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Posted in: Japan to buy Tomahawks from U.S. earlier than planned: Kihara See in context

If Japan wants to have 'war' with China, Chinese people can accept that without delay - to compensate Japan invasion during the WW2.

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Posted in: North Korea calls South's leader a 'guy with a trash-like brain' See in context

North Korea's words are so correct! Smart and clever North Korea.

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Posted in: What is USB-C, the charging socket that replaced Apple's Lightning cable? See in context

No new thing in iPhone 15. Poor iPhone,

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Posted in: Taiwan blasts Elon Musk over latest China comments See in context

Simple mathematics: 14 billion people is greater than 2,300 people.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia See in context

Good! Mr Kim and Mr Putin. Try to co-operate on everything! The world is flat and we should help each others.

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Posted in: N Korea unveils first nuclear-armed submarine to patrol waters between Korean peninsula and Japan See in context

Don't laugh or look down on others. If you can build a submarine, why others can't?

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Posted in: Thousands without power after Typhoon Haikui batters Taiwan See in context

No electricity supply - third world?

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Posted in: China's sushi fans flounder over Fukushima water release See in context

Never mind. The Chinese seamen can catch those outside Hokkaido or Barents Sea (with the South-Eastern side touching the Sea of Japan). The port is accessible to Chinese fishing boats.

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Posted in: Japanese turn to wearable tech to beat the heat See in context

Very cheap. You can find these kinds of devices in all primary schools at South East Asia. Buy at Taobao @USD1 or USD2.

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Posted in: S Korea will cooperate more with U.S., Japan if North's threats continue See in context

With the help from Russia's Glonass and China's BeiDou, North Korea has progress sharply on its missiles. Well done Mr Kim.

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Posted in: Toyota debuts hydrogen-fueled race car as auto racing begins shift away from gas guzzlers See in context

People are concerned with safe and easily accessible energy supplies. It is no use for using hydrogen which are not easily accessible - compare with electricity.

Toyota can promote hydrogen on racing car events and they are welcome. But the main stream should be electricity.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to enhance strike capabilities against regional threats See in context

Mr. Austin - No need to visit Japan so often, your boss has just met with Mr Kishida on last week.

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Posted in: Modi, Blinken meet Pacific Island leaders in Papua New Guinea See in context

India is not only a leader of Global South. She is also a leader of Global North, Global East and West. Just ask India for anything - she can help.

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan in March at post-COVID high, lured by cherry blossoms See in context

Very normal - Easter Holiday plus nobody wants to travel to Europe and USA.

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Posted in: 'The Phantom of the Opera' closes on Broadway after 35 years See in context

Too old shows - too many old men/women. Time to retire.

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Posted in: Murray's new comeback seals Qatar Open semifinal place See in context

He is too old - 36 years old. He should retire.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father filmed with fans holding pro-Russia flags at Australian Open See in context

Well done! Russia.

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Posted in: Chip shortage keeps driving up auto prices, cutting sales See in context

The topics: Chip Shortage is misleading. Chips are over-supply and many manufacturers have piles of stock, e.g. Samsung has cut chip orders for the next three months.

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Posted in: Chip shortage keeps driving up auto prices, cutting sales See in context

The topics: Chip Shortage is misleading. Overall chip prices are over-supply and many manufacturers have piles of stock, e.g. Samsung has cut chip orders for the next three months.

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Posted in: Russia suspending gas supplies to Poland, Bulgari See in context

If discussion between Poland and Russia cannot reach agreement on payment (through Ruble). Poland can pay by gold - it is acceptable to Russia.

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Posted in: Japan to phase out Russian coal imports See in context

Russia said USA has imported 43% more of oil at March 2022.

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Posted in: G7 condemns Russian atrocities in Ukraine; vows to up pressure See in context

Russia said USA has imported more than 43% of oil from Russia on March 2022.

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Posted in: World leaders renew calls to investigate attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

Soviet does not aim to win the invasion within short period of time. His (Putin) strategy is similar to the Franco-Prussian War (1870): The Siege of Paris. Time is at Putin's side.

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Posted in: Russia suspended from all international soccer See in context

Football is only a minority. Don't think sanction is a big deal.

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Posted in: Russian court slaps Google, Meta with massive fines See in context

Compared with US penalties on oversea banks or companies, Russia only charged small amount.

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Posted in: Taiwan leader confirms small U.S. troop training presence See in context

I travelled to Taiwan numerously over the past 4 decades. It was not democracy ruled.

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Posted in: Harris says U.S. will provide Vietnam with 1 million vaccine doses See in context

There were too many visits from senior US Officials (Blinken and Austin) to Vietnam recently. Kamala should concentrate on her south border's project.

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Posted in: U.S. senators promise vaccines for Taiwan amid China dispute See in context

No one hinders Taiwan from buying vaccines. Taiwan can buy BioNTech via Fosun whereas Fosun is the sole distributor for Greater China Region. Fosun has invested USD50 million at BioNTech on March 2020 and secured this right. The co-operation between Biotech and Fosun was even earlier than Pfizer US.

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Posted in: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station See in context

A lot of young scientists were sitting on the control room. That's the future and strength of China.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain rush supplies to virus-stricken India See in context

Wonder if China and Russia will send any Sinovac or Sputnik....

China has arranged 800 Oxygen Concentrators and airlifted to Delhi (from HK) on 26 April. Another 10,000 will dispatch within this week.

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