be sure but I do not believe him to be the instigator of conflict between the two.

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

Japan will trial small group tours with travelers

Is that even still a thing? when I travel I dont do "group tours". I plan where I go and stay and what I do when I am there. It's all part of the fun. Doing "group touristy" stuff ensures you pay premium prices and dont necessarily get premium products. Doing everything by someone else's timelines is not my idea of a good holiday.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll from COVID hits 1 million See in context

One million Americans dead of covid in a little over two years and still the skeptical keep up their assault on the facts. Typical behavior from a small percentage of people. Their view does not alter facts, bring back the dead or increase their chances of survival.

Those of us who believe the truth are not swayed in any way by the fake narrative brigade. Perhaps they draw comfort from knowing they are not alone in their bubble of denial, who knows. The deaths are tragic, no matter their age. We all go at some point but nobody wants to go because of a virus, gasping for each breath until the last breath. Not a way to go that anyone would want for themselves or family, let alone strangers. And it is not over yet. Thinking otherwise is another potential tragedy in the making.

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Posted in: With echoes of Trump, GOP splinters over $40 bil for Ukraine See in context

*Rebuilding Europe after WWII was a time of low Unemployment

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Posted in: With echoes of Trump, GOP splinters over $40 bil for Ukraine See in context

The world is a small place and isolationist policies do not make sense for the worlds largest economy. The world is still dealing with economic issues related to covid and the conflict in Europe has now effected the worlds supply chain of basic food stocks. The US will be effected like everyone else is in the global community. Sticking your head in the sand provides no protection. The US wants influence in the world and to get the most from that requires leadership, participation and supporting laws, rules and working to ensure all nations have safety. Allowing Russia to invade and conquer free sovereign states in Europe is in nobodies best interest with the exception of Russia itself.

Putin is anti America, anti NATO and anti Western Europe. He is known for rigging elections and eliminating any popular opposition prior to elections to help ensure he wins easily. He manipulates those countries still aligned with Moscow and wants Russia to rule all of Europe.

GOP politicians are splitting on this issue and many are now finally figuring out that Trump is a dead end for their party and their country. Some still cling to the misguided notion that Trump is the messiah when he is the worst of American politicians and desires the death of democracy in America and the removal of freedoms along the lines Putin has enforced in Russia. No free press able to report the truth, only the lies he wants them to report, just like Putin and Xi do.

It is a good sign that there are troubles in the GOP, it shows they may have hope for the future after all. Failing to help Ukraine by stopping funding to help them remain free and independent of Russian influence is not in the best interest of the US.

By contrast the US spent over two trillion dollars in twenty years in Afghanistan while under both GOP and Democrat leadership. This conflict in Europe has much more meaning and the outcome is more vital to the future of the US and Europe than that in Afghanistan, yet no US lives will be lost and the cost in USD will not come close to that of the Afghanistan conflict. In addition, when the dust settles, the opportunities for US companies to assist in rebuilding infrastructure and industries will mean a boost to the US economy in many area's. Ukraine will welcome the US with open arms, and there will be competition with other European nations for projects but after all the assistance provided by many, the resulting economic activity will benefit all.

Sticking your head in the sand now will greatly reduce any possible benefits when the war is over.

Rebuilding Europe after WWII was a time of low employment and helped make the following years good for the continent after so much heartache and destruction. Be a part of that. Position yourself by being active now.

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥13 bil loan deal to help Ukraine economy See in context

Then why was it listed as the poorest country in Europe ( even below Albania, Georgia, etc ...) Long before the invasion and listed as the most corrupt.

Ukraine is not even in the top 13 most corrupt countries in Europe.

Ukraine is listed as the poorest nation in Europe.


"With a per capita GNI of $3,540, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe as of 2020. Ukraine once had the second-largest economy in the USSR. However, when the USSR collapsed, Ukraine had difficulty transitioning into a market economy, which sent much of the population into poverty. Some of Ukraine's continuing issues contributing to its poverty are government corruption, Russian aggression (specifically Russia's illegal seizure of Crimea in 2014), and weak infrastructure."

