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Posted in: Japan to look at building a common infrastructure for digital yen payments See in context

I use on a day to day basic my Debit Card issued in the UK. I have never had it refused and at a few shops I can even use it contactless. We Are not in a big city but out in the sticks. So the tech is already out there.

i get totally confused over which digital payment system to use which will cover most of my spending. Also which is one is safe.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

We live next to a little beach, there is a car park with an access road to our houses. The entrance to our access has large yellow hatched lines and keep clear for access. Cars parked across our entrance road as there are so many people at the beach.

it is bad enough if we cannot get in or out, but it also stops and ambulance and fire engine getting in.

Normally you just get dog walkers and a couple of fisherman. I just cannot get my head around the fact that in our little town, it is like business as usual.

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Posted in: Japan to review seal-stamping custom to better contain coronavirus See in context

Hopefully any change will not get bogged down in too many special task forces and committees. Then there is the time it will take people to accept any changes.

We have just rented a parking space, there are 11 stamps on the contract from various people. That is just for a parking space.

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Posted in: Tokyo running out of beds and gear, medical staff say See in context

"We could empty out an entire ward and use it just for corona patients, but that means those patients (with other illnesses) will have to go elsewhere,"

I hope hospital’s are reviewing patients to see if there could be sent home a little early. My Mother-in-Law broke her arm a little while back, she was in hospital for 2 months. This was an option so she did not have to keep coming back for outpatient treatment.

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Posted in: Japanese rock legend Hyde rips into those not practicing social distancing and hitting up pubs during pandemic See in context

The last few days news anchors have made a point of point out they are using “ social distancing “ by sitting apart.

Thats it, not follow up to explain how this should be done in day to day life. They go on and on about masks and washing hands. Need to do he same with social distancing and quickly.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

I would rather have the government’s time and money getting masks and PPE into our hospitals now. If the nurses are protected better, then a patient stands a better chance whatever there illness. As very little testing happening none of us know if we are a carrier of this awful virus.

My wife's hospital does not provide masks for nurses, which I will add is not uncommon in Japan. Her hospital has been trying to buy masks without success.

She would use 2 to 3 a day but now she can only use 1, as we have not seem masks in the shops for 2 months.

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Posted in: Osaka governor asks residents to refrain from making non-essential outings See in context

Needs some plans and tuff decisions soon, as Golden Week is coming up. For me it really does not sound like a good plan to have everyone rushing back to there hometowns.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

I think one of the big factor as to whether the Games go ahead or not, is air travel. Everyday more airlines are cancelling flights all around the world. It is too early to know when flights will increase or when people are willing to travel again.

I am all for delaying the Games, so the Tokyo's Olympics are remembered for the right reasons.

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Posted in: Japanese get creative in face of coronavirus crisis mask shortages See in context

My wife is a nurse here in Japan and her hospital does not provide masks. The staff have to supply there own, which surprisingly this is not uncommon. It get stressful going around the shops and finding empty shelves all the time.

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Posted in: Avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings, health minister urges See in context

Avoid crowds there say, yet the Tokyo Marathon is on the 1st March

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Posted in: Tokyoites split over holding 2020 Olympic events in Sapporo: survey See in context

"The metropolitan assembly issued a statement Monday requesting that the IOC and the 2020 Olympics organizing committee explain how they came up with the Sapporo proposal"

The Metropolitan Assembly need to read some of the reports about the problems with the heat in Doha. World class athletics were dropping out of the race and some ended up in hospital. I think it was one of the Japanese coaches made a comments about the dangerous heat levels in the Marathon as well. It is interesting that this papers reports on the heat in Doha have "Expired"

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 paratriathlon test shortened due to bad water quality See in context

This came up as a problem for this location a long time ago. Now that we are getting closer and there are still having the same problems, maybe need a new location.

I know its only a year to go, but if people start to take action now another location is not too far away. They hold a World Triathlon event in Yokohama each year which also include the Paratriathlon event. Must be worth a look at? Better to have the chance for a successful competition than this embarrassment again.

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 1 dead in southwestern Japan See in context

very heavy rain and stronger winds in the Shimonoseki area now. Also evacuation orders starting to be issued for a storm surge around lunchtime. The surge seem to be in the Inland sea.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

I hope when tickets are sent out overseas, it will include warnings and information about dealing with the heat and humidity. I remember the first time I came here during the summer, it hit you as soon as you walked off the plane.

If it is hot in September like last year, hope Tokyo2020 will be watching how the Rugby players and spectators are coping in the world cup.

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Posted in: Tokyo begins trial to ease congestion during 2020 Games See in context

The main take away from the 2020 games should be how to be more efficient in a system that needs to be revamped and updated for the 21st century especially in a country like Japan which for all its technology hasn't quite taken advantage of it and lags behind.

