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Posted in: Japan atomic watchdog suspects Fukushima ocean leak See in context

I await the day when, finally, all these "specialists" confess their impotence. I'm afraid I have to wait for decades, and many new nuclear disasters.

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Posted in: To Apple or not to Apple? See in context

What à stupid and useless paper. Runaway, make your own opinion. Irrationaliste like this one or really argumented, there is plenty of talks on the web. Anyway it's better to try by yourself...

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

The action and thought are questionable. Difficult thing to decide between ridiculous, scandalous, shabby ... But this story reveals the many flaws of our so-called modern societies. The pathological obsession with cleanliness, led to this kind of idiocy and much more. But at the same time the abuse of drugs, detergents and pesticides is one of the main causes of the destruction of the ecosystem. Who will put duct tape on the mouth of Fukushima? Is there really no other way to stop these self destructive madness?

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson says Costa Rica made up charges See in context

Paul Watson is right, he is a good man.

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Posted in: Implications huge for Japan if casino legislation passes See in context

Hypocrisy is not what it was. The decadence of the Japanese culture is a reality that only the naive foreigners are still unaware. The post-nuclear rout will just reveal everything to light. Welcome to the single thought of a doomed world. L'hypocrisie n'est plus ce qu'elle était. La decadence de la culture japonaise est une réalité que seuls les étrangers naïfs ignorent encore. La débandade post-nucléaire va juste tout révéler au grand jour. Bienvenue dans la pensée unique d'un monde condamné.

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Posted in: France's Hollande looking to promote nuclear energy technology ties with Japan See in context

Nuclear is NO FUTURE. Les français non-plus ne veulent PAS du nucléaire, Monsieur Hollande !

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Posted in: LDP to pledge to restart nuclear reactors in policy platform: Nikkei See in context

"...under the government's responsibility," Japanese governments have already demonstrated that they are unable to take any responsibility with nuclear. The only responsible attitude is to stop DEFINITIVELY ALL nuclear power plants.

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Posted in: Anti-whalers ask supporters for cash to fund next campaign See in context

And I am proud to say here, I give money to Sea Shepherd.

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Posted in: Anti-whalers ask supporters for cash to fund next campaign See in context

Sea Shepherd do a great job, I like it. Unfortunately I am sad to say, but Japan is absolutely wrong about many things nowadays. No reason to savagely assassinate whales and dolphins, no reason at all, no excuse. Stop it NOW.

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Posted in: Court rejects demand to evacuate children from city in Fukushima See in context

Shame on this court, shame on stupid and criminal nuclear lobby.

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Posted in: Abe defends ministers' visit to Yasukuni shrine See in context


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Posted in: Official sends out missile alert instead of earthquake alert See in context

Blame yourself and wake up. Japan is supposed to be a democracy but nobody vote. Government and big company are out of control, or worst under mafia control. YOU ALL allow these people to kill you all by nuclear pollution, the lack of seriousness, the stupidity power. Japan have a wonderfull culture, a lot of very clever people, but only stupid criminals control the country. Only japanese can end this underhand dealings. YOU MUST ACT NOW.

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Posted in: No-go zone designation lifted for part of Namie town See in context

Decontamination is impossible, it is just a scam more. Anyway Fukushima will continue for years to emit huge amounts of radionuclides in the air, in water and in the basement. Thousands of tons of nuclear fuel may end up in the open air at any moment causing unquenchable fire, killing thousands of people and making at least half of Japan permanently uninhabitable. This is a good news for no one. Only the mafia, doctors and undertakers will make money, but they will die too.

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