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Posted in: Restoration Party member ousted over Korean prostitution remarks See in context

I am going to make this short and sweet and to the point. Do you have any idea how Americans would react to any proposal using legal prostitution in Japan for GI's? Let's just say heads would roll and that is probably putting it lightly. High ranking military officials in US that have been accused of adultery are career ending. You better hope you aren't accused of rape and sent to prison.

Many in the US consider that worse then murder even among inmates This is an insult to anyone who has worn a uniform. Not saying there aren't bad apples out there. Yet to put the entire military under this perception is insulting and disgraceful. Furthermore I remember a time during the Vietnam War when troops came home, it wasn't a warm welcome. People called them baby killers, rapist, murders. Even though most of these men were only doing their jobs and were good people.

Then you wonder why twice as many vets committed suicide then died in the war. Vets suffer just as much as anyone else. Anyone who doesn't believe that has never lived with one. Then some idiots on here say they should use these services as though there is nothing wrong with the idea. Japan clearly has no idea how much this is frowned upon.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015, says Ryukyu University professor See in context

With all do respect to a previous poster. I think your term of super-volcano is a bit misplaced. There are only 6 known locations around the globe which have that distinction. The most famous being Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming & Montana. The Yellowstone region is often referred to as a (super-volcano) because it has spewed more than 240 cubic miles (a thousand cubic kilometers) of ash and lava in a single event. The most recent of these massive blasts occurred some 640,000 years ago.. Yellowstone's next major eruption will probably be centered in one of three parallel fault zones running north-northwest across the park, a new study predicts. Two of these areas produced large lava flows the last time the super-volcano was active some 74,000 to 70,000 years ago. While the third has had the most frequent tremors in recent years.

Scientists aren't sure yet but there is a possibility these super volcano sites around the world are connected somehow. As smaller eruptions which occur have shown to have effects on other areas such as Mt. Fuji volcanic chain of islands among others. These occur more frequently but the chance of one happening in any given year is still less than one in ten thousand. In contrast flows have fed the slow-growing lava dome at Mount St. Helens in the years after that volcano's major eruption, but Yellowstone's lava flows occur on a much grander scale. A friend of mine studies Yellowstone and he has said.

We have never seen a rhyolite eruption of this magnitude in human history & I hope we never will?

Some of the largest volcanoes in the world are shield volcanoes. The Hawaiian Islands are composed of linear chains of these volcanoes including Kilauea and Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii which are two of the world's most active volcanoes. The floor of the ocean is more than 15,000 feet deep at the bases of the islands. As Mauna Loa, the largest of the shield volcanoes (and also the world's largest active volcano), projects 13,677 feet above sea level, its top is over 28,000 feet above the deep ocean floor.

Mt. Fuji in contrast is what is know as a composite volcano, also known as strato-volcano. Unlike the shield volcanoes which are flat and broad, composite volcanoes are tall, symmetrically shaped, with steep sides, sometimes rising 10,000 feet high. They are built of alternating layers of lava flows, volcanic ash, cinders, blocks, and bombs. Mt Fugi is in the same class of Volcano as Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Mount Shasta and Lassen in California, Mount Hood in Oregon, Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier in Washington, Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines, and Mt. Etna in Italy. So if comparisons should be made as to what type of eruption is possible here. These are good examples to go by. I hope this never happens as Mt. Fugi is to Japan what Mt. Rainier is to US.

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

Its many years of atrocities: concentration camps, its bio-war experiments on Chinese civilians, its deliberate programs of starvation and murder of prisoners, the rapacious pillaging of conquered cities and their peoples, its imprisonment of foreign women as sex slaves for soldiers. This and more all swept under the nationalistic rug without even the barest pretense of acknowledgement that they ever occurred.

It doesn't help matters any when the West plays along & enables the millions of innocent victims of Japanese bushido militarism to be flushed down the memory hole. Although facts are stubborn things aren't they! Japan and Japan alone is solely responsible for the Pacific and Asia wars and for America's entry into them. This is fact and cannot be denied. This is what happens when you ignore your own history as though it never happened. I personally don't want to be heading down this road again.

