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That is a point. I always find it strange that people here always seem to have cars, especially in the provinces, no matter how poor they are. I mean, even homeless people have cars here!

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Using the air conditioner all the time will make you less toleret to the heat, making it seem all the more hotter when you eventually have to venture outside. I have noticed this especially with people who grew up with air conditioning. And when every man and his dog runs an air conditioner in the confines of Tokyo's high-density neighbourhoods, it just makes the surrounding air even hotter, especially on still nights. And what, with a hundred million people all running a now "essential" air conditioner to keep themselves cool from the added heat from everyone else running an air conditioner hey, we need a few dozen nuclear power plants just to keep them all going. And we all know what a fine mess that led to.

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What on earth is "shock news Monday"? Speak English, man!

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Posted in: Japanese designer of soy-sauce bottle dies at 85 See in context

Upon seeing the headline,I was bracing myself for the first groaner of the day, most likely "iconic" , "icon" or other such cliche to make its ugly appearance, but it was sucessfully avoided by the rather clever use of "visual shorthand." My hat's off to the journalist who wrote this.

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Oh great. Just what the planet needs.

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