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Posted in: Shinkansen tickets on sale for half regular price until spring of next year in east Japan travel push See in context

 it makes mentioning this statment utterly pointless..."

No it's not pointless. The point is that for a brief window of time the locals can travel JR East Shinkansen at a discount. Normally the only savings available are the passes for non-resident foreigners. Therefore, even though the discount is not at the same level as the JR Pass, it is some enticement to locals to travel during this period. Especially if you have family living some distance away and have to waste far too many hours on cheaper modes of transport.

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

I just asked my japanese wife if she feels any stress of being perceived as imperfect mama.

Perceived by whom ? who are these people ? was the answer .. there you see the brain still works. I think she is happy and healthy (Dr. Hamster voice) .

You think? For anyone whose brain still works and who knows anything about the Japanese propensity for vague answers to direct questions, no one would make the quick leap to the conclusion assumed here.

Countering with questions may mean anything but an affirmation of health or happiness. Think again.

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Posted in: Shooting star seems to have exploded above Tokyo See in context

The Earth is a death trap. We need to get off this rock, spread out into the galaxy as far as possible to avoid the extinction of humans. 

Sure. Let's go! Let's try to colonize and pollute and make a hot mess of the rest of the universe now that we've screwed over this bit of heaven under the sun. Great plan. Frankly, should it go that way, our extinction might be the just deserts and a lesson to all other inhabitants who share the universe with us for the way we've mismanaged things.

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Posted in: Shooting star seems to have exploded above Tokyo See in context

A star in the east, I'm only "plage of frogs" away from completing my 2020 apocalypse bingo card!

Thanks for the laugh, OzBurger. Brilliant.

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...shame on the neighbors of these nurses who shunned the nurses because they were caring for patients for coronavirus. How heartless. I don’t care how bad of a pandemic it is, because isn’t that the duty of nurses and doctors, to care for the sick?

Japan has a history of this. The Burakumin. The Hibakusha. Fukushima victims. No surprises at this reaction. What might happen if those neighbours were show up at hospital with COVID-19 and the nurses they shunned were to shun them? Wouldn't they find it a moral outrage?

...when I heard about hospitals and ports were turning away people with coronavirus, I thought to myself, “so what, they expect these people just to go away and die?”

Right. If they're going to deny treatment at least give the patients the option of a quick end to their misery. It would also save the ambulance drivers time driving from hospital to hospital and being refused. It's inhumane. People offer more consideration to their pets than this.

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Posted in: Japan's fussy food shoppers finally go online amid pandemic See in context

I noticed that in the supermarkets women (mostly) have to inspect everything they buy. I can understand inspecting meat and vegetables but it goes far beyond to packaged foods as well.

Other packaged goods may well require inspection as well. It's possible that someone in the family has an allergy to a certain ingredient or the buyer wishes to check the levels of sugar, sodium, preservatives or additives on the ingredients list in order to compare it to an alternate brand. There are many valid reasons to avoid grab and go shopping.

As for those shoppers who "have to inspect everything they buy," with all due respect for your right to shop any way you like, Do the hustle, let's just say I'd rather eat at their house than your house.

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Posted in: Japan to create guidelines to improve conditions for freelancers See in context

You are not free lance if you only work work for a single client. Like the teachers in the English language schools. Taxi drivers. These types of situations should be employees not self employed.

I beg to differ. Freelancers should be able to choose to work for only one client if they so wish. Why should a freelancer be forced to work for multiple clients? I know of numerous accredited professionals who work on a contract to contract basis for a variety of single clients such as governments, school boards (in various capacities, not just teachers), in the media and elsewhere.

If you narrow the definition of how someone is permitted to contract freelance work, you only make it less than fair and interfere with ability to collect compensation where it's warranted. And there's no reason why freelancers shouldn't be taxed like other income earners.

Of course, there are some who choose to work in the underground economy for cash only; however, that's a risk they assume fully aware of no protection under the law. I'm not talking about those.

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Posted in: Campaign speech See in context

Hello? Second wave here we come!

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Posted in: Japanese start traveling en masse on 1st advisory-free weekend See in context

The most sustainable tourism is domestic tourism, so it would be good if it could take off. Some of the sightseeing in Japan is a bit samey or gimmicky, but there is great hiking, camping, and cycling. If you are not the active type, just hire a car and take the road less travelled. 

True. However, people need to have enough time off to enjoy domestic tourism properly. It's not supportable if everyone continues to have the same weeks on the calendar off.

I don't see any foreign tourists here. 

Exactly the way the locals prefer it. Tourists are regarded as another type of virus, albeit one that pays.

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Posted in: Australia says borders likely to stay closed until 2021 See in context

People aren't going to want to travel internationally if they have to spend 14 or even 7 days in a confined space for quarantine. Just have to start saving money and go on a longer trip when the risk is much lower.

