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Posted in: Djokovic slips to third as Medvedev tops ATP rankings See in context

Djokovic is past his use by date. Nadal is GOAT with 22 grand slam titles, 2 ahead or Djokovic who now needs three more to get in front and claim GOAT. Never going to happen with the new young guns coming on strong.

Djokovic should retire with his not inconsiderable wealth made from the game and sponsors. Maybe he will make a good coach.

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Posted in: Australia wins sudden death battle with Peru for penultimate World Cup place See in context

Australia's substitute goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne danced on the goal line.

Referee was a disgrace. Keeper was moving off the line against Rule 14.

If he was dancing, moving on the goal line, then how is a rule about moving off the goal line, ie moving forward, got anything to do with the keepers actions? They always move side to side dont they?

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Posted in: Japan hopeful of sharing military intelligence again with S Korea See in context

Japan,ROK,DPRK,China have to take seat around one table,make thick red line over past and need to start think and work fresh as good neigbours should do.

With political systems as they are, it is logical for Japan and ROK to work together and have similar expectations. Expecting them to work with two countries that deny freedom of speech and expression, open dialog on the internet within their borders, and who lie so easily and daily to their own citizens, there is no way to trust such governments let alone work closely together.

China may be able to work with DPRK, but they still do not do so in meaningful ways. ROK has tried working with DPRK in the past and small steps have sometimes been taken, only to be lost to tantrums from DPRK.

Realistically Japan and ROK could work well with democratic Taiwan, but China and DPRK are unable to be trusted reliable partners. They need to lose autocratic and despotic political systems and embrace democracy and openness before they can begin to be reliable or trusted by open and free democracies.

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Posted in: Australia wins sudden death battle with Peru for penultimate World Cup place See in context

Well they made it to the big time again. With a suspect local coach that is hardly at international level and a playing group far behind the best Australia has produced they still managed to see off the South American team and thus earn their place.

You cant do more than follow all the rules and earn your spot.

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Posted in: Taiwan Strait is an international waterway, Taipei says, in rebuff to China See in context

Taiwan is correct in it's assessment. International waters are open to passage by all nations. China has no rights to claim sovereignty to those waters or to Taiwan.

It is well past time for China to realize this is a dead end and put its efforts and focus on something worthwhile like climate protection and reducing the number of coal fired power stations in China.

China should be looking to become a good world citizen that others may wish to emulate. Perhaps if it changes enough the people of Taiwan would see benefit in joining China willingly. Democracy is the way forward for China.

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Posted in: China's envoy to Australia says 2 nations at 'new juncture' See in context

Ambassador Xiao Qian gave an upbeat assessment of the potential for the bilateral relationship in a weekend speech to the Australia-China Friendship Society

Just a week after China's attack on an Australian plane in international airspace. I think he is greatly overstating the situation.

“My embassy and the Chinese consulates-general in Australia stand ready to work with the Australian federal government, state governments and friends from all walks of life to move forward the China-Australia relationship along the right track

For two years Australia waited as China refused all minister to minister contacts. There is no way for the relationship to improve without China behaving itself and not expecting Australia to forgo sovereign concerns and act like a vassal of China's.

Chinese diplomacy is infantile and until it matures and treats everyone as equals, not throw tantrums when someone disagrees with it openly, and accepts that democracies have different expectations and behavior to its own autocratic system that hides truth from the public and severely restricts opinions and refuses to allow a free press in China.

I do not see much scope for improvement unless China withdraws the trade barriers it has placed on Australia, which effects both nations.

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Posted in: High grain prices prompt Japanese farmers to grow wheat rather than rice See in context

There is nothing wrong with switching from rice to wheat to help keep domestic prices as low as possible during the wheat crisis the world faces. Ramen is highly consumed in Japan and should be one of it's larger domestic staples produced on farms around the nation.

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Posted in: Japan's defense budget needs to be ¥10 tril: LDP policy chief See in context

The 2021 spending was 5.4 trillion yen so double is 10.8 Trillion or from 47.2 billion USD to 94.4 Billion USD.

