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Phillip Buchan comments

Posted in: Canadian PM to visit Thailand, Japan and South Korea See in context

a big majority 60% of canadians voted against him you tool!!!

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Posted in: Canadian PM to visit Thailand, Japan and South Korea See in context

where do I go to protest against dictator harper the worst PM in Canadian history!!!

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Posted in: Softbank gets approval for 900MHz band specific base station plan See in context

yeh it's about time softbank's coverage really sucks right now. I'm looking forward to having reception comparable to Au and Docomo.

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Posted in: Star Alliance launches iPhone app See in context

this app is useless did they even test it before sending to the app store? you cant even choose a date from the flight status screen I hope the fix it asap.

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Posted in: Apple unveils new iPhone See in context

it is not just a phone it is a minicomputer blows any japanese cellphone out of the water you can see the real internet on it email, music, photos and the new iphone has video wow but I will wait until next year to upgrade still very happy with my present iphone and it has free software for reading books called stanza very cool for reading books on the phone!!!

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Posted in: Skating rink See in context

i don't think you could use real ice skates it would just shred the plastic and destroy your skates must have to use rollerblades

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

awesome win Obama, goodbye Mccain and Palin .

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