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Posted in: Docomo function locks smartphones to prevent use while walking See in context

It good idea! But I don't think all user use this service. I'm irritated by using smart phone while walking. We have to do it. I think many people are heavily dependent on smartphone. I'm sure smartphone is very useful but some people are bad manner. They are not smart.

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Posted in: PSY and Ylvis top YouTube 2013 video hit list See in context

My friend showed me "The Fox" PV on YouTube. I like this song and PV! It seems cool pop-song but lyric is funny. I always laugh at their fox calling and the old man, who is reading a book for child, screams effusively. I know the fox says "kon"in Japanese but I don't know what rabbit says because I never heard.

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Posted in: How to master the elements by setting ice on fire, then eating it See in context

I didn't know Japanese have cool desert! I think this desert is targeted at adult. I surprised it can make at home. I want to try it. This yakigori is looks tasty, but I don't like plum. I try use strawberry instead of plum.

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Posted in: Morning Musume to change their name from Jan 1 See in context

I surprised at this news. I thought "14" is the number of people like AKB48. I'm wondering why Tsunku decike to change name now. I want not to change their name. It makes me confusing! But I hope them more popular.

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

I think NHK provide good TV program. I often watch news and quiz show. I'm sure NHK don't have sponsor so they need to collect money but they too rude. I heard they visit citizen's home like debt collector again and again until we pay fee. Also they try to collect money from people who don't watch NHK. It not fair!

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