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Posted in: Tokyo police, rail authorities hope to scare Halloween pranksters See in context

i just saw some of the Yamanote Halloween Train vids on YouTube and it's alarming how violently many people react to this event. Granted, it can be annoying to many commuters, but on the other hand, it's only once a year, and then just an hour at that. throughout the world and throughout history there have been all kinds of events or performances (some impromptu, some officially sanctioned) designed both for fun and for shaking up the routine of daily life. i can't help but wonder if the extreme reaction to this event by some Japanese (and a few foreigners) is because it's done mostly by "gaijin." would there be such an uproar over it if it were done by japanese? well, japnaese wouldn't do it so it's a moot point, you say, but what about the right wing sound trucks, or protest marches, or avant-garde performance art in the streets and in front of train stations; or for that matter, all the amateur "musicians" making noise in front of those train stations? aren't those greater disturbances of the peace since they occur on a much more regular basis? by the way, i raise these questions as someone who has never participated in the Halloween Train.

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17, woah, she's a little too old, don'tcha think? and my god, she really needs to lose some weight. japanese standards are really slipping!

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i still don't understand how these women could win the miss universe title. they're just so-so good looking. everyday you can see so many more beautiful women walking around the streets of tokyo. i guess it's just because they're tall?--or maybe because the judges have a stereotypical sense of "oriental" "beauty"?

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wow, she looks great! i don't know what other commentators here are talking about. and who knew she had such fantastic legs?!

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cleaning up just in time for the friday night revelry! better to do it after the party's over, no?

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Posted in: Investigators try to track last 30 minutes of murdered girl in Chiba See in context

wow, letting a 5 year old girl wander the streets alone? that's just stupid! is the mother single?---is that why the girl was with her at the hospital? of course it's hard for single working mothers, but even then it seems irresponsible to let the girl go off on her own.

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well, the models are getting younger and younger. how old are these girls, 13? and somebody please explain to me how Mima won Miss Universe.

Moderator: She is Miss Universe Japan.

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Posted in: Roppongi about to get new logo to go along with new image See in context

"make roppongi more exciting"??? it's already a circus and zoo rolled into one! also, notice how the author contradicts himself by noting how roppongi used to be more respectable at the same time that it was run by the yakuza.

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