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phatoomsh comments

Posted in: 1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko See in context

poor little girl RIP

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Posted in: 3 children drown in pond in Hyogo See in context

Laguna you're spot on

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands strike in UK over pension cuts See in context

lazy gits

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Posted in: Rie Hasegawa promotes Tohoku fruit and vegetables See in context

I wholly support the poor people who have suffered and continue to suffer but seriously, given the choice, any person buying any produce from Tohoku right now surely needs their sanity testing

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Posted in: Why are Tokyo cabbies so clueless? See in context

ha ha ha. Almost all taxi drivers the world over are swines

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Posted in: Germany, Argentina advance in games marred by refereeing errors See in context

blame it on the octopus

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Posted in: England needs Rooney to hit form against Germany See in context

2 points: Firstly, Rooney is far more than a striker, creating, holding and generally ruffling feathers - that is as much his forte. Secondly, in 1982 Paolo Rossi didn't score his first goal of that tournament until the quarter final yet ended up with the golden boot on 6 goals. Hopefully Rooney will start scoring goals tonight, but there are at least 4 or 5 other players who have a proven record for scoring goals.

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Posted in: Hanshin store in Osaka holds sale of items left on trains, buses See in context

55000 x 30 = 1,650,000 yen

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