Nothing is ever accomplished by this kind of Nationalistic rederick. Then people wonder why we are still in Japan as maybe this will give them a clue lol. For Japan's sake I hope they realize soon that this road will only bring more suffering. You want to see an economy sink faster then the Titanic then by all means continue down this path. This is what Xenophobia & isolationism gets you. No one is going to hold it against Japan for finally coming clean and if anything it will be a coming of age. Time we all put this in the past and move on. As those who cannot are failed to repeat it.

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

Part 1

When you ask the average Japanese what they know about their own history. It likely will go on deaf ears.

When something is going on in a closed space where group psychology and mindset work together, peoples behavior will eventually stop being led by rational thought. Which is why Japan is so dangerous to be left to it's own devices.

As one Hiroshima citizen put it.

We, the people of Hiroshima, crushed by nightmares, exasperation, resignation and hardships, have come to hate war, more than any other people, and above everything else. We have eagerly sought for peace, being so urged from the bottom of our hearts, from our very innermost core.

As though Japan is the only country on the planet to have suffered from war. I highly doubt Japan hates war any more then the millions of others who hate it just as much. Yet in a Japanese mindset there is Japan and then there is everyone else. I would like to know whether those who hate that war was equally from its beginning as from its end. Does Japan hate what they did to Nanking as much as what America did to Hiroshima? After all you don't see Americas saying it never happened do you. Although while I didn't agree with the bombing. I don't deny it ever took place.

When Japanese forces conquered Nanking, for example, they killed at least 200,000 civilians and probably as many as 300,000 over a six-week period (or so) beginning in mid-December 1937. Japanese atrocities in Nanking were so terrible that Nazi Germany's Consul to the city personally intervened to save hundred of Chinese, especially women, tens of thousands of whom Japanese soldiers gang-raped and then, usually, murdered. The list of Japanese atrocities during the war which it started many years before it attacked Pearl Harbor is literally too long to list here.

During America's campaign to liberate the Philippines, the Japanese command declared Manila to be an open city, a term in international law with the specific meaning that it would not be defended and American forces could occupy it unopposed. This was treachery and deceit as the Japanese defended the city fiercely, resulting in the deaths of 100,000 Filipino civilians. The city itself was devastated just as completely as either Hiroshima or Nagasaki. During 1945, a half million civilians under Japanese occupation were being killed or dying every month because of the occupation.

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Posted in: Nail Queens for 2012 announced See in context

What no Kumi Chan? That's gotta be a first lol.

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Posted in: Apple's iTunes to sell rival Sony's Japanese songs See in context

I used to work for the record industry and they are notorious for being slow on adapting new technology. Remember how everyone said the VHS would be the death of the movie industry lol. The reason you don't hear more artists speak up is because they are bound by contracts!! Many of which I know are waiting for the day of expiration and they sever their relationship with the RIAA and go on their own. Not sure what Japan's governing music body is but I doubt it is much better the RIAA. With the internet it's a lot easier for artists to reach the consumer directly and get more of the money they deserve. That is what the RIAA truly fears, the internet itself. They fear it will decentralize the music industry. Which in all reality, the sooner that happens the better. There is a friend of my wife which has a Japanese band. He admits he was a prisoner under his Japanese record label. They control everything we do and we have very little say in how and in what way our music reaches our fans. I recently spoke with him and he said now they sell far more through i-tunes then they had sold CD's for an entire year lol.

He is currently working on a US tour which their record label never allowed before. Another thing to consider is that most artists singed under a major label like SONY don't have rights to their music. Most of the royalties that come from CD's & concerts also go to everyone but the artists themselves. They receive very little of those royalties. Record Labels (or their supporters) continued to peddle the line than no artist could succeed without them or record anything better-sounding than a bedroom-made demo without an advance long after that position ceased to have any credibility. Shows you how little they know lol. They've undermined their stated role as a quality filter by releasing an awful lot of lowest-common denominator dross. Doing this at a time when people actually cared about music. Not to mention their are far better acts who didn't get signed then ones that do. Finally, they've alienated many, many music fans by lobbying governments to pass draconian laws to stop the internet moving their fluff, rather than adapt their business models to fit the times.

