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Posted in: Malaysian police say jet mystery may never be solved See in context

One thing we learned so far, is that humans are sure dumping, or leaving, a lot of junk in the oceans.

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Posted in: TEPCO to cut costs, investments See in context

But who would be interested in buying TEPCO?

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Posted in: Oscar pizza delivery man gets $1,000 tip See in context

toshiko: @jojoinjapan: Lucky for them, Right now, until April, IRS is too busy to handle income tax return. They don;t have enough manpower to check one tiny pizza joint.

He wasn't talking about the pizza joint - he was talking about the IRS looking to be sure the delivery guy reported it in his tax return. He most likely wouldn't report it if it hadn't made the news.

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Posted in: New engine, new rules and new sound for F1 in 2014 See in context

Jadranko Pavlotić Woow so lame, no F1 sound anymore

It's true that the turbine reduces the exhaust noise but the old turbo F1 engines were never what you would call quiet.

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Posted in: Super Bowl most-watched TV event in U.S. history See in context

Junichi: A lot of negative Nancies here today. Must everything be constantly ridiculed? If people enjoyed watching the game (and obviously many did), accept it and move on.

Xenophobia as usual here. What folks here don't get because they don't live here, is that:

US football fans well know that the best games are the playoff games preceding the Superbowl. We also know that more often than not the Superbowl game is one-sided and probably not going to be a good game, so We get together with good friends on Superbowl Sunday as a cultural holiday and a good excuse to get together. We watch the game if it's good and carry on conversations if it isn't

As I said, only xenophobia could prevent the naysayers here from figuring this out.

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Posted in: M5.3 quake rocks Fukushima; Tokyo feels shake See in context

Maria: If only it'd happened while Abe'd been there.

That's exactly what I thought when I read this!

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Posted in: Pope criticizes church's small-minded rules on abortion, gays See in context

This man has a heart. I'm not a Christian but I salute him.

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Posted in: Jaded Serena Williams withdraws from Pan Pacific Open See in context

She's what, 32 years old? Everyone playing an intense sport starts to slow down at that point.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call off engagement See in context

Mohamad Taufiq Morshidi And now Thor is happy.

That his younger bro is dropping a woman who seems hell bent on becoming an internationally recognized slut? I'd be very happy too!

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Posted in: 13 dead in shooting rampage at U.S. Navy complex in Washington See in context

OssanAmerica: I am shocked both by this tragic incident and the fact that the perpetrators were not stopped faster in a USN facility.

The Navy Yard isn't a true military base. It's an administrative office complex mostly for the NavSea procurement staff and doesn't have the military "defenses" or processes you would associate with a Base. Almost all of the law enforcement officers there today were from surrounding jurisdictions, who had all practiced providing the Yard with well-coordinated emergency assistance.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida leader calls for attacks inside U.S. See in context

Elbuda Mexicano: NSA, the CIA, FBI etc can not stop every act of terrorism. If and when these Al Qaeda lovers, American haters get lucky next is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!

They've been trying for 11 years - how are they doing?

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Posted in: Japan says it is in touch with U.S., others on Fukushima water crisis See in context

mustangpony: The decay heat is from all the surrounding metals and materials of the reactor that have absorbed radiation and are re-radiating it

HUH? NO WAY What are you talking about ? The decay heat is the heat from the radioactive decay of the fission products created by the previous operation of the reactor. If you don't know that then I'm not finding you explanations credible.

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Posted in: Japan says it is in touch with U.S., others on Fukushima water crisis See in context

mustangpony: The only solution for this problem, is to break up the fissioning mass and separate the pieces; once the pieces are small enough and separated past the minimal distance, the fission process will decrease or even halt, especially if contained in a boron slurry.

Thanks - I'm only familiar with PWRs not BWRs. Are you saying fission is still ongoing in the melted-down cores? I thought the problem was decay heat only.

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Posted in: Olympus, Gyrus unit to be prosecuted in UK for fraud See in context

mataka: Almost all of the remaining staff are decent hard working folks who did nothing wrong.

Yes. Oly is a good company whose people have high quality engineering expertise. They have been mistreated by the top management - let them alone to continue getting the company back on track.

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Posted in: Glare from London 'fryscraper' blamed for melting cars See in context

mataka Given the evolution and acquired knowledge of building design, computer modelling etc, why has this happened?

Good question. Here's another question. The architect, Rafael Vinoly (who is from Uruguay but lives and works in New York City) did this once before - the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas. Why doesn't he learn from bad experiences?

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Posted in: Record radiation readings seen near Fukushima water tanks See in context

Disillusioned: Prove the radiation came from Fukushima.


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Posted in: Escaped python kills two young children in Canada See in context

Kent Mcgraw: The USA banned pythons after too many were set loose in Florida and they have taken over and are killing the natural wildlife. Pythons belong in the jungle not in a city.

And in case folks in Japan don't know what you meant by "wildlife" they're killing alligators.

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Posted in: Renoir stolen in Tokyo in 2000 auctioned in London See in context

Cos: I don't believe them, Or I don't believe the Japanese owner. Not about a Renoir.

+1! No way could there have been doubt about the ownership of a Renior.

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Posted in: Kuroda blanks Texas for 10th win See in context

Pitching like that at 38 years old? My hat is off to him!

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Posted in: No evidence of mechanical problems in US jet crash See in context

I was surprised by the wording also. But what I'm reading is that the quality and strength of that Boeing jet saved many lives in that crash, so maybe the headline is OK. :-)

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Posted in: Los Angeles bans plastic bags in grocery stores See in context

Whereas this is helpful for the environment, it may have some health consequences. Studies in the US are finding that because none of us ever wash the reuseable bags, the bags tend to end up with high bacteria levels inside.

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Posted in: 3 businessmen arrested over Olympus scandal See in context

Halleluja! Olympus has excellent designers and engineers, who produced some of the best camera lenses in the world (I use many of them) and endoscopes that have 75% of the market. And the top managers put all their jobs in jeopardy. GoGoGo is right - they should be in jail.

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Posted in: 'It's a Wonderful Life' is top Christmas film with critics See in context

One of our favorite Christmas movies is one very few folks have heard of: The Christmas Wish with Neil Patrick Harris, Debbie Reynolds, and Naomi Watts. If you haven't seen it, try to find it and watch it this season.

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Posted in: Microsoft, Google embroiled in bitter dispute over online shopping See in context

In English, "dispute" means a strong disagreement.. The word "battle" is more appropriate here, I think.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors warn against nuclear power See in context

I guess I'm the only one who is amazed, impressed, and happy that the survivors have lived this long. And I find much of this discussion ironic: in past times Asian cultures have honored the wisdom of their elders, way more than Western cultures. Apparently that's disappearing.

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Posted in: Birds' heads torn off in Australian zoo rampage by vandals See in context

Virtuoso: I have seen one of the world's largest pythons in captivity in the Sydney Zoo. I suggest if they apprehend these criminals, the authorities should consider feeding them to the snake for lunch.

Yes, I agree - the Code of Hammurabi is appropriate here.

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Posted in: How much longer can photographic film hold on? See in context

"Both are fruits, but entirely different. And neither one is better."

What is better in digital is the ability to get good images at high ISOs, which allows me to shoot indoor events and ceremonies without flash. A good DSLR with a fast lens can deliver excellent images at ISO 1600 - did you ever try to use ISO 1600 film?

The people in the article are using large-format film and of course it gets great results. You can get a large-format digital camera but it costs as much as an entry-level luxury automobile. So either format has its strengths.

To keep this whole thing in perspective it's helpful to realize that 99% of all photos taken nowadays are taken with smartphones. 8-)

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