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As for the train manners here. There are people that don't follow rules as there are in every country however I find the trains far less noisy nor am I ever worried about getting mugged or attacked as is the common case in Australia, not to mention all the litter, drunks and racism that comes along with it. People complaining about this one time that some peanuts fell on their shoe seems pretty petty compared to what goes on in Aus.

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I don't know what schools you guys teach at but all of the 4 public schools I teach at have AC in every class room Also today the kids got sent home at lunch time which I am told is a routine thing, In Australia I never got sent home even in 40 degree heat, but hey whatever lets just paint all Japanese people with the same brush and level as many insults against them as we can. We are superior.

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I am perfectly aware of Japans history and all the evil it brought upon Asia and itself so stop trying to jump the gun and assume I have posted with blind ignorance of the past. The point is, this article is about North Korea's CURRENT system, something that is happening right now in this day and age and all you have to say about it is how terrible Japan was as if that excuses any other country of their current actions.


No one is saying you have to love everything or even anything in this country. Also no one is saying your opinion isn't valid if you do have issues with certain cultural or social aspects of this society My single point is, why in every article, no matter how irrelevant it may be someone comes in and turns it into a attack on Japan. Every country has it's bad and good points (well maybe not all as this article shows) and everyone should be free to acknowledge and speak on them, however I just don't see the point of constantly coming onto a Japanese news website on nearly every article and banging on about how everything in Japan is terrible and anyone that doesn't agree is some sort of idiot that can't think for themselves. It's always the same guys, post the same stuff with the same agenda. I just don't see this kind of stuff happen in other countries, maybe Japan is a soft target for Internet tough guys, I dunno....

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In 1942 you could have changed the dateline to Tokyo and you'd pretty much have the same story

Really? that's all you have to say? I really can't understand all the Japan hate on this site. Regardless of what the article is about a bunch of people find ways to turn it into an attack on Japan or Japanese culture. If you all hate Japan so much then what on earth are you doing on this site?

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I'm against this as it does not use safe N- powered energy, until they are attached to a 30/40 year old reactor, it's just a useful device to help the masses of tax payers who should consider politicians can't yet make money from it...yet.

any excuse you get on your soapbox and have a whinge. unload your preaching in a more relevant space, this is about a device made to help people in an emergency not your opinion on the Fukushima disaster and the government.

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Nuclear power is very dirty and dangerous. If people really do care about keeping the earth clean they would be moving much much quicker to use the Suns energy to power this planet. Its all a dirty business though. All about money, nothing else.

Actually it's one of the cleanest, The only issue is storage of the spent fuel rods, other than that there is little effect on the environment. if instead of nuclear plant's Japan had only fossil fuel plants then Japan's air would be as smoggy and unhealthy as some of Chinas. NPP might not be the best option but try and keep things in perspective here...

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I love how no matter what kind of article it is a bunch of people feel the need to immediately attack Japan. Riffraff

I'm sure Iran immediately sat down and started reviewing it's whole game plan.

Because obviously you could solve these issues with a snap of your fingers, how could the foreign minister be so stupid to push for diplomacy! The nerve of him!


Nuclear Japan proved much more damaging. I bet arabs could easily follow internationally accepted safety standards.

You are using past tense for something that isn't in the past, you can't compare something now with something in the future that has yet to come. Also nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants are two completely different things. Oh and finally Iranians are not Arabs.


I like how Japan always pretends that it's some kind of player in world affairs.

3rd biggest economy, one of the biggest importers of Middle eastern Oil, one of the largest exporters of technology. I'd say they have some sort of place in global affairs, as opposed to some random person on the internet with loud but simple opinions. Again how dare they call for a diplomatic solution as opposed to a military one.

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Anyway, North Korea has been nothing but informative and considerate with this rocket launch. NK's media is plain out blunt. They aren't hiding anything. Japan's media is more savvy about controlling the masses. The country is ripe with fear. Just after a major earthquake now they've got you shaking in your boots.

North Korea sounds like such a wonderful country, compared to this hideous capitalist peice of crap we call western democracy. I am surprised you haven't moved there because you make is sound so much better then the 1984 we live in right now. Who needs freedom of speech, justice, democracy, free markets, food, the internet.

If only I wasn't so stupid and brainwashed by the media like you tell me I am, what I would give to be able to think for myself like you can.

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Cos -

Not the last time. 1950, the North attacked the South and failed. Then the US'n buddies invaded the South, and succeeded. Plus the US tried to invaded the North too and failed.

I was difficult to read your ranting blob of text and I really have no idea what you are trying to say with it all apart from shouting some random opinions however you have a strange view on the Korean War.

The North, unprovoked attacked the the south and tried to invade. The South asked for western assistance. the Western coalition arrived when only a small pocket of South Korean territory was left. The coalition pushed the North all the way back past the 28th parallel after which China entered the war on the DPRK's side and pushed the lines back to the 38th parallel, they were not separate wars or invasions, it was a fluid single war.

oh and also

No. The contrary. Because the US is there, South Korea won't (can't, wouldn't know how to) shake hands with the North. The US is there because China is there. If China moved to Latin America, the US would leave Asia.

You are surely an expert in pan Asian foreign affairs to make such bold assertions about such sweeping, dynamic and important subjects, being a North Korean foreign affairs expert then obviously I don't need to tell you that North Korea actually seeks direct talks with the U.S. and not South Korea, which has been the case for many many years, you would also know that this is to try to affirm their status as a legitimate state.

Obviously the U.S.'s presence in the Asian theatre is only because of china and has nothing to do with billions of dollars of trade transferring between Asia(not only China) and the U.S. It also has nothing to do with Asian countries requesting a U.S. presence in the area!

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moneyyen: "SmithinJapan, you said it correctly. I am so sick and tired of the Western Countries and even Japan telling others what not to do when yet they do it themselves. Who is Obama to tell North Korea not to build a nuke when yet they continue building and testing. North Korea says this is not a nuke, they invite countries and the countries decline. Who is at fault here? I don't remember seeing Cuba or North Korea start a war. They have tried to protect themselves but that is about it. It seems that these days, America says either do our way or we will declare war on you or declare sanctions on you. It is the politician's way of lining their pockets with more money. They then post their ships 200kms of a coast and shoot rockets into cities killing innocent women and children. Now tell me who the terrorists are."*

What a interesting piece of fiction you wrote/ranted, or was it comedy? I couldn't quite tell. You don't remember North Korea starting a war? well that's because you probably weren't alive during the Korean war that was started by the North when they invaded the south. Protecting themselves? how about feeding themselves? how about not spending the highest % GDP in the world on military while their entire country starves to death?

America, the UN and the REST of the world is simply saying that an unstable, sabre rattling, provocative, unpredictable, poverty stricken dictatorship shouldn't have Nuclear weapons let alone let alone the ability to launch one to any one of it's neighbouring enemies, but hey what do they know? your some guy on the internet so you're qualified to know better then any of them about political science or dealing with a militarized dictatorship.

I don't see how any politicians can "line their pockets" by denouncing this, in fact the U.S is trying to give Food Aid to North Korea hoping they stop these provocative actions.

You're disposition towards the west may be justified in other theatres but you are way off course if you think you can gain some sort of merit by calling out North Korea as the victims here.

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