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You've obviously never been to the yearly Asian film festivals in north america. The Japanese movies and award winners. There are serious movies,and all out campy horror splatter movies. I live in nyc,and half of everything I watch is in Japanese.Movies and TV . If you cannot go to a movie once in a while,without thinking its the end of a relationship ,the problem is all yours. And there are tons of things to do besides izakaya. Go bowling,play pool,go to a club for music.Go to an aquarium.There are half a dozen in Tokyo alone. Ride a Ferris wheel.Take a river cruise.Yes,they have cruises .look into it . Go to kichijoji park and feed the Koi. As if dating anywhere else in the world is not the same. Its who you are with ,and what you make of it.If she wants to go to a movie just once,go,and make HER happy. God men are so dense.

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I WISH we had more xylitol products in the usa. I have to order it on line for household use. Its natural,good for your teeth,and tastes just like sugar. Its all those other sweetners that cause cancer and hormonal problems. Aspartame ,splenda sweet&low,and equal. EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION of xylitol causes stomach upset. Dogs also shouldn't eat chocolate.

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No wonder why Dir en grey never made it huge in their own country .rolls laughing

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X modeled themselves after KISS .Yoshiki and hide were in charge of the KISS fanclub as kids. There are photos of Yoshiki meeting Gene and Paul,years ago,and Yoshiki is on the KISS MY ASS ,KISS tribute CD. They also did the theme song for the SAW IV movie. You know,huge money maker in the USA. Yoshiki also worked with Roger Taylor of Queen,wrote the soundtrack for a movie with Sarah Brightman,and inspired generations of other bands . Again,have a CLUE .

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I'm surprised no one complained about eating,then again,not too many people do it,save we heathen foreigners. I've been glared at for snarfing down an onigiri or pastry ,on the regular JR lines in Tokyo .What can I say. If I'm hungry,I have to nibble en route.

But I ,personally, hated being groped and harrassed by drunken ,stinking ,salary men and the like. I guess its a gaijin girl issue if no Japanese women complain about it.

Butr I did once have a very unusual experience on the Inokashira line. I was coming back from Kichijoji,going to Shibuya,and the train was packed .So my friend and I were smushed next to a Japanese woman,that had to be over 65.

She had on a sporty ,short, Ava Gardner wig,but her thin, purplish white hair, was peeking out from underneath. She was completely engrossed in a J trade newspaper of some kind,so she didn't pay us any mind. My friend and I couldn't help but glance at her,and we both spotted the pictures and ads in the paper. They were for lesbian trysting and hook ups. The whole newspaper for for lesbian woman in the Tokyo area,looking for love and lust.

And hey,I'm not homophobic in any way.I'm from NYC for Gods sake,but it was just somehow disconcerting to see this little old woman ,apparently salivating over the ads and articles. It would have been just as odd,given this womans age, if it were full of heterosexual ads of the same kind.

So she must have felt our eyes upon her,and she closed up the paper and put it aside. That lasted all of about 5 minutes. It was open ,with her nose buried back in it for most of the remainder of the trip. I always wondered if she was gay,and led a straight life,so she could only indulge herself on he train.

It didn't bother me ,but it was one of the oddest experiences ,which didn't involve slary man groping or leering ,that I ,personally,had on a train in Japan. Yatta ....

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