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Posted in: North Korea calls South's leader a 'guy with a trash-like brain' See in context

Porky Pig Rocket Man, bad hairdo and all, with his lil dopey piglet has audacity to criticize.....

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Posted in: Japanese F-35 fighter jets visit Australia in 1st deployment abroad See in context

Great to like-minded Democracies furthering their respective security.

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Posted in: TikTok stars boycott Amazon in activism push See in context

Who needs TikTok anyway.........another CCCP propaganda ploy to save its unethical, shoddy, economy. BAN TIKTOK !

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia confirm cooperation toward free, open Indo-Pacific See in context

Guess o misspoke on the 0 coastline , but excluding South & East China Seas, palls in comparison to US shoreline

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Posted in: Japan, Indonesia confirm cooperation toward free, open Indo-Pacific See in context

@ William Bjornson....try Geography 101 first...China has ABSOLUTELY zero Pacific Coast coastline, by contrast, the USA has over 3,000+ miles of Pacific Ocean coastline.

Secondly, certainly from ALL newsworthy indications, ALL ASEAN countries appear to have issue(s) with China's encroachment upon their internationally recognized territorial claims.

And, finally let me say, No our military isn't ubiquitous, but we do have another asset for that job, CIA ..in conjunction with our "Five Eyes" for the record. But, we Americans do find a need to maintain strong deterrence posture to remind idiots worldwide, that we stand ready to defend our life, liberties, and our pursuits of happiness.....even as Russian & Chinese routinely test our NORAD borders with bombers and submarines. Not only affords us free speech, but even individuals such as yourself. You're welcome.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan defense chiefs to meet Wednesday to discuss Ukraine war, China See in context

We welcome the Quad 4 alliance, with Japan as an indepensale and strategic partner.

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Posted in: U.S. bombers fly over S Korea in show of force against North See in context

Flying a" Supersonic" B-1 Bomber as a show of force......you BET it got Fat Boi's attention.....and had every radar station in the country on alert. .And for all those "LOLs", it's obvious you are TRULY unaware of this plane's capability.....MULTI -MISSILES CAN BE LAUNCHED IN SECONDS.....far exceeding TODAY anything the NK will have in the next century... The thrust of its engines alone can make the ground tremble on its approach for 10 miles, and scatter windows as its passes overhead; a bit more than firing a few scuds and "dead fishing" for NK fishing industry. LOL....

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Posted in: Melania Trump ignites GOP convention after gloom, turmoil See in context

National security risk of classified information being passed to Russian via Slovenia intelligence

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Posted in: South Korea chooses site of THAAD U.S. missile system amid protests See in context

Matt Hartwell JUL. 13, 2016 - 05:21PM JST Why should the U.S pay for it. Don't understand that at all.

The US will deploy the proprietary system in defense of South Korea, but will not be turning over the technology and operations to the South Korea military.

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Posted in: 'Self-funded' Donald Trump preparing to seek big-donor money See in context

why spend his own money GIVEN the probablity he won't win.....might as well continue to live off the big donor hogs.l.. thru November....

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force plane intercepted by Russian jet in 'unsafe' manner See in context

<@lostrune2APR. 17, 2016 - 05:27PM JST

Everyone. International space is international. Once governments start putting restrictions on freedom of navigation, we all lose out (like China is doing in the South China Sea). And that goes the same for international space near the US coast. Once again, shadow 'em if they want, just keep a safe distance. Everyone has the right to be there, including both Russia and the US. No freedom restrictions.

Let's face it, we all know why that US spyplane was there for and it is not friendly. Though they are willing to bite the bullet for their choice occasionally, the US supports "freedom of navigation" less because they really believe in it, than because most of the time they benefit more from it than other nations with less expeditionary ability. In effect they are abusing the rules more than anyone else. They aren't getting shot down because they aren't over the border yet, but to expect no one to show their displeasure is unrealistic and asinine.

(When freedom of navigation is very inconvenient to the US, it institutes a quarantine - ref Cuban Missile Crisis)>

Really. Your responses is just as laughable. Since you don't know....the international airspace alone the US Eastern and Western seaboards, and the Gulf of Mexico is a hodgepodge of Russian and Chinese military vessels and submarines constantly monitoring the US homeland. And, Russia's facilities on Cuba, well let's not even go there.....whole different Chapter.) Russian and Chinese military attaches, not mentioned Israeli, French, British, and German (just to name a few of our "friends" ) routinely conduct subversive counterintelligence operations "on American soil"

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Posted in: With Cuba trip, Obama aims to make renewed ties irreversible See in context

Except when they allowed Krushchev to park those warheads in their country back in '62. Its time to show America not forget that incident.

