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Posted in: 6,000 hygiene masks stolen from Japanese Red Cross hospital in Kobe See in context

Maybe people should stop being high and mighty about masks and their "knowledge". Lets look at the bigger picture, if they only help by 1% then they are doing something. And lets look at the practical side of things. Only yesterday, i saw a man on the train wearing a mask sneeze repeatedly into his mask about 3 times. Because of the mask he didnt sneeze into his hand and then touch the poles or handles. Also, it cut the distance that his sneeze would have travelled had he not worn a mask, making the risk of people getting infected much lower. The masks won't stop people getting sick but it will cut down the rate people do. Surely that is a good thing? and before people just say wash your hands and so, unfortunately, there are people everywhere who have no want or feeling to be clean. All over the world there are people who cough and sneeze openly, if one of these people wear a mask then it helps.

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