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Posted in: Mizuho to acquire 20% stake in Rakuten Securities See in context

May be their systems didn’t crash every other month they could attract customers.

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Posted in: What's your favorite summer festival in Japan? See in context

Awa Odori in Tokushima. See you there next week.

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Posted in: Warm water spray seat shipments reach 100M units in Japan See in context

Can't have them in cubicles in Renton (Seattle). There is a building regulation that says you can't have electricity in a cubicle with water. Renovated an office with absolutely everything employees wanted, but couldn't put in washlets because of a 1930 era outdated law.

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Posted in: How do the teenagers of the 1970s compare to today’s teenagers? See in context

We had respect for our elders. We did what we were told. We didn't talk back. Eat what was put in front of us. And we asked before we took something (except when borrowing dad's Playboy).

Other than that, pretty much the same.

Thought we knew everything. Couldn't be told otherwise. Rebellious against the status quo. Listened to anything our parents hated. Didn't understand why parents were always so non-understanding.

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

I'm surprised no one mentioned Starbucks. They serve more milk than coffee. Maybe if they reduced their prices and didn't burn their coffee beans, more people would buy their drinks.

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Posted in: Toray says it illegally gained global safety certificates for resin products See in context


You might want to rethink that sell order. This story broke on Feb 1st in and the market has already punished the stock (3402.T). Before the news it was trading at ¥724. As of Friday close, it was ¥664.2

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Posted in: Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen' See in context

Original Media Release is here.

Mysterious object unlike anything astronomers have seen before - News and Events | Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia

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Posted in: What kind of activities did you enjoy doing before the coronavirus that you no longer care for? See in context

Getting on an airplane and going overseas somewhere, anywhere.

Now it is either impossible or impractical.

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Posted in: What do you think of the "metaverse” — a virtual reality construct intended to supplant the internet, merge virtual life with real life and create endless new playgrounds for everyone? See in context

I won't pay $1 for a pair of Air Jordon sneakers in the real world. I am absolutely not going to pay anything for any merchandise in a make believe world.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako, husband leave for New York See in context

with traditionalists vehemently opposed

Someone is forgetting traditionalist history and only remembering modern history since 1889 when the Meiji Constitution for the first time banned women from becoming empress.

Under Shinto religious influence, the goddess Amaterasu, who is of the highest rank in the kami system, might suggest that Japan's first rulers were women. According to the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki chronicles in Japanese mythology, the Emperors of Japan are considered to be direct descendants of Amaterasu.

There have been 8 empresses of Japan.

推古天皇 Suiko Tennō - 593 until 628 was the first and the most famous.


Empress of Japan - Wikipedia

About 1000 official historical books available anywhere. (If you care to do some research on the facts)

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Posted in: Japan secures 120 mil extra Pfizer vaccine doses for next year See in context


Those numbers are not correct.

The official numbers from the Japanese government are here:

As of 11:30AM 09 October 2021.

1 shot = 72.8%

2 shots = 63.1%

For a total of 172,127,058 shots having been administered.

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Posted in: Toyota launches C+walk T in Japan, a new form of walking-area mobility See in context

@editor: Serious question. Did Toyota write this and then send it to the news agencies for publication as-is? I know there is a "Source" reference at the bottom, but does that refer to the whole story being sourced from TMC or TMC having provided only the numerical quantitative data for the story?

It's written in such a way that only a marketing person from Toyota would understand all the groovy jargon.

e.g. "three-wheeled standing-type BEV". What is a BEV?

"Toyota Motor Corp has released the C+walk T" and then the next sentence - *The C+walk T*2 is on sale at Toyota automobile dealers.

We go from "side-by-side travel and communication" immediately into "Indeed, in addition to being environmentally friendly," how are these sentences connected?

I shall not continue... I think you get the idea.

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Posted in: The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them. See in context

This is a ridiculous idea. Three reasons.

If safety is the airlines number one concern, then they should scrape this now. In an emergency, who's going to take care of the dog that is snapping at anyone while it panics.

People have allergies to cats and dogs. When you board a Delta flight and there is another passenger with a peanut allergy, there are no peanuts served on the flight.

Who's going to pay for the dry cleaning when fido does a number 1 on the seat? Or sprays the passenger across the aisle?

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Posted in: What is the best way to prevent pedestrians, glued to their smartphones, from stepping carelessly into oncoming traffic, falling off train platforms or bumping into each other on the sidewalk? See in context

Three things.

Disable the phone when it is moving. Change the culture of the world. Let Darwinism take its course.

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Posted in: Why it's hard to give computers something you take for granted: common sense See in context

Common sense = the least common commodity on the planet.

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Posted in: If you have or had a Japanese spouse, how would you describe your relationship with your Japanese in-laws? How has it changed over the years since you got married? See in context

Pretty much the The Kubler-Ross Change Curve.

