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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Did TEPCO just lie to the 8 sailors or did the also lie to the officer in charge? Perhaps our Attorney General should look into this matter and see if it is actionable under world law.

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Posted in: Truman's grandson visits Hiroshima after meeting atomic bomb survivors See in context

We are the only nation to use atomic weapons in a war, and the Japanese are the only people who have been bombed by our atomic weapons. I would seem impossible for them to forgive us, but they have. Can we forgive them for "Pearl Harbor?" I hope we can.

Look how Truman's grandson had the courage to visit Japan and visit with survivors of our attack.

He was the first Truman relative to attend the anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima on Aug 6 and Nagasaki three days later.

It gives me even more hope that we can all lay this to rest, but how can we ever forget?

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