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Posted in: Russia protests to Japan about joint exercises with NATO countries See in context

Russia previously chastised NATO when it questioned the presence of Russian troops exercising next to its border with Ukraine, saying it had the absolute right to hold military manouvers anywhere in Russian territory. So it is a wonder they do not see Japan as having those same rights.

Japan can have joint exercises with anyone it chooses, anywhere in Japanese territory, and Russia can just suck it up. Russian complaints are another vain attempt to influence the behaviour of Japan to behave in a way that is beneficial to Russia. It is not going to work. In fact Japan should now invite Australia, Philippines and South Korea to participate just to piss Russia off further.

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Posted in: Indicted mogul takes on Japan's 'hostage justice' system See in context

Almost as bad as the imaginary justice systems in China and North Korea. Almost. Yet still to close for comfort. What does that say for Japan. Nothing good I'm afraid.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to face off in tough World Cup qualifying group See in context

I remember last time during qualifying Australia was undefeated winning all its matches until it met Japan who were defeated in all their matches anf the stage and the end result was Japan beating Australia! Australia always has trouble beating Japan because maybe they show too much fear and respect Japan soccer team unconditionally… this makes them lose to Japan always!

Hardly always, as I remember the game Japan played against Australia at the world cup in Germany. Japan took a one goal lead in the first half, in stifling hot condtions and held the lead into the last ten minutes. Then Australia scored three quick goals in about five minutes to win the game convincingly, and Australia went on to the knockout rounds, losing 1 - 0 to Italy who went on to win the world cup in Germany.

The good thing about soccer is anything can happen, and with good teams like Australia and Japan they can beat anyone when they play at their very best. So good luck to all and enjoy the games.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to face off in tough World Cup qualifying group See in context

I fully expect Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia to all make it to the 2026 world cup, even if one has to playoff in rounds after the main round three selection stage. This strong group will be good preparation for these teams leading up to the world cup where they will face off against the worlds best.

Good luck to all.

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Posted in: Biden's shaky Trump debate alarms Democrats, raises questions for his campaign See in context

The US is scraping the bottom of the barrel if these two geriatrics are the only ones they throw out for election to president.

Limit the running age to seventy years old so you never have a president over seventy four. Begin grooming possible candidates one or two terms before they would run for selection, it would help weed out the unsuitable and the unpopular.

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Posted in: New U.S. Naval Forces Japan commander stresses importance of alliance See in context

No doubt that the alliance is a lynchpin for security and stability in the region. It gives China heartburn just to think about it. Throw in South Korea, Australia and an India that has no love for China and its incursions and Chinese leaders no doubt chew through many an antacid tablet at night.

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Posted in: Dagestan shootings spotlight rising Islamist threat for Putin See in context

It is no secret that there are many "Russian's" that are unhappy being part of the Russian federation, like people in Chechnya and Dagestan, and other far flung lands that must supply Moscow with more of their son's to fight in a war that has nothing to do with them or their daily lives.

An favorable situation has arrived where the attention of the capitol is focused on the invasion of Ukraine, giving a rare opportunity for separatists to push their agendas and use the climate of war elsewhere to advance the cause. Destabilize Russia internally at a time when there are insufficiant means to crack down on them, and perhaps realize their dream of breaking away or ending Putins long reign over them.

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Posted in: 4 European countries to hold defense drills with Japan in summer See in context

This is outstanding news. More nations cooperating to keep international waterways safe for all trade. Every nation in Asia should be very happy that these nations are participating and training together in their region.

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Posted in: Suspected N Korean hypersonic missile exploded, S Korea says See in context

Unfortunately they learn from every failure.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

The fact is Taiwan never surrendered, ROC never surrendered to CCP forces, so the PRC calling Taiwan a renegade province is nothing but spin. They want the reward without the effort. They want Taiwan/ROC without having to pay the price to get it.

Now that the world has helped China grow strong and prosper through decades of investment into China, it is ready and strong enough for a second war, to finish off ROC now, when they couldnt 75 years ago. They will never get Taiwan without a war, and the cost of that could be much higher than anyone in CCP realizes.

Forcing others to your will should have been relegated to the pages of history, but it is making a come back in a big way thanks to a handfull of despotic rulers. Taiwan being in the sights of one man who already controls 1.4 billion people. Still that is not enough for him. I dont think anything short of everyone everywhere, will satisfy his ambitions.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

Breakaway provinces/separatist regions everywhere are to be reunited in totality or not.