Damn, still living in the past (more than half a century ago)

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Posted in: Japan Post companies net Y1.44 tril in world's biggest IPO this year See in context

hey "proxy" and "Disillusioned", reading is so fundamental......

Only 11% of the government’s equity in the three companies was sold.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the proposed new security legislation would allow Japan’s military to defend its allies even when Japan isn’t under attack, work more closely with its allies, and do mor See in context

70 yrs is an inordinate amount of time .......China and Koreas need to move on. There is no reasonable expectations that Japan should be forced to offer annual apologies for historical events decades ago......England doesn't, German certainly hasn't (and doesn't), Russia doesn't, America doesn't, nor France, Italy, Egypt, etc.......

And, having a fuly functioning military IS every country's right. Why shouldn't the world's #3 largest economy do more to insure its safety AND contribute toward world peacekeeping operations.

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

Free the JSDF ..........to seek the people's vengeance. Amend the Constitution.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, Australia agree to deepen security ties See in context

Congrats to the new partnership....fyi PMs Abbott and Abe....there's a 1.2 billion euro ($1.58 billion) contract for a Frenchmade Russisan carrier, called the Vladivostok, currently up for sale..fully loaded, ready to sail ..instant rebates available.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo See in context

It is really amazing to read the comments of all the "naysayers" of the Japanese people wanting to have the capabilities to protect themselves. Japan has just as much technology as the U.S., if not more. So for those of you suggesting that somehow its the US prodding this decision are really somewhat delusional. PM Abe is right to revise the country's constitution. Every country should determine its own national security interests; and with the constant saber-rattling of the PLA of China (More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll ) Abe is strongly correct in his assertions of the need for Japan to meet any immediate threats to the sovereignty of Japan independently. Who cares what China and South Korea thinks....still living the past of 1930's & 40's. It is unthinkable that in this day and age, that these naysayers would suggest the Japanese people should just bow down and be passive to a militarily assert China.

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Posted in: With eye on Japan, China announces national 'Martyrs' Day' See in context

Can't help but wonder it Vietnam will have its own holiday as well or when CCCP legislature will finally find the heart to have a national day of remembrance for Tiananmen Square Martyrs' . These commies really need to give this reflection hyperbole b(#sh@ a rest.

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Posted in: Japan considers building its own fighter jets See in context

If Japan is ready to dissolve partnership, it's time to bring troops home and let Japan be fully responsible for it's own security. Who cares what it's Asian neighbors think other than our partners in Philippines & Australia.

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Posted in: German secret service 'spied on Hillary Clinton': reports See in context

An unequivocal demonstration of the German government's hypocrisy.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ease political tensions in informal meeting See in context

in essence China wants capitulation....servitude. Japan should only approach any talks as "equals".

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

As an American it's appalling to read all the passive comments about ....70 yrs of peace, American wars....yet we have have 50,000 American military personnel (costing USA taxpayers billions yearly) stationed to "protect your sovereignty and your kids, not ours". China isn't threatening "to put it's foot on our America's neck, but rather Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, i.e.... Southeast Asia". Your 70 years of peace ---at USA TAXPAYERS EXPENSES ---has resulted in great prosperity for the country. The Japanese people would have the world to believe that they are honorable people. Is it too much to ask that they share the risks, rewards, and duties of peace.

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Posted in: SDF chief makes highest-level military visit to Myanmar since WWII See in context

another idiot...wakarimasen....the article clearly says otherwise.....what a idiot? "Japan has had no military ties with Myanmar since 1945, when its three year occupation of the country came to an end with an Allied counter attack"

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Posted in: Japan launches new submarine amid fun-looking party See in context

It's great to Japan refurbishing its military hardware. While America is genuinely happy to see its closest Asia ally strengthen its defense, we are well aware of other "regional" naysayers will use the occasion to espouse some negative militaristic intention for self serving propaganda.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against stationing workers on disputed isles See in context

The provocation is only coming from Beijing.....it's building a remote post in Philippine territorial waters and now wants to expand its rights to waters 400+ miles from its coasts.......it's nothing more than a land grab......this is a fight that needs to happen; and we can only pray that Japan has more new warships ready to be revealed..

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