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Posted in: Japan reports 8,327 new coronavirus cases See in context

Probably currently at the dip between waves, but even if the cases go up again I imagine deaths will stay low or even continue to decrease.

We aren’t far off the 9 people per day annual average of influenza deaths in Japan now…

I do suspect some will still be complaining about high numbers if/when it drops below influenza as it has done for periods in other countries.

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Posted in: Japan reports 8,045 new coronavirus cases See in context

Thats far too many!

But don’t worry, it’ll pass.

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Posted in: Japan reports 2,887 new coronavirus cases See in context

17 Covid related deaths… hope it won’t be long before we see a flu-like 9 per day on average!

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Posted in: 2-year-old twins fall to their death from 7th floor apartment See in context

Rather neglectful to allow a situation where two unattended infants can gain access to a sheer 76 foot drop… childproofing isn’t rocket science.

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Posted in: Japan reports 8,286 new coronavirus cases See in context

Very boring, at least there’s something to talk about when it’s falling quickly or spiking sharply. Maybe 5000-10,000 is our future endemic mid-wave level.

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Posted in: Japan reports 7,715 new coronavirus cases See in context

Japan has had 1/3 as many cases result in death as the USA, despite the aging at-risk population! Goes to show how effective the compliant adoption of vaccines, masks and distancing were during the pandemic.

Glad it’s finally all blown over though and life is almost entirely back to how it was.

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Posted in: ¥3.997 billion in cash handed in to Tokyo lost and found center in 2022 See in context

Is that loose notes or just the accumulative amount within lost wallets? Big difference between handing in a 1000 yen note you saw floating on the breeze versus a wallet with cards, ID etc and several to tens of thousands of yen which most people carry at all times.

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,552 new coronavirus cases See in context

Thankfully not, but there were users who at one point were posting daily that we needed to lock down immediately, close the borders completely etc etc though most have calmed down or stopped since they were even alienating other people who are quite positive to vaccines and masks like myself

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,552 new coronavirus cases See in context

back DOWN into 4 digits .!. it may well never even reach 3 again …. It’s now SAFE to go out and have fun without a mask .!.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching employee at pachinko parlor after being asked to wear mask See in context

His punishment should be the employee using a facemask like a David and Goliath style sling to launch pachinko balls at him.

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Posted in: Masks stay on in Japan as 3-year request to wear them ends See in context

The real tipping point in Europe and the US was when the maskless became a majority and people still wearing masks felt exponentially more out of place in public as the ratio shifted… nobody wants to be the one weirdo in a supermarket still wearing a mask.

It’s been a cultural norm in Japan long before Covid and has zero social stigma so I could see it taking a lot longer before most people are maskless.

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Posted in: Masks stay on in Japan as 3-year request to wear them ends See in context

very few people are going to immediately cast their masks aside the very way new guidelines go into effect. I was abroad when they locally had a similar change in measures and it took a couple of weeks for them to gradually taper off to where it seemed about 1/50 was stilled masked… I doubt Japan was ever as low as 1/50 pre-Covid19 but I hope that the moaners will stop whining and feeling insecure when at least a third of Japanese go back to being maskless in the coming weeks.

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Posted in: COVID-19 patients to pay for most treatments after status downgrade See in context

You pay for your own treatment if you have influenza, how is covid any different beyond being statistically worse (but still very low risk)? Just like influenza - stay at home if you’re sick, wear a mask if you suspect you’re infected/there’s a seasonal high/you’re at risk and take your seasonal vaccines if you yourself are in or are in close regular contact with an at-risk group. Influenza also kills people, and it seems Covid is approaching the levels of other seasonal viruses in terms of contributing to mortality.

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Posted in: Japan reports 7,013 new coronavirus cases See in context

Steven, by that vague definition isn’t the common cold also a pandemic? It too is widespread globally and contributes to countless deaths. Covid is obviously worse than the common cold, but at what point for you will it be considered endemic?

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,100 new coronavirus cases See in context


who is saying it’s the deadliest virus? It’s statistically about several to a dozen times deadlier than influenza which is already cause for seasonal increase in manpower, vaccines in some groups and contributes to many deaths annually… despite only causing mild cold symptoms in the vast majority of cases.

