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The University of Manchester has a great collection of Japanese Maps including Edo, some are online digitally.

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Posted in: U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait after admiral's China invasion warning See in context

Xi Jinping wants to go down in history as the man to have restored all of Chinese territory. Hong Kong is now being integrated. The slow takeover of Taiwan failed in recent years, as they have seen CCP rule on the mainland and then Hong Kong. Big Allied fleet coming to the Asian seas soon.

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Just like Blackpool!

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Posted in: Taiwan anxiety rises as China's saber-rattling grows See in context

Xi Jinping will want to go down as the man who unified China. We just have to be wary after the US election, if it is not clear and mired in the courts. The same happened in 2000 with Bush and Gore.

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I was visiting Dundee and wondered what the building was. It looks fantastic. The Antarctica explorer ship the Discovery is very close to it and they look fine together.

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Posted in: Cumberbatch joins Marvel universe in 'Doctor Strange' See in context

Looking to forward to seeing that Steve Dikto is given credit on the film.

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