Had the major labels been more forward-thinking a decade ago, illicit file-sharing would not have become the problem it did, and iTunes wouldn't have eaten their lunch. For an independent artist, the threshold of fan-base they need for their music to be economically viable is far smaller than the traditional record company setup. I know at least 2 artist friends who turned down record deals because they didn't believe a record company could expand their audience enough to justify sharing earnings with them. They would be making less money than would be as independent artists. While I praise SONY for finally opening up a bit. I have much less confidence in an industry which seems to be making all he wrong decisions. I am sure they all wished the internet never existed but it does. For that you either learn to adapt or you go down with the titanic. This might explain why so many Japanese artists aren't available on i-tunes outside Japan. It certainly isn't the artists as there are plenty which would like things to change.

As one of my closest musician friends put it. "It's shocking and humbling to see the support of our fans, but it's also evidence of a new era of the fan/artist relationship." "Why should a band pay thousands of dollars to middle-men?" Fans know what they like, and no matter how the labels whine about the death of music as a business. It's obvious that people WILL pay to support the artists they believe in and that they WON'T pay if they aren't sufficiently engaged. Is the industry dying? Is music unsustainable now that the masses can acquire it for free with little or no effort? From where I'm sitting, it's hard to understand that argument. If the industry (SONY, BMG, EMI, Universal) can't find a way to fit into the relationship artists have with their fans. Then they will find themselves on the outside looking in and I can't say I'll miss them much. At least SONY seems to be making some effort which is more then I can say for others, AVEX anyone? It's an interesting time to be an indie musician. :)

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context


ANY foreigner that may look drunk or out of hand and here in Okinawa there are nearly 120 different countries represented so how are you going to discern between those who are US military/SOFA and those who are not?

Simply by not allowing military personal off base to wear civilian clothes period! It's like being in school and not being allowed to have cell phones during class. Not sure why this isn't already a requirement as it is just encouraging bad behavior. Having attended both public and private schools in the states. I liked the private ones better as we had a mandatory school uniform. People gripe about this but I it does have a physical effect on people. It puts everyone on the same page. Studies have shown in the states that school kids perform better where a mandatory school uniform was enacted. It keep those who fall into certain groups from sticking out to far and being targets for other groups to pick on. It has also helped some problem kids boost their confidence and not feel like their targets.

My wife has told me that in Japan that isn't so much the case but she was impressed with how private schools in the states have used this to great effect. In contrast I believe by forcing military personal to be in uniform at all times while off base might have a similar effect. This way at least they can't blend in with other foreigners and just expect to get away with stuff. Drinking should also not be allowed either off base. To make sure this rule is followed, require screening each time. Knowing they could face a disciplinary committee if they break this rule might force more self policing on their part. I also agree with Jade that more severe punishment needs to be enacted.

I can guarantee that if you make it known that your military career could end. In addition to being turned over to local authorities if you break the rules. It would make people think twice now wouldn't it. Having known people who have been within the Japanese prison system. I can say it isn't a place you want to be, especially if you are a foreigner. It no doubt would get a lot of flack back home but then again would be effective. I hate to say this but some fear needs to be put back into the US military. The kind of fear which makes you loose sleep at night. These incidents would drop off dramatically if they knew they wouldn't be protected any longer. What are your guys thoughts on this? I think a little tough love might be in order at this point.

