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Posted in: Australia urges China to denounce Russia over Ukraine See in context

This statement just show how foolish west policy towards china has been.

First west does denounce china as the main enemy as did pompeo in 2020. Not a word about Russia in a Nixon center speech.

All about china.

China was the threat to the free world.

Time to stand up against cccp.

Not 2 years went by.

Putin declared Russia supremacy when it comes to hypersonic missiles.

Putin threatens Ukraine.

And Australia politician come to ask help from china to contain the bad guy - Russia.


In the 70s Nixon courted china exactly to contain Russia that was considered main threat.

That policy of engagement was thrown overboard.

And now oopppsss, the west does find out the bad guy is , surprise surprise, Russia, after all.

The same old Russia Kissinger and Nixon did contain , with their courtship of china


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