As long as they dont waste it and get more planes, ships, missiles and troops on the ground, and provide all with more field training. Spend wisely on research for domestic weapons and systems that can bolster the alliance and perhaps earn some foreign sales to put money back in the kitty.

And add forward bases on the Senkaku's, outposts and other islands a distance away from the main Islands for early warning, and solid forward defenses against air and sea incursions.

If they do not get good value out of the increase, and it is needed, then it becomes a lost opportunity to encourage peace in the region.

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Posted in: Russian-owned successor of McDonald's opens in Moscow See in context

"I wonder what justification was used to the use of an "M" for the logo, what it is supposed to represent?"

mmmm tasty period?

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Posted in: Russia destroys bridge over Ukrainian river, cutting escape route See in context

Why would local civilians want to run away? They are Donbassians, speak Russian, almost all have Russian passports

None of which is actually true. While some few hold dual Russian passports, civilians flee war to survive and those that remain are fighting off the Russian invaders. Any pro Russians left long ago to the occupied territories in 2014. Many may speak Russian but that does not remove their love for their country of Ukraine, or the desire for it to remain free.

Russian propaganda is so easy to spot when it is regurgitated.

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Posted in: Russia destroys bridge over Ukrainian river, cutting escape route See in context

I do enjoy watching the videos of Russian tanks and vehicles being bombed.

While it may be poetic justice, I do not enjoy seeing anyone die. I just think war should be outlawed and people should allow others to live freely. Watching a human or humans losing their life is always difficult for me, even if they may deserve it.

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Posted in: China and the U.S. blame each other for escalating tensions over Taiwan. Who do you think is more at fault? See in context

CHINA. That is loud and clear.

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Posted in: Japanese defense chief conveys concern to China over flight with Russia See in context

The defense minister also sent a warning to the United States not to meddle in the Taiwan issue, saying Taiwan is its internal affairs and that "foreign interference is doomed to failure."

More lies and bluster from China, regarding the independent nation of Taiwan.

Foreign nations sell weapons, conduct trade and have back room discussions between governments with Taiwan and China is powerless to stop it.

Honestly, China needs to move on. The Taiwan issue is a done deal and has been for over seven decades. If they spent their time and efforts on fixing the pollution in their nation, they could be world leaders in climate change. China has many issues on its plate and causing troubles internationally is simply wasted effort. Make your country the best version it can be and others will want to emulate your success. Democracy and greater freedoms for your people would be another good start.

Unfortunately the CCP cares more about itself and the power it wields over its people, that making their lives better is currently beyond their abilities and not on their radar.

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Posted in: Astronomers ponder 'cosmic mystery' over powerful radio wave bursts See in context

I sometimes wonder if we live inside a living organism and we are smaller than microscopic microbes within that world. These signals could be bodily signals like electrical impulses in our own bodies, or neurons firing in the brain. Our lives come and go within a second or less of this creatures life.

Anything is possible, we just dont know, and probably never will.

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

but can it sustain long term guerilla attacks?

Unfortunately China has plenty of experience in squashing dissent. The few million worst offenders or likely offenders will be moved out of Taiwan en mass to the established concentration camps currently housing minority uyghurs, and it will construct more, some locally, as required. The police force in China is massive at 1.5 - 2 million members. With military personnel on top they can control effectively and any terrorist uprising will be small and short lived.

It is much more certain that a large part of the population will find a way to leave through emigration and as political refugees. With the technological savvy they will be welcomed in Europe and around the world as well educated professional workers.

If Chine gets Taiwan it will be generations at the earliest before it can taste freedom again.

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Posted in: Japan adds 2 Russian, 1 Belarusian banks to sanctions list See in context

Why are all Russian banks not already being sanctioned? Perhaps leave one very small and insignificant bank unsanctioned for minimal emergency exchanges for medicines etc.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context


Care to share any information which can support this assertion beyond the usual pronouncements put out by the US or US-affiliated sources?

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

It is too late. Taiwan has been a functioning independent nation for 73 years. Will China send it's forces back through time to 1948 to stop Taiwan independence? Perhaps a good movie for domestic consumption, but total fantasy.