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Posted in: South Korea's K-pop spreads to Latin America See in context

Having been exposed to the K-Pop & J-Pop scene for the latter part of a decade now. I can safely say there is more talent in both then most people realize. If you don't believe me, you haven't looked very hard. Unfortunately for K-Pop and J-Pop as well though in a since. Both haven't focused enough on their solo artists. Many of whom are some of Korea's & Japan's most gifted and talented musicians. If I had to pick 3 K-Pop groups out there which stand out. 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, & maybe Miss A would be my choices. Solo artists it just depends really but most aren't promoted nearly enough unfortunately. In the west we already went through our group idol faze for the most part. Yet when you look deeper you realize there are some truly outstanding acts which stand a much better chance. There are four J-artists that come to mind of which i wouldn't mind seeing more of. Lecca, SoulHead, Crystal Kay & Origa. SoulHead is my favorite by far but all are quite talented even though not as well known. It seems with J-Pop and to a somewhat lesser extent K-Pop. There is more experimentation with musical styles & trends then what you see in the west for the most part now days.

I recently saw a video with J-R&B artist Bennie K which was some sort of country, hip hop, pop hybrid mix which was pretty interesting. I played it for a country friend of mine who was quite amused! Well there is something you don't hear everyday, he said.. Why aren't they on tour lol. My thoughts exactly as there is more where that came from. Not to mention Bennie K is quite a bit more affluent then most J-Pop groups out there. Having no trouble switching between Japanese and English. K-Pop while not as musically diverse as Japan at the moment does have some standouts though. E.via, Tasha & Miryo are probably the best rappers I suppose. Although Tasha is really the most talented of the bunch. E.via on the other hand is mostly underground which is a shame. Her lyrics are a bit to vulgar for Korean tastes I guess lol. She had got some crazy skills no doubt about that though. In contrast I would say Hime is probably the best rapper in Japan but she is mostly underground as well.

Boa, Chae Yeon,Lee Hyori, Lexy, Younha, Lee Soo Young, Bae Seul Gi, Yoon Eun Hye and so on. I haven't even scratched the surface but the point I am trying to make is this. While idol groups are all the rage at present and some do deserve their current status. It does somewhat concern me to much focus is being put on them and not enough on the K & J music industry as a whole. Not everyone in Japan is a AKB48 clone linked through the cerebral cortex. Although it is great to see K-Pop at least is starting to break through. I just wish more can be said for Japan which is starting to lag behind. In closing the music industry as a whole needs to stop fighting and start giving people better access to the music people want. Not crippling it through stupid laws which do nothing to fix the problem. If it weren't for YouTube I wouldn't have become a fan of either. Why can't labels see that it is helping the industry not hurting it. The sooner Japan, US and whoever else realize that. The sooner we can end this pointless war and open the flood gates to the J&K Universe. :b

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Posted in: New Jersey town's monument to Korean sex slaves upsetting Japanese officials See in context

Wow first time I have ever had a comment removed on JT. I didn't think I was that off topic. I was using that as a example not as a personal attack. Sorry JT I didn't mean to give that off topic. This is unacceptable as I am better then this. What a let down I have been to JT community. I pride myself on my posts & I am sincerely sorry letting you all down. I will work harder to be a better contributor as there is no excuse for this. So to try to redeem myself I will try this once again. Japan has no right to say how Koreans in New Jersey or anywhere else how they represent their fallen. Japan was upset about the Enola Gay restoration project as well.

Yet I have yet to see many make the same efforts toward Pearl Harbor in retrospect. It is a two way street and both sides need to admit to their own transgressions. Yet Korea does the same thing so I won't let them off the hook either. If Japan, Korea, China are ever to have normal relations with one another. They first need to look at themselves in the mirror. You can't expect things to move forward when none are willing to take responsibility for their own actions. The point I made about Japanese Americans was relevant to this article.

Japanese are doing the same thing with Koreans as we did in retrospect during our treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII. Maybe some don't like that reference but it is true nevertheless. Yet we don't go around saying those events never took place. The controversial bronze monument, depicting a girl seated on a chair with an empty space, led the Japanese government to request its removal as well. So this isn't the first time Japan has done this.

