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Posted in: Japanese missing out on orgasms, Durex survey shows See in context

I had to restart writing this 3 times, because I promised I would act my age and make no juvenile comments. I think this "survey" (or shameless promotion) is stating the obvious. There is a direct correlation in most cases between feeling good about yourself and being able to receive and give orgasms. And since powerful endorphins are released during the orgasms, feelings of happiness with ones partner are often associated with said orgasm, fair or not. They could have paid me to write this report.

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for threatening massacre in Internet message See in context

I'm not sure if I believe that she is dangerous; however, to me, thats not the point. There are 2 reasons for arrests in my mind: to keep the general populace safe and to punish individuals. This girl needs to be punished. I would hope that she gets much more than a fine. Forgive me if I seem harsh, but there are lessons she needs to learn that life hasn't taught to her in 17 years. Besides, dropping the hammer might discourage other wannabe comedians.

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Hello. My name Is pimpninja. There, u have met a man that doesn't want to experience this aspect of Japanese society. Dont get me wrong, I like japan. I dont even But I've always wondered at the fools who pay for sex when anyone with a modicum of "game" can get a lady at the club. Now I'm expected to pay exorbitant yen to speak to a lady? I havent the time nor the want to go into how many levels this is wrong on.

Pimpninja say, he who pay everytine woman speak, he soon broke.

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Posted in: Weekend crowds return to Akihabara, one week after massacre See in context

I hope no one is insinuating that returning is disrespectful. Life is meant to be lived, and no one has forgotten. We all deal with pain and grief differently, and it is better to continue enjoying what made akihabara special than to cower in fear IMHO.

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Posted in: Do you think that high-tech swimsuits like Speedo's LZR Racer give swimmers an unfair advantage? See in context

Of course its unfair! I mean, they walk up to the ladies, and they can see all the goods! If I had those then my junk would be....oh wait, u mean for SWIMMING? Oh. Ummm naw them boys swim fast or they dont.

Pimpninja say, hope those dont chafe.

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Posted in: Yinling See in context

I must say she is pretty, even if it is in a "what do I do now" sorta way....anyway, could a purse reptile be the next trend?

Pimpninja say, no look gift reptile in mouth, they no take kindly to amateur dentist.

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Posted in: Usher See in context

It always amazes me to see the ubiquitous "Im in Japan to sell my product/brand/movie. But don't feel slighted, this is the same pose Ushers assumes in front of his millions of adoring fans here in the states..

Pimpninja say Usher sing, get panties thrown at him. Usher in movie sing, get popcorn thrown at him.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested for barging into ex-girlfriend's high school with knife in Kitakyushu See in context

First, let me say I'm glad that no one was hurt; with that said, I agree that this and the many other cases of random violence are a sign of deeper problems. The real question that govt needs to look into is the cause of the break down. I think the increasing disconnect people feel combined with a seeming lack of help/compassion from ANY source may be a significant reason. Do i think this is unique to japan? No. However, I dont think Japan is going to be able to solve this problem because the powers that be refuse to acknowlegde there IS a problem.

Pimpninja say dealing with symptom instead of disease is good way to have ouchies when you pee.

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