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Posted in: U.S. gov't pushes air bag maker Takata on replacement parts See in context

So if I drive my Honda down into one of the high humidity areas I have nothing to worry about?

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Posted in: Japanese team develops high-energy-density magnesium rechargeable battery See in context

Tahoochi: OK... low cost, high capacity, and less corrosive?

High capacity yes, less corrosive maybe, and probably lower cost but I suspect it's a little early to say. But your complaint is a good one.

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Posted in: Connected devices have huge security holes, researchers say See in context

"Some 70% of the devices analyzed failed to use encryption for communicating with the Internet and local network, "

And that's the real problem. Not that the device itself has personal data so much as that it's a wide open door into your network and the other computers on it, that probably do have personal data

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Posted in: 4 dead, 291 missing after South Korean ferry sinks See in context

USNinJapan: Sorry to nitpick AFP, but only the U.S. Navy's special special operations personnel are called SEALs.

Then someone need to tell the US Navy. See the 3rd photo in the top row here:


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Posted in: Malaysia, Vietnam search for airliner carrying 239 See in context

Although the few things we do know would seem to indicate foul play, someone on another news blog I'm in, noted that terrorists normally like to announce what they did. And that's true - otherwise terrorism has no purpose.

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Posted in: Malaysia, Vietnam search for airliner carrying 239 See in context

bass4funk: It's very strange. It's still relatively a fairly newer airliner.

It's been flying for 19 years and has essentially replaced the 747, so it's old enough that systemic problems would have surfaced long ago. In fact it's widely regarded as a very safe aircraft. The Asiana 777 crash in San Francisco last year was due to "pilot error" but it was clear the communications in the cockpit had completely failed. Even with the total devastation of that airplane, all but 3 people survived. If you look at the photos of the crash you can't help but marvel at the great design and construction that protected all those passengers. I'm not an employee of the aircraft industry but I do know that implying the 777 isn't safe is like implying that a Ferrari isn't a fast car.

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Posted in: 'Japan's Beethoven' admits using ghost composer See in context

StormR: I saw and interview and tv article about this guy some time ago and wondered if it was BS at that time as what was being told seemed too far fetched to be possible

Unless you know something about classical music you would miss a lot here. "Japan's Beethoven" is a reference to the fact that Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his best music after he had completely lost his hearing. That is a fact so it's not too far fetched to be possible.

This doesn't, of course, condone what Samuragochi did.

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Posted in: U.S. backs Japan as China tensions soar over air zone See in context

mjh875k: The U.S has already made its stance clear without sugar coating anything. They will not register their flight paths, or disclose their Logo when flying over the new zone. They will not accept the new fly zone and America is making that very clear. China better be ready to stand its ground.

Yes - the US just flew two B-52s through that new zone.

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Posted in: Drunk man steals taxi and crashes into two parked police vehicles See in context

At first I thought JT just stole the headline from The Onion.

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Posted in: Now for something completely different... Monty Python returns See in context

For me the best one wasn't the parrot sketch, it was the one where they were laying on their sides "mountain climbing" "up" a sidewalk, pounding pitons into the sidewalk to hold their belaying ropes. One of the pitons gave way, and you can imagine what happened next. Classic Python!

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Posted in: Microsoft pulls Windows update to fix problems See in context

Fadamor: ...This past Summer, the school division I work at switched from WinXP SP3 to Win 7 SP1. The reason we did so was because in April Microsoft will stop providing security updates for WinXP.

Our US government clients have generally moved to Win7 and the employees seem to be fine with it. But our customers are mostly engineering-type agencies and I suspect those employees all have Win7 computers at home.

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Posted in: Hacker mercenaries linked to spying attacks on Japan, South Korea See in context

DJbooth: But big brother USA

Kaspersky is a well-known Russian cybersecurity company which did not accuse the USA. But I guess you know more than they do.

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Posted in: Al-Qaida leader calls for attacks inside U.S. See in context

"Americas weak point is its economy, which already has begun stumbling because of the military and security expenditure

No it stumbled because of the unchecked greed of unregulated American bankers. It is recovering now.

MarkG: And USA was told al-Qaida was on the decline. Would that have been a lie?