In contrast the group, cosponsored by the state-backed All China Lawyers Association and China Legal Aid Foundation, also said sexual exploitation of young women continued after the end of the war in one of the Japanese military brothels. This has created much tension among China & Japan relations as well. It's time people put the past in the past and work on bettering our relations through common interest. Not through decades old disputes which serve no purpose other then for nationalistic or political gain. Both sides want to save face but neither is willing to meet each other in the middle. Time we put this issue to bed for good. Otherwise we are failed to repeat the same mistakes again of which our children will pay the price.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy watching movies in 3D? See in context

Technically there has only been 2 movies filmed in true 3D. That being Avatar as well as Transformers Dark Side of the Moon which was used to great effect. Most films are post production converted after the film has been done. Which really isn't benefiting of the technology much. When you see a real 3D film vs a post production one the difference is clear. Both James Cameron & Michale Bay have been highly critical of those which are using it just as a means of justifying higher ticket prices. Carmon is largely responsible for developing the true 3D technology which wasn't even available just a few years ago. My home town has one of just a few Big D large format digital screens in the country which support true 3D. It is a completely different filming process which takes time to learn.

Not to mention has more risks involved when filming & cost considerably more then a traditional film. I doubt the technology will last much longer though if movie studios continue to use it in such ways. My feeling is that if 3D doesn't add significantly to how the picture is seen. It has no business being done in the first place. TV's have done a fair job recreating the effect but were not really designed for the 3D stereoscopic field of view. Projectors are better suited for that as gives you more depth perception which is currently limited to the size your your TV. Anything below a 70 inch set is to small to get the right effect. It needs to be an event like was with Avatar. Seeing it any other way you would have missed the film. 3D's future is uncertain at this point though if Hollywood is left in charge lol.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga warned to tone down Philippine show See in context

As usual the extremists are trying to scare the world into submission. What about how many of these countries treat women as nothing more then a dog on a leash lol. Gaga is seen as a threat because of her influence and being a strong independent women. Something which is frowned upon in many Asian countries. You do what you are told and don't rock the boat, especially if you are a women. They are just using her as an excuse to mask their own internal problems. The Philippines are certainly not as Innocent as they like to claim either.

Women in the Philippines continue to suffer from state-perpetrated human rights violations. There are more than a thousand cases of extra-judicial killings that have been committed under the GMA regime. Over 170 of them were women. Women constitute almost 100 of 200+ cases of enforced disappearances, and 771 out of 1107 cases of illegal detention. Until this culture of impunity prevails, women will continue to suffer from violence. So don't tell me how innocent the Philippines are. We aren't living in the dark ages anymore. It's about time we stop acting like it. Don't use Gaga as a political screen to hide behind your own countries failures.

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Posted in: Woman bites off bag snatcher's finger in Sapporo See in context

Wow some strong jaws that girl must have lol. Lesson to all would be bag snatchers. Keep your fingers to yourself or you might loose them, literally!!

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Posted in: Lady Gaga arrives in Japan for 3 concerts See in context

Wow Gaga was actually dressed conservative this time around. Funny how people haven't commented on that lol. I agree as well. Not to mention it's not like Gaga can get any more attention then she already has. Japan has some of her most loyal fans. So I kinda doubt she would do anything to jeopardize that. She has a good heart & while some might not agree with her style. It is what makes Gaga who she is. I was extremely impressed with her interview with Oprah. More to this Diva then people realize.

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Posted in: Japanese rate Facebook's pros and cons See in context

Global openness. This runs counter to the Japanese mentality. Exposure with outside groups and ways of thinking should be limited as much as possible

I agree with Zichi on this. This is really quite simple. If you don't like how Facebook is set up then by all means don't use it. Nobody is forcing you to. Not to mention there are protections in place to limit your exposure to that. Yet to wish Facebook was more closed would have meant no Facebook at all. That goes for YouTube, MySpace, Twitter or any other social networking site. That is how they function as it should. Maybe I can put it across this way.

Prior to social media, it was only people with money and influence over those in government that could make changes happen. With Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, we have an enormous voice, to share what's happening and shout loudly so that governments listens.

If you think about it the whole purpose of the web is the sharing & exchanging of information. The web would never have come into existence if people were unwilling to exchange ideas and communicate with each other. Do you not agree with this? The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is the number one war criminal in the world & he kidnaps children to fight for him & encourage them to rape & kill civilians. I had never heard of him until just recently. Not to mention I consider myself to be reasonably well informed.

