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Posted in: Sales of Japan’s most convenient train ticket/shopping payment cards suspended indefinitely See in context

If you are only travelling around Tokyo then I always find the Tokunai Pass a cheap and easy way of using the JR trains. Only Y760 per day last time I visited- I assume this is still an available option?

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Posted in: Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba See in context

Two things that surprised me on my many visits to Tokyo before the pandemic were the amount of vending machines that are available and the lack of litter on your streets. The lack of litter is particularly amazing to me as there are obviously no litter bins to deposit trash in on your streets. The Japanese ethic of always being orderly and tidy is one of the things I always admired. Something us Brits do not have in city areas which are always untidy. I would give this machine about 5 minutes on a UK street before someone decided that they di not wish to pay for the goods!

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Posted in: Gloomy night See in context

It is sad to think that the mood is one of danger. Compared with some of the places I have been in my lifetime it is the safest place I know. I fell in love with Tokyo on my first visit and have been back many times since (pre Covid of course). I always feel safe late at night and have never felt threatened in any of the places I have been (Shinjuku/Shibuya/Akiba for instance) Then again I am an older guy and don't have the locals knowledge. I guess that maybe it would be different for younger women on their own. You would need to enlighten me!

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