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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

ha aha haha no wasabi, no party!

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Posted in: Discord erupts at FCCJ over news agency accreditation See in context

Just to add that Mr Penn, who is certainly a journalist but NOT a foreign correspondent, is not the only candidate at next FCCJ elections who has no proper qualification to run. Also Mr. Masaki FUKUNAGA, incumbent Second Vice President is NOT a foreign correspondent. His main job is teaching - supposedly for free- at a Tokyo minor university and sitting around in the FCCJ bar. A hard working journalist, indeed

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Posted in: Boy struck by train dies in apparent suicide See in context

Yes, Samantha Zoe Aso made a very effective comment. I am a journalist and have reported may times on bullying, hikikomori and depression. It is out of question that the biggest responsability lies on the parents side. I wpuld never send my kids to "cram" (juku) school, It took me a whole sentence in order to explain, to my readers ( Italy ) what is a "juku" and why it is considered compulsory.

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