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Peteritalia comments

Posted in: Putin's dangerous fan club See in context

Putin is a children 's murderer forget the rest

Write to Kremlin stating what you think of him

may be some children from Aleppo will be spared because of our breaking the silence

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Posted in: 19-year-old gets 10-15 years in prison for killing grandparents See in context

hang him or hand him to ISIS

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Posted in: Obokata 'types' not uncommon in business world See in context

What about OBOKATA taking off her kappogi and may be more ...an d switcing to vocals ; "ne me quittes pas , ne me quittes pas' so she will get rid of her higai mousu and nobody will accuse her of plagiarasing ????

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Posted in: Fukushima plant's new ice wall not watertight, TEPCO says See in context

The ice walll sounds lke salmon fishing in Saudi Arabia

What if another quake hits Fukushima ?

Remove the nuclear debris by drones and drop them on Isis

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Throw a few Taji fisher- Killer of dolphins in the sea and let s do to them what they do to Dolphins

Movies and stories won t stop these beastly killers

let them have their own medicine

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Posted in: Taiji mayor says dolphin hunt will still go on See in context

My good japanese friends agree with me ;hang this mayor .. soon !!

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Posted in: Germanwings co-pilot tried out descent on previous flight, paper reports See in context

Doctors who knew about the suicidal tendencies of a pilot on active duty should be prosecuted for keeping silent and letting a suicide candidate turn into a mass murderer

DR. P. . Alexander

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists found in contempt of court in U.S. See in context

The japanese whaling killers are a sorry minority

Unfortunately they get wide international coverage and press and make the thinking world feel the days of Japanese right wingers are back

People of Japan wake up ! nip this toxic weed in its bud.

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Posted in: Australian PM says system failed to track siege gunman See in context

The judges are , should be accountables Better : they should be prosecuted for criminal negligence just like other professionals Yes they should face jail sentences and pay monetary punitive compensation to the bereaved families Too many criminals enjoy freedom on bail because of irresponsible judges Time to act in Australia and the rest of the world

Peter H

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Posted in: Sex is going public, but decorum is fighting a losing battle See in context

Take a trip to Paris

You will see so many couples kissing you ll understand it s nature s wonderful way of saying ahhh ohhhh

Then return to Tokyo and spread the message

By the way it will be easy Japanese are the ultimate FEMALES


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Posted in: Fright night See in context

anybody has the email of the dashing front girl carrying bullets ready to spray harassing males ??

Reward ; 5 CD classical music

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Posted in: Hamamatsu: City of music See in context


Will arrange a visit with Japanese students from the MusicfestPerugia (www.musicfestperugia.net )and will ask Ilana Vered to lead the tour (www.ilanavered.com )

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will keep on whaling, despite resolution See in context


Tell your government what the majority of the good japanese people think about whaling

Hook Abe and serve him in a 3 star michelin restaurant in Tokyo



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