So you would support mainland China reuniting with Taiwan under ROC rule if the people on the mainland spoke up for such a thing?

The CCP broke away from ROC, that fact cant be denied.

The PRC is more than 250 times larger in size than the renegade province of Taiwan.

Yes it is larger, so what does that have to do with anything? It has never been at issue.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

KMT's prior policy was for reunification.

Reunification of the mainland to it's (KMT) rule, not to join the PRC. It was never a policy to give Taiwan to the communist forces or to be ruled by the communist CCP.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

If Taiwan wasn't a part of China, what on earth was it part of then?

Taiwan was part of the Republic of China and it remains so today. Nothing has changed for Taiwan. The Mainland broke away from ROC rule but the island of Taiwan remained in ROC.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

they elect their own government in other breakaway/separatist regions of the world. There seems to be a lack of consistency with regards to these issues.

The government of the Republic of China was established before the breakaway Peoples Republic of China came into existance. You seem confused as to who broke away from whom. To clear that up for you, the PRC broke away from the established ROC. Not the other way around as you seem to think.

And as a breakaway government, PRC do not allow multi party national elections as they do in the other separatist/breakaway regions around the world.

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Posted in: EU seeks defense industry partnerships with Japan, S Korea: Nikkei See in context

It makes perfect sense to have globalized manufacturing and supply cooperation between friendly and allied nations on defence equipment and munitions. Supply of 155mm artillery rounds is a standard, as is 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm and 0.50 cal rounds for pistols, rifles and machine guns. Many use the same missles on their fighter jets and naval ships.

The availability of expanded stock from around the globe benefits all if made available to all. With low stock levels thanks to Russia's invasion in Europe burning through munitions non stop for years, allies need to increase cooperations with partners everywhere they can.

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Posted in: Autocracy is 'evil', Taiwan president says after China threatens death for separatism See in context

Important to observe that Taiwan lacks UN recognition

No, that is not important at all.

and is not an independent country by any legitimate measure.

Incorrect again. most of the 24 million citizens of Taiwan agree that their country is independant, and they operate daily as an independant nation, just like the members of the UN. Only fear of China, stops others from "officially" recognizing this reality.

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea for military drills See in context

I can understand why NK gets paranoid when US Navy etc practises an invasion plan of NK.

Nobody is practicing to invade NK. Nobody wants to have to feed the millions of hungry and provide modern medical care to that nation. It is all about practicing to keep them (NK) out of SK. There really is a huge difference.

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea for military drills See in context

USA military drill=provocation of DPRK China and RU

Russian alliance with North Korea = provocation of South Korea, USA and Japan.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Posted in: Japan has no right to meddle in China-Philippines maritime issues, says Chinese embassy in Japan See in context

Japan is not a party to the South China Sea issue and has no right to intervene in China-Philippines maritime matters, a spokesperson for China's embassy in Japan said on Friday.

Not true. Philippines has asked its friends and allies to join them in dealing with China's illegal claims and constant harassment of its people, fishermen, navy and aircraft all within Philippines recognized EEZ.

Since one party has invited Japan to assist how it can, Japan has every right to intervene.

As others have stated, China has no right to claim other nations territory or international territory. Such claims have been investigated and dismissed by the world organization that makes rulings over such matters, and China is a signed party to that world organization, obliged to adhere to its determinations.

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Posted in: Australia seeks dialogue with China to reduce military incidents See in context

China has an incredible trove of resources with their neighbor to the north. A hypothetical future naval blockade of trade routes by the USN and their accomplices will be far, far, far less effective, if not futile. Wonder if Canberra has grasped this basic realignment yet.

Some people do not seem to understand China gets well over half of its iron ore from Australia, because it cant get it from anyone else. So a western blockade will include halting every resouce China gets from its main resource supplier, Australia. The list is long and varied and without them Chinese manufacturing and construction output will be severly curtailed.

Australia has made this request to show its willingness to try to have a better relationship with China, even though China is not to be trusted.

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Posted in: U.S. pushing Netherlands, Japan to restrict more chipmaking equipment to China, source says See in context

As long as China harbours delusions of grandeur, and ambitions of ruling the world from Beijing, the world has no other option but to restrict its abiliry to gain control.

A necessary move by the US and its allies. China continues to threaten everyone that does not go along with it.

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Posted in: Australia voices concern over 'ham-fisted' Chinese diplomats See in context

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Monday that Australia adheres to the one-China policy and does not support "Taiwan independence."

And yet the vast majority of Australian citizens Do not adhere to the so called, one China policy, but do support Taiwan's independance. An example of politics being out of step with the people for the sake of trade.