Exasperated by Russia stealing Crimea and denying it the use of the Donbass region which is part of their rich territory. Well done Russia, kicking a country while it's down and stealing their riches for yourself.

Russia is more corrupt than Ukraine as shown here.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

This will put NATO right at the border of Russia.

NATO has been on the border of Russia for decades.

Countries that share a land border Russia and its territories.

Poland, Latvia, Norway, Estonia and Lithuania. It will now include Finland.

Ukraine wanting to be a NATO member is the very reason why Russia invaded Ukraine.

Putin used many "excuses" for his invasion. Nazi's was one, NATO was another but all have skirted the real objective of territorial gain for Russia. That was the true and only reason for Putin's invasion.

Putin currently has no acceptable way to exit this conflict and keep his position in Russia. Given that, he has no personal reason to do anything but continue on in the meat grinder, losing men and equipment, in the hope that Ukraine will eventually collapse. It won't. In addition, without a guarantee of not being prosecuted personally in the future, he will want to maintain his power and freedom as long as he can.

The ways forward are few and they involve compromise on both sides. Giving up territory is not one of them.

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

Doing any business with Russia that gets it income is sadly helping fuel the invasion and paying for invasion. Reduction is good but ending is better. The pain felt in enacting sanctions is much preferred to what Ukraine is going through.

You wouldn't watch someone rape a young girl then go off to work with them like the rape didnt happen, let alone if it was murder. There is no easy way to stand up when one nation is killing another. Quiet acceptance is heinous in itself. Helping it indirectly is even worse. Stand up for your own values of morality and fairness. If you cant do that then you may as well not have any.

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Posted in: U.S. military may let SDF share ammunition depots in Okinawa See in context

More ammo under the same roof means a bigger bang if they are hit and no alternative source but back on the mainland. Better to build their own facility and simply ensure either can top up at either facility.

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

China has about 1,900 short- and medium-range missiles that can reach Japan.

How many does Russia have? And North Korea? It seems there are plenty of nations with missiles they can launch from home and hit Japan. Of course Japan should have the ability to counter strike in similar fashion.

Telegraphing potential targets can be a tactical ploy to make people waste systems defending what is not actually a likely target. Keep them guessing.

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Posted in: Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision See in context

They won because the public from voting nations supported them. Not judges, not institutions just johnny/jenny public. It is easy to see who they support in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it is not Russia. Governments AND their people actually behind Ukraine freedom and security.

The music was not outlandish, it was catchy and well preformed and obviously popular with the public. They may not have won in any other year, but people do what they can to show support for the underdog in the current situation. Good on them.

Enjoy the win and spare a moment to celebrate, then its back to defending freedom.

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Posted in: Japan-China talks over food import ban not held for over 1 year See in context

China has virtually no chance of being admitted to TPP anyway and know this. It can therefore continue to ban Japanese food without penalty.

Canada will object due to the two hostages China took for years.

Australia will object due to continued trade coercion.

And I am sure others can provide more nations and their objections to China being in the TPP.

If the foods are being consumed without issue in Japan and are being accepted by other nations, then China just looks timid. If they have proof that any food up for discussion do have issues with radiation then they should present such information.

As for TPP membership for China, that is pie in the sky, or if you like, buried under the Fukushima reactor.

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Posted in: 10 dead, suspect, 18, arrested in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket See in context

It can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone in America. Living in constant danger with peaceful shoppers or schoolkids or diners potential targets when individuals lose it. This is the price they pay for gun freedom. Paid for with blood and lives by innocent bystanders so that others can have their guns. Crazy to everyone outside America, but just another day to Americans.

So nuts.

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Posted in: Quad eyes highlighting respect for sovereignty See in context

Japan, the United States, Australia and India are seeking to underscore respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine

They would need to alter their stance on China. They would need to make it a one China, one Taiwan policy.

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Posted in: Actor Fred Ward, of 'Tremors,' 'The Right Stuff' fame, dies See in context

I too really liked Fred Ward. One of those you cant help but end up liking. He was good at his craft and always entertaining. He will be missed. But his work is with us always.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

US president Biden has pledged $33 billion in TAXPAYER dollars to ukraine in weapons and other aid. In congress now...

