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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity for official, not private acts See in context

America ceased to exist as a republic with the ruling. The country has constitutionally decayed into a system that can best be described as an imperial order.

The president in America has always been equal before the law as part of the unwritten rules, but only Congress could prosecute him or her for violations of his or her official power, which is contained in the Constitution. This is why presidents are impeached. That authority thus belongs to Congress, which is accountable to the voters. Thus, the voters can decide what a republican democracy means. Now the ruling places the authority with the courts, which are not accountable to the voters, and politicises the legal system.

Monarchs follow a constitutional mandate to act which is extremely restrictive and built on centuries-old precedents and rules. The emperor rules with unlimited authority. Usually, the emperor’s government ended with his death, naturally or by murder, which plunged the state into chaos.

This decision rings the death knells for powerful America. MAGA does not mean progress, but regression. America under the GOP and Trump is decaying into the type of constitutional betel that the Constitution writers wanted to prevent. Presidents can therefore also suspend the Constitution and do much more than I can think of here.

Under the decision, any action by the president is now immune from prosecution until the courts decide otherwise. No president will be prosecuted by his own party, as well as a legal system under his control. It will now be left to the succeeding president and Congress. If they are the other party, you will now see lawsuits like in the Korean model, president after president who completes his or her term will be prosecuted and end their retirement in the courts.

MAGA and Trump have made America a mockery and the country is now no longer a republican democracy, but an imperial dictatorship.

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Posted in: The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law See in context

What these stupid law makers don't realise is that the more they force religion down children's throats, the more atheists they create. I came from a society, South Africa pre-1994, that did that. Now after 1994 churches are irrelevant. People are walking away from these religious fanatism, and the churches are empty.

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Posted in: Elderly couple attacked by bear in their home in Gunma Prefecture See in context

He was looking for 'bear' necessities.

I hope the couple will be well soon. Must have been a horrible experience.

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Posted in: Musk sees another big advisory firm come out against his multibillion dollar pay package See in context

As a small shareholder in Tesla, I hope shareholders will vote against this pay package.

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Posted in: Japan eyes aid for fisheries hit by China's seafood import ban See in context

Maybe this is an opportunity for Japan to stop fishing in that area for a few seasons. That will give the fish population an opportunity to restore and after a few seasons Japan will be able to show that the fish is safe for human consumption and they will have a great harvest to sell at higher prices due to shortages created over time.

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Posted in: Japanese opposition party submits bill to approve same-sex marriage See in context

voiceofokinawa: I think you must rethink what you stated here. There are many couples that are married and don't have children by choice. Marriage is a legal contract between two people and serves a different purpose for every couple.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy confident Japan will ban LGBTQ discrimination See in context

Rahm must just read how LGBT+ rights are threatened in America, he will first try to fix the discrimination and crazy laws that are put forward AND APPROVED BY GOP state governments.

Japan will sort their own problems out, and the country will be more advanced in these rights than America.

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Posted in: Russia 'open' to talks on Ukraine but presses demands after Biden comment See in context

There is only one solution. The total defeat of Putin's Russia and the formation of a democratic Russian nation with fair elections and guaranteed human rights, rule of law and all the liberal concepts for a liberal state in place.

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Posted in: With Twitter in chaos, some ways to protect your account See in context

The best way to protect your account and your personal information is to cancel your account permanently.

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