Russell who was behind the film Invisible Children had the idea to use social media to raise awareness of Kony. So that the governments of the world will listen and stop him

You want to know how I discovered this first? It was through a Japanese friend on Facebook which knew my wife. Just as another example you look at what Google has done for helping families find loved ones who were missing during the Earthquake & Tsunami disaster. We knew some friends & family of a friend contact on Facebook which recognized a profile on Google's missing person list. We had been unable to get in touch with them for almost a week after the disaster. Although through the Facebook contact he had recognized them since he was from the area & were able to find out they were all safe. This would have never been possible if Facebook had been closed to outside groups like you say. Before this my wife was also fearful of Facebook but has since changed her view.

She admits now she had been very judgmental & was to critical of it before. Not to mention it gets easier when you are among like minded people. Not all that different from what we have here on JT. In closing I don't believe anyone on these forums would be here if they didn't care about Japan or were trying to limit themselves from the outside. You learn through the eyes of other people. Knowledge isn't gained by those who live in a box ya know. We try to live life the best way we know how but asking for help along the way doesn't hurt anyone. I am sure many on JT are thankful for that as I am. Not to mention I wouldn't have met the love of my life which I met through Facebook by the way. I was introduced by a Japanese business man who's brother was attending the same university I was. His sister (my wife) was on his Facebook page of which the Japanese business man was on mine lol. Strange how things work themselves out isn't it. I wouldn't change it for the world. :)

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Posted in: Nuclear-free Japan braces for summer power shortages See in context

Isn't the shutdown what caused the disaster in the first place? The safety systems worked as they were supposed to but the Tsunami took out the backup generators. So they were unable to fire them back up. Most likely this is just a temperately shut down as they will have to fire them back up eventually. I assume they are using the backup systems right now while the reactors are under inspection. Yet turning off a reactor isn't like turning off a light switch. Like it or not they will come back online. This is going to be a very expensive drawn out process which will take years. I can just imagine what it is going to cost for just for one reactor let alone 54! Who is going to pay for all of this Santa Clause lol.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

I need something cleared up here. Was this a commercial done in Japan or Korea? If it was directed at a Japanese TV audience then I can see this being an issue. In retrospect if it was done in Korea for Korean audience then Japanese netizens need to stick a fork in it. What right do you having criticizing others when you yourselves don't take table manners into consideration when in other countries? Case in point this reminds me of a time when my wife and I went to a very upscale restaurant in NYC. It was a complete disaster and one which I don't care to repeat. Her first mistake was bumping into someone without saying excuse me? The person then said if my wife had a problem!! Damage control was in full effect as this point. It didn't stop there though. When we begin eating some soup she was slurping very loudly and people were staring at us close by. It was extremely embarrassing to say the least. She then requested chopsticks to eat with her pasta lol.

We are sorry madam but we don't serve chopsticks here! The gentlemen was clearly annoyed by this. I then tried explaining to her that was considered beyond rude and shows extremely poor table manners. She then argued with me and said I am Japanese as though to try to justify her bad manners. Japanese tourists take note! When you are in other countries please try to brush up on your etiquette. What is polite in Japan may not be the case elsewhere. We are expected to do the same in your country and the same applies to you as well. When I was finally able to get that point through to her she of coarse was extremely embarrassed. To this day my wife refuses to eat there. Hard lesson but this is the point. You don't have the right criticizing how other cultures due things just because it doesn't fit with your own. Although if indeed this commercial was for a Japanese audience. Jayeon should have shown more restraint and been made aware that might be taken out of context.