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Posted in: Australia voices concern over 'ham-fisted' Chinese diplomats See in context

All of Australia has a population roughly equal to just Shanghai's. It is no wonder the Chinese behemoth looks down on Australia.

So China considers all nations with a smaller population to be inferior? Truth comes out eventually. For the NAZI's it was having blond hair and blue eyes. For Jinping Xi's China it is about population size. Its all irrelevant, just an excuse to justify attempts to dominate others. The world will again take note of China's faults and take appropriate measures to ensure China cant do it in their country, as they did it to Australia.

Barbarians should remain in their country until they learn civilized behaviour. The CCP seems to employ too many uncivilized individuals. They make China look bad.

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Posted in: Kishida considers visiting Germany in July for talks with Scholz See in context

Japan and Germany, meanwhile, have been working together to reform the United Nations, bidding to become permanent members of its Security Council.

The change they should be working towards is ending "permanent places" in the UNSC and the associated veto's that go with them. It is veto power that stops any action against permanent members or those they choose to protect. Vetos make the UN a hamstrung organization, unable to deal with things like Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Israel's actions in Gaza and in the future any statements or actions against a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Adding even more Permanent members with a veto will simply make the UNSC even less functional and less relevant. I dont see the current members voting to, in effect dilute their power by expanding the "club" at the top of the UN. If they can find a way to replace Russia and China with Japan and Germany, that would be a better council. China and Russia woukd leave the UN and start their own "world body".

Nothing is going to change any time soon. It may be time to disolve the UN until after WWIII and see who is around, if anyone is, to pick up the surviving pieces. Gloomy times ahead no matter where you live. The planet seems a very small place these days.

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Posted in: Australia voices concern over 'ham-fisted' Chinese diplomats See in context

Footage showed two Chinese diplomats hovering next to a seated Cheng, repeatedly ignoring requests to move from animated Australian officials.

This is nothing short of a deep insult to all Australians. These so called "diplomats", invited to our friendly nation, have ignored Australian officials asking them to move, have trodden on Australian hospitality and shown just how uncivilized CCP officials really are. These two Chinese "diplomats" should be immediately expelled from Australia.

The unmitigated gall of the CCP to bring its repression to Australia is a slap in the face to everyone, and shows the complete lack of respect for Australia, its laws and its customs.

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Posted in: Philippine, Chinese ships collide near hotspot reef See in context

Once again, China is causing trouble and picking fights hundreds of miles from the nearest Chinese territory.

China will continue until the world acts, and that action should begin in the UN. The general assembly should begin bringing pressure on China for its acts of violence and piracy in international waters and in other nations EEZ's.

Allies of the Philippines should escort supply missions until China backs off.

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Posted in: Clooney and Roberts help Biden raise $30 million-plus at a star-studded Hollywood gala See in context

Four more years is out of the question.

Four more years of Trump is even more out of the question.

Let Joe Biden retire in dignity.

Let Trump retire behind bars.

Both parties need to work harder to find younger candidates. New laws need to be made banning those over seventy from running for the presidency.

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Posted in: How Elon Musk's $44.9 bil Tesla pay package compares with the most generous plans for other U.S. CEOs See in context

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! On every level.

The rich get richer and the rest get poorer, get hungry, get cold, cant afford medicine and for far too many, live without hope for a better future.

There must be limits on how much wealth an individual can earn and control. What peson needs more than one Billion dollars? This is why so many starve around the world.

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Posted in: New China rules allow detention of foreigners in South China Sea See in context

China is completely delusional making such a declaration. China is going to choose to provoke a major conflict in the Southern seas. Get ready for war.

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Posted in: Putin pledges cease-fire if Ukraine exits occupied areas and drops NATO bid See in context

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Friday to “immediately” order a cease-fire in Ukraine and start negotiations if Kyiv began withdrawing troops from the four regions annexed by Moscow in 2022 and renounced plans to join NATO. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy rejected what he called an ultimatum by Putin to surrender more territory.

Putin is but a brown smear in history's pages. His objective has been clear all along and is being restated here. Give me everything I want and I will stop the destruction.

Zelenskyy is correct, and Putin will use the ceasefire to restock armaments while his factories are at wartime production levels, plus continuing purchases from Iran and North Korea. Once he thinks he has sufficient he will begin again with his eradication of Ukraine that pledged not to join NATO in order to get the cease-fire.

Putin is truly disgusting on a level only few achieve, like Hitler and Stalin before him.

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