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philsandoz comments

Posted in: What can newspapers offer that digitally delivered journalism cannot? See in context

Something to line the budgie cage.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at S Korea over reporter's defamation charge See in context

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesday “We broadly support freedom of speech and expression.”

Only "broadly" support the freedom of the press -- not "totally"? Come on America, surely you can do better than that?

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Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan? See in context

"international journalist Morley Robertson"

Morley Robertson is actually a Japan-based DJ who just happens to blog.

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Posted in: Japan Motor Racing Hall of Fame See in context

mrkobayashiOct. 01, 2014 - 01:08PM JST

"Aguri was the first Asian man with a podium finish in F1, not to mention the Japan Formula 3000 champion in 1988."

Does that make him a "legend"? I was the first European to import a 3-wheeled car (a Bond Bug) into Japan. Am I equally a legend?

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Posted in: Japan Motor Racing Hall of Fame See in context

Have any of them ever won anything important or even heard of? I know Aguri Suzuki once came third in a Formula 1 Grand Prix -- but does that make him a "legend"? I've never heard of Ken Yokoyama, unless the article refers to means mean the punk record label founder. Kazutoshi Mizuno is a brilliant designer for Nissan, but how does that connect him with the "motor racing" hall of fame? Toshiaki Kurosawa is, as far as I can work out, an actor, and Kenta Yamashita is, as the article says, "a young hope" — so how does he qualify for a hall of fame? Perhaps it would help if, with the exception of Kazutoshi Mizuno, they were all inducted into the "Motor Industry Hall of Mediocrity".

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Posted in: Consumer inflation rises slower than expected in August See in context

Abegnomics -- especially for the small minded

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Posted in: Battle lines See in context


"Letter from [not "of"] Iwojima`was an American movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

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Posted in: Abe pledges in U.N. speech to work against 'war culture' See in context

Changing the 'peace" constitution? Increasing the military budget over anything that has been done before? Refusing to accept the fact ofcomfort" women? Denying the Nanking massacre? Visiting Yasakuni? Umm? Am I alone in thinking Adolphabe may be talking nonsense?

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will not restart nuclear plants unless safety is restored 100% See in context

“unless safety is restored" Japanese nuclear power stations never were safe; that is the whole point, so shouldn't this read, "until safety is established"?

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Posted in: Why the world should care about Scottish independence See in context

The basic, and slightly worrying problem with this story, particularly as that it is from a UK news agency, is that even if the UK will (could) lose Scotland, Britain couldn't — unless there were an unbelievable earthquake or tsunami.

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Posted in: History-making Nishikori beats Djokovic to reach U.S. Open final See in context

Congratulations to Nishikori, but, just out of interest, doesn't his coach Michael Chang qualify as an Asian man? He did, after all, win the French Open in 1989, meaning that Nishikori is the second Asian man to reach a grand slam final.

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Posted in: Tax-free shopping gets a boost See in context


What do you mean, "TOURISTS never pay the 8% tax"? They pay it on almost everything they buy in Japan (except at some special stores in places like Akihabara). Has anyone ever heard of a TOURIST (your capitals) saying to a checkout person, "Please discount that total by 8%. I'm a tourist." It would certainly be fun to try.

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Posted in: What habits have you picked up from living in Japan that you sometimes have to try and stop yourself doing when you go overseas because you don't think it will look right? See in context

Openly spitting on the street and spreading a sneeze among everybody on the tube. I also try not to publicly urinate against walls.

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Posted in: Slim TV surround sound system See in context

What a waste of money!

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Posted in: Do you have enough toilet paper? See in context

That pile of paper is about the same size as many Japanese kitchens -- so what do the yokels do? Starve?

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Posted in: Tax-free shopping gets a boost See in context

"Compared with the European Union, Japan’s system has the advantage of having the product sold at the tax-free price at the time of purchase instead of collecting a refund upon departure"

Didn't anyone else notice the obvious falsity of this claim of superiority? What about the Japanese who live abroad? I'm a Brit, but am not resident in Britain, so when I go back to the UK, I do lots of shopping and I don't have to "show your [my] passport" or have anyone "fill[s] out a form which is attached to your [my] passport." I simply keep the receipts and, of course, the goods, and when I leave the country I show both to the authorities and get my money back.

