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Phred Smith comments

Posted in: Chinese media praises naval power after first circuit around Japan See in context

its called sabre rattling and its done all the time by the world's biggest navies with the purpose of intimidation or reassurance. the USN does both and they do it well; globally. China has a long way to go before it does either.

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Posted in: Gov't orders inspection of aging expressway tunnels after 9 die in cave-in See in context

its fortunate this didn't happen when the highway was congested. was always a little bit nervous going through japan's tunnels even knowing they were probably over engineered but never really knowing that the material being used met code.

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Posted in: Israel bombards Gaza Strip, shoots down rocket See in context

Jordan is the next nation to fall to the islamonazis leaving Israel exposed to attack from all flanks. It will soon be up to Obama to prevent this thing from escalating into a full scale war and possibly nuclear disaster.

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Posted in: Obama urges Americans not to be disheartened by images of protests See in context

Mr Obama is no longer believable.

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Posted in: S Korea regains old embassy in Washington; snipes at Japan See in context

those who think the US presence in both these countries isn't necessary ought to consider the fact that long simmering hatred of imperial japan still exists despite the fact that the japanese people pose no threat to modern day china or korea.

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Posted in: Little champs See in context

i always pull for the Japanese kids even though i am American. japanese kids put more effort into their baseball skills then anywhere else in the world and watching them play nealy flawless baseball is a pure treat. congratulations kids, you deserve to win.

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Posted in: Syrian driver says pro-Assad militia killed Japanese journalist See in context

she knew the risk

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Posted in: Alleged rape incident at Atsugi may grate on nagging defense issues See in context

i'm having a hard time understanding why the woman volunteered to walk the drunk home. it just doesn't make sense that a woman would put herself in such a vulnerable situation. investigators have an obligation to determine if the accusation is consistent with the facts. the guy sounds like a complete jerk and his out of control behaviour inconsistent with navy standards unless these are completely trumped up charges, i can't see this guy career in the military continuing much longer.

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Posted in: S Koreans back soccer player over banner See in context

I admire Koreans for their tenacity but sometimes that tenacity turns into hardheadedness. This hardheadness is the reason many Koreans are unable to recognize the unsportsmanlike action of one of their Olympians.

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

how ironic

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Posted in: Police arrest 19-yr-old American musician over Irish student's murder See in context

the toxicology reports coupled with his confession should land this creep in prison for a very long time.

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Posted in: 3 shot dead at pool party in Alabama See in context

life has no value to some people and as long as that is the case , murders like this will continue to happen. these people are the takers in society, the criminal, the lost causes, predators. they recognize no law and nothing besides jail or their own death will prevent them from preying on society. those of us that excercise our right to self protect do not take that responsibility lightly and do so knowing at some point that weapon may have to be used to save either your own or someone elses life. the anti gun crowd lkes to take advantage of these horrible crimes whenever they get a chance but what they fail to understand is that their utopian pipedream of a gun free society is just that, a pipedream. not only is it unobtainable, it only puts more people;s lives in danger.

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Posted in: Experts discuss evacuation plan in the event of Mt Fuji eruption See in context

either the japanese authorities didn't choose their words carefully or something got lost in translation. I would think the Japanese would be "updating" their plans not "drawing up" new plans since fujisama has been considered a sleeping volcano by volcanologists for a very long time. hopefully fuji sleeps for a very long time, but we all know these things are very difficult to predict.

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Posted in: 2 arrested for forcing 14-year-old girl to swim naked in pond See in context

a 22 year old dude who dates a 14 year old girl and tramatizes another young girl is a good candidate for a midnight disappearance.

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Posted in: U.S. drones kill 5 militants in Pakistan See in context

obama is above the law. leftwingers don't dare criticize their boy.

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Posted in: U.S. soldier sentenced to 6 years for raping teenage girl in S Korea See in context

@just-a-bigguy, so you are saying if US servicemen were no longer present, sexual assault would cease completely? i'd love to see the statistics you are basing your opinion. North Korea seeks unification to protect their comrads in south korea? really?

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Posted in: N Korea GPS jamming hits S Korea flights See in context

Once again, South Korea shows restraint when in all fairness, they should be wiping out their enemy right now as North Korea's actions are in no uncertain terms, an act of war. Meanwhile the UN sits around on their fat arses living the good lfe in New York City and Geneva. The world community lacks leadership. Its not coming from the UN. Its certainly not coming from America anymore. Its not coming from China who demands the world's respect but have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Its only a matter of time before North Korea ups the ante and lobs a couple nukes over the border. The Japanese government doesn't seem prepared for the inevitable but then again, the Japanese government has proven to be pretty feckless when it comes to assuming a more prominent position in the world body or demonstrated an ability to really protect its people.

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Posted in: Chinese activist calls his situation dangerous See in context

I have lost confidence in my President to do the right thing. America is weak and stands for nothing.

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