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phoenixrising427 comments

Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Japan Abe is surely an evil leader leading the whole country going to extreme right wing direction. Abe is an extreme right wing openly in UN without shame and his family background is from the famous WWII war criminal faimly.

Abe achievement in 2013 as:

Deny the Tokyo Trial

Deny the Comfort women.

Deny the WWII war crimes

Changing the school history text book

Try to bring the evil emperior to be the head to State

Increase military spending even Japan is under protection of US. Don't forget US is #1 military power and military spending in the world.

Openly worship the ghostly Shine without consider the victims of WWII. It is an insult.

Trying to change the constitution to make war with other country legally.

Stealing the islands from China.

Making unpeaceful enviroment to all neighbouring countries: China, S. Korea, N. Korea, Taiwan, Russia....

Two faced man: Talk and Deed are not in line.

Leaving the radiation problem behind.

All shows Abe is leading Japan militaristic and bring the evil imperial Japan army alive is real and true. Be alert.

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Posted in: Japan revises teaching manuals, says disputed islands its territory See in context

How come Japanese never complain about the Kuril Islands that is controlled by Russia? Japanese are disputing this island and they are very quiet about it. Japanese only bark like a dog against China and Korea.

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Posted in: Japan should apologize for wartime aggression: N Korea See in context

The North Korean government should apologize to their own people for starving millions of innocent people, while the government gets to eat whatever they want.

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