Anger -- Avoidance -- Blame -- Acceptance -- Self-awareness.

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Posted in: Emperor's Olympic opening declaration mirrors divided public See in context


Yes you are correct, the needle has moved significantly. I suspect (pure speculation) that Yahoo pre-loaded the survey with positive results to get the thing started. Otherwise it makes no sense on why the needle would move so far in 24 hours.

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Posted in: AI spots shipwrecks from the ocean surface – and even from the air See in context

There's an airplane somewhere in the Indian Ocean that needs finding.

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Posted in: Emperor's Olympic opening declaration mirrors divided public See in context

Did anyone else notice that PM Suga was asleep when the Emperor started his speech? Had to be nudged by a handler to standup.

Did anyone else notice that there is zero international news about this, yet Japanese twitter has 100s of 1000s of tweets?

Did anyone else notice the survey on Yahoo that says that 80% of Japanese found the opening ceremony the best ever? And that very few international news agencies have published any pieces.

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Posted in: June has no national holiday in Japan. If there were to be a national holiday, do you have any suggestions what it should be for? See in context

Summer solstice, estival solstice or midsummer.

June 20 or 21.

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Posted in: Tokyo bar offers 'babysitting' service for annoying husbands and boyfriends See in context

They are not the first. 80's Kitchen in Nagoya has a similar concept, but a much easier system. You can see a photo of the blackboard sign out the front on Google Maps. For those that can't find it, it states.

"Is He Getting Under Your Feet?

Why Not Leave Him Here While You Shop?

FreeCreche Just Leave Beer Token!"

There is no cover charge or prepaid system. You simply pay for what you consume. A standard 中生 is ¥300

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Posted in: How vaccine passports for global travel will work See in context

These apps are short term solutions.

The long term solution is to put all vaccination information into your Government issued passport chip.

For those that are old enough to remember, all the information on the WHO International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis should also be placed on the chip. Since a chipped passport will be required for entry into many countries within the next 10 years, this automates and simplifies the whole immigration process.

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Posted in: Review: A new collection of stories by Haruki Murakami See in context

I still talk to every cat that walks near me.

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Posted in: We have done work to change attitudes at government offices, but this is a huge organization and it appears there are some employees who haven't been able to change their way of thinking completely. See in context

Not good enough.

Suspended without pay for three months.

Demoted to one level below the employee he harassed.

Placed in the baby name registration department until the employee comes in and registers her new baby. And he has to do it.

So that should be 3 months suspended and then 9 months on the name registration counter. 12 months should be enough to remind him to be human.

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Posted in: Back in 2001, what technical advancements did you think the world would have achieved by 2021 but which haven't happened? See in context

Computing world

IT Infrastructure

Secure DNS

No more Viruses (computer versions not C-19 variety)

No more Malware

Enterprise automated OS install

Enterprise automated OS patching

PC as a Service for consumers


Secure certificate signed (getting there)

Secure certificate connections (getting there)

Single packaged applications for all OS (getting there)

Workflow standardization methodologies

* *IT Security

100% secured connections between all devices.

Respect for personal privacy (that was a dream turned into a nightmare by facebook)

Secure communications and collaboration tools

No more passwords (getting there)


Real World

Driverless trains (yes, but not as many as I thought)

Digital assistant (yes, but I though much smarter. My Psion was as smart as the current iPhone, so not much has moved actually)

Maglev to Nagoya (thought they would hurry it up, but it ran into troubles)

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context

I was genuinely asking for the source.

But you are right, I do ask that question, but only on a subject I have extensive knowledge. When someone posts something I have not found, or believe is different from my understanding, then I wish to follow-up, learn and see why there is a discrepancy.


And I will continue to ask the question. All I want it the poster to give a credible reference or citation on their source of information, unless they are actually stating an opinion.

If you are looking for facts on this subject, I suggest not google but here:


The Japanese Government Official e-Statistic site, in English.

Or may be even here.


If you want to get really interesting, try using the data from the Self-sufficiency ratio for food in calorie base report and see if you can find a positive correlation between its decline and the decline in the population or the Gross agricultural product report or the No of people engaged in fisheries report.


Or go here to see the same source data in another way from an independent source.


You can even download the original data and import into a statistical analysis program like IBM's SPSS Statistics

Or Microsoft Excel if you have to.


Now, how about that source?

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context


When I arrived here 30 years again, food security was about 60% now down to about 40%.

Would you please let me know where you got that information? Thank you

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context

@Peter Neil

Japan has one of the lowest food self-sufficiency rates among major world economies

Would you please let me know where you got that information? Thank you

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Posted in: Sapporo Christmas See in context

Oh no. An Elf just killed a baby Reindeer.

Don't they know you can't put up a Christmas Tree before December without baby Reindeer


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