UK prime minister Johnson pledged another $1.3 billion of TAXPAYER pounds...

So, no. It is not voluntary.

How are pledges of funding not voluntary? In what universe does Ukraine have the power to force the US and UK fund their defense? Of course it is all voluntary. Are there a few dissenters in each country that object? Sure there are, they are for the most part pro Russian.

The majority of Ukrainians see the Russians as liberators entering their own, NATO occupied lands.

With all the Ukrainians fighting to evict the Russian forces, your statement is demonstrably false. The vast majority of Ukrainians see Russian soldiers as murdering invaders of their land and NATO is providing the means for them to resist Russia and defend their country. Only pro Russians say otherwise.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea

Why not fire them north? Do Ukraine a solid and hit some Russian military bases. They would earn some points with Europe and the west. They can say sorry, must have had Russian navigational components.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

Who gains most from this war? Weapons manufacturers in the US and Europe can barely hide their glee over prospects of increasing business opportunities in Ukraine.

Not to mention those who own Russia's many arms manufacturers who will now have to replace all equipment lost by Russia and all the munitions used in their invasion. Those oligarchs are throwing parties every night. No doubt they encourage Putin to keep this war going as long as possible.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context


it their attitude,that turn lots of people off,

So you object to their desperation to remain free? You see their requests as demands and their opinion that more could be done to sanction Russia as unreasonable? Many more do not, and most understand why they ask for help.

should Ukrainian that sold out their country, be blame for the situation their in,it was them decided too side with Russia.

The separatists were encouraged by a foreign nation to declare independence, as a way for that foreign nation to gain territory without a direct conflict, but that didnt eventuate. Russia miscalculated and it is responsible for all deaths over the past eight years in Ukraine. Some separatists were Russians and others Ukrainians who consider themselves more Russian than Ukrainian, perhaps being second or third generation and originally from Russia. Many Russians moved there for work during the time of USSR. But at the end of the day they tried to illegally break territory away from Ukraine rather than simply emigrate to Russia. They are responsible for their actions, and Russia is responsible for it's actions. Ukraine has the right to defend its territory from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Yes, Ukraine is breaking every agreement . They have been attacking the Donbass region for the last 8 years with the loss of more than 13,000 civilian lives.

That is one perspective. Another is that Ukraine is defending its sovereign territory, and it has every right to do so.

In the world war II, Finland was aligned with Nazi Germany and when defeated made an agreement with Russia to stay neutral forever and Russia would leave them in peace. Now Finland is trying to break the agreement by joining NATO.

When Russia invaded Finland in 1939 it was Russia aligned with Nazi Germany, not Finland.

The unprovoked invasion of Finland was for territorial gain, and they did capture and hold the second biggest city in Finland. The Nazi's then turned on their Russian friends and invaded Russia.

Finland had the oportunity to recapture its lost territory and did so with German help. For the German help, they allowed the creation of one Finish division to fight in the German army in Russia.

At no time did the Finish army or units under Finish control go past their original border, and fight inside Russia. They did not fight at Leningrad and refused all Hitlers attempts to get Finland to press into Russia. Eventually the Finish division was withdrawn from German army control, with some few hundred soldiers staying in the German army to continue fighting against Russia.

At no point did Finland ever make an agreement with Russia to stay neutral forever. They made an agreement with the USSR and the treaty came to an end in 1992 with the signing of a new treaty between Finland and the post-Soviet Russia.

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Posted in: Pence to rally with Kemp in Georgia in break with Trump See in context

It is easy to see who had the brains in the partnership during the Trump/Pence term in office. One defends democracy while the other attempted to destroy it.

My American friend always said that Pence was not much better than Trump but at least he understands democracy and how important it is.

Can not criticize Trump enough, the guy is bottom of the barrel scum. McCain was the last honorable republican. Lets hope they manage to uncover some other honorable members in the GOP before it is too late.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

As an alternative, how about being a neutral country, recognizing Donbass,

They already recognize Donbass, it is territory belonging to Ukraine.

your promise not to join NATO, and not destroying your country.

