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Posted in: Man wielding knife shot by Osaka police officer See in context

I like how the perp is meant to have quoted the exact name of the law as part of his defence. As if!

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Posted in: British Embassy seeks suggestions for Prince William's Japan itinerary See in context

Other: Taga Shrine in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture.

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Posted in: Korean Air CEO apologizes for daughter's nuts tantrum See in context

I read about this incident while flying on Korean Air last Tuesday, so I purposefully refrained from asking for my nuts in a bowl.

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Posted in: Ishihara, old guard launch Next Generation Party See in context

Talkin' 'bout de-generation. Why don't they all f-f-f-f-fade away?

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Posted in: TEPCO says it was reluctant to worry public over toxic water leak See in context

No plan, no action and no idea. Time to give TEPCO the boot and get an international consortium in there who are proactive, know what they are doing, have a plan, and know how to be open and transparent. Enough is enough.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

You know it was a hot day. He thought he might go off if he got too hot or he might cook it was so hot. So he climbed in the freezer in order to remain a raw son.

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Posted in: Sugary drinks can raise diabetes risk by 22% See in context

Carcharodon, it certainly would be a concern if this study only examined the statistical relationship between sugary soft drink consumption and diabetes. Part of the problem is the simplistic way these kinds of results are reported; it makes it sound like they just looked at one factor. However, it is unlikely that the researchers have just "singled out one item". You can see that they questioned people "about their diet, including how many sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks and juices they drank each day." I have seen another study by Dora Romaguera in which she and her team looked at a whole range of dietary intakes and other health factors, and then used statistical analysis to find the ones that were most strongly related to each other. So, not having read this most recent study, I would say that they probably looked at a lot of types of food consumed, and found a strong correlation between sugary soft drink consumption and diabetes, which was stronger than the relationship between diabetes and the consumption of other kinds of foods. It is interesting that fruit juice consumption was not linked to diabetes incidence, but then, fruit does have a different kind of sugar in it. So we would have to read the study itself to find out whether they just "singled out" and studied only sugary soft drink consumption, but if they did, I would be very surprised.

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Posted in: English guide to hot springs in Nagano See in context

Thanks, Jeff, for that feedback. The book does contain a bonus chapter with five very nice places for overnight (or longer) stays. Otherwise the purpose of the book is to provide guidance for people living in or near Nagano, or visiting Nagano for winter sports, summer hiking, and so on. People can make their own accommodation arrangements, and visit 2 or 3 day-use onsens as part of their trip.

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Posted in: Travel picks: 10 overlooked stunning buildings See in context

You can see pictures of the buildings in the original article here

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Posted in: Smog from China spurs new gov't guidelines on going outside See in context

There is an animated map of pollution from Kyushu University here

Click on Forecast movies (Asia) --> Pollutant aerosols

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