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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Here is where you can add your voice to this campaign to save the trees

キャンペーン · 代々木公園の自然を破壊する、東京五輪2020ライブサイト計画の中止を求めます #代々木公園の木々をオリンピックから守りましょう · Change.org

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

More Japanese business leaders need to speak up on this. If some well connected international schools can influence the entry policy for foreign teachers, surely some high profile Japanese business leaders should be able to do the same?

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

Hello?!! This is all being orchestrated by the chinese government. How many police do you think would come out in China if the Chinese people decided to protest against their own government ? The fact they let them ransack Japanese shops and factories in China is disturbing though given most of the employees working here will be Chinese.

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

My god... If this hits the fishing industry hard in Japan all hell will break lose. They are saying this will go up the food chain. So enjoy your tuna sashimi now before the contaminated stuff hits the shelves. As cynical as this sounds maybe this will give the fish in the sea a bit of a break from being overfished and will give them some reprieve. Lets just hope this does not last for 30 years -- i.e. Cesium 137.

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