Russia is destroying Ukraine. Ukraine is defending against Russian unwelcome in Ukraine.

My first post on this topic is the best option for Russia and Ukraine to move forward and reach peace.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

nobody is entitled to nothing,that somebody is not willing to give you

I would say Ukraine is entitled to compensation from Russia for it's destruction and murders. I doubt Russia wants to give any.

As for the support Ukraine is getting from around the world, it has ALL been voluntary. Any suggestion otherwise would be a false narrative.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context


It is called being desperate. Because people are dying by the hundreds every day. Frustration, because nobody will fight along side you. Anger at being unfairly invaded by a bigger, stronger nation. Desperation as your nation is slowly carved up.

Most people would show understanding and empathy with their plight. It seems like you do not.

This is a situation beyond their control, and they are fighting every day for the security of their future.

They must do everything they can to remain free and independent from a country intent on ruling it and making it part of Russia and eliminating and vestige of Ukraine identity.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

Individuals not granted refugee status but permitted to stay in Japan on humanitarian grounds totaled 580 in 2021, a significant increase from 44 in 2020.

Permitted to stay, but not as refugee's. Shorter time and less assistance I assume than those admitted as refugee's.

the largest number of refugees, at 32, came from Myanmar, reflecting a military coup in February last year that toppled the democratically elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

So, more admitted from Myanmar than anywhere else. The largest number for 2022 could be Ukraine. Time will tell.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

Japan granted refugee status to 74 people seeking asylum in 2021,

No indication of where they came from, although some assume they are all from Ukraine.

In international terms the number is insignificant. Japan should be doing much more to help those in need.

some countries accept more than 10,000 refugees annually.

An example of how generous Japan could be. The question is, why does Japan refuse to do more when much smaller and less well off nations can do so much?

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

Klaus,do you think it responsible for a country,to beg for charity,money do not grow on trees in America

@Yrral, Do you think it is responsible to NOT ask for help with the survival of your people and the freedom and sovereignty of you country at stake, when you have been invaded by a larger nation with a stronger military?

I certainly think it is appropriate.

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Posted in: Ukraine asks G7 to step up arms supply, pressure on Russia See in context

Russia should leave all Ukraine territory including Crimea and all of donbass and in return Ukraine declarers neutrality, It may join the EU economic zone but not NATO, for a period of 25 years at which point consultations will take place to see what direction Ukraine and Russia are interested in going at that point. Russia to provide compensation for destruction of cities and assistance in rebuilding.

That secures the border of Russia and Ukraine for a quarter century at which point the leaders of both nations (who will be different to today's leaders) can consult.

If Russia is serious about peace and cooperation as well as desiring a secure border with Ukraine, that would be the best way forward.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Maybe because the general public knows that if Finland doesn't join NATO, there is zero chance of a Russian invasion.

I would argue the opposite. Once in NATO the chances of a Russian attack reduce to zero.

If Finland joins NATO, there are no guarantees about anything. Will the Russians do nothing? Will they obliterate Finland?

Perhaps cyber attacks and or economic sanctions but no chance of an invasion.

Will they invade Finland? Who knows?

No, everyone knows that.

The only certainty is that the general public knows joining NATO will have a severely detrimental effect on the security of Finland.

Again, the opposite is true. Their safety is assured. It also makes Russia more safe as it is one less nation they will send their children to die in.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Sh1mon M4sadaMay 13 08:31 am JST

@lincolnman Every one of the objectives he wanted to achieve, the exact opposite has occurred...

Yeah right, tell that to Ukrainian who lost families and homes.

Surprising to see a pro Russian admit that Putin's objective was to kill Ukraine families and destroy their homes. An honest not normally seen from that camp.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Russia is fast running out of options. They can either join NATO or the CCP and answer directly to Jinping. Russia will not be a relevant nation alone for much longer thanks to Putin's miscalculations.

Partnership with NATO seems the better option to being a satellite state under China.

Finland and Sweden have been pushed by Putin to join NATO. It is the Russian people themselves that will demand Putin join NATO in the near future.

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