You're asking this because if a single audio broadcast? WTF.

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Posted in: France refuses to extradite 'Pink Panther' gang member See in context

I don't condone crime but it's hard to get wound up about artificially high priced jewelry being stolen from incredibly wealthy people or the stores they buy from.

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Posted in: At least 91 dead in Oklahoma City tornado See in context

At this time the official news there are only 24 confirmed deaths, much fewer than was feared earier.

The figure of 91 was way way premature, and like the early news in the Boston bombing, the news media in this case can't be trusted.

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Posted in: Adobe changing its products to cloud services with monthly fees See in context

If you've been using Adobe Photoshop for processing and editing photographs, I highly recommend DxO Optics. It's a European photo editing application that's excellent and not in the cloud. And you'll feel a great sense of relief at not using an Adobe product.

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Posted in: Chinese director investigated for having 7 kids See in context

He makes $13 million a year? I didn't know China has an equivalent of the U.S. Hollywood overpaid film directors.

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Posted in: Boeing takes full-page ads in major Japanese papers See in context

wtfjapan @timtak sorry mitsubishi or any other Jcompany will never manufacture large passenger jets like Boeing , Airbus mainly because it cost more than 20billion in R&D just to develop one model of aircraft, then you have the engines which are the most costly and intricate part of any aircraft.

And if I'm understanding the Mitsu Regional Jet correctly, it's using P&W engines.

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Posted in: MLB to discuss security after bombings See in context

Sports stadiums, where a large number of people are concentrated, have always been a concern to security professionals.

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Posted in: Second Boston bombing suspect in hospital after being captured See in context

cwhite: fortunately not very smart and was caught on video

Well he was smarter than the owner of the boat, who sees his boat cover smeared with blood and guess what he does first. Call the police? No, he looks under the cover to see if an armed, wounded bomber is there. Idiot.

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Posted in: U.S. to intercept N Korean missile if allies at risk See in context

The headline for this article is misleading. Admiral Locklear said he would recommend it, not that he would do it. (Presumably he does have authorization to do it but that's not what he said.)

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Posted in: Honda to hold popularity contest for 208 models of last 50 years See in context

BurakuminDes: Has to be the NSX. Better in many respects than the Ferraris of it's times. Honda will never make a better car.

Amen to that! I wanted one so bad I could taste it. The priceeventually came down on used ones but I still couldn't afford new tires every 10K miles, at least not those tires.

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Posted in: Sony-Olympus deal gets go-ahead See in context

I don't understand this. CHINA is overseeing the ethics of Japanese corporate joint ventures? Are you kidding me? China overseeing ethics?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones unveil biggest tour in six years See in context

*wtfjapan: “We did a few shows in London and New York last year ... and had such a good time that we thought ... let’s do some more.”

oh and we made a truck load of cash too! LOL*

Exactly - you read my mind.

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Posted in: YouTube announces shutdown in April Fool's prank See in context

Get Real: Check out this parody of Glass:

Thanks! That's excellent.

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Posted in: Google picks 8,000 to test Internet-connected glasses See in context

tkoind: This is a bad idea. I am dodging net zombies every day in Tokyo, near misses by bike riding net/phone zombies and then the far too frequent automobile residing net/phone zombies. Make the internet available on glasses and there will be even more web zombies crashing into people instead of paying attention to the here and now.

Yes, there is a lot of concern here in the US because we know there will be a bunch of fools wearing these while driving.

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Posted in: Five-year jail term sought for ex-Olympus head See in context

There are a lot of really good people working in Olympus. I fail to see the point of fining the company. Fine the jerks at the top who did this! (And also throw them in jail, of course.)

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe joins cast of Hollywood's 2nd go at 'Godzilla' See in context

And this is the early promotional graphic:


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Posted in: Ken Watanabe joins cast of Hollywood's 2nd go at 'Godzilla' See in context

FWIW, according to Wikipedia:

According to Thomas Tull, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures, (sic) "Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop culturally relevant for as long as it has."

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Posted in: Serial arsonist sets fire to 10 vending machines in Hachioji See in context

When I saw that headline I was thinking that if he hates the products in the machines that much, he doesn't have to buy them. :)

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