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“Apple Google fellows are worried about money they should try to give cheap technology to all planet citizens then there will be revolution of century for betterment of human life"

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Suz uki is very old man , He shoud go to Lumbani for meditaion and Mokshya rather than that in borned greed for Wealth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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****Why well liked people die so young was there any conspiracy or treachery? As he was fighting the endemic corruption always engulf south east Asia so with Philippine’s in particular!!!!!!!!!

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Romney might have smelt fishy regarding the Britain's capability as compared to Chinese so Romney is beating drum. This is international show; British would try to cheat the international guests and international viewer throughout the planet. That is their character.

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I don't trust anybody for sex and money, if they can harness mild energy lovingly in between two super bodies that can produce supreme energy to get many Gold medals What’s harm in such fusion of two willing which yields BOSON in a shotgun performance according to tmaie. But be careful of paparazzi and commercial seekers.

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Whatever Japan is today is because of Emperor Meiji no doubt about that. As winner of Meiji restoration Centennial competition in 1968 among foreign students in Japan I would like to extend my heart felt congratulation (Omedeto gojaimas) to Emperor Akihito and Japanese people & Japanese Government.

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I have some observations of Japan and China. I had a trip to China in 1972 first time and then many times till 2000. I found China is changing like the dynamic mind and passions of Sora Aoi, in any field U name it but not Japan physically as used to 1960-75. So Chinese became second biggest economy of the world after US. During early time Chinese’s blue tunic would not allow to distinguish male and female Chinese in 85% to my big eyes. But change started to appear from 1985 in a phenomenon way like in Gita it is said that the fruit of UR Karma U shall reap that is true with Chinese as well. They eat good food, income is relatively good, no baggers, their tongues are very tasty so they eat every kind of the food worth eating while Japanese eat with their eyes with fantastic display. Most of Chinese look towards to East rising sun, if they have many fans of Sora Aoi; it is not surprising for me! But Chinese are as hot or hotter passionate as during the time of Kublai Khan! No doubt in my mind.

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This is more terrible in developing and poor countries where holy father is God.

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