China can not stop what has already happened. The CCP has never had jurisdiction over Taiwan, ever.

What China is threatening is to revive a civil war long since ended, in attempts to expand CCP imperial reach over people who want nothing to do with CCP rule. Use force in order to control those currently with self determining futures and significantly more rights than Chinese citizens.

China is so disgusting in its colonial aspirations of conquering the weak to expand an empire.

Strip freedom from 24 million people and make them all work for the CCP, keep their mouths shut, and do only what the CCP permits them to do.

Many millions would want to leave Taiwan and never return if CCP takes the island by force.

I simply find the CCP and Xi to be barbarians with stolen technology intent on conquest and regional domination followed by world domination in the longer run. God help Taiwan and the world.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to start talks on defense equipment transfer pact See in context

Japan and others in the region showing they know China is the enemy and so find closer military relationships with others near by is of benefit.

There are many more nations considering themselves democratic and free, than autocratic and anti democracy like China. China has few options for allies as most will not touch China with a ten foot pole when it comes to anything other than perhaps trade.

China basically isolates itself by having so many disputes with so many nations all at the same time.

If it had not built islands in the South China sea and claimed ownership of international waters and other nations recognized EEZ, it may not have ended up so alone.

Prudent move forward for Japan and Singapore.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context


I guess you missed that part about Hawaii. And Guam. And Saipan. And the Philippines. And Japan!

Lets see, Philippines and Japan are fee sovereign nations so what is your point exactly?

Saipan? The one that has a history of colonial periods under Spain, Germany, Japan and the US?

Guam? Signed over to the US from Spain?

Hawaii? Hawaii became a unified, internationally recognized kingdom in 1810, remaining independent until Western businessmen overthrew the monarchy in 1893; this led to annexation by the U.S. in 1898.

Yes none of those have anything in common with Russia's brutal invasion for territorial expansion.

Attempts to say the US has done anything like Russia is doing, for permanent border expansions and territorial gains, through unprovoked invasion is simple proof you do not understand either history or the current invasion.

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Posted in: U.S. keeps Japan on currency watch list; warns against intervention See in context

Japan can therefore use the same criteria to monitor the American use of the USD. A fair response I would say.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

Or Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Vietnam.... Yesterday.

I didn't realise that Iraq and Afghanistan were part of America with US passports and US laws in force. Libya and Syria were never invaded by the US and Vietnam was a loss. I am sure the American people can rest easy with all that Iraqi oil now owned by America.

Unlike Russia, America does not invade to conquer and make others a part of America as Russia does.

America frees, (or try's too) people so they can determine their own fate with democracy.

Saddam = Dictator. Afghanistan = Religious Regime.

Iraq now a fledgling democracy. Afghanistan again a religious regime, (US failure).

America has made terrible mistakes. But Russia is outright evil and it intends on permanent ownership of what it conquers. By comparison America is a boy scout trying to do good but not always getting it right.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

Let’s get this straight, no NATO in Ukraine, no war.

No, thats Putin's big lie. According to Putin, Ukraine is really Russia. This was always going to happen no matter what. He used excuses and demands he KNEW could not be accepted, as his excuse to invade Ukraine and make it part of Russia. He will gladly make Ukrainians stateless people like Palestinians.

This has nothing to do with Western Europe, or NATO. it is about Russian empire building so Putin will live on in history like the murderous Stalin before him. This is 100% on Putin.

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Posted in: Japan's defense minister slams nuclear neighbors who 'ignore rules' See in context

China says its recent military drills around Taiwan, which it considers as part of its territory, are meant to defend its sovereignty.

Please tell us, who other than China itself threatens to invade Taiwan? Anyone threatening to invade China either? No, nobody is.

China is threatening peace with it's actions, nobody else is. China is the trouble maker in the region and beyond. Russia the trouble maker in Europe.

With the way the world is heading, with rouge nations planning on building slave empires, it may be time for modern nations to all develop nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them anywhere in the world. Nuclear armed nations do not ever get invaded. Doing so would open the attacker to nuclear devastation. No nation wants that whether they can retaliate or not. It may be the only way to save nations from invasion like Ukraine and potentially Taiwan. These nations all add to the world in food and technology which when stopped via war effects many nations detrimentally as we are seeing with Ukraine. The world is now a much smaller place where invading nations that trade heavily with the world can not be threatened without dire consequences.

