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They're on an escalator, standing still. It's physically impossible for them to collide with anyone unless some idiot is walking up the down escalator. Checking their smartphones is perfectly reasonable and safe.

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He clearly isn't good enough to be a yokozuna.

He's there by default and favoritism.

pity position that he gained only to try and make sumo more popular with the domestic audience

The promotion standard is "two consecutive Yusho or equivalent performance as Ozeki." Kisenosato gained his Yokozuna rank by completing two consecutive bashos at Ozeki with a 12-3 record (taking the jun-yusho) followed by a 14-1 record (taking the yusho). That's the same record as Kagamisato in 1953 and Kitao in 1986, and they were both promoted to Yokozuna as a result of it. People have been promoted to Yokozuna with worse records - the first Wakanohana Kanji, for example, managed a 12-3 jun-yusho followed by a 13-2 yusho.

Say what you like about his current performance - and honestly, his sumo last basho was not up to Yokozuna standard; he barely looked like he should be in san'yaku at all - but his promotion to Yokozuna was completely legit. The YDC have made it quite clear that in his next attendance, he needs to turn out a record worthy of the rank or retire, and I completely agree with them.

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