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Posted in: Review: A new collection of stories by Haruki Murakami See in context

I still talk to every cat that walks near me.

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Posted in: We have done work to change attitudes at government offices, but this is a huge organization and it appears there are some employees who haven't been able to change their way of thinking completely. See in context

Not good enough.

Suspended without pay for three months.

Demoted to one level below the employee he harassed.

Placed in the baby name registration department until the employee comes in and registers her new baby. And he has to do it.

So that should be 3 months suspended and then 9 months on the name registration counter. 12 months should be enough to remind him to be human.

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Posted in: Back in 2001, what technical advancements did you think the world would have achieved by 2021 but which haven't happened? See in context

Computing world

IT Infrastructure

Secure DNS

No more Viruses (computer versions not C-19 variety)

No more Malware

Enterprise automated OS install

Enterprise automated OS patching

PC as a Service for consumers


Secure certificate signed (getting there)

Secure certificate connections (getting there)

Single packaged applications for all OS (getting there)

Workflow standardization methodologies

* *IT Security

100% secured connections between all devices.

Respect for personal privacy (that was a dream turned into a nightmare by facebook)

Secure communications and collaboration tools

No more passwords (getting there)


Real World

Driverless trains (yes, but not as many as I thought)

Digital assistant (yes, but I though much smarter. My Psion was as smart as the current iPhone, so not much has moved actually)

Maglev to Nagoya (thought they would hurry it up, but it ran into troubles)

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context

I was genuinely asking for the source.

But you are right, I do ask that question, but only on a subject I have extensive knowledge. When someone posts something I have not found, or believe is different from my understanding, then I wish to follow-up, learn and see why there is a discrepancy.


And I will continue to ask the question. All I want it the poster to give a credible reference or citation on their source of information, unless they are actually stating an opinion.

If you are looking for facts on this subject, I suggest not google but here:


The Japanese Government Official e-Statistic site, in English.

Or may be even here.


If you want to get really interesting, try using the data from the Self-sufficiency ratio for food in calorie base report and see if you can find a positive correlation between its decline and the decline in the population or the Gross agricultural product report or the No of people engaged in fisheries report.


Or go here to see the same source data in another way from an independent source.


You can even download the original data and import into a statistical analysis program like IBM's SPSS Statistics

Or Microsoft Excel if you have to.


Now, how about that source?

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context


When I arrived here 30 years again, food security was about 60% now down to about 40%.

Would you please let me know where you got that information? Thank you

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Posted in: Japan draws up action plan to boost farm exports See in context

@Peter Neil

Japan has one of the lowest food self-sufficiency rates among major world economies

Would you please let me know where you got that information? Thank you

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Oh no. An Elf just killed a baby Reindeer.

Don't they know you can't put up a Christmas Tree before December without baby Reindeer


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ANA InterContinental Tokyo Hotel

1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo

Facing west to towards Shibuya.

Appears to be on a floor between 15 and 25.

The building on the left is the ARK Hills Building.

The building on the right is the Hills Front Tower.

Tallest building in the center background is Roppongi Hills.

The freeway below is the Shuto at Tanimachi Junction 谷町JCT.

Route C1 goes left.

Route #3 Shibuya Line, goes to the right towards Shibuya.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

Does no one remember some past US President saying almost the exact same words about 20+ years ago. One of the Bush's I think. Really! Almost word for word.

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Posted in: First tickets for 2019 Rugby World Cup to go on sale See in context

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Posted in: Nissin develops fork that covers up sound of slurping noodles See in context

Two questions come to mind to see if this product will succeed.

How many Japanese that slurp, use a fork to eat noodles?

How many foreigners that eat noodles using a fork, slurp?

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Posted in: Tourists can (finally) make shinkansen reservations from overseas with new app See in context

If you are unaware, the Japanese version of this app is out now. Has been for about 6 weeks now. Heavy advertisements on some TV channels. The fact that they are releasing an English version is wonderful. Am somewhat curious as to why they would limit the markets though. If it's English and uses a credit card, then why the limit?