Mr. Nitsu, could you please answer the following question? Under the typically heavy-handed Japanese system that is about to be introduced over here, how does a non-resident Japanese get his/her tax back?

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Posted in: Toyota’s dance craze contest invites you to Wakudoki your way to Tokyo See in context

I wondered how long it would take the Japanese to imitate gangnam style. Now I know.

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Posted in: Japanese publishers blast new Amazon book sale rules See in context

After working more than 30 years in the Japanese publishing industry, believe me, I am so pleased that the Japanese publishing bandits are finally being brought to task. This is one of the few countries where retail price maintenance was the norm -- in other words, retailers couldn't discount books. Until Amazon entered the market, Japanese customers had absolutely no choice on price, so, of course, the previously pampered publishers are crying foul. Just like NTT, until competition was introduced, Japanese publishers have too long lived high on the hog by overcharging everybody for bacon -- and to a certain extent, still do; just go to 10 Japanese book stores and see how uniform the prices remain. Well done Amazon -- lang may yer lum reek!

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Posted in: Air guitar champion See in context

I wonder why a long-haired cute girl in hot pants was so popular?

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Posted in: Japanese firms hit by labor crunch See in context

kaimycahlAug. 23, 2014 - 01:49PM JST

increase the wages and people would come out to work who wants to work for minimum wage when they can collect more from government assistance


What government assistance would that be?

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Posted in: Hokkaido governor inspects Singapore casinos See in context

Inspects? Oh, come on, now! Surely you mean, "Has a good time"?

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Posted in: Nishikori out of Toronto with infected toe See in context

Four days ago he was "confident" of beating the top seeds. Ho hum!

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Posted in: London’s Sumo Run has Japanese confused See in context

The English love dressing up in oversize costumes and playing silly games for charity -- see this from 1981: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEVaI_6yPug -- ff to 4:30 Even the royals join in, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNwtfGnBQTw. And what is more, all the other Europeans love it, see Jeux Sans Frontiers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXT--BbK2v8, often with laughable national stereotypes. When will the Japanese ever realise that having a laugh at some strange national trait means we love their originality.

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Posted in: Panel wants TEPCO execs charged over nuke crisis See in context

At last!

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Posted in: 3-month sentence for Japan-Hawaii flight assault See in context

Reckless, if you remember the original story, this man was one of our tattooed, digitally-challenged friends, and, sad to say, they do tend to be a tad aggressive. Mind you, I'm glad you have made 15 years in Tokyo without coming across these nationalist traditionalists.

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Posted in: If a country has to have the death penalty, what is the most humane way of carrying it out? See in context

What a ridiculous question; no country HAS to have a death penalty.

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Posted in: China food scandal drags in Starbucks, Burger King and McNuggets in Japan See in context

"...had supplied expired meat to the two chains" Did the meat expire naturally or was it murdered? We have a right to know!

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Posted in: Ozawa says Abe's policy shift risks taking Japan down dangerous path See in context

I'm facing a dilemma now. I have constantly berated Abe as a fascist and warmonger, but now that he's been condemned by Ozawa, this country's most self-serving and untrustworthy politician, perhaps I'll have to review my opinions.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

Don't eat the stuff because I don't like it, but I did once study economics and see (at http://www.mcd-holdings.co.jp/english/news/index.html) that McDonalds Japan is forecasting a net income of ¥6,000,000,000 for FY2014 — hardly figures that would make them want to quit. I wonder what the net income of Shukan Jitsuwa is — maybe it is them, or at least the writer of this ridiculous story, that should quit.

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Posted in: Tokyo assemblyman quits after tweeting 'Drop dead' See in context

The words may be undiplomatic, but the sentiment is shared by many — including me.

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