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Posted in: Japan says U.S. mad cow case will have no impact on TPP talks See in context

This is one area I am actually familiar with. Coming from an agriculture state myself. I can pretty much guarantee what Japan is getting isn't the best quality, even close. At least just yet but that might change here soon. Good quality certified Angus beef is produced in Montana and some other primarily AG dependent states. A lot of this doesn't make it to stores or meet marts. It is shipped to 4 & 5 star restaurants and a few specialty Steak houses. These cuts unlikely ever make it to Japan due to their high premiums. Not to mention they typically are smaller herds but are in high demand. So that doesn't help matters any, Although I do have some inside information which does pertain specially to Japan. I have a Ranch acquaintance friend of mine that met with Japanese businessmen awhile ago that runs 3,000 restaurants in Japan and California. They are currently looking at a possibility of a trade partnership with the state.

Which will include Montana, beef, barely and wheat which Montana produces some very high quality, high yield crops. It's a really a fun place to visit to especially if you are the outdoors type. Not to mention if you are into beer as well. Montana is home to more breweries, per capita, than 47 other states in the country; Almost every town has it's own brewery and some have several. Anyways the Japanese company had stated it needs 20,000 metric tons of beef a year and is getting about 20 percent of it domestically. The remaining 80 percent comes from Australia because is free of mad cow disease as some of your have mentioned. The cattle are also very high quality and eat nothing but grass all their lives and no grain. The Ranch also does not feed its cattle steroids or antibiotics. Unlike some other states which do.

This is exactly the type of natural, high quality and safe products of which Japan has been looking for and it looks it might be a joint ownership from what I am told. They track the cattle with computer chips implanted in each one that stores data on its genetics, health history and care. There is talk about building a proposed site for a packing plant to keep the product separate from domestic stock as well. Montana just does things differently then other states. Although they really have to having only about a million people. They are roughly about the size of Japan and I think are the 4th biggest state in the country if my geography is correct. Agriculture is it's life blood along with mining and tourism. So they really can't afford to make to many mistakes as it wold be costly. You know the people who own the cows and you do not have to worry about where they come from which is a plus.

The Japanese company could have a safety inspector on site and it would help the plant project get off the ground with both up front money and a guarantee there is enough demand for local beef. Participation in a team like this one develops close working relationships and mutual reliance between U.S producers and Japanese. In addition to this the US has already 1% of the Japanese barley import market. So this could help to open up trade. My Japanese wife has tried it and says it is some of the best she has ever tasted. Much better then the crap that is currently in the food chain. So hopefully if all goes well Japan may finally get a better product. As far as the recent mad cow report it was from a dairy cow and not one which was in the food supply. So people shouldn't be freaking out by this. Hope that helps clears some things up. I am not sure about Aussie beef but I would imagine they have better quality as well but likely is kept for local consumption. Haven't ever tried it so I can't comment really one way or the other.

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Posted in: Int'l marriages test ability to balance love with tolerance See in context

Wow Reiki that was one of the most insightful posts I have read on JT in some time now. Great job and I agree with you 1,000 percent. I have been married twice and my first one wasn't so great. I was really hesitant on marrying a Japanese girl as I didn't know how my family would react to it. My grandfather was a WWII vet and would have probably had an issue with it but thankfully my parents were very supportive. It takes a lot of time to master just the language and then you have everything else to worry about. I am no where near fluent yet but my wife helps me out a lot. We also agreed to move to the states which was a big commitment on her part. There are some things she still has issues with like having the bathroom and toilet in the same room lol. I am considering building a new house where it would feel a bit more like home. Make sacrifices as we all have to. I recently enrolled her in a master English class of which she was ecstatic. I didn't think it was that big a deal to her but I guess it was.

We try to visit her family at least twice a year. Once during the summer and then at Christmas. It works out pretty well really considering. Not anywhere the pressure she had back home but she feels challenged. One thing she tells me though which is surprising. Why did my teacher lie about so many things which aren't true? I felt somewhat guilty as I don't want her having anger toward her home. Japan just like anywhere isn't perfect but I do hope someday we learn to be more honest with people on all sides. I do get in trouble quite a bit though for not making up my mind. I didn't realize that was so important and I will make a mental note of that. I guess one should never assume to much. Int'l marriages do work but just have to be willing to commit to it. I feel very lucky though as that isn't always the case with everyone. Thanks a lot for the excellent post though. Well worth the time I spent reading it :)

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