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I really would like to see the installation of platform gates speeded up. Even on the Yamanote line, the majority of stations still don't have them. I heard recently about an adjustable design that would be feasible for stations like the one mentioned in the article where trains of different configurations probably need to be accommodated.

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Posted in: Anti-Mubarak activists pour into Cairo's main square See in context

It must take a lot of guts to be out there protesting in public against a dictator who's kept a tight grip on power for 30 years through censorship and torture. Mubarak needs to step down now, and let the Egyptian people decide their future through free and fair elections. I hope to see the same thing happen in China and North Korea in my lifetime.

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I crave real bread here in Japan the same way so many Japanese crave rice and miso soup in North America. I'll probably fork over the dough for a bread maker soon, as those good German bakeries are too few and far between.

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