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,100 new coronavirus cases See in context

@rory you can literally just look at the increase in all cause mortality parallel to Covid cases

it’s a safe logical assumption that some would die regardless without contracting Covid and that some wouldn’t have died had there not been an additional contributing factor like a respiratory disease

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,100 new coronavirus cases See in context

@Roy thanks for clarification!

@Ian nothing is speculative about the thousands of people who could have otherwise survived whatever other ailments they were dealing with if Covid hadn’t pushed them over the brink

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,100 new coronavirus cases See in context

Doubt it'll ever get as low as triple digits until it has mutated enough to no longer be considered the same strain or its been ousted by more successful related viruses.

I wonder when they will change the classification of mortality currently called ‘covid related’, when the term applies to anything from incidental and speculative, to the primary cause of death.

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,834 new coronavirus cases See in context

Wow, it’s gone endemic! Can’t be long before it bottoms out to join the myriad other viruses including other pre-2019 coronaviruses that also contribute to countless annual deaths but don’t get any media coverage as they are the status quo.

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Posted in: Just 16% of Japan assembly heads open to foreigners voting in referendums See in context

Is there a single country that allows non citizens to vote? Permanent residence just means you are free to stay and the government has no intention to kick you out after a while, but you are still just a guest… start causing trouble and they can revoke it and send you back where you came from. If you want to vote then become a citizen.

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Posted in: Court commutes death sentence to life in prison for man who killed 2 people in hit-and-run See in context

Yikes, death sentence seems completely overkill… even if it could be proven in the moment that he had every intention of killing the victims, it’s still probably not premeditated or among the most abhorrent forms/scales of murder

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Posted in: Japan reports 21,347 new coronavirus cases See in context

Not surprising at all that more people died after the virus eventually managed to break through the trickle of infections in early days with stricter measures and began snowballing, Jim. That’s just called exponential growth.

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Posted in: Japan reports 28,772 new coronavirus cases See in context

They ought to report total deaths including those that are deemed coronavirus-unrelated, and how many deceased had Covid-19 present. This way the public can better understand in how many cases the virus was a significant contributor or primary cause of death, versus completely or near incidental. “Coronavirus related” is so vague and opens up for a lot of speculative discourse.

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Posted in: Japan reports 9,423 new coronavirus cases See in context

Only 21 in Tokyo with severe symptoms! Hope this trend continues for at least another few weeks and that the lows between shrinking waves are also smaller each time.

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Posted in: Japan reports 28,615 new coronavirus cases See in context

Just about hit the levels of the bottom of the dip between the last two waves… I’m expecting it to start climbing again in a couple of weeks, not that that’s a crisis or requires any measures.

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Posted in: Japan reports 15,612 new coronavirus cases See in context

Hasn’t been this low since autumn, hope it continues downwards this time instead of curving back up into yet another smaller wave… surely by now the majority of people will have been exposed once or twice.

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Posted in: Japan reports 39,924 new coronavirus cases See in context

70% lower than one month ago

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Posted in: Japan reports 21,426 new coronavirus cases See in context

Shroedingers covid measures… vaccines and masks prevented deaths being far worse than they are, yet at the same time do nothing because we still have many deaths.

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Posted in: Japan reports 132,071 new coronavirus cases; record high 503 deaths See in context

Buckle up lads, H5N1 is snowballing out of control globally including (especially) in Japan, and with exponential spread there is exponential risk of a random mutation that makes this suddenly highly transmissible in humans too… animal trials so far put it at over 50% mortality which would make Covid look like a rehearsal.

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Posted in: Japan reports 144,077 new coronavirus cases See in context

never was in control, never could be in control (with todays medical science)… at best we can take short term measures like quarantining to slow infection spread or vaccination to minutely affect infection severity. humanity has yet to eradicate any quickly mutating highly contagious virus. coronavirii predate humanity, sars-cov2 is but a strain… tomorrow it could be influenza that mutates in a particularly unpleasant way a la spanish flu, and there’s little we can do about it.

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