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Small scale agriculture is practiced widely around the world in non-colony countries.

It helps maintain genetic and regional product diversity and creates value based on scarcity and uniqueness. Even so, there are frequently surpluses resulting in a lot of produce that has to be dumped. Imagine if Japan had mass-scale agriculture as in the US, Australia and New Zealand as you propose. Increased availability does not equate to value, especially if there is waste.

How do you propose Japan would adopt a mass scale NZ style agriculture system. Some indisputable facts:

(a) NZ - total area: approx 260,000 sq km. population: 4.5 million. population density (not adjusted for arable, habitable land) 16.8 persons/sq km

(b) Japan total area: 378000 sq km population: 126000000 population density: 333 persons/sq km

Even without adjusting for the fact that 70% of Japanese available land is wooded/mountainous/uninhabitable/unsuited to large scale agriculture - 333 vs 16.8 is a VERY BIG difference.

So, any ideas on how we should proceed?

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First, I strongly oppose actions, legal or illegal that physically, psychologically or emotionally harm children.

Second, I neither consume nor endorse the types of products mentioned in the article.

Third, I have two children under the age of seven myself.

However, I do believe that Ms Southwick Sims' taking up of this issue is high on outrage and low on consideration for a well thought out position.

She identifies as a "gaijin". She has already marginalised herself linguistically and socially. Even as a PR, this type of self-identification sends a clear signal - "I am shouting at you". Japanese, while agreeable, don't appreciate being shouted at.

While petitions and complaints to sales departmnets are useful for racheting up the outrage levels and feel-good-factor of "doing good", Ms Southwick Sims would not stop at "not knowing Japanese law" and take the issue into her own hands. If she were truly bothered by the issue, she could start doing the useful research on the companies and angencies responsible for making these products. She could become better informed of Japanese law. Finally, while "offensive" it is quite a stretch to say that this material is pornography. Ms Southwick Sims' blog even calls it such in Japanese. But it is not. It is something else. It exists in a morally fraught grey zone between erotica nd idol worship, but it is hardly porn.

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