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i hope japan will try to stop typhoons with science or innovations : to save animals, nature, towns, lifes, cars

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with nino end 2018 effect, typhon are going to be a lot and powered with hot water, it is a good way to change weather for japan in order to save lifes (animals, trees, wild life ......)

you can read "typhon fury" from clive cussler

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japan must be care : tsunami (remenber old tsunami stones to alert) and typhoon will change the way to make houses (wind + flood) and the area to build, to change cars also (boat cars) may save lifes

japan can change climate wtih science to stop typhoons, flood, or wildfire

hiro-no-miya naruhito is able to change : he is young

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typhon : rain and wind, japan will prepare a new way to fight floods with cars amphibian, houses able to survive with high winds levels

you can read a very good book "typhoon fury" from clive cussler

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