So true. First they face 14 days stuck in a small room unable to leave for any reason, probably at their own expense. Then once they return home it's another 14 days of the same, possibly in their own homes. That's one month of confinement. People are not going to holiday under such conditions. Business travel isn't feasible with those sorts of restrictions either. At present, mail service (including diplomatic communications and services provided by embassies such as passport renewals) is halted in many places. Not only are people at risk of being stuck abroad because they can't return to their country of origin, they also run the risk of becoming stateless in that interval.

Another likely greater concern is the numbers of cargo ships' crews which normally move from ship to ship while in port. Border closures and quarantines affect their ability to keep shipping and worldwide trade functioning. If all of that and more grinds to a full stop as the pandemic continues (and if immunologists are correct in predicting more of the same with other strains of contagion to come) holidays--and even compassionate visits to dying family members--are going to be very low on the list of anyone' problems.

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Posted in: Women bear brunt of recession as pandemic unravels Abe's 'Womenomics' See in context

I wonder where the father(s) of these children is(are) One kid is 4 and the other is only 1 year but she's already a single mother.

Not only do women bear the brunt of recession, they also bear this sort of condescending judgment from a highly misogynist society. Without any knowledge of the facts, you'll notice that the comment not only implies that it's her fault, but also suggests multiple fathers which further denigrate and shame the mother.

You'll notice the comment isn't asking why free daycare isn't provided. Or why the absent parent's child support for the young children in question isn't enough to see her through the years until the children come of age. Or why she is having to take on piecework to provide for her children. Highly civilized societies (such as Iceland which is also an island nation) manage such social issues much better.

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context

Easy, get assistance from your closest embassy or consulate!

Not easy at all. I have first-hand knowledge of a non-Japanese resident (25 years) whose passport in their country of origin is about to expire. After a lunch with the ambassador himself, they learned that ordinarily it was an easy matter to resolved. However, at present it is impossible as no mail is leaving the country or entering it. In addition, the embassy is closed with no set date to re-open. After filling out a mountain of forms they left Japan (and their marital partner who works here) last week to renew the passport in their home country with no knowledge of when they might return to Japan or be re-united with their spouse.

Very unfortunately, the new reality is that many people worldwide are devastated and highly inconvenienced in a myriad of ways on account of the pandemic. They will continue to experience all manner of financial hardships and emotional trauma as a result, and may never be able to recoup. Others will remain largely untouched by the circumstances except for more minor inconveniences. Fair? No. Shoganai (for real--not an excuse to avoid something).

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Posted in: 'He is going to change the world': Funeral held for Floyd See in context

One of which is the high crime rate of the black population and the sensationalism that it provides.

Black people need to examine and rectify this.

They sure do. I listened to a radio documentary today which described how police in New York are specifically ordered to issue arrest warrants with quotas targeting young black men. In white neighbourhoods--especially the rich ones--if someone is ticketed for some offense their lawyers see to it that the citations disappear. (I would provide a link if I could.) That does a great deal to elevate the "high crime" rates in certain sectors and erase them in others. The racial profiling and corruption are systemic and, very unfortunately, not likely to disappear.

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Posted in: Learn how to master cabbage chopping (and make perfect okonomiyaki) See in context

If you are trying to achieve this abroad, it also helps if you can get Japanese cabbage. There's a difference in taste.

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines busy as coronavirus ravages economy See in context

Adampear, to be honest, i wouldnt want to talk about peoples personal issues in a home setting in the event someone you maybe living with overhears the conversation.

i suspect that people who live alone might be willing to volunteer. That could be appropriate. If candidates were PAID to take the training instead of having to pay to take it, more might sign up. It would be good to create an NGO to support this work.

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Posted in: Frontline health workers in Japan continue to face discrimination over virus See in context

"I think people who turn to coronavirus bullying are tired. Because they have no place to let out the stress that accumulates every day, they use the coronavirus as an outlet," one user wrote.

So how does that explain the Burakumin, Hibakusha, those who lost their homes and loved ones in the 3/11 disasters or others throughout Japan's history? Is everyone in Japan tired throughout all time?

Thank heaven for those in Japan (and in societies worldwide) who choose to serve and protect others. They're drop dead tired themselves, but will hold a dying person's hand and offer whatever ministrations they can. That they should have to suffer abuse as a result is deplorable.

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Posted in: Air Canada to operate flights to 97 destinations this summer See in context

Tokyo is on the list, even though Canadians have been banned from entering Japan since April 3rd.

Perhaps the airline is servicing people with connecting flights to other Asian or South Asian destinations. No doubt Canadians are still leaving Japan. Some commercial flights may also be carrying cargo.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

For the Gods sake can anyone make a sensible decision?

Not if it involves change.

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

Thought her infamous outburst was completely justified as the flakey fella on the receiving end needed a good kick up the butt. It takes real character to have it out like that and she had it, by the barrel load. There was a string of events that led up to the fiery scene that had to been seen and understood why it happened. If anything, I thought, Japan needs more of these often painful but necessary clashes. 

