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Im from Russia, decided to clarify some things about sanctions.

It looks like that Western politics think that Russian citizens have the same mentality as Western People and expect that economic pressure makes Russian people to go to Kremlin.

In fact, most sanctions against usual people just strentghen president's power because they think that Nato and USA starts this conflict by sending weapons to Ukraine and supporting nationalistic views of Ukranians.

It's about of 60 percent to support this view.

Another part of population, who dont support Putin, feel fear because a lot of people who protested got criminal penalties.

Also Russia has a 90s period when economic was ruined afer Ussr and many people doesnt have enough money to eat and wear and Russian prepared to falling living standard. So, unfortunately for Western politics, most of sanctions will not work. Actually, sanctions against usually people never worked, you can check history of Iran, North Korea, Libya etc.

From the other side,most people support sanctions against oligarchs, politics because such people got wealth using corruption.

Now Western politics say that confiscated money helps to restore Ukraine but you should know that politics in Ukraine also were corrupted as well and Im not sure that all money will be spent as expected.

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