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Posted in: Panel falls from plane in Japan; 2nd such incident in a week See in context

@wanderlust. Where did you get that information from? The would be most interested as they track all commercial flight happenings. Can you please post your reliable sources?

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Posted in: Twitter user comes up with ingenious new way to eat popsicles See in context

Sorry folks, false (but still true) news. This is not new. I have been drinking Gari Gari Kun with a variety of Japanese alcohols for more than 20 years.

How to:

Take one Beer joki glass and fill 1/2 with

Get a Gari Gari Kun and put into joki.


There's a Kushiage place on the east side of Nishi-Nippori with this on the menu.

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Posted in: Electronic device checks launched by Japanese airlines See in context

@editor. Slightly off topic.

The photo is of an MD 11. JAL retired the fleet in 2000 after having them in service since 1991. A more appropriate photo for 2017 might be one of the variations of B777 (40) or B787 (29).

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Posted in: Starbucks in Aomori is hot topic right now because of its architecture See in context

@genjuro "...Starbucks burnt beans coffee." Couldn't have said it better. I thought I was the only person in the country that hated Starbucks. Apparently not. I'm assuming there's a facebook group for us to join.. oh no wait, I don't have facebook....

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Posted in: China says it has every right to drill in East China Sea See in context

Why not just build a Japan platform on the Japan side of the line and suck out as much as possible? Surely, someone will then want to have meaningful talks about the situation then.

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Posted in: Critics on left and right slam Greece debt 'coup' See in context

Good. Finally they have to pay for years of financial irrisposibility.

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Posted in: South Korean to drop Sony film in North by balloon See in context

Just to be clear about the amount of Internet access out of North Korea. There are currently 1024 IPv4 addresses, no known IPv6.

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Posted in: Carry-on crackdown: United Airlines enforces bag size limit See in context

Finally. I might even think about flying United now. I really hope the rest of the industry follows.

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Posted in: All-you-can-eat Whoppers at Burger King Japan See in context

I get the feeling, if you are able to eat more than one Whopper with sides, you most likely shouldn't be eating at B. King.

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Posted in: Starbucks says guns unwelcome, though not banned See in context

Guns don't kill, the people who use them do. Answer: stay away from people with guns. Tobacco doesn't kill, the people who use it do. Answer: stay away from people who smoke.

I can see the flaming responses coming already.

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Posted in: S Korean court awards compensation over Japan forced labor See in context

$88,000 x 780,000 (victims) = $68,640,000,000.

There is the reason this is a must win for any company.

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Posted in: Broadcasters ban Panasonic 'smart' TV commercial See in context

This just proves it must be an outstanding product.

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Posted in: Korean Air jet makes emergency landing at Narita See in context

No not more than usual. Check your facts before commenting. Look here and it will at a glance tell you that there are not more than usual.

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Posted in: Scientists claim new glasses-free 3D for cell phones See in context

Mmmm.. They must have missed the fact that there was a mobile phone with glass-free 3D out about 3 years ago. I had one of them. The 3D was a novelty but otherwise completely useless.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd sues Japanese whalers in Netherlands for piracy See in context

hahahahahahahahahahaha. ROFLMAO

The joke of the century (so far). The pirates ate trying to sue the fishermen for piracy. Oh please stop it. It's hurting.


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Posted in: Kiss cancels Japan tour See in context

"non one bought any tickets".

Did you know the the pre-sale tickets where all sold out in 3 days for all 4 shows in the Kanto area? That's 40,000 pre-sale tickets! So yeah, no one was buying tickets.

My guess is that the venues where too small.

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Posted in: JAL amends international baggage rule See in context

Then try to check into a domestic flight! You will be charged extra for oversized or over weight baggage.

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Posted in: Alonso marks Ferrari debut with Bahrain F-1 victory See in context

And again this year it appears the Fuji TV broadcasts will only be in Japanese.

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