My wife gets fed up with me banging on about this. Needs some good old fashioned Time and Motion Studies along with using modern technology. May find there is not such a big labour shortage after all.

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Posted in: Japan Post Bank to cap int'l transfers to counter money laundering See in context

Over last few weeks have needed to transfer money from UK for reform work. Remembered from past dealing with the bank best to keep transfers under 1 million yen. In the past has been a painless process. Money is transferred to my wife's account as I only have a Japan Post account that we were told could not be used from overseas transfers.

Sent money from UK to my wife's and after a couple of days no notification from the bank this end of the transfer. Then a phone call from them, the money had arrived but they needed to interview us. Questions, Questions, Questions.

Provided requested ID

Why was transfer made over the internet? Explained that is how my UK bank works and how I do almost all my banking now over the internet.

Why do you need the money? Reform work, new bathroom. They wanted builders to talk with them.

Why did I not open an account with them? Told them in the past that they refused to give me an account.

They went over an old loan request my wife had made in the past, she could not remember it. She has been a customer 25 to 30 years.

Finally they would release the cash in about a week. We advised we would transfer some more cash soon. They advised we tried to use someone else first.

Spoke with Japan Post Bank and they confirmed we could make a transfer to my account with them. They gave me the required information to make the transfer from the UK. I made the transfer and very quickly it was rejected. Back to Japan Post Bank who gave me another piece of info required. This was rejected as well. Rang Japan Bank help line and finally found out they only receive transfers in Euro's or Dollar's.

Made transfer to wife's bank, told to come in for another interview and bring more ID and estimate from builders. Finally they released the cash to us and when we tried to withdraw some of the cash, the questions started again.

I understand that the Banks in any country have to be careful. I have no problem with them having to make some checks, but it always feels like they really do not trust you. We were advised if you make an overseas transfer from overseas more than 1 million yen, we would need to add My Number.

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Posted in: Get your fax right: Bungling officials spark nuclear scare after quake See in context

So during a quake, the phone lines go down. I wonder if there is a backup plan?

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Posted in: Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol See in context

I would hope that the airlines are also encouraging there staff to understand how there bodies react to drinking. ( Not holding my breath on that thought ) It is not expensive for staff to buy a Breathalyzer so you can understand your own bodies recover rate. Then on time off have a few drinks and monitor how long it thats the alcohol takes to work out of there system. Im sure there will be a few surprises when people the results.

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Posted in: Do you think stores should stop providing customers with plastic shopping bags for free to reduce plastic waste? See in context

some of the shops need some re-education here in Japan. Even if I offer a bag to put shopping into, some just smile and load up a carrier bag. Then the fight starts Trying to get everything into one bag, not household items in one and diy items to in another. I find the 100 yen and diy/household shops are the worst.

There will see providing a bag as good service.

if I need a plastic bag, I have no problem paying a few yen for one.

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Posted in: Osaka to provide multilingual disaster information for foreigners See in context

Maybe they need to take a look at some of the Apps already out there.

I have "Japan Shelter". Which is in Japanese but now has a translate button. Gives info on warning and disaster events in the area you are in. Also shows on a map the local shelters. Once you get into it there are links to other sites for information.

The other one is " Safety Tips". This has so many links, warnings and advise.

Both Apps are in realtime.

It maybe easier for people to download these than have to think and find where to register for an Email. Better to use and develope something already out there and working. I'm sure there will be others out there just as useful.

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Posted in: Tokyo businesses may be asked to turn up ACs and open doors to help keep Olympic spectators cool See in context

Maybe they should just give out free chilled bottle water at the events. Could be more effective than hoping the air con makes it across the pavement.

Did the Cool Share model take into account it could be a windy day?

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Posted in: 73-year-old man conned out of Y28 mil after call for help from man pretending to be son See in context

It is awful after all the campaiges on TV and local shopping centres.

For one reason or another we ended up with mother-in-laws old phone number. We would get some calls when you answered, the the line would go dead. We assumed that they were expecting an older voice. We ended up buying an answer machine.

As for the banks, I have just transferred some cash from overseas to my wifes account ( cannot get a bank account for myself ). She gets a long call to advise cash arrived then questions on why she has recieved this cash. I know we will be asked the same questions when we go to take out the cash at the bank. This amount is a fraction of the 28m yen. Maybe the banks need to ask more questions of the older people trying to take out large amounts, like they do with some of us Non Japanese.

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Posted in: IOC's Coates stresses cost cuts during Tokyo visit See in context

I hope someone has explained to John Coates that YES can sometimes mean NO here.

Been caught out a couple of times by older member of the family, then someone explained it to me.

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