Either stop plans for expansion and empire or we all, including the perpetrators, will pay a price so high it makes the other two world wars look like the opening act to the main event.

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Posted in: U.S. blasts China's 'destabilizing' military activity near Taiwan See in context

OKuniyoshiToday 05:02 pm JST

99% of the world recognized that Taiwan is a part of China, even the Americans.

Sorry but the people of the world recognize that Taiwan is NOT part of China and is already an independent nation. Documents signed by governments decades ago do not represent what the people today believe. The fact is nobody but China and its few allies, believe China has the right to take Taiwan by force. That shows what people actually believe or dont.

Lets talk of all the provoking that China does in the region from Taiwan to Japan, from Philippines to Vietnam, from Malaysia to Indonesia, from Canada to Australia with outrageous claims that have no basis in law and no recognition by the international community or the UN.

Nobody causes as much trouble today as China does to so many nations. That is the fact.

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Posted in: U.S. blasts China's 'destabilizing' military activity near Taiwan See in context

On Friday, Wei had warned Austin that "if anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will definitely not hesitate to start a war no matter the cost", according to Chinese officials.

Perhaps he is unaware Taiwan is an island not part of the mainland. Or perhaps he is unaware that Taiwan has been split politically from the Chinese mainland sine the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949.

The gall of China to claim ownership of another nation is astounding, like Russian claims to Ukraine and other eastern European nations.

The world will need to be prepared to face a full on world war, or be slowly eaten up by ravenous autocrats and the injustices they force on their citizens in the name of control. I wish it was not headed that way but it appears so. The "end of world preppers" are way ahead of the pack and may well survive the initial nuclear winter. I hope some survive and allow the race to try again in the future. Second times the charm.

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Posted in: Tokyo Banana and Winnie the Pooh crossover confections are cutest Tokyo souvenirs See in context

Someone needs to send a few boxes to Jinping. I am positive he would get a kick out of them and enjoy sharing them with guests.

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Posted in: Australia reaches settlement with France over scrapped submarine deal See in context

Agree China's thoughts are totally irrelevant. Australia mines three times the amount of Uranium that China does and more than double what Russia does. If Australia wanted nukes it would already have them. It does not matter what fuel the submarines use, they will only be used for the submarines propulsion.

Settling the final payment to France opens the way for better relations moving forward. France already does a fair amount of business with Australia through the Thales group which is part owned by the French government.

Everyone can now move forward and continue to work together for peace and a better world.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

Right or wrong, the man has a right to state his opinions. He is clearly worried about what could be.

With what is going on in Ukraine, we can all see it is better to not be in such a situation yourself.

Nobody knows exactly what lays ahead. War is scary as we see pictures of the dead on streets and in rubble, mass graves, destroyed buildings etc.

What makes some feel so entitled to force another nation to do what they want over what the nation wants? What makes anyone believe they have a right to kill others to get their way?

It looks like a pendulum of opposite thinking has stretched to a point where one side believes the only way forward is through violence and war.

Everyone knows war is the worst state of living and dying. Russians know their country is at war, but because all the fighting and damage is done in Ukraine they are insulated from it unless they have family or friends in the fighting. Getting images on TV and internet is one thing, while seeing it outside your window and hearing the explosions, screams and destruction with your own ears makes it a lot more real.

Any discussion that helps keep war away, that alerts people to a potential danger so that non violent action can be taken must be a good thing. Step back and take a breath. Work on what you have in common and do not resort to violence. Once it starts it is much much harder to stop.

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Posted in: Putin likens himself to Peter the Great; British, Moroccan foreign fighters sentenced death See in context

Putin is as great as Josef Stalin, Russian's modt beloved father and hero!

Stalin was a failure and a murderer, so it is correct to put Putin in the same category.

Two little men with delusions of grandeur that innocent people die for by the millions in Stalins case and Putin is working hard to ensure his legacy will also be of murdering millions of innocent's.

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