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Y'all do realize, that not reacting emotionally, but in the way which is best for a society, which, SPOILER ALERT, is leniency towards criminals (especially rage crime like that), is part of what makes Japan a country with the lowest crime rates on earth?

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@katsu78 @Larry Woodworth Couldn't have said it better....or even as good.

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Posted in: Asia News Weekly: Japan’s whaling program, China's military restructuring and all the news from the region See in context

@Carlos I can't say anything about the accuracy of your numbers, but dam you are right. Pigs, cows and even chicken are sentient as well, but eating them is somehow okay... (Bonus point...whales get to live freely in the ocean, terrestrial mammals...not so much)

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I know this is kinda ironic, that I comment myself, but who of you actually thinks, posting long comments to news articles would convince anyone that you are as smart as you want them to. Even if you were doctors, no one believes it and no one cares.

PS: No one was talking about antibiotics. He said antibacterial and meant disinfecting.

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