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K-Poop, J-Poop? Pass me a bucket.

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He doesn't have to consider anything. The legal Recount process and Ballot verifications has started and and there is no confusion about where to go next... The next President won't be decided until this is over.

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The president, who has spent months trying to undermine the election results with unproven allegations of fraud

One can appreciate the professionalism and journalistic integrity of this segment. Hmmm.. . How can you look at yourself in a mirror?

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Trump has filed a raft of lawsuits to challenge the results but elections officials in states across the country say there has been no evidence of significant fraud, and legal experts say Trump's efforts are unlikely to succeed.

Hate to break it to you guys, but since this election result is contested, the outcome of the race is to be decided in court, not by the media. There are several evidences of fraud being examined right now and the SCOTUS, which is dominated by REPUBLICANS, will make the final call. It is also NOT he job of the media to determine what is a "significant" level of fraud. This may be a repeat of Gore2000 being called by the Media.

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Until Antifas and BLM are prosecuted for the burning, the looting, and the actual violence, I think prosecuting the participants of the train would be too much of an obvious double standard.

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Posted in: Blowin' in the wind: Lost interviews hold new Dylan insights See in context

The most over rated guy ever.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'new normal' train manners poster: 7 steps for safe travel during the pandemic See in context

Thank God the Japanese are not left to manage their own constitution on their own otherwise this country would become worst than North Korea. Thanks to that, there will never be a mask on my face, and no lockdowns.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 495 See in context

Does anybody still believe in the dangers of Covid? Hahaha!

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