I agree. An outburst of pent up anger is completely normal and even justified especially when a series of other events piled up before the triggering event. Add the pressure cooker of the TV show itself and the haters on social media, it's a wonder that there isn't more high drama of that sort. Instead viewers mostly get carefully edited honne micro-expressions on a tatemae face.

People do not behave like therapists to each other, deal with problems or their resolutions by quietly and rationally resolving them. There's a difference between anger expressed to a person who has committed a wrong and is not offering sufficient evidence of contrition and anger that is constant and irrational. Anger is a often justified and a very useful tool in letting others know they've crossed a line.

I agree with a previous comment suggesting that the creators of the show bear some responsibility. They need to have the right support systems in place for the members of the house to decompress, to be advised and to ensure their mental health is stable. The people cast for the show are often very young (18) and navigating a lifestyle quite foreign to anything they've experienced before on a public platform. Even the older ones with some life experience have a good many naive expectations. They likely have little idea what could happen as result on account of their participation in the show or how much vitriol might be directed their way on social media.

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

Hana Kimura was a beautiful soul. Her physical strength was remarkable and her naive vulnerability apparent during the episodes in which she appeared. More than that, she had a purity and innocence that was a joy to watch; however, I also worried about her as she crushed on others in the show only to find heartbreak.

Internet trolls all too often take things out of context and magnify offhand remarks that in past eras would have been forgotten before the end of the episode as there was no platform on which that sort of thing could foment.

How tragic that this wonderful young woman with so much to live for did not have someone in whom she could confide and who might have lovingly mentored her and consoled her through the abuse she suffered. My condolences to her family, her friends, cast members and the many fans who loved her. Rest in Peace.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada poignantly answers 'Why do breakups hurt so much?' during livestream See in context

“So that’s why it sucks so badly to be single.”

Find contentment by making peace with and healing your pain. After that, single is a glorious state of autonomous bliss from which you can hold people close or let them go. Single doesn't have to suck.

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Posted in: Noise complaints on rise in Tokyo as stay-home campaign drags on See in context

Whilst there's plenty of blame to go around, people who have a very low tolerance for anything should NOT be living in crowded areas in the first place.

People who have a very low tolerance and do not have a choice in the matter have options. One, invest in custom made earplugs that eliminate almost all noise but alarms. Noise cancelling headphones are a second option, but not easy to sleep in.

People from the city who move to the country for quiet are often upset by the amount of noise made by animals such as crows, gulls and even little morning songbirds. It may not be the solution they hope for.

In Japan's buildings without adequate soundproofing it might be time to institute policies that people enjoy their music with headphones only.

...some cops showed up and asked me about my car and my gaijin card and then told me that I should not have parties since gaijin are known to have noisy parties.

Ken, the party guy in my building was Japanese. So much for the accuracy of bias, belief and prejudice.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics protest parody of logo that depicts COVID-19 See in context

Great fun. Love it.

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Posted in: Elderly people could carry a card saying, 'If I fall ill and am taken to hospital, treat young people first.' See in context

This is abhorent ageism at its worst.

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Posted in: Shrine in Japan offers solace to those at home See in context

This strategy has been used by churches in North America for decades. Services are broadcast to those who are shut in but find comfort in attending virtually. People find comfort in what they are used to. They didn't have to understand Latin to find solace in Mass.

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Posted in: Shibuya gives each public elementary, junior high student a Surface Go 2 tablet See in context

Why not provide the assistance to relatively small number of those who lack such a machine -- INSTEAD OF TO EVERYONE?!

The idea is probably to provide a consistent platform to each individual student. Teachers will know exactly what each student is working with and can adapt work within that system.

Also, if a family has a computer at home, there's no guarantee that the individual students can get access to it when they need it. Also, the Surface (I had one of the earlier models) is lightweight and easily carried to school or anywhere else.

As for the WiFi question, there are many options--the portable pocket versions which can support multiple users being one of the best choices in Japan.

It's a progressive move. And once done successfully in one area, the idea will catch on in others. It's a win-win scenario.

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Posted in: 'Don’t let fear get the better of you,' Japanese Red Cross video urges See in context

Wonderful message in such a soothing, reassuring tone. I hope the Red Cross spreads the same message globally.

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Posted in: Diamond Princess leaves Japan for Malaysia See in context

Hasan Minhaj's Patriot Act segment on The Real Cost of Cruises on YouTube or Netflix is worth 22 minutes of your time. The industry is not only hazardous to passengers' health but exploits the workers.

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Posted in: Trump says he doesn't want to talk to Xi right now; could even cut China ties See in context

Trump wins another term

Good work, Alistair. Can't underestimate next tactics.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics closing 5 souvenir shops; downsizing another See in context

Who wants merchandise for Olympics that aren’t going to happen??

Any collector with the space to keep the merch who wishes to gamble that such